rough draft 

                  An Intro to 27 Years of

    Walking Through the Gauntlet


       With people from all over the world now reading the chapters, I felt it was time to update the introduction for easier understanding

of the material here and accessing it as I reorganize the site which continues to grow as the story unfolds and time marches on towards

the great battles foretold in Sacred Scripture. So first I am a little child of the light, a repenting sinner. Trying to have the best relationship

I can with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and through Him our Almighty Father and the Holy Spirit. The most Holy Trinity who I and all

of us owe everything to. I am just a pawn on a game board that I did not create and through my free will I have given my life to the most

Holy Trinity to use as They see fit to carry out Their Divine will. So I fast and pray because we can change the world with fasting and

prayer. Now that the depopulation has begun we need to appeal to Heaven and our Creators for help as the purification continues and

intensifies until the remnant is left on the other side and there will be a period of peace and then troubles will break out again.

        I have 3 simple goals which I pray for everyday and hopefully you do to;  1) The maximum number of souls to be redeemed into

Heaven with  (2) the minimum amount of bloodshed and suffering and that (3) there would be at least 1000 years of Peace. Also I

have taken on the very uncomfortable task of being an advocate for the people by pleading with our Almighty Father;

            (Ezekial 22.30)   building up the wall, and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it;

       The primary topics are a brief bio, Theology, Prophecy, Economics, New World Order, Science, Evolution, Global Warming,

Medicine, Health issues, News, Internet, and life in general.  One of the trials has been to do a complete change from what I had planned

on doing and to return to my childhood and the future that was told to me which has know become the present and to fulfill my destiny by

picking up where I left off, many years ago. Well the writing has not been going well with the work on several Documentaries, the weekly

news show, and my religious and secular news web sites taking up a large part of my time. Also work to pay the bills. But slow but sure I

will keep plugging away. This is just a brief overview and does not go into detail about all the lessons, trials and other information. There

are a lot of parts to explore and contemplate, lessons and experiences and the developing relationships as the future continues to unfold

with the outcome depending on how we respond to God's calling, for we are all called, though few respond and take up their cross. For

God pours out His graces for us to deal with the trials that will continue to manifest themselves in front of our eyes. Many will continue to

lie to themselves because they spell the cross, comfortable. Also as A. Hitler said;

                               Fortunately for leaders that their people are unwilling to think.

        So what was I up to, well I was planning on getting into the software business as a  developer in the medical field, among other

things. What I was working on in the late 80's has been partially implemented. But that is all gone now. I had several projects, one was

to make an online service for 2nd opinions and general information and then give that to 3rd World nations. Of course when you look at

those countries health care issues and health care in general, you realize that the basics are more important for starters, clean water,

dealing with sewage, food/nutrition and housing. Those 4 areas comprise the bulk of the problems for the vast majority. Then you have

education, advanced health care and commerce to deal with. Of course the #1 priority for all of us is our spiritual development, our

relationship with our Creator, which is eternal and my views on that subject are explained in, Life and the Greatest Love Affair. As

Yeshua said; "store up treasures in Heaven.". The Banksters and other thieves can not reach them there and they will pay an eternal

dividend. If you seek Him, you will find Him, and He will have a relationship with you, and He will be as intimate as you want, there is

Free Will, and it is your decision and your life and what you will do with it.


        So a good place to start is in the beginning, which starts with a fulfillment of a prophecy on July 13, 1956, I was born in

Everett, WA. Which is located exactly at 48 degrees as foretold by Nostradamus. From the Epistle to Henry II;

                  Then the great Empire of the Antichrist will begin where once was Attila's empire and the new Xerxes

                  will descend with great and countless numbers, so that the coming of the Holy Ghost, proceeding from

                  the 48th degree, will make a transmigration, chasing out the abomination of the Christian Church, and

                  whose reign will be for a time and to the end of time.

