Christina Gallagher

 Irish Housewife and Stigmatic


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Christina Gallagher has expressed her concern over the fact that so few people have heeded the call by Our Lady to receive Her protection, and especially Her request that they receive the Seal of the Living God at the present time.

“People are being given a final opportunity to experience God’s Mercy and to receive His protection, but time is fast running out, and it seems that Our Lady’s words about ‘so many of my children, who do not listen’ are being fulfilled with the Hand of God coming over the world in Justice”, she said.

She points out that over the past decade, on many different occasions, she has been shown disasters and calamities, with earthquakes, mudslides, rainstorms, volcanic eruptions and flooding, and was warned that this would increase as the hand of God approached the earth.

Christina wonders why people cannot see that these are not being fulfilled across the world. With such great darkness engulfing the world, and so many people blinded and confused, only with God’s help could people hope to see the way forward.

“People just don’t seem to appreciate the greatness of what they are being offered by Our Lady. She wants hearts to be converted, and there is now less than six months to July next, when the time of the seal is over.” She said. I am not asking anyone to go to Achill, but Our Lady has asked them. I have been shown what lies ahead, and what people must face. Our Lady is offering people the chance to receive God’s protection against that, by coming to the House of Prayer with open hearts, so that they can stand up to that test.” Mrs. Gallagher explained.

She said people should fully read the message received from Our Lady on July 16th last year, and realise what Our Lady was asking them to do.

The second paragraph of the message of July 16, 2000 states; “God desires all to receive the protection of the living God and the Seal given with such love. If only My children throughout the world could understand the value of what God freely gives through My little one and in My house, they would need no messengers of My messages as the means for life to be renewed in their souls for life everlasting.”

That message made it very clear that the time of the Seal will be over next July (July 16th, 2001), and Our Lady has asked that many people come to the House with open hearts, and bring many others there also, to receive the gift of the Seal of the Living God,” Christina said.

The July 16th (2000) message had also made it clear that the times of the Antichrist and the purification were close, she said.





Infused Knowledge

I do not know what happens. All I know is that during Mass or sometimes while I am in deep personal prayer, I experience light, 'bolts' of light taking me over. I know that in this happening I am receiving - not through my mind but directly to my soul - knowledge for I cannot express it in words of myself. It is given for the time God arranges or permits. I do not know at the time of receiving what I have received. It is not a 'knowing' with the human mind. Yet a day later or it may be a week or weeks later when a priest or perhaps a lay person will ask a question I will automatically have the knowledge to answer. I have a deep spiritual insight into the matter raised or the question put. It may, for example, be a question concerning a saint of past times whose life I have read or heard nothing - ever. I experience, however, being in the mind or spirit of the saint. I will now facts and details concerning the life on earth of that holy person and not only that - I will be clearly aware of the way the saint thought, reflected and reacted. I will even know of hidden details and deeply personal conditions in their regard. What I have received in this way will be verified by my spiritual director or by a person who has read deeply in or researched in detail the particular saint in question. This knowledge can be, and has been, given about a person actually living in the world at present but with whom I would not have any communication or about whom I would have no intimate knowledge. It would always be a delight to me when my spiritual director would confirm from reading, studying or checking what is given but irrespective of this I would always know that it is correct despite the fact that I had not acquired it in a human way. How it happen I do not know except that it is a gift of God.

The Soul

From what is given directly to my soul, I know the soul has two parts, or halves and some of us who are chosen by God to accomplish a particular mission on His behalf have one part of the soul taken into the Spirit of God and saturated in the Spirit of God. The other part of the soul which is in the body endures what is called 'the dark night of the soul'. This is a tremendous suffering of soul which is more intense than any suffering of mind or body could be. The soul is in such darkness that you could have a thousand people around you and none of them would be of any consolation. The only one who can console or give back the peace and tranquillity is God Himself.

How Bilocation is Brought About

When a person is experiencing bilocation (the ability to be in two places at once) what is actually happening is that the part of their soul that is in the Spirit of God is transmitted by the Spirit of God. I have experienced this on a number of occasions. There is no fear, only peace in that part of the soul transmitted by God. The part of the soul remaining in the body, however, endures the attacks of the evil one. When God is using the soul saturated in His Spirit, evil spirits assault the remaining part with the horrors of darkness to a tremendous degree.


When the entirety of the person - the body, mind, heart, will and soul - is unable to endure any longer the intensity of darkness and purification, God permits the vapor - like source of the Spirit to flow on the part of the soul in the body as a consolation. So when a person is caused to levitate - an experience which was given to me once earlier in the apparitions but which I did not then understand - what is actually taking place is that the vapor-like existence of the Spirit which flows from the part of the soul which is saturated in the Spirit of God to the other, is like a magnet drawing the part in the body to the point that God completely consumes not only the half of the soul remaining but the entire body as well as the faculties of the person. The first thing the person experiences is a weightlessness of body, a total peace and unity with God.

Christina recalls specifically from her own experience,


"I had one experience where my body did go up into the air a number of feet and, yes, I was scared because there is no such thing as being able to resist it; you can't, and on many occasions since that one night I have endured the weightlessness coming over my body - feeling I was going to lift. I would get a bit scared of myself humanly and I would grab onto the seat because I never understood until the knowledge was given to me recently, what was actually happening."

Q. And now that you have the knowledge, do you feel any different about it?

A. I don't say I would be brave, but I would be able to surrender and accept it more easily.

Q. Would you say there have been a number of occasions where you have been taken into the complete experience you described of the weightlessness leading into the ecstasy and being left helpless?

A. Yes, on many occasions and sometimes without notification that it was coming on me. At other times I could feel an experience within and also in my body. That experience was a calling and it would only be a matter of seconds until I was no longer aware of my body or those around me or where I was. I have experienced that on a number of occasions.


Ecstasy in God

After that the person just has what feels like a floating existence in that the freedom and fulfillment which flows from unity in the Spirit is beyond words. On some occasions God permits the soul saturated with His Spirit to unite with the suffering part which is still in the body so fully that the person cannot endure physically the enormity of the power of God and His Spirit. What happens then is that the person goes into what is like a collapsed state of ecstasy where he or she knows nothing going on around them - everything of the world in mind or body is gone and the only thing they experience is the complete unity of the Spirit within. They are actually experiencing the contents of heaven in love and peace and they may experience seeing Jesus, the Blessed Mother, angels, saints or whatever God permits. There may be a message relayed but the body is totally helpless because it would not be capable of containing the enormity of God when the two parts of the soul thus unite.


This knowledge also permitted Christina to understand the tearfulness she would have felt after a supernatural experience. She used not to know why she would be tearful. She would not be able to prevent the tears . Yet she had no human experience of sadness or joy to cause the tears. She was given to understand that this tearfulness is the consequence of God communicating with the soul. It is the Spirit permeating the faculties and senses. The impact of the Spirit filling the part of the soul drawn into God, is vaporizing the part remaining in the body. The tearfulness follows and its effect is great release and healing.

Christina has sometimes been taken into an ecstasy of light. In it she is filled with a heavenly peace. It is as if she is completely absorbed into the Spirit of God. All she knows is that she is immersed in a heavenly atmosphere that is God Himself. While in this state of complete fulfillment, she desires only to remain there and never have to relinquish it. She is aware of receiving enlightenment or wisdom directly imparted to her soul. However, as she has already explained on emerging from this state she cannot express what has been given inwardly to her. Yet, she knows this enrichment is now part of her soul. It is only when a priest comes to visit her and asks a question concerning some aspect of theology or spirituality that Christina can articulate what has been given her. A question from a priest is the means God will use to 'trigger off' or release the knowledge. Only then can Christina express it - even to herself. Occasionally, it is expressed when she hears or overhears a priest making an inaccurate comment or venturing an opinion of his own to conjecture what he does not know for certain concerning e.g. heaven, the Mystical Body or God Himself. Most of this 'infused' knowledge received by Christina concerns the Mystical Body, the Holy Trinity, Our Blessed Lady and the After life.

Christina Gallagher has received gifts of infused knowledge; knowledge of the soul; as well as, understanding of bilocation, levitation; as well as knowledge concerning the Most Holy Trinity.


