The Greatest Soldier

    11/11 Mass in the Cathedral in Orleans


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>> It should be remembered that this was just before the sex scandal broke into

      the open, also that the response to the 3rd secret of Fatima had just been

      released with the VATICAN HERESY. Also remember the warning given

     to the clergy In August of 1931. Jesus comes again to Sr. Lucia warns his ministers

     that if they don't obey, they will like the King of France follow him into misfortune. A

     reference to King Louis XVI, and the French Revolution and the end of the Monarchy.


Here is an example of God getting upset with Israel and then calming down;

32:10 Now therefore let me alone, that my wrath may wax hot against them, ... 

32:14 And the LORD repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people.

The Sex Scandal is a very sad commentary on the Church leadership, and it is not the

only problem, the apostasy is alive and well within the Church and the World. It should

also be noted that I am not advocating any change from Church Teachings, anything that

is different will be upheld or rejected by the 2 witnesses when they come. I am personally

just trying to get people to work on their personal lives and their relationship with God;

Life and the Greatest Love Affair , and to prepare themselves for what is coming.



    The drive up from Salon was nice, it was short and I got up into some high

country where some fresh snow had fallen, reminding me of where I would

be in a few days, Montana. It was mellow as far as lessons were concerned

and I was wondering if I would hook up with a publisher before I left. The trip

had been long and painful and not to fruitful. Though They like to wait until

the last minute before doing something, the suspense. I was sort of on auto

pilot and just looking forward to seeing my dog again and what kind of a

mess might be waiting for me back home, like the bills, and the Bishop.

But I wanted to see the City that Joan of Arc had helped to lift the siege from,

way back when she started her mission.


The subject of John Lennon came up and his lame song about no Heaven or

Hell, there was a redeeming part about living in peace and as one. It is to bad

he didn't know what he was talking about though because there is ample proof

out there that God in fact does exist. There will not be peace without Him, for

it is right to give Him thanks and praise. John knows there is a hell because he

is very close to it, he is at the bottom of those in Purgatory and needs some

help, someone to pray for him. Every time the song Imagine is played he feels

pain, why, because the song is leading sheep away from the truth and Satan

just smiles. What the world does need are more silly little love songs and not

some bullshit pawned off as the truth by a fool. If your in the public arena you

need to be careful what ideas you are promoting. I was asked if I would pray

for him, I said only in my blanket prayer for everyone but not by name. I can't

pray for everyone by name and their are many others I would put ahead of him,

like the ones he leads astray. I'm telling everyone who loved him, that he needs

your prayers. You should read the story of Lazarus and the rich man, Luke

16.19-31, and think upon it deeply, because if he could, John would tell you he

is sorry and that he was wrong, period. So to his wife and sons and fans, pray

for him.


I stayed just outside town and had a fun time going out to dinner that night,

drove into town got lost and found a small little place with good food. They

couldn't speak English, but I've learned a couple words and pointed my way

to a fish (poisson) entrées. Then had them look at the map to tell me where we

were. They had a hard time finding it and we had a good laugh over that. It

took awhile but I made it back.


It was a clear night and there was a hard frost on the car in the morning as I

headed into town. The big church I had seen the night before turned out not

to be the Cathedral, so I kept going and went to see if there was anything left

of the structures that were there when Joan was there, didn't see any but I

didn't look to hard. I did cross the bridge where the old one had been. I found

the Cathedral and went inside. It was very cold in there, no heat, and very

ornate. I took pictures of the stain glass windows that told Joan's story and

lit a candle at a statue they have of her there and said a prayer. A color guard

came in with the flags of many nations including the stars and stripes. So

Mass was about to begin, but I had no idea what was about to happen.


The Mass started as usual, and there were a few folks in their uniforms in

the pews, or chairs actually. But he started talking about things like the Pope

and him calling himself, the "sweet Christ on earth", and how displeased the

real Christ was. My teacher sits in the court and relays what They tell him

to say, and it is basically just the Trinity who tells him what to say. Like

St. Catherine and St. Margaret did for Joan. Then he started into the structure

of the Church how it is so top heavy and for the need to flatten out the

hierarchy. That there was to much political crap and how they had lost their

mission to be simple servants instead of pompous High priests. He would

repeat this over and over getting more heated to the point where Christ was

barely being filtered by my teacher as He raged on. Several times I had to

call for a time out and said it doesn't do any good to vent on me, you've got

to do something. The Vatican just simply ignores the "Miracle of the Sun"

(Oct. 10/17) at Fatima and the little things you asked them to do, and plays

lip service to your commands like politicians. Then He went into the coronation

and how They were pleased that I liked what They had chosen for me to wear

and the crown. He said that I was to wear a different but similar sack cloth

garment at the 2nd coronation and that the 2 witnesses then will wear them

when it is there turn. As I have stated elsewhere that what differs from the

teachings of the Catholic Church will be verified by the 2 witnesses. He went

over this several times getting hotter and hotter until once again Christ is almost

screaming at me and saying, "I will ram you down their throats and it is ____ ___

what they want. They will not sweep this under the rug,

it shall be hung around their neck like a yoke."