Things were fairly uneventful for the next few years until I was sitting in my FOURTH GRADE  class and the Spirit said;

"And you will be ..., And how old will you be at the Millennium?". Other than those few minutes things pretty much continued

normally  for a kid in a small town in Minnesota. Until in the  SIXTH GRADE  when I was informed about the Reservoir of

Blood, and a lot of tears were shed, because it was a bit much to dump on a little kid. But a  side from those few minutes

everything was quiet in the sleepy little town I was living in. Then the test question came in the  SEVENTH GRADE  ;

"How will you build your Empire?". At that time I came up with 2 goals which has now been expanded, with my 3 prime

objectives to help bring about;         1) That the maximum number of souls are redeemed into Heaven.

                                                            2) With the minimum amount of bloodshed and suffering.

                                                            3) That there will be over 9 centuries of peace.

Also to help this prophecy from Isaiah to be fulfilled which will be violently resisted by the NWO & Military Industrial Complex;

            2:4 And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into

            plowshares, ... ; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.


Things calmed down after that with just a few OTHER LESSONS  and one in the Spring of 75, at UMD Duluth, MN. The next

15 years were basically spent in MONTANA  and flew by. In 1990 the Millennium which had seemed so far away as a child

was now less than 10 years away and I was on my way back to the place of my birth where what I call Graduate School

started at the end of my 5 year stay in SEATTLE 13 years ago. Just before I left while camping I had asked for something

and was told that; "the price would be very high". During my last days while I was packing up and preparing to leave I was

told to; "flush the life you thought you were going to live down the toilet." I was very green back then and shaking like a leaf.

As I was heading up the pass on my way out of town I heard; "You are the last one.".                                    

                                                                                                      Quatrain 5.79

                                                                                 The sacred pomp will come to lower its wings

                                                                                  through the coming of the great lawgiver.

                                                                                  to raise the humble and trouble the rebellious.

                                                                                  upon the earth born no more emulators.

        Then I RETURNED TO MONTANA where trials escalated, with the first sentence from Yeshua and the advice, DEAL

WITH IT. Also the only vision was in December 95, when ABRAHAM  spoke; "God made a covenant with me that one day

my children would ... and you are the one.", then while we sat by the fire, the same feeling from my early days, Deal With It.

So the primary way to deal with it was to learn about God and what He has done before. So I started reading the Bible for

the first time, and I have now read the Bible 8 times cover to cover, several different versions. I have read about the trials

of the Patriarch's, Jacob , JOSEPH   , MOSES  , DAVID , and the OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETSThe purification was just

beginning for me, I had lots of humble pie to eat, which meant lots of changes to make. I started going to church again, I

had walked away and tried to hide from God, I knew God hangs out at all churches if He is welcome. Though He is more

intimate with some than others depending on their leadership. I also started daily prayer, talking to God, more intimately

which continues to this day. Along with daily Mass, when I am able and regular confession, though it was slow at the start.

        There were more trials taking the boat to ALASKA  in 96, and while there the spanking while riding out the big storm for 3 days.

There was the story about "let the little one come forth and fall on his face, but not to hard", and the month long fast during lent

in 97, BACK IN MONTANA  . Though one of the greatest events happened at this time, A WALK IN THE STARS . During these

years I managed to squeeze in the building of  THE RINK  for the kids of Missoula and got some more lessons on dealing with the

public, the lying, deception, backstabbing, the prima donnas, ignorance, arrogance,  and most of all the ingratitude and lack of wisdom.  

The rest of the stories that lead up to 1999 and include my first trip to Europe, are here in; The Education, to fulfill the 1st half of

NOSTRADAMUS' famous Quatrain 10.72, which has the last numerical date in his 942 Quatrains;

                                                                                               The year 1999 and seven months

                                                                                               from the sky shall come the great King [deffraieur]

On Christmas Eve (12/24/99) I faxed a letter to the Pope (LETTER # I ) asking to give the readings and explain them at the

Easter 2000 services  plus I tell him to release the 3rd secret from Fatima, thus fulfilling a final prophecy that only the Pope and

the woman who told him knew. Fr. Gobbi who met regularly with John Paul II had also foretold 1999 as the year that this would

begin. Two weeks later my Pastor is summoned to Rome and my relationship with the leadership of the Church begins. They

paid me a visit that Easter and basically have done nothing and are waiting to see how this unfolds.