"In January, 1994, I was given an awareness of the means whereby a soul advances in holiness. It concerned ascending the SEVEN STEPS OF PERFECTION, which I had been shown sometime back, but did not really understand then. I was given that God desires the Seven Degrees of His Spirit to permeate the person who is being perfected in the seven areas of our being of heart, mind, body, soul, will, intellect and memory."

On October 5, 1992, the Eternal Father spoke to Christina:

"My daughter, I am your Father. Arise and pray." The Eternal Father then told Christina that on a later date He would awaken her again and that she was to arise and pray and He would then reveal to her "... what was hidden from the wise and learned."

Christina has been given the gift of knowledge from Almighty God to understand how there are seven steps, stages or degrees on the path to perfection, or the path of purification, "I saw seven steps, and the more we respond, surrendering to the Cross for the love of Christ, the more we are drawn into the degrees of His Spirit with God raising the soul to a higher degree.

"The heart of the Holy Trinity is the Godhead and from the heart of the Godhead comes the beacon of light which is the Holy Spirit. Through this beacon God desires to radiate His Spirit and to draw the soul to a higher level of union with Himself.

"From the unity and love of the heart of the Godhead, the desire of God is to draw each soul in a deeper way into Himself.

"Every soul is redeemed by Jesus and in that way is part of the Mystical Body of Jesus.

"By the person decreasing in self and allowing God to increase in his or her soul, God desires to draw each one to a level of mystical union or marriage with Christ. Many, however, do not achieve this union because they will not decrease in self to allow God to increase within them."

"When Our Blessed Mother asks through her message for prayer, sacrifice and fast, these teach us to decrease in self in childlike humility before God by depriving the flesh and so opening the heart to permit the Spirit to freely flow in the seven areas of our being, that is, heart (which is the main channel or entrance leading to the), will, mind, intellect, memory, body and lastly, the soul.

These first six areas depending on their response can lead the soul into light or darkness. Everything is first of all desired in the heart and the heart then requires the will, the mind, the intellect, the memory and the body to respond in an open channel to permit the seven degrees of the Spirit to purify and strengthen the six areas of our being, whose response will leave the soul in either light or darkness.

"THE HEART, because it is the main channel leading to the other faculties, and is itself the source of desire which leaves the other channels open or closed in willing, choosing or action, needs to be purified of its weakness, because the heart can be open or closed to God.

"THE WILL can become so unyielding to God's will that it stubbornly resists the prompting of God and becomes shaped in a pattern of self-interest and self-concern and can become too weak to decide for God.

"THE MIND can be molded more and more by the thinking of the world, the expectations of people and the standards of earthly judgment.

"THE INTELLECT can lose its realization of God's Wisdom being supreme, a greater treasure than all human expertise and greatness. It can even rationalize what suits itself and begin even to justify as right what is objectively wrong. A loss of humility before God leads us to trust in ourselves and less in Him: more in our personal potential and less in Him Who is indeed the source and giver of every talent we possess. God may need then to prevent pride from building up and taking us over for then we would lose the greatest gift, God Himself. But as He removes our securities we are made to feel vulnerable and helpless of ourselves.

"THE MEMORY can be clouded from consciousness of the merciful deeds of God in our past and need a purifying and a strengthening from the clutter of personal concerns that accumulate and block our loving dependence on the God Who loves us with an everlasting love. To make us realize this, He will have to bring us down to a realization that we are nothing and that we draw all from Him Who is the giver of life itself.

"OUR BODY through its weaknesses as a result of original sin and because of constant temptations from the other deadly spirits - apart from pride - who can gain many influences over the bodily appetites and temperament of a person through their attacks of greed, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth, will need strengthening for the mastery over self which is imparted by the Spirit's gift of self-control. This spiritual reinforcement of our higher faculties over our lower appetites will shatter our composure the more dependent on the flesh we have permitted ourselves to become.

"THE SOUL through failure of the other faculties to respond to God can experience only light or darkness. Although this work of purifying is not the release of the Holy Spirit as in the Sacrament of Confirmation, it will inevitably result in a freedom of movement for the Spirit already received through the Sacrament for He is hindered and hampered by our imperfections and impurities and the residue of past sins already forgiven.



"The seven degrees of the Spirit of God can be at work at any given moment, or there can be three or four, or any number of degrees of the Spirit at work at any time.

"For instance, if the heart is open and the mind is weak and Jesus wants to purify the mind, sometimes the darkness experienced feels like abandonment. The mind is not able to understand, and thinks God has abandoned it until God can, in His degree, penetrate sufficiently to purify that particular area of the mind, and then one can receive the Light and gain the understanding of the Spirit of God.

"If somebody is living with bad thoughts, and God is purifying and strengthening the mind, it has the ability then to overcome the bad thoughts, but when God withdraws that degree of the Spirit from the mind, the mind is in shock, as it were. It feels like a depression, a feeling of distress, while the purifying is taking place.

"As the Spirit of God progresses and works through each area, it is a painful procedure, and the key to everything is surrender; surrender everything for the love of God.

"Until God purifies a particular area, it is like being in a darkness, depending on how open or how blocked the particular area is, and depending which degree of the Spirit of God is at work. The higher degree of the Spirit, the more powerful it will be and the greater will be the shock caused.

"God might bring a person to a particular level and that level can be purified and doing well, but that person can, of their own free will, fall to the temptation of Satan in sin and darkness. The memory, for instance, can forget the mercy of god, and the truth. Then God may have to repeat, in His mercy and goodness, His purification of that person's memory again and re-awaken it's faculty.

"If the will is weak, God will have to work on the will. It is the temptation of the flesh in our free will to decide against the desire God has given in the heart. And if god is working on the will in any degree of His Spirit, the will can get shaky, feel fragile, and even seem about to collapse."


"The key is surrender. Everything has to be surrendered. As we get to know ourselves we get to realize our own nothingness, that without God we are nothing and the will more than any other faculty is instructed and taught by this. We realize that we depend on God for absolutely everything, for His gifts of Light, Wisdom and Mercy and the degrees of the Holy Spirit in every area of our lives.

"The Holy Spirit wants to strengthen all the areas of our being, and since all these areas work together, if there is something blocking any one area, the other areas suffer. The quicker we surrender everything to God, for love of Him, the better; and understand ourselves and our nothingness in the sight of God; and come with hearts totally open and bent on receiving everything from God in humility."

When Things go Wrong

"It is easy to surrender when everything is going right, but when things go wrong for us, when a person may say 'Where is God in all this?', we find excuses and have negative thoughts and feel as if we've had enough, then we can fall back to where we were previously. But if we can surrender out of love of God, and not even be interested in questioning, then it is as if the heart is allowed to open up to a greater extent, and the Spirit can flow freely, through this channel, into the soul."


Christina understood that "Whereas consolations of soul follow the process of purification for those God is drawing to perfection through the seven steps, with priests it is generally different. The meaning of the priesthood is to be a victim in union with Jesus: priests share in a special way in the victimhood of Christ, the Great High Priest Who is sacrificed for the sins of the world. The priests who are enduring the purification process will therefore experience emptiness during and following it because the benefits will be applied by God to the souls whom they pasture in their shepherding of God's flock. Jesus pastures His sheep by means of the priest's ministry. So priests will be benefiting the flock in their charge in a deeply spiritual way as they themselves are led closer to perfection by means of the seven steps.

"It would be nothing strange for a priest to go through his entire priestly life feeling no spiritual consolation, a prey to many temptations, emotional loneliness, inner emptiness and as if abandoned by God. In addition, they suffer the lack of knowledge to understand the spiritual fruitfulness God draws from their victimhood - a wealth of spiritual riches to lavish on His little lambs.

"But God also expects the people (His little lambs) to respond to the greatness of spiritual wealth in the sacraments which He provides for them through the victimhood of His priests, by their response in prayer and sacrifice to keep holy the anointed ones of God.

"As in the Scriptures, Jesus questioned Peter three times 'Do you love Me?' and each time Peter replied, 'I do,' Jesus desired that he feed the sheep, he was to fulfill this in the suffering and death Jesus immediately prophesied for him. So Jesus' intention in saying 'Feed My sheep' is 'suffer for My sheep.' The cross is the pasture!"


