A Walk in the Stars

 The awakening that had started in January of 95 with the return of
the teacher/tormenter of my childhood was about to change 
dramatically, with a look through the window and having to choose
a path to walk.  Up until the summer of 95 I had only ever heard 1 
voice and once as a child I had felt the spirit of Abraham, and Shekhina
the Holy Spirit. 

 The period of the others lasted just under 2 years and it began and
ended with the same One, the Great Spirit, our Almighty Father. I was 
standing in the creek on my property just watching the water flow by 
trying to figure out what was going on and what to do about it. When 
the words "This is yours." rang inside my head. They were so sweet 
and had such a warm feeling to them it is indescribable, Love. This 
Spirit let me know without saying anything that He was our Almighty 
Father. The event lasted as long as it took you to read those 3 words. 
As I walked back up to the house I had a hard time relating to what 
had just happened. How could it have happened, this never happens.

 He said a few more words during prayers, once at my house in Montana,
and once on the deck of my boat in Alaska, with the northern lights
overhead. Then the last time in a dream in the spring of 97, back in
Montana when He took me to His laboratory in the stars.

 While sleeping one night I was taken up into the stars and found
myself in a laboratory. On both sides of me were continuous lab tables
that formed a corridor like you would find in a large lab like a
University lab. On top of the tables were all different sized cages.
They were piled several rows high so that the tops were above my head,
and they weren't in a nice orderly fashion, but jumbled one on top of 
the other up to the top and from end to end. Above the cages were 
stars everywhere, it was such a beautiful site.

 In front of me was the master of the lab, it wasn't my teacher but 
He wasn't letting on who He was either. Then I followed Him down the 
aisle created by the lab benches as He lead the way. He was wearing a 
dark brown robe that covered His head and went down to the floor, and 
it was flowing as he walked straight ahead never looking to the right 
or left or back at me. As He walked at a brisk pace I was beginning to 
understand who He was. He walked with great power and 
self determination. 

 I was overwhelmed by the grandeur of it all and was trying to take it
all in by looking around, though I was getting a very subtle feeling
that I should just walk on straight ahead, the old teachings. Though I 
began to understand that this is what I should do, the little boy in me just 
couldn't resist sneaking a peek to see if I could see anything inside 
of the cages. So while making sure I walked straight ahead, I glanced 
to the left into one of the larger cages as I kept moving. 

 Inside it was what looked like an Armadillo with long legs, making it
look like a dog coated with armor. It was doing flips in the cage by
running up the walls and across the ceiling and down the other side.
I saw it do this a couple times when I heard "That's an interesting 
one.". Oops I was busted, so I looked straight ahead still looking at
His back until we came to the end of the aisle and instead of a wall
or stars it was like looking down into the top of a tornado. He was
gone and I was just looking down into it watching a very light blue
wispy cloudy material slowly spinning counterclockwise. There was
such a positive and good feeling emanating from the tunnel and I was
being pulled in. I could distinctly feel pressure on both of my 
breasts drawing me in as I stood there. I wanted to go so bad as the 
pull grew stronger and stronger as the pain grew from my chest. Then 
I was back in my bed, and I was so bummed out, because that was not 
where I wanted to be. 

 This is where I want to go again one day and be found worthy to 
enter and help as many of you as possible to come on the journey. 
Not long after this while sitting under the big Spruce by the 
creek in an effort to help me understand Him better I was allowed to 
see the heavens above and told by my teacher/tormenter that God sees 
many times better than the Hubble telescope and that all that circles 
His star our Sun is His. He also sees better than the best Electron
Microscope. On our planet He is everything and everything is Him,
all that we see has been touched by Him, it has been shaped, molded,
or created for His pleasure.

Rev. 1.16-17

And He had in His right hand seven stars, and out of

His mouth went a sharp two edged sword, and His

continence was as the sun shineth in his strength.

And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet dead. And He

laid His right hand upon me, saying unto me. Fear

not, I am the first and the last.