        Another prophecy that I have fulfilled is that when I had walked away from God in my teenage years I was an easy target

for the devil and wallowed in the trough of sin. So I have been getting pruned of my bad habits which is something I continue to

work on to this day as the purification continues. Sometimes there were literal beatings and a very painful Rosary was said

in Arizona, where I was put on my knees and severe pressure was exerted on my neck to force my face into the bed, in 1999.

         Then there was SEPTEMBER 11  2001 and it was back to Europe. A couple of thoughts about 9-11, first it is a call for

help and we need it, 2nd it is the anniversary of Gandhi's , first non violent protest in 1906. This is what me must do, get

educated as to what really happened on 9-11, educate others, get engaged publicly and politically. They will continue to

use "Flaseflag" operations again as they have in the past, like the Gulf of Tonken, non incident.

        It was at this time that I was given some insight into one of the secrets of creation, that is literally right in front of our face

but we do not see it, DNA the Divine Molecule , from Matthew:

                11:25 At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth,

                because thou hast hid these things from the wise and the learned, and has revealed them to the childlike.

I went to FATIMA for my first time, and one evening while praying in the Basilica,  I was told that what was done to

JOAN (of ARC) would be like a walk in the park, compared to what we are going to do to you. This is a picture I keep on

the wall in the room where I spend most of my time, so her story is always before me.


I also dropped off a letter for Sr. Lucia, the only surviving visionary at the time, at her Convent, PORTUGAL  2001. While

there that fall, there was the Mass I went to on 11/11/01 in Orleans, France, Yeshua says; "They (clergy) will not sweep

this under the rug.". This is the city JOAN of ARC  helped to liberate. Then on my way home I had dinner with a nice Lawyer

I had met on the last leg of the flight over, I had asked her to help me with a few things. I told her about one the trials that

awaits me later on when I make a mistake, she said that God wouldn't do that. I said He has before, to DAVID , and that it

would be worth it if you can potentially save 100 million or more, but that I would have to deal with the potential death of millions.

She was skeptical, needless to say, and said I had to tell her something that would happen. So I explained the 2nd part of

Nostradamus' Quatrain about 9-11, the next morning while I was waiting for my flight home I noticed that the headline on the front

page was what I had told the night before. So it was back home to continue the walk down the gauntlet.  I then had say hello to

the Bishop during Mass, 1/13/02, with the DECLARATION & PROCLAMATION , which didn't go over to well with the local leaders.

Here are more stories from this period, 2001 and 2002 Chapters,.


        Up until now I had only studied the Bible, FATIMA , and NOSTRADAMUS' writings. Then I started expanding and

visited, GARABANDAL and learned about the Warning and Miracle. Then I learned of Gianna Talone-Sullivan and

CHRISTINA GALLAGHER Irish Housewife and Stigmatic, along with the story of the events from Medjugorje. Also, I have

studied St. Faustina and read her diary, which I recommend if you want an intimate look at a very close relationship with

our Lord, along with   Sr. Anne Catherine Emmerick the greatest visionary, and a few other Saints like Bernadette

from Lourdes. It is good to see how they were tried by God, other people and the dark side, demons.


        As the trials increased the money decreased until I had to put my house up for sale, give away of my house, in 2003,

which has been a real trial, to say the least, and is ongoing.  With another trip to Europe and China along with wandering

the streets of Jerusalem and standing on the mount of Olives and looking down on the Old City and the Temple Mount,

The 3rd Temple Design and Dedication. There is still much more to say about those times but that is for another day.

Dan Brown's fictional book the Da Vinci Code came out and he makes millions while I go broke, I've never read the

book. Also some folks got upset with Dan B. over his book, well they will do a lot more than just get upset with me.  

A Few Thoughts on the Movie the Da Vinci Code and here is a start on a chapter about;

 Mary Magdalene and the SACRÉ(sacred) CŒUR(heart) Connection . From the BOOK OF REVELATION  ;

            2:17 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches; To him that over cometh will I give

            to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man

            knows except he that receives it.

            2:26 And he that over cometh, and keeps my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:

            2:27 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers:

            even as I received of my Father.