"The highest degree of grace is received through receiving the Holy Eucharist at the Sacrifice of the Mass - for the person who is in the state of grace. This requirement of being in the state of grace shows the importance of the Sacrament of Penance.

"Through the Sacrament of Penance comes the second highest degree of grace we can receive.

"The third highest degree of grace comes through prayer and our good deeds for fellow-members of the Mystical Body. This grace comes as an outpouring from the enormous beacon of Light, the Spirit of God, in unity with every soul, through its higher degrees."


"Holiness is not, therefore, to be equated merely with health of mind or well-being of body, or even with 'wholeness' so called. To be holy means to be wholly in union with the Spirit of God. In this union we draw upon the living source of the everlasting Spring of the Spirit of God."


"When released from the body each soul is destined for immortal life and its future in eternity is determined by its state when death takes place, and the soul is released from the body. When the body dies and the soul is released, it suddenly finds itself in the full light of awareness, able to see itself as it stands in the sight of God. It then realizes the darkness to which the body's actions condemned it. The sensitivity of the soul to the enormity of the Light of God is like the naked eye before the brilliance of a thousand suns and the soul in darkness quivers in pain. It plunges itself into the sea of Hell to avoid the pain of the enormity of the Light."


"The soul destined for Purgatory seeks shade at the level in Purgatory appropriate to its own imperfection. It will automatically plunge itself into Purgatory to be cleansed and purified, aware of all the sins for which it failed to atone sufficiently; it will gladly go to whatever level of Purgatory is necessary, and it will be eternally grateful to God for Purgatory, in the knowledge that it will one day gain His Presence in Heaven."


Asked about a soul which dies in mortal sin, Christina said that: "During life, if a soul gets deeper and deeper into sin, darkness and blindness, God will call and call that soul, time after time, urging it to respond to the Light.

"But if a person does not want to hear and does not want to see and refused to respond, the body will make of that soul a living hell, in all the faculties of that person, and it responds only to the temptation of the Devil.

"If the person dies in that state, his soul, on being released from its mortality, realizes that it cannot come before the greatness and Light of God in that state, because it just could not bear it. The pain would be too great, because if that soul had been prepared for Hell by the life lived by the body on earth, and it came before the greatness of God - everything of total love and goodness - in the enormity of that Light and Goodness, the soul would suffer enormous agony.

"So it is not so much God condemning it or casting it into Hell, as the soul itself, unable to bear the pain of the enormity of the Light of God casting itself into Hell." she said. (The reality of Hell shows us the importance of Confession, and of true repentance for our sins.)


"The soul when it dies and is purified for Heaven according to the degree of its response to the Spirit and Grace of God, will be drawn to an outer level of that Light of God in Heaven. It will be totally fulfilled according to the completion of its own capacity for God. To the extent of the decrease of self on earth, thereby permitting the increase of the Spirit of God, this capacity is increased in the souls who receive a high degree of God's calling in life. They will be drawn into the deeper areas of the Godhead. Such a soul could be described as a shining crystal allowing the Light of God to radiate or reflect through it, bringing greater glory to God."


"Hence, to pray through Our Lady does not distract from the glory of God but actually enhances God's glory for she is what she is in the Blessed Trinity, being the only person at freedom in the Spirit of God to go to the Heart of the Holy Trinity.

"To pray through the saints glorifies God for they are all united in the Spirit of God at whatever level to which they have been drawn. Because they have been drawn into Heaven through the action of their response to His Spirit during their earthly life, God would joyfully permit His Spirit to respond to the earthly soul seeking help through them."


"In the Holy Trinity, we have the Father and Jesus, and uniting Jesus and the Father, the Holy Spirit, tremendous Light and Wisdom, with all His Gifts, and together with the awe and greatness, love and union between the Father and the Son, God's infinite Mercy and Justice. The Father created the World, the Son redeemed it, and the Holy Spirit purifies and draws it to Himself. God desires to draw to Himself those who have been redeemed, and are loved, but through sin they experience darkness and are unable to respond to the Light and the Truth.

"God created us to love and adore Him, but being in the world and responding to the darkness of sin, we start to love and serve self. That is the temptation of the world and the flesh that will lead us into a darkness that will blind us from perceiving the Light of God. Although the world is the creation of God, it is the Devil's kingdom which tempts the flesh. Because it is redeemed, the soul can choose through free will the desires of the flesh and the world or the eternal home God has prepared by following Jesus. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life."


Christina says that "God wants all souls to be saved, and Jesus died for all of mankind, but God has given each created person free will, and Our Lady has emphasized over and over again, that all a person has to do is stop sinning and to turn back. She is pleading all over the world with her children to come back to Her Son, before it is too late, while they still have time. And this is why Our Blessed Mother even weeps tears of blood, because so many souls are being lost."


Explaining how she understands free will, and how it is left to each one of us to accept or reject God's grace, Christina says "The image that was given to her about how God has given us free will and is always offering us His grace, was in the form of two trees, a Black Tree of Darkness and a White Tree of Light.

"I saw from the Tree of Light many white roots going in every direction, and there were larger black roots on the Tree of Darkness and all these roots were intertwined with the narrower roots of the Tree of Light.

"Then it was as if there were little ants running along on the roots, representing people, and each of those on the white roots of the Tree of Light had a little white dot of light on them. And they would be going grand until they met a place where the roots intertwined, and then they would halt at the cross-roads and not know which way to go. And they might then drift off to the other black root of the Tree of Darkness, and then their light would go out. Then they might come again to another meeting place of the two sets of roots, and some would go back to the white roots of the Tree of Light and their light would be seen again.

"As they came nearer to the trunks of the two trees, those who reached the Tree of Light just disappeared into the Light while those on the black roots coming nearer to the tree of Darkness seemed to go at great speed, as if rushing into Hell. That is how is was given to me, and I was shown no in-between.

"As I understood it, this was a representation of how free will and the grace of God work, how we receive it, and then reject it, and how God is always forgiving us, through Confession throuthout our lifetime, but He has given us free will and He does not force us to accept it."


"The more a person surrenders to God, the more the Lord will invite that person to surrender, and the more the persosn will be enabled by God to receive and respond to His Spirit, Love, and Grace, surrendering in total abandonment and trust.

"What this means is that Gods wills the sins of others to be purified through the victim or suffering soul who surrenders and offers his or her sacrifice to God to be purified in its uniting with the sacrifice of Jesus, thus permitting God to draw many other souls to himself."As Christina says, "Look at the crucifix, and see the outstretched arms of Jesus. He went to the cross to redeem us. He was born in a stable to show us He wanted nothing of the world. He nad no roof over His Head, showing us the unimportance of everything in the world. Yet He was the Son of God, teaching us as He said, what He had been taught by His Father through the Spirit. So everything that Jesus knew was through the Spirit and He was teaching us the way, the way home - how to gain Eternal Life. He was teaching us that to be nothing in the eyes of the world, is the way home through Him.

"That is why, if we see self as important, or see our progress in the world's eyes, see anything of the flesh, as important, then we have gained nothing. It is only if we gain it through God's Love and Spirit that we gain anything and that we permit God to develop in us, to grow in us. Our souls, then, will be more and more transformed into the likeness and Image of Christ. The more we permit our souls to be transformed, the more will the radiance of God's Spirit and Light reach out and touch others, by the decrease of self and the increase of the Spirit of God.

"This is" as Christina understands it, "how the accepted sufferings and sacrifices of one person who trusts and surrenders, are used by God to help others in the Mystical Body, who are in darkness and sorely in need of His grace. This is how, through the purifying action of God's Spirit in a victim soul, others too can be drawn back to God. This work of purification, then, in individuals is not intended to benefit themselves only. God in His love is drawing good out of it for the conversion of lost souls."


Christina was given the example of the two hands, the paralyzed hand and the working hand. "If a person has a paralyzed hand and cannot use it, then that person must compensate by using the other hand much more.

"The paralyzed hand represents the person who cannot be bothered with God, and is without God's enlightenment and the other hand is the other person in the Mystical Body who is prepared to suffer and to co-operate with the Spirit of God in order to convert the other. What Jesus wants to do is to flow His grace of conversion from the working hand to the paralyzed hand and so renew His life in that soul."