 click here for a view from space (8/14/2003) of Missoula


Then our Father took over, I could feel His presence, ancient wisdom, and

somewhat forlorn at the state of affairs, not the sweet voice from before

( 3 times between 95-7), but resolute and as a matter of fact, the sensation

and the awe, ... . While not as heated but with great power in His words and

how they were delivered. "I will take the Papacy away from them and give it to

my children Israel for my servant David's sake. That he will always have someone

on a throne before me. The Pope will serve no more than a 10 year term, and

in the first year they will come in once into the Holy of Holies and talk to Me

before the Ark. They will not be allowed to look inside, and they can stay as

long as they want, but must be gone by sunset. This shall be a reminder to

them how they have sinned against Me. The ones who minister to Me now,

shall be the ones who shall minister to Me daily as a tribute to them and their

part in My story." The Mass shall be said in English, for it is time to bring the

people back to where they were long ago, and the Church shall be out front

instead of bringing up the rear. The Scriptures, Homily, and songs can be in

their native tongue. Also your daily prayers (the Our Father, Hail Mary and

your prayer to Shekhina) shall be in English. The rest can be in  your native

tongue but the prayers are to be in English, or you are disobedient.


 What They said is from the Bible and from the Quatrains, Moses spoke of this

when he said that Israel shall be a nation of priests, and in the Book of Revelation

the story of the new Jerusalem. Quatrain 8.99 talks about the scared seat being

moved to the true location and being recognized as such, more on this later.


Then Christ is back on the war path, saying that it would be better that

the Pope had a 1000 mistresses than to have called himself the "sweet Christ

on earth", he can't even obey simple commands. You and the Pope are both

bums, the difference is you know you are and he thinks he is ... . They shall

bow before you and hate you for it because they worship their positions more

than Me. We will flatten the Hierarchy, there is no need for cardinals at all. With

in a Diocese the Bishop shall be chosen as follows, any priest with over ten years

in and at least 5 years in the Diocese, will be eligible for the post, and able to

vote for the Bishop, who will serve a 5 year term and then be replaced, and will

not be eligible again until 2 others have served. Women can be priests, and

married people. But you can only marry once while you consecrate the Body

and Blood. If your marriage fails you must remain celibate or stop consecrating

the Body and the Blood of Christ, if your spouse dies you may remarry.

There is NO REASON for anyone who goes to Mass not to receive communion.

Do you send away a starving person because they haven't eaten lately. Baptism

shall be given on demand to anyone, no questions asked other than when. Who

among you is able to decide who is worthy, hypocrites. Not one person on earth

is worthy to cast the first stone. Anyone over the age of 5 shall receive first

communion on demand with only one question, when is best for you, how

about right now. This is your job Priests for I will judge you as you judge others.

To be confirmed you must have a grasp of the Bible, as in the stories and there



"There is to be only one more Saint from the clergy, Padre Pio. If you join the

priesthood it is to serve the people's spiritual needs and to be My servants on

earth. Your reward is in Heaven not on earth, you worry about your status among

men more than among Us. Only one Pope from the 20th century is in Heaven, the

one who was cremated."


"Jacinta's prophesy shall not go unfulfilled. The Pope will consecrate Russia and

only Russia with all the Bishops. Any Bishop who refuses will no longer be a

priest. The door of the Church shall be wide open to the other Christian groups.

The leaders who oppose this shall deal with Me directly."


"My son you will be hated as our kind has always been, by the pompous self

centered fools, but the little people will love you, and I will always be with you."


Wow, I was glad it was time to get up and go to communion. The lesson was over and

shortly the Mass was to, and the color guard filed out and I did to into the crisp

morning air.


They were sitting here as I wrote this, and have been reminding me of this for the

last couple of weeks, and I was intimidated as the time grew closer to writing this

story. I wish I could explain the relationship that is growing with Them, the

understanding and the love. I'm sorry that I can not convey it perfectly to you, but

the answer is to establish your own relationship with Them. Wrap the life of Christ

around you like a blanket, to keep your Soul warm, and He will lead you to the

Father and Shekina the Holy Spirit. The best way to get Christ wrapped around you

is to ask His mother the Virgin Mary to pray for you, for this is His will, and it is His

right, given to Him by our Father. Anyone who says otherwise does not know much

about History, for He has made it clear on many occasions that this is His command.

I thank you Father for helping me to understand You better, as I had wished as a

child. Even though I walked away, You brought me back and over these last 7 years

have begun to show me the light of Your wisdom.

Thank You


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