Letters to Pope John Paul II  and Benedict XVI

           and the Bishop and Parish Council


 There are 6 letters that I have written to Pope John Paul II, the first was faxed on Christmas Eve

of 1999. This helped to fulfill a prophecy that Sr. Lucia had told the Pope. She stated in an

interview to someone doing a story on Fatima, which I saw, that something was going to

happen in 99 that only she and the Pope knew at the time. I was not allowed to ask for her

conformation in the first 2 letters by my teacher. Now that the Pope has made his choice as I

asked in the second letter "Free Will", which is to finish his Papacy the way he started it, by

doing nothing and ignoring this, I have asked for her to deny me publicly after a meeting. I

also am showing him Quatrains written about him, these times and myself.


  In the letters I have written notes for you to understand what I'm saying to him better.

They appear > notes <  in these brackets which are not in the actual letter, but I added

for you to have a better understanding.

Also are letters to the Bishop and the Parish council, as I keep pushing on for

someone to do something.

                                                  LETTERS to Benedict XVI

    Congratulations Benedict XVI and the 5th Marian Dogma 6/12/05

LETTER # II         Alpha and Omega, please warn and prepare the people  7/22/06


                      Letter to Pastor on Working Together      6/12/09

                      Letter to My Pastor on Stewardship   2/9/09

                      Letter to the Bishop on Stewardship   1/28/09

                      Letter Bishop Thomas and Fr. Perry     8/28/08

                      Come to the Light letter to the Bishop on his grave sin  7/16/08

                       Love and Truth a letter to my Pastor  6/7

                       Letter to Jesuit Provincial   4/19/07  heresy and sin

                       Letter to the Bishop about Heresy and the grave sin  2/15/07




                                           LETTERS to John Paul II the Great

LETTER # I           Christmas eve 99,  where are you, release the 3rd secret

LETTER # II          FREE WILL,  your answer is wrong,  choose

LETTER # III         YOU ARE OFFICIALLY LATE, you don't do his will

LETTER # IV        PURIFICATION,  a continuation of the 3rd letter

LETTER # V            6/19/2002

LETTER # VI          The Heart of the Law is Mercy and Forgiveness 1/6/2004

 LETTER # VII         The French King and ______, Destiny 

 Assassination attempt made John Paul II more devoted to Fatima  11/11/08

VATICAN HERESY       Vatican calls the Pope the "sweet christ on earth"

Letter to Pastor                  Letter to Pastor 12/26/01

Letter to the Bishop            Letter to Bishop after our 1/13/02 meeting

Letter to the Parish Council      the Face of God and the Miracle 1/02

Letter to the Bishop            Letter about his sorry excuse for the sex scandal 8/02

Letter to the Parish              About their Disobedience 8/02

Letter to the Parish           look at last years predictions and this years 12/23/02

Letter to the Priests and Parish    continued update on their disobedience 12/13/03

Timeline of events at the Parish     Timeline of events at the Parish thru 2003

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