Christina explains further what she has been given: "When we hear about a 'conversion,' the grace for the renewal of life in that soul comes from the suffering of someone else. With the Mystical Body, God will use the victim soul, to help those who are in the darkness of sin. He will take the victim soul to Himself, and give it His gifts and graces in a greater way. He will nourish it, and give the victim soul the strength and ability to surrender in all things to Him, to be crushed like a grape.

"The victim soul is the working hand, and the soul in darkness which does not want to know about the Light, is the paralyzed hand. . . It hasn't got the ability, because of darkness and sin, to draw on the Light and ask for the forgiveness of God. When someone is far away from God, in deep sin, that person does not recognize the truth, or the reality of the true presence of God, so Jesus will use the victim soul, and crush it, and the grace and the Light of His Spirit can flow freely to the person in darkness, giving the soul His life anew - renewing God's life in that person.




The very serious appeal of Jesus to His priests on April 23, 1991 to fulfill their responsibilities:

"My priest sons, My Sacred Heart bleeds for your lack of love, and for your lack of courage to speak up for My true teachings. I tell you, My priest sons, if you do not fulfill My work on earth, and proclaim My Word in truth to My people, you will force My Hand to fall on you in justice. I tell you this, because My Sacred Heart burns with love for you. I want My people to know My Word.

"My people, pray! Pray for wisdom. I am Jesus, I am the Word; I am Wisdom and Truth; I am Life Eternal for you."

In one strong message of Our Lady to Christina, she declared:

"My child, there are many of My children, sons and daughters in religious life, who serve in the name of God, but the true Spirit of God is not in them. They only serve God in mockery. It wounds My Heart to see this. The power of darkness overshadows My Church and the world. There are many who have made themselves slaves to darkness, through money and the pleasure of the world. I love all My children. Many of them wound My Heart. My love is everlasting in the Spirit of God.

"My child, the purification will come. Those who have served God in His Light need not fear. Those of My children who will be lost forever cause me great pain. My Son's wounds bleed profusely. My child, pray and make more sacrifices to My Son's Heart. Console My Son in love. Many of My children have become one in darkness. . ."

In 1994, Jesus made a special reference to the need for prayer for priests while speaking to Christina,


'Pray for the anointed of My Father. It is only in My mercy that they walk and dance with eternal death. There are so few that know Me. My name is like that of a stranger. Many are sleeping in an eternal death. I urge you to stay awake with Me. Love Me with My love for their awakening.'

In a message of remarkable urgency and pain Jesus again cried out to Christina on another occasion,

'Those who pierce My heart most deeply this night are My Shepherds. Many of them live lives that are already fallen. They live in darkness. They truly merry their way to hell but they do not accept that such a place exists.'

Yet again, in showing Christina Our Lady's wounded Heart and then a great number of priests and religious, Jesus said:

'Dear child, look! Behold the sorrow of My Mother's Heart. Behold with your eyes My anointed ones. See the great multitude of My anointed religious who constantly afflict My Heart. They serve not Me but the world. See what they gain! The fruits of the flesh and the world. It leads them to sin and blindness and many hold only the wisdom of the world. Their hearts are closed to Truth. I will continue to draw them to My mercy by exposing their every last falsity and deception.'

Then Jesus went on to indicate the bitter reaction from those who have denied Him which is suffered by the priests who are faithful,

'Those of My anointed ones who bear the Truth in heart and proclaim My Word in truth will be despised like a leper but he who serves Me and lives Truth lives in light and gains Eternal Life and Wisdom - not of the world but true Wisdom of Light.'

Once when Christina was pleading with Our Lady to draw a particular priest out of a very burdensome assignment She replied,

'I am a true Mother and I know what is best for my children."

She had earlier told Christina that that priest's sufferings were for his own purification and that of others.


In Her message of September 5, 1993, Our Lady says,

"You think you are wise and learned. You are not, but foolish and blind. Read the Word of your Lord God. With His Blood, you were redeemed. My children, I plead with you, wake up, before it is too late. The Angel of the Passover is close at hand. I desire you to be wise and learned in the Light of God. Take up your armor, put it on without fear.

I am your Mother and I lead this battle. As God chose me to bring forth your Redeemer through the fruit of my womb , I once again bring Him to you in Glory, as King, because I am the Handmaid of God, and share in His Glory and Victory for the redemption of the human race. In that Glory, my Immaculate Heart will triumph."

With the significant erosion of faith in the world especially through the constant promotion of secular and materialistic values through the media, a greater struggle than ever is needed from priests to uphold spiritual values. To undertake this struggle the priests' own faith must be firmer than ever - faith in the very powers given to them at ordination. The power of the priest is Christ's power, derived from Christ's own authority and transmitted by the commission of Christ. Sadly, today many priests have lost faith in the basis of their authority. They, as Jesus laments, in one message to Christina,


'...lack the courage to speak up for My true teachings.'

Jesus regretted to Christina that His priests no longer refer to the Seven Deadly Sins.


"I charge you to preach the word, to stay with this task whether convenient or inconvenient - correcting, reproving, appealing - constantly teaching and never losing patience. For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine, but, following their own desires, will surround themselves with teachers who tickle their ears. They will stop listening to the truth and will wander off to fables. (2 Tm 4:1-4)"


Jesus told Christina that priests would come to her at the House of Prayer 'from all over the world' and this is actually what now happens. On one particular day the priests actually in residence at Our Lady's House came not only from Ireland, but England, Scotland, South Africa, United States and Iceland. A Spanish seminarian studying in Ireland is also present at this time. Priests may stay as briefly as one day or may make their annual retreat.

Christina describes how she sometimes 'is given' by God the complete awareness of a priest's inner life from the moment he sets foot in the House of Prayer and indeed is often suffering in a new way as a particular priest arrives - precisely for him and his problem. On the other hand she may have to sit down with the priest and proceed in total faith knowing nothing until she actually opens her mouth and then all is given. God does this to test her. Then as she speaks more is given and she is aware if something is perhaps being held back or suppressed by the priest through pride or fear, sometimes unconsciously. Here is a good illustration of how God takes control of the situations and uses Christina herself - contrary, even, to her own plans to accomplish what He desires for His priests.


Through the messages given to Christina we are being gently prepared to cope with a decisive moment of very grave crisis. It will center around the papacy. Yet it is already being prepared through the confrontation unfolding. Various messages over the years to Christina show the lead-up:"The power of darkness overshadows My Church and the world." (1988)

"So many of My sons, priests and bishops have broken their apostolic seal." (1988)

"My Church will be shaken even to its very foundation." (1988)

"Pray and sacrifice for those who talk in blasphemy about My son in the See of Peter. My son is surrounded by many whose hearts are full of hate and jealousy."(1988)

"My child, pray the Lord's Prayer seven times for the protection of Pope John Paul II. He is in many ways of danger. Many of those he leads in the light of my Son do not follow his commands. The Church will be shaken!" (1989)

"Pray for the Pope every day, for priests and cardinals." (1990)

"Each day pray for the Vicar of My Son, Jesus. He begins Calvary with Me." (1992)

"Pray for Christ's Vicar on earth. He is My chosen one. Never have you received one who like him has given all and lives in grace to fulfill Christ's work on earth." (1992)

"He (the Pope) ascends Calvary with me; the Father awaits His sacrifice." (1993)

As far back as 1992, Christina was shown two scenes involving Pope John Paul II. In one of these she saw the Holy Father as a large figure with a red cape. The Pope had a frightened look on his face as an invisible force tried to tear his cloak from him. Then, she saw a pack of dogs behind the Pope and the dogs were in pursuit. Again, the Holy Father appeared frightened.


"On another occasion, I saw Jesus lash streaks of lightning through the sky. The thunderbolts sounded like the earth was exploding. People were falling to the ground and screaming with horror. Then, Our Blessed Mother appeared before Jesus, and pleaded for Her Son to have Mercy on us. I found myself looking at the Vatican in Rome. I was looking at Pope John Paul II sitting in a chair of dark wood with red velvet. He seemed very worried and was staring straight ahead. I saw the Holy Father get up off the chair and walk towards me as if he was looking directly at me, but then he just bypassed me. After that I was drawn to look back at the chair. I was looking at the red velvet and the carved wood of the chair and it was so beautiful. But I didn't have much time to look at it, because the next thing I knew, it was smashed to the ground.

"I got such a shock seeing the chair hit the ground and crash. It now looked like an old battered chair. I just thought how could that have happened? When I looked up, I could see four devils or evil spirits there and I felt very troubled. I felt a great sense of sadness. Then I found myself outside the Vatican. Next I saw long steps outside. I was standing on one of those steps. I was crying and earnestly inquiring, 'Where is the Pope? Where is the Pope?' Then, I could see Pope John Paul II and he was looking at his hands. It was as if he had the wounds of Jesus in his hands. There was blood coming from the center of his hands and dripping on the ground. He stood looking at it as if in shock. "Then, I was drawn away from the Pope and I saw this round dome which was the dome of Saint Peter's Basilica. There was black smoke or a black cloud coming from behind the Vatican and it covered the dome quickly. It happened so quickly. I was so distraught about it, and then it was over. Then, it seemed as if I was back in Ireland again, but in some place I didn't recognize. I was in a field without grass. Suddenly, I could see the Evil One in a huge form. He was half human and half animal. He had claws and paws and he was clapping them together. 'I have won, I have won,' he said. He was so confident he won. It was as if I was a leaf. I just trembled to hear his words, 'I have won!'

"Then, I was just looking at the sky again and saying, 'Jesus, he can't have won. He can't have won.' I didn't want to believe what the devil was saying. All of a sudden, I could see Jesus again in the sky, with the Angel of Wrath that I described earlier, with the cross of light in His hand and a dove. The minute I pleaded with Jesus, Jesus then took what looked like a whip or a lash.

"Jesus lashed it out and it hit the head and shoulders of the devil. The devil just seemed to go instantly paralyzed. He sank down into the ground. As this happened, the ground began caving in, bigger and bigger and bigger, until the hole was huge. Then the Devil was gone completely and so were the evil spirits who had been behind the Pope's chair. These were the ones who'd thrown the chair and broken it. I saw them all going down into the hole as if there were a magnet drawing them in. They were going in so fast.

"I was watching this and asking, 'Can they get back out. Dear Lord? Can they get back out?' Then, I felt like I was floating over to where the hole was and I looked into it. I could hear these very strange sounds - screams coming from the hole and gradually fading. When I looked into the hole there was fire, but there was no trace of anything or any of the devils that had gone in. All I could see was flames . . . flames of fire. I felt much relieved at seeing this. Then I was aware of my own surroundings and everything again became normal.



Christina herself describes what was shown to her of the purification of the priesthood and then of the Church in general.

'I was shown a parable by Jesus, regarding the Church. I received this in 1993. In this experience, I found myself looking at this huge field with thousands of priests in this field. They were shaking seeds. After a short time, some of the priests began to sweat and some were sweating blood. Other priests didn't sweat anything. Then, the seeds seemed to sprout up and come to flourish very swiftly - at least as quickly as they were shaking them. The priests that were sweating, especially those who were sweating blood, their seeds sprouted into a very thick cane and were very full where the grain is at the top. The ones that didn't sweat at all had nothing but big ugly weeds. They were very large weeds the like of which I have never seen around here. They continued along this way. Then, Jesus appeared and when He appeared, He was illuminated in light. Jesus came to the people and to the priests that had not sweated. All they had around them were weeds. Jesus said to them, 'What have you to give me?' Those priests trembled and they begged forgiveness. The priests just turned and looked at Jesus and you could hear them all repeating, 'Jesus, forgive us.' Jesus didn't reply. But immediately the angel came and I knew it was the angel of Wrath. He came from behind Jesus and he had a sword. He drew the sword and he went, as I thought he would, to cut down the weeds. As he touched them, the weeds automatically burst into flames. At that, the priests began to drop and disappear. Then, Jesus went over to where the priests were, who were sweating blood. Jesus was crying, but He seemed to be crying with joy. He said, 'My brothers, to you I give all this.' At that point, He threw back His Hand to where the weeds and the priests were and then they were all gone. In their place I found myself looking at a very rich beautiful soil, with no weeds, priests or anything. The priests and the weeds were both gone and all that was in place of it was beautiful rich soil.

When asked what the soil indicated to her, Christina replied,

Jesus was rewarding them for their fruitfulness and offering them the opportunity to bear even greater fruit as in Scripture, Jesus Himself says, 'To him who has more, more will be given and from him who has nothing, even what he has will be taken away.'

The entire experience was very clearly showing me the error of some of the priests. The seed to me represented Jesus' Word. Those who were spreading His Word, but spreading it in error, had no fruit, only weeds. Those who worked hard had obviously sweated in blood. This will come when Jesus will burn the discrepancies that are set by man.

Christina describes what it will be like when the purification of the Church has been achieved:

"On one occasion, I saw a church. The church was in total blackness. People and demons were together with the Holy Eucharist. . . The people and the demons were mocking the Holy Eucharist and Bible. I was very saddened by this. I felt myself very frightened. It was as if I were living in the particular era or stage of time when this was occurring. Then I could see automatically a cross of light and Jesus was upon the cross of light. Blood was coming from His Heart and from His side. The blood was streaming down. I could see the world beneath where Jesus was on the cross. The moment the blood hit the globe of the world, there came a most enormous blinding light. This light came from the Eternal Father in Heaven, who was above Jesus. His hands were drawn over the world. This light that came from the hands of the Eternal Father then hit the globe of the world, as did the Blood of Jesus from His Heart and His Side. The light and Blood together hit the world. Then you could see the globe of the world illuminated, as if there had been a light switched on inside the globe. I then found myself down again where the people were. This time there was no trace of any people in darkness or any demons. Everything was gone. The Church that was in darkness was gone and there were now people there in great joy and happiness and peacefulness. Everybody was going about work in total joy. I could see angels. These particular angels were formed in shapes of light and different colors. They were in every color possible and they seemed to have direct communication from Heaven. This was from above the globe where Jesus and the Eternal Father were. The angels seemed to just go into the globe and they could go up or down anyway they wanted. It was total beauty.

Christina comments that although God respects all churches in so far as they obey His Commandments, the one true Church appointed by Jesus is the Roman Catholic Church.




Christina has seen many different angels and she has seen angels individually as well as in groups. Once when Christina was enduring great suffering her own guardian angel appeared to her unexpectedly. He promised her that he would "take her trouble away and give her peace", and this is what actually happened after he appeared to her. Christina was given his name; it is Carmello.

Christina has seen on a number of occasions the Guardian Angel of her native country, the Angel of Ireland, as well as, Saint Raphael (patron of those who travel), the Angel of Peace, the Angel of Wrath and even her Spiritual Director, Father McGinnity's Guardian Angel. Father relates a story about one occasion:

"I had a deeply impressive experience to do with my guardian angel at a moment when I least expected it. It was in the course of a series of talks being given by Christina in the United States. As I offered Mass privately on a day of the tour when there was no public function, I felt a heavenly peace affect my soul in a very deep way just when I had completed the Consecration of the Mass. It was so strong, as if a power was entering my soul and yet it was so special: I had never had such an 'unearthly' experience of peace before. I just remained within it for a minute or two. Afterwards I asked Christina if anything unusual had taken place during the Mass. She smiled because of what she had just seen and she was amused that I seemed to know. Then she disclosed to me that my guardian angel appeared during the Mass standing behind me and slightly above me and that the angel placed his hands on my shoulders. When I asked at what moment this had occurred, Christina said 'Just when the Consecration took place.'"


Blessed Michael was placed in the early stages of the apparitions on one side of Christina to protect her, while Padre Pio was placed on her other side. She has seen Blessed Michael on a number of occasions. He has appeared as very powerful with a great sword, drawn to reassure her of his protection. Christina says, "He was enormous. He looked like a huge man, with wings, in radiant white light. I've seen him in different forms. He was very handsome. He had a strong face. His power caused a feeling of faintness, almost fear within me. Repeatedly, he made gestures with his sword. Blessed Michael seemed so much more powerful than the devil. He has a greater power than anyone other than God and Our Blessed Mother. I felt in his presence, the tremendous sense of his protection. It is a spiritual power of peace and security. It filled me with awe."

It was when Satan was persisting in his attacks upon Christina that Blessed Michael first appeared to her. However, Christina has on many occasions been given an explicit awareness of his presence and protection and "He is always there" says Christina "I feel a whole lot happier now. But even with Blessed Michael near me, I still say his prayer frequently".

It is worth noting however that, despite Our Blessed Mother's placing the greatest archangel by Christina's side, as her constant protection against the devil, she reminds Christina that it is necessary to continually beg his help. "My child use holy water more often. Implore Blessed Michael, the arch angel more often. Ask him to protect you." It seems that Our Blessed Mother found it necessary to ask this when there was danger of Satan's attacks increasing upon Christina. She must never relinquish the weapon of prayer to positively invoke Blessed Michael who is assigned to her.


On the occasion when Christina saw heaven and the Heavenly Father seated on a throne, she witnessed many tiny angels without wings moving as if at will up and down shafts of light which led to God. As she saw the Most Holy Trinity, on that occasion, groups of angels were singing "Glory to God on High" in such perfect harmony that it seemed like music though it was the blending of countless voices. Once while traveling to speak about Our Lady's messages in the United States, Christina was permitted to hear angelic voices sing in harmony to Our Blessed Lady.

In the House of Prayer where Our Blessed Mother had promised Christina that she would 'be present with many angels', Christina has repeatedly seen angels sometimes during Mass, sometimes outside of Mass. She has seen them in countless numbers and in great gracefulness and respect, attending to Our Blessed Lady. She has seen and heard them singing during Mass.


On one occasion during Mass Christina was shown the Holy Father walking in beautifully trimmed gardens which she had never seen before and beside him a particular prelate. Suddenly Christina could see the Holy Father's angel come beside him and shield him with his huge wing from a particular danger.


On Sunday, September 5th, 1993, Our Blessed Lady speaking a message to Christina referred to the Angel of the Passover.

"My children, I come with a message of love and peace. I weep for your safety in body and soul. I offer you the armor of protection in the light of God. You think you are wise and learned. You are not, but foolish and blind. Read the word of your Lord God. With His blood you are redeemed. My children, I plead with you, wake up before it is too late. The Angel of the Passover is close at hand. I desire you to be wise and learned in the light of God. Take up your armor. Put it on without fear. I am your Mother and I lead this battle. As God chose Me to bring forth your Redeemer through the fruit of My womb, I once again bring Him to you in glory, as King, because I am the handmaid of God, and share in His glory and victory for the redemption of the human race. In that glory My Immaculate Heart will triumph. My children, do not hesitate to respond; live My message of love and peace. Through it, you will have hope in life. My blessings I impart to you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."


Although the graceful moments and harmonious singing of the angels in varying formations during Mass are delightful to see, one of the most impressive sights Christina ever witnessed involving the angels was when they moved her even to tears of joy during Mass on Saturday, October 8, 1994. The angels came at first and then formed themselves into a gorgeous and perfect chalice through an intricate intervening of their wings. From this chalice, rose a host half of which was visible above it radiating a dazzling light which illuminated the angels who were caught in breathtaking beauty and reverence. They would look upwards but not inwards.


Just as Christina took her place in chapel for Mass an angel came before her in great light. Christina wondered what angel this might be. He (but Christina added, "I say 'he' but the angel was neither 'he' or 'she'") radiated a great light but also a power to her soul, something more nuanced than peace - a sense of surrender which Christina had not experienced to such a degree before. The angel conveyed to Christina that he was 'the unnamed archangel': she understood he was the fourth archangel. He explained to Christina he was sent by God to help her to surrender; that if she could surrender more she would suffer less.

Christina's experience was of the angel surrounding her totally but going through her soul. She said it was as if the angel could 'wrap himself around her soul'. Christina did not understand mention of 'the unnamed archangel' and questioned it for she thought there was no such thing as an unnamed archangel in the Scriptures. The angel seemed amused at this query by Christina although the effect on Christina of this angel was such that she found herself not questioning what she could not understand to the extent that she would normally do. The archangel told her just to tell her spiritual director. Then the angel showed her the Book of Life which she had seen while in Los Angeles as Jesus showed her its coming purification. The archangel seemed pleased she recognized the actual Book and told her that book is his responsibility though for now he has to help her to surrender. At the offertory of the Mass Christina was made aware of the need to offer to this angel an intention of Fr. McGinnity's which he was surrendering to God in the Mass being offered. The angel continued to have this wonderful effect on Christina beyond the time of the celebration of Mass and indeed, ever since because horrors of suffering and hassle which ensued were so enormous that her spiritual director remarked that he could not have seen Christina coping with the same degree of surrender and equanimity which she has exhibited since the coming of this archangel. She would remark, "If only that angel continues with me, nothing will be able to disturb me. . ."


On December 9, 1995, Jesus concluded a message to Christina by referring to the specific (all spiritual) tasks of the individual angels and saints who had been assigned at different times to be with her. . .

'I have given to you My Mother to be the Guardian of Your Soul;

Michael the guardian of your flesh;

Your angel guardian liberty of your faculties; the angel who

proclaimed itself 'the unnamed one' to comfort you; Padre Pio

guardian against the evil spirit to protect you with Michael. Many

spirits of Light surround you. The saints continue to intercede, for your

needs, spiritually. . .'


On Christmas Day 1995, Christina witnessed angels around and over the altar rejoicing. Then they all went into the formation of a circle looking outwards and shaping a perfect crown with their golden wings. Christina was given to know that this was the means of raising up the sacrifice.

A stream of souls came from Purgatory, many hundreds (some were grayer than others in color indicating to Christina that they came from lower levels of Purgatory). Christina knew each angel forming the crown was assigned to a number of these souls to escort them to their appropriate place in heaven. The souls melted away in groups of about fifty each as 'the crown' ascended.

Christina recognized her own angel at the head of a line of angels coming at one side of the altar. They floated forward and looked upwards interceding through the Sacrifice of the Mass for all present. These were the guardian angels of all present.


On February 10, 1996, during Mass about twenty-five angels came. Christina was conscious of Our Lady's presence though she was not visible. Then the angels began to form Our Lady's crown. They could assume any position to Christina's amazement! At a quick glance, she said,

"you would think it an actual crown! One angel took on the shape of

the globe of the world and an angel formed the upright and another the



Once during adoration of the Blessed Sacrament when Jesus appeared live on the cross to Christina and looked out, despite His enormous weight of weariness, upon the adorers, angels came slowly one at a time and wiped the Precious Blood from the wounds on His Body. As they did so, however, Christina noticed each angel look away from the particular wound it was touching. She was given to know that it was the horror of the sin which inflicted these wounds on Our Lord which caused the angels this revulsion. The only wound they did not wipe was the wound in His Sacred Side.





Our Blessed Mother had asked for the Rosary to be said, that is, the three mysteries, Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious, in her church once a week and from the people's hearts and in the homes of the people on the remaining days of the week. Our Blessed Mother had requested the Rosary to be offered in this way for peace and the conversion of sinners. She said it was urgent, and then she added,

"I hold Ireland in the palms of my hands. I am the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace. I want them to act on my message for Ireland. It is urgent. Please do not waste any more time. The cup is overflowing. There is no time to waste. It is urgent. I bless you my child, Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

"God is angry with the world and with the Irish people. Ireland will not be saved unless the people respond in a positive way."

On May 30, 1989, Our Lady expressed regret to Christina:


"When are My children going to understand how much prayer, fast and sacrifice is needed to overcome all the darkness that overshadows the world. . .?"

She went on to note in the same message how 'few in Ireland fast' and how 'prayer, too, is like a burden to them.' And on a separate occasion She declared; 'Tell all My children of Ireland that they must pray, fast and do penance, if there is to be peace'

. Christina tells us, "Our Lady wants Ireland to do God's work for her. Our Blessed Mother desires that Her messages in Ireland be allowed to go out to the whole world."

