>>>faxed on 12/24/99 along with the chapter about the 19th chapter in Revelation,

                 the letter was sent to fulfill a prophecy that I would come in 1999 while I had

                contacted the Church just before Easter at the parish level my teacher insisted

                that I contact the Vatican before the end of 99. My pastor was in Rome 2 weeks

                after this letter was sent.                                                                                                  <<<<



Dear John Paul II,

Iím writing you to help fulfill our Fatherís mission that all will bow down and worship Him

through our Lord Jesus Christ. My first lesson from my teacher was in 66, I was 9 and

sitting in my fourth grade class at St. Maryís. My teacher said he was the Holy Spirit and then

later in my teen years that he was Michael from the twelfth Revelation. This is the URL:

.[ this site has replaced it]

for the rough draft of a book I have been forced to write. It starts before Genesis and then goes

and lists the Kings and how God numbered them plus how their stories relate to us today.

I am asking you to give my pastor permission to let me give the readings and the homily at a

Sunday Mass. He is unwilling to let me do this without approval from his superiors. I am

sending a copy of the book to my Bishop Robert C. M[   ]. Also you do not do Godís will,

you say yes to Him but you donít do His will. You and the Bishops were to gather and

consecrate Russia to the Immaculate heart of Mary in a very public way. At best this was done


>>> they were supposed to specifically mention Russia which has not been done<<<<


in a half hearted way. Also you have not released the letter that Sr. Lucia wrote that was to

be released by 1960. You want to make the children saints but you do not do what the Virgin

Mary asked, are you above Her? Do you think She was joking? Do you think it was just a

coincidence that all their revelations were on the thirteenth day of the month? Read  from

the Book of Revelation,  the thirteenth chapter.


>>>> this is the chapter about the 2 bad boys, the 2nd being known as 666<<<<


I am here to prepare the world for the return of my Father who will judge the living and the

dead in what will be the first resurrection and the first death. The world and I need your help.

This is the beginning of what will be called the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is

coming in the next century but not in the next 30 years. Remember Maryís warning.


>>> that they will do it, but they will be late, and suffer because of it <<<<<<


You can reach me through my Web site or my Pastor Kevin C[        ] whose phone number is

406-[             ].

God Bless    

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