Alpha and Omega


Dear Pope Benedict XVI;


    May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and may you accomplish the mission our

Creator has prepared for you in these tumultuous times. With the words Alpha and Omega

our Lord spoke to St. John the Divine and laid out the key to the book of Revelation. He is

first and last and in the middle will be the sons of darkness's turn for a little while. I continue to

pray for your success as you lead the Church that John Paul II the Great anchored to the most

Holy Eucharist and our Queen the Blessed Virgin Mary, fulfilling the prophecy of St. John Bosco.

May the world heed your call tomorrow for prayer and may they continue to pray for Peace for

this is the only way it will be achieved, along with a lessening of the chastisements For the

purification has begun, as was foretold. This is the last line from Quatrain 5.74 which will be

fulfilled as this is part of my mission, and you know who I am, and have, for many years now.

   returning the Church to pristine preeminence.


    I pray you will prepare the people for the warning which is fast approaching along with the great

Miracle at Garabandal. As Pope Paul the VI stated after his meeting with Conchita that the smoke

of satan has entered the Church. We have seen this in the child abuse scandal and the apostasy

that is spreading throughout the Church and the general turning away from God by the people.

Our Mother lays out these times for us through her servant Fr. Gobbi, who met with John Paul II the

Great yearly, as you are also well aware of. Please warn and prepare the people, most will ignore

 you, but you will wake some up and more if you were to make this a theme in your talks and writings.


    Our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Queen has been chosen by her Son our Lord Jesus

Christ to be His champion in the defeat of satan as foretold in Sacred Scripture. I pray that you

will declare the 5th Marion Dogma so that she can lead the remnant to victory. This will not be

easy and will be resisted and ignored as are her warnings today. The schism is already here

and will be uncovered just like the sex scandal, as Jesus continues to purify His Church. These

are the days of the "lukewarm church".  Sr. Anne Catherine Emmerick foretold this years ago

about a black dog, satan, laying outside a door and inside were Jesus' ministers being disobedient

and doing the will of the evil one. Your fellow German, Sr. Emmerick also should finally be declared

a saint as she is already with her Spouse.


    A great debate as you know is underway concerning Evolution, I have enclosed some insight

the Creator has given me concerning  the DNA molecule, have your experts check

out the facts which I lay out and shed the light of truth upon. For the facts are agreed upon by all

in the scientific community, but when shown this they will say it is just a coincidence.

                        Luke 10:21 ... I give you praise, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have

                                               hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them

                                               to the childlike.

You would stun the world with this insight and draw many Christians and others to listen to your

words and guidance for our times. For it is more than a coincidence that we live on the 3rd planet,

that the Holy Trinity are 3 in 1 and that all flesh from single cell organisms to Humans and encoded

in their genetic material with words that are made up of 3 letters, 3 letters in every word, 3 in 1.

The truth about DNA will be taught in all schools one day.


    I have enclosed a copy of the 2007 prophecy, from Fatima Portugal, July 11,2004 ,

which I sent to you and your friend John Paul II the Great a couple of years ago. For what is coming is

not going away, but will continue to grow. For as I told you and your friend John Paul II the

Great, that Jesus stated during Mass in Orleans, France on 11/11/01, THE GREATEST SOLDIER ;

 " They will not sweep this under the rug, ....". We all have our jobs to do for the Kingdom of our

Lord Jesus Christ. One final thought which I believe we agree on is that a Church without kneelers is an

unfinished Church and a Catholic Mass without kneeling is not upheld in Sacred Scripture;

                                               Isaiah 45:23 By myself I swear, uttering My just decree and My unalterable word

                                                                   To Me every knee shall bend, by Me every tongue shall swear.


 As I stated before also that the position that the Vatican put forth in 2000 concerning Fatima  is


I will continue to pray for you, as you are gift from our Almighty Father for these times, please act.


                                    Peace be with you

                                    Chyren Selin 7th