On February 22, 1988, Our Lady told Christina of Her wishes for Ireland. Once again, Her call was serious and urgent: "I hold Ireland in the palms of My hands. I am the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace. I want them to act on My messages for Ireland. It is urgent. Please do not waste any more time. The cup is overflowing. There is no time to waste. It is urgent.

One month later, Our Lady reminded Christina of Her desire for the Irish people to assist her. "I want My children to help Me. I have a plan for Ireland. If My children will not listen to My message, they cannot help."

The following year on May 30, 1989, Our Lady solemnly appealed to the people of Ireland to respond to the call of God. She lamented that repeated pleas from heaven were being studiously ignored but that the people would sorely regret their indifference and selfishness. "My children, the purification is on the way. How My Heart bleeds for My children, who are blind and deaf. So many try to find all sorts of excuses not to believe. Ireland will not be saved if My children do not become My messengers. There are so few in Ireland who fast, and prayer - that too is like a burden to them. My child, I want to help My children, but they reject Me every day."

To go with these requests, Christina relates what was shown to her in 1991. This apparition was a strong warning to the Irish people.

"Our Blessed Mother showed me the map of Ireland, very distinct and clear in black, with a black cross over it. And then tiny little specks or dots of light came on the map of Ireland. Then, there appeared a tabernacle, indicating the importance of honoring Jesus' Eucharistic presence in the tabernacles of every church.

"What it was showing me was that if the people returned to Jesus, then the tiny little lights would get greater, and the darkness of sin in Ireland would come into complete light, be dispersed and Ireland would be renewed into the great Light of God, and the light would reach up the black cross of sin.

"In other words, the hand of God is hanging over Ireland, because it is steeped in sin, and if the people do not make reparation, then in the purification of the world, not only is the suffering going to be intense, but Ireland will be no different from anywhere else. Christina emphasizes, "There are awful times ahead of us and anyone should be able to see it. This invitation to save Ireland through Eucharistic adoration was issued by Our Blessed Mother prior to the Maastricht Treaty referendum. The people, sadly, did not generally respond. Refusing to listen to the dangers inseparable from this Treaty, they accepted it. Shortly afterwards, many realized the moral dangers they had brought upon themselves, but it was too late."


The Maastricht Treaty and Ireland

In November of 1991, Our Lady said to Christina: 'Observe what will happen in the world on these three dates.' Our Holy Mother gave her three dates. (At the time the message was written down by Christina and given to her spiritual director, Father Gerard McGinnity. Christina did not know what it meant, but Father McGinnity thought the first date, December 9, might refer to the important Maastricht meeting in Holland or perhaps to a Gorbachev/Yeltsin encounter due to take place on the same day.) On December 10, when Our Blessed Mother came to Christina, she asked Our Lady: 'What was yesterday about?' and added 'Was it the meeting in Europe?' Our Lady paused and then said: 'Yes. That meeting was a sign of the power of the Antichrist. Few realize how soon he will raise himself up.'

"On December 9, at Maastricht in Holland, a treaty was signed bearing the same name. Its aim is to unite Europe economically, but, also the formulation of security policy that would inevitably affect the legislation of would-be member states. One immediate consequence of membership of this body would be the surrender of national autonomy and the impossibility of maintaining social policies not in line with its lax and liberal legislation. 'Abortion', for example, would be considered 'a service' and the practice of homosexuality a 'personal right', and so on.

"The second date was January 3, 1992. On that date it was announced that a major meeting in Washington would suspend regulations in order to invite the Eastern European countries to join the International Monetary Union.

"The third date Our Lady mentioned was not as one might have expected the polling day for Ireland's vote on Maastricht. Instead, it was June 15 the day that the Irish government in a hurried move which was both panicky and manipulative - bribed the nation with a promise to farmers of a 30% grant increase if they would ratify the Maastricht Treaty. The actual polling day of June 18, fell paradoxically on the feast of Corpus Christi. One cannot but think of the pathetic and shameful parallel that as the Body and Blood of Christ was once traded by Judas for thirty pieces of silver, the Irish people, misled and misinformed, were enticed by a promise of 30% grant increases to vote Ireland into Maastricht!"

This was a spiritual war, said Christina, that would be fought for the soul of Ireland. And in June, 1992, just before the Maastricht Referendum in Ireland and after many of the faithful prayed and called on God to protect Ireland, the Blessed Mother reassured the faithful who had responded, knowing that they would be disappointed by the outcome shortly to be disclosed. Our Lady acknowledged their prayers and sacrifices and gave the following message:

"My children, in this hour of darkness and distress, you my dear children of Ireland are in the folding of your Mother's arms. Never let your hearts despair. Let the light of God inflame your hearts to be the light of the world. I, your Holy Mother, desire to thank you and bless you for your response.

"My dear children, continue to respond to the call of your Mother. My love for you is beyond your understanding. You have brought great joy to My sorrowful Heart, now I offer it to God and plead with you. Be not afraid of the cry of distress you see around you. Always offer poor souls to Me in the folding of My arms. Offer Me your prayers and sacrifices. I will plead for your needs. Be at peace My beloved children of Ireland - My peace be with you."

Five months later, towards the end of November, 1992, Christina had another powerful experience concerning the future of Ireland. During a television debate, prior to the Abortion Referendum in Ireland - a program which Christina came upon accidentally, she became physically sick with revulsion at what was immediately shown her in apparition. Our Lady was in tears. She wore a red dress and mantle dripping blood. Christina said, "I could see devils grabbing at people and the people looked as if drugged and in slow motion. Then, I could see a black beast growing up from the ground."

At this, Christina heard the following words: Immorality, Impurity, Greed, Self-will.

As the apparition unfolded, Christina saw little pockets or areas on the beast become clear. The people seemed as if on drugs in one area, and in another area, she saw screaming babies in their mothers' wombs.

Later, Christina understood the spectacle in depth and its meaning for Ireland and the Church, "The uniting of the currency through Maastricht would be suppressed. A work of the Devil. Not that they would have a choice. There would be no money to keep the old or the handicapped. Only those who could support themselves would be able to live. The world would become a living hell of sickness, death, hunger, mourning and tears."

That same night, Christina was shown more. Again, she saw the danger approaching Ireland. "I could see Our Holy Mother crying and looking at the voting paper and she said 'No!' three or four times. Then she was as if falling on her knees. At that I could see a spear of fire come from above and from behind Our Holy Mother and go through the voting paper and burn it. Flames were all around. Then, I could see the map of Ireland and the flames fell on parts of the map and burned those parts out of existence. They were the North of Ireland, the middle, which I took to be Dublin, and the bottom which I took to be Cork and the blobs of the fire also fell on different parts of the rest of the map."

Christina's Disappointment at Our Lady's Plan for Ireland Being Ignored

In the message from Our Lord on Monday, February 5th, 1996, (four days before the public announcement that the Northern cease-fire was at an end) Jesus stated:

"The world will soon be in its labor pangs, soon to be delivered into the hands of the Deceiver. The pillar supports are truly to be released soon. Calamity will follow calamity. Ireland will see much bloodshed. Pain will cry from house to house. . ."

Christina commented that it is clear the message of February 5 is very serious and ought to be heeded.

She takes the view that it confirms what she was given in previous messages, indicating that the peace in Ireland was not going to last and that Ireland would undergo severe trials, unless the Irish people turned back to God in response to Our Lady's pleas.

Only God's Peace can Protect - Not Man-Made Peace

"How are you supposed to get it across to people that what I have been given by Our Lady and Jesus over the past eight years or more should be taken seriously and that they need to respond?" she asked. "It's all there in the messages, repeated over and over. There have been very serious messages before, and I have been shaken, and cried after getting them, but the vast majority of people either treat them as a joke or ignore them completely. So what do you do?"

"Our Lady has for years, been asking and pleading and begging the people of Ireland to respond, and she promised that if we helped with her plan, Ireland would be spared from the punishment coming over the world, but the vast majority of people have ignored her pleas and have not responded," she said. "Can we not see what has been happening since 1992?"

Angel of Ireland

Christina has seen on a number of occasions the Guardian Angel of her native country, Ireland. When she saw this angel for the first time moving over Ireland, it was a very striking sight. Christina recognized the enormous power granted to this angel for the protection of Ireland. The only way Christina could describe this was that it was similar to, but lesser than, the power enjoyed by Blessed Michael, the Prince of all the angels. Christina could identify certain areas over which the angel of Ireland moved. Dublin and Cork were very clear to her. She said "the angel of Ireland was in pure white light. There was also a mist of light coming from him; he released it and then it scattered like a mist". Christina explained that this light was indicative of the graces people were receiving in response to their suffering and sacrifice.

It was confirmed to Christina during an apparition of St. Patrick that this Angel of Ireland is the same one who called him back to preach the faith by relaying 'the voice of the Irish' to him following his escape from slavery here. St. Patrick indicated that we should pray to this angel for protection in our present dangers.

When the statue representing the angel of Ireland was being blessed during Mass for the House of Prayer, such power came from the angel himself at that moment in the form of a great ball of light striking Christina that she almost passed out in this overwhelming experience.

Our Lady's words of warning to Ireland regarding the introduction of abortion,


'O what suffering it will bring My poor children.'

Suffering to the little victims themselves but suffering also to those who condone it - who fail to oppose it.

The search for money and as Jesus put it to Christina, 'the fruits of the world' is rapidly replacing loyalty to the faith in Ireland. Subservience to Maastricht is the form it now takes for us. The power given to the government of Europe will usher in a culture of greed; money will control everything.

Previously, on May 30, 1989, when Our Lady had tried to open the eyes of the people of Ireland and call them to implement 'her plan for Ireland', she remarked:


'How my Heart bleeds for my children, who are blind and deaf. So many try to find all sorts of excuses not to believe.'

The Irish Love for the Mass

But penance for sin and as a sign of love for Christ was not the only feature of Irish spirituality spread throughout Europe by the monks. "Eagerness for the Mass" was so powerfully fostered by the Irish monastic tradition that in the later centuries of persecution ordinary impoverished people would always say, "Nothing is more precious than the hearing of Mass. Never abandon the Mass, nothing in this world surpasses it."

How Our Lady must grieve at our indifference and apathy when we can now have Mass openly celebrated at the most convenient hours but refuse to bother attending unless when necessary. How deep must be Her feeling as She appeals to us through Christina,

"If you could see the world through My eyes you would attend Mass many times in the one day."


A year before the horrible war in Rwanda, Christina phoned me in great puzzlement because there had appeared before her an African boy as clear as any human person in their physical reality. He looked at Christina. She asked his name. His reply meant nothing to her - Emmanuel Segastashya. In fact, she could only remember it by associating it with other similar words she had already heard like 'Emmanuel' in the Christmas carols! When she asked him what he wanted he replied,

"Pray for my country, Burundi".

Christina had never heard of either the person or the place. All made sense, of course, when the slaughter of the war in Rwanda engulfed Burundi and with countless victims, Emmanuel - one of the visionaries in the Church - approved apparition of Our Lady in Rwanda, was murdered.

The United States

On July 8, 1992, in the course of giving a series of talks in the US, Christina received a message from Jesus and witnessed an apparition of more of the coming of God's Wrath - a wrath that could also strike like lightning.

"Oh you sinful people of this generation. Now I destroy all of you who have abandoned Me."

Upon this utterance, Jesus suddenly appeared in the sky with His right Hand raised and His palm facing forward. He approached Christina with great speed. Suddenly, she saw big buildings crumble, topple, and disappear into a chasm. Then she saw a flash of exploding light. As the Lord approached another area, she saw a woman clutching a child while crying, "Save us! Save us for the sake of the children!"

Then Christina saw a landslide, taking trees and everything with it. "Pray for this sinful generation," Jesus told her, as the frightening apparition faded.

Three days later on July 11, 1992, on a balcony overlooking the city of Los Angeles, Christina had another experience. She was alone that evening as Jesus appeared. "Welcome back to My sanctuary", He said. Speaking of Los Angeles, He disclosed, "The sins committed here are beyond your comprehending."

Later that evening, the Lord again appeared to Christina in the sky and beckoned her to the end of the balcony. He was dressed in white with a cincher around His waist. He extended an invitation to her, Come walk with Me." But she did not fully understand his meaning. After this, He came closer to her and touched her face with His fingers. When He came close, says christina, He seemed sad but not angry. But when He went back into the sky, He became firm. To His left appeared the Angel of God's Wrath whom Christina recognized from a previous apparition, dressed in red holding a sword. Anbeneath the angel was a dark cloud that rested over the city.

Instinctively, Christina pleaded with Jesus to stop the angel, for she somehow intuitively sensed his mission. With this the angel retreated. Then, Jesus invited Christina to read a large book which He held open in His hand. Although the print was legible she refused to read it. She trembled before the book. She later said she could not bear to look at it. Then, above and to her left, the Virgin Mary and Saint Catherine appeared. Although she appealed to them for intervention, they failed to respond. Christina understood the time of Our Blessed Mother's call to repentance would be giving way to God's justice.

Suddenly, flashed of lightning came from the cloud beneath the Angel of Wrath and the city below was covered with blood!

After this, angels appeared and hovered over the city. Curiously, these angels were not sad, nor disturbed over what had occurred. Like the Virgin Mary and Saint Catherine, they seemed to understand God's will for this city.

Although the entire happening lasted only fifteen minutes, it left Christina shaken. For days, shock and horror filled her. Later, we concluded it must have been the Book of Life referred to in the Scriptures which Jesus wanted to show her as justification for His actions on the city. The Book of Life, we know from Scripture, contains the sins of the world. Anyone whose name is not written in the Book of Life will not be saved.

In regard to the United States, Christina was shown by Jesus - in addition to the purification of Los Angeles - a number of other places which seemed to be in a kind of streamline from Los Angeles into different parts of America. She could see the seaside on one occasion with water washing over houses and dead bodies on the ground. There were a number of different calamities that Jesus showed her which then she realized was the Justice of God. She knew and became very much aware that there were many different parts of America which were going to be hit by what people would call 'natural calamities'. But, in fact, it was actually the Justice of God in the action of the calamities.

This raises an interesting point on which Christina elaborates further:

'Calamities will occur until a particular level will be reached at which people could no longer call them 'natural calamities' or things that would just happen. They would finally know the calamities weren't natural when they would eventually reach a peak level. Then, people would begin to become aware there was something very wrong."

At first people will try to explain everything away as 'natural' calamities or just 'weird happenings'. They will look to science to offer explanations. They will describe the storms etc., as 'freak'. They will not want to accept that the sins of the world are bringing all this upon us. Christina saw a growing fear in people as the events will escalate beyond anything previously experienced. They will then know that it is not 'natural'. However, they will not automatically convert by means of the increased suffering. Not all will turn to God for help at that point. Wars and troubles will give rise to atheism and disbelief as well. Despair will follow from these. So the disasters will cause some, instead of converting, to curse God. They will get more angry and, instead of growing closer to God, will sink deeper into sin. It was also in preparation for this development that Jesus told Christina,

"Sin will grow faster than wild weed and those who believe should pray for those who do not."


On one occasion she telephoned me to say that she had been given a very rapid vision of a vast number of people all wearing eastern-style head-dress and trapped under concrete slabs. She was merely shown the scene but not given any commentary. I told her I felt that it must be for prayer and so Christina offered the situation of these people to God. About three weeks later a calamity occurred in Iran which was reported on television and the scene which appeared on the screen was certainly the same as Christina previously witnessed. When this catastrophe occurred Our Blessed Mother spoke to Christina and said "You were shown this calamity before it took place, not to prevent it, but to prepare the souls of the people for God". The actual news event was following an earthquake in Iran which killed 5,000 people and affected 50,000 others. A huge number on their way to worship at Mecca were trapped in an underground tunnel. Now, the picture on the television screen showed them all dressed exactly as Christina had previously seen. It is wonderful to think that Christina's prayer and suffering would be taken by God to prepare so many souls for eternal life.


Christina was invited to go to the Philippines and was wondering would it really be necessary to go. Jesus confirmed it one day at her home, by allowing her to see and hear people of the Philippines calling her name, and He explained, "These are my people of the Philippines, I desire that you go there and give them my message." Christina was still holