Dance Some More for Me

       the Millennial Drought


   Nothing is ever enough, they always want another sign, and NO change in

the status quo. Most of them in the Vatican here, but also most of the leaders

of all the different churches and religions, want it their way and to protect their

turf and positions. Instead of wanting to do God's will they wish to do their

own and use God's name to enhance their position. Things have changed

very little since the days of Moses. There were so many signs and Miracles

in the 20th century and they became more frequent as the century finished. The

century started with the great "Miracle of the Sun" in Fatima, Portugal, on

October 13, 1917. A miracle that was announced in advance and witnessed by

over 50,000 people. Jesus has been performing Miracles all century long with

most people totally ignoring them for one reason or another. The 2nd millennium

ended with one that went completely unnoticed, though it wasn't the people's

fault. For only a few even knew about it, the Pope, a few at the Vatican and the

woman who was a recognized seer who told them that it would happen in 1999.


  Just before Easter (99)  was  the initial contact with the local Church, my Parish.

On Christmas Eve 1999 a letter was faxed to the Vatican that was the final

fulfillment of the prophecy, LETTER # I . Which resulted in my Pastor being

summoned to Rome 2 weeks later. My Pastor, when he returned lied to the people,

when he said that he had been planning the trip for awhile, which is what he was told

to say. He had told some Parishioners before he left why he was going and while he

was gone I was ridiculed for writing to Rome because I was not allowed to speak.

Then they sent some representatives to Missoula for Easter (2000), looking for

another Miracle, they never did contact me, and none was given them. They then

proceeded to claim everything is OK, the warnings from Fatima and the many

others were wrong and that the Fatima was declared to be in the past. Why, because

we have been so good and obedient. I responded with  LETTER # II  that they

were mistaken and that Jesus' answer was to send a great millennial drought and

we are into the 6th year of the drought which began in 1999, with the worst drought

of the drought yet to come. That this time will be known as the 1st trumpet from the

Book of Revelation;

           8:6 And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.

           8:7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they

                were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and

                all green grass was burnt up.

While the drought has been centered in the Rocky mountains and has ebbed and

flowed across the US, we have also seen many heat waves and large forest fires in

many other parts of the World, for 1/3 of the trees will burn. Also we have not seen

all the grass burn or brown out from sun burn. This will happen in the US, from coast

to coast. This will be ignored by most people with our leaders in the Church  and the

government trying to mislead the people and many not caring at all. I was first told

about the cleansing by fire in the Spring of 1996 while burning some weeds at my

house, but not when this would happen, back then.


  Not long after the Vatican received the 2nd letter, fires exploded in Montana fulfilling

a Prophecy by Nostradamus (click to view a picture)  Quatrain 6.97

         (At) 45 degrees the sky burns,                                

         fire draws near the great new city,                                     

         instantly great flames scattered blow up,                          

         when they want concerning (the) Normans to have proof.


This talks about what was told to the Pope and the Vatican in July, 2000.

Line 4 lays out my background from my grandparents and that this was

another sign that I'm who I say I am. For after I told them about the drought

in the US, fires blew up all around where I live with many of the biggest

fires growing into complexes at 45 degrees, which is just south of town.


  They decided to do what they usually do, NOTHING. While in Orleans, FR,

attending Mass on Veterans Day (11,11,01) Jesus began yelling about His

disobedient ministers ( THE GREATEST SOLDIER and I told Him that they will

do nothing, unless they are forced to. He has not spoken in the last two and a half

years to me directly, but He has begun to force the issue. First  there has been

the greatest scandal in the Church in centuries with the RAPE of our CHILDREN

and the COVER UP. I also sent a letter to the Editor's of Denver's  papers in

February telling them about the Millennial drought and fires. That year (2002) there

were great fires surrounding Denver, of course they never contacted me. So at the

end of 2002 I wrote another letter to my Pastor and Parish council which told them

that because they were doing nothing that Jesus would make us suffer in Missoula,

because of their inaction, which is basically the Church leadership, because the

council has no real authority over anything. The summer of 2003 was worse than

2000 in Missoula as the valley was ringed with forest fires caused by lightning.

 click here for a view from space (8/14/2003) of Missoula


  The annual update to the Pastor and council was also sent to the Vatican along

with the 8/14/03 photo from space in January (04), to keep everyone informed and

to tell them to expect more of the same this (2004) year.  On the way back to Paris

 from Ireland I picked up a USA Today, June 21, 2004, and on the front page was an

article that said the drought in the west was a 500 year drought, so far.  It also

reported that the Colorado river was barely half that of the Dust Bowl years in 1930s.

In the July 21 USA Today it was shown that more acres had burned this year than the

last 4 and almost double the great fire season in 2000. The drought has years left to

go and the worst is yet to come.  View USA Today paper from 7/21/04


Here are the stats from the government for the last 6 years;

Year-to-date Statistics ;

2007 (1/1/07 - 10/28/07)     Fires: 76,549     Acres: 8,697,799

2006 (1/1/06 - 10/28/06)     Fires: 86,391     Acres: 9,400,909

2005 (1/1/05 - 10/28/05)     Fires: 56,586     Acres: 8,256,081

2004 (1/1/04 - 10/28/04)     Fires: 62,852     Acres: 8,042,481

2003 (1/1/03 - 10/28/03)     Fires: 55,533     Acres: 3,337,304

2002 (1/1/02 - 10/28/02)     Fires: 59,274     Acres: 6,707,556

2001 (1/1/01 - 10/28/01)     Fires: 66,290     Acres: 3,779,556

2000 (1/1/00 - 10/28/00)     Fires: 86,418     Acres: 7,025,680


Source: National Interagency Coordination Center click here to view the governments site


While in Europe a prophecy was given on 7/11/04 in Fatima, Portugal and

continued at Sacre Couer in Paris;  

  To read the explanation of this prophecy below

       In the year 2007 will be an end that will not be

       and then we'll wait for the 2nd trumpet's blast.

       The warning comes in the Spring and the ancient

       prophecies fulfilled in the last year, many awaken.


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