        We had the 7 large Hurricanes spread out over 2 years with the last one from 05, Wilma, which means protector,



leaving another sign which largely went unnoticed. I explain the 2 in the year 2005 in the chapter about how

 God sows the seeds in the 20th Century, and the days of Noah began . Wrestling with the Angels , 

I can definitely relate to Jacob and his wrestling match with the Angel. Dealing with Yahweh explains some

of what it has been like to, "Deal With It" as far as are Almighty Father goes. People have said you may be

Dealing with the devil , of course I am, everybody does whether they know it or not at some level. I've

read accounts of trials others have gone through with the devil and have the book An Exorcist Tells His

Story, by Gabriele Amorth. I have dealt with most of the trials that I've heard about. The Gauntlet lays out

before me, the cross I received so long ago, one day at a time I just keep walking and dealing with the trials

as they arise. When I am knocked down I get back up and continue down the path, this chapter helps to shed

more light on Prophets, Prophecy and the Narrow Way.       


        Lately, I have been studying the early church from the Apostolic age and the first few centuries. I

am working on chapter on the development of the Mass. This will complement the one I wrote in 07 on

The Holy Eucharist in Scripture, Miracles and Prophecy . Reading about more of the Saints lives

and I recently read a booklet on and have condensed into a short chapter the story of;  

 Marie-Julie Jahenny 1850-1941 The Stigmatist and the Future French King .


        I held my nose and have waded into politics as those who have been reading from this site know. I

plan to continue to stay involved and continue to try and wake people up to what is going on and to prepare

them for what is coming whether we like it or not.  Here is some information on the subject that I put together;

 Globalization & the NWO , you can see one of the devils main gathering spots in the U.S.


Bohemian Grove Satan's Club for World Leaders ,where they do a mock(?) sacrifice of a

child every July on this Altar, and wait until you see who goes there. I have also started a new web

site for the secular news called Big Sky Free Press; . Also am doing some

Documentaries on Religious and secular topics. We are on the verge of World War III, that I was

told about as a child and the orchestrated economic Depression is just starting. This will not go

away by ignoring it, we can only lesson what is coming by getting involved. For what is coming was

foretold by noted Georgetown Historian Carol Quigley, author of "Tragedy and Hope", a book about

the global elite who allowed him to study their private papers for 2 years. He agreed with them and

he was also Bill Clinton's mentor,  he stated; "When the velvet glove comes off the iron fist the

people will wake up.". Also Henry Ford once said "It is well enough that people of the nation do not

understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution

before tomorrow morning".   A brief look at the Federal Reserve Bank


From Quatrain 1.63

                       The scourge past the world diminished,

                       the peace (for a) long time (and) lands uninhabitable,

                       (people) will march on through the sky, land, sea & waterways,

                       Then anew the wars incited. 


I simply seek the truth and bear witness to it. When I make a mistake, I make a change just like

everyone else. Though their are many who think they do not have to make changes in their lives,

they are in for a rude awakening. When this prophecy from a letter to Cesar Nostradamus written in

Salon, on March 1, 1555, from  his father Michel is fulfilled;   

                                                             "Sed quando submoventa erit ignorantia"

                                                            When the time comes for the removal of ignorance.

Which is called the "Warning or the enlightenment of souls" by current visionaries and in the Old

Testament, in Joel ;

            2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh;

            and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams,

            your young men shall see visions:


        I have one more job and that is between myself and our Almighty Father and the Most Holy

Trinity, that is to be an advocate for the people and I have made my case using the word of God.

The wall is made up of the Word of God, prayer, sacrifice, and doing what is pleasing to the

Most Holy Trinity, which is also obedience.    Life and the Greatest Love Affair


         Ezekiel 22:30 And I sought for a man among them, who would make a wall, and stand in

            the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.

                    I am building my section of the wall and standing in the Gap.

                                      How about you?       PEACE PLAN


While receiving a gift from our Almighty Father He said; "I Warned You.",

referring to the answer 19 years ago; "... and the price will be very high.".

Peace be with you,                                HOME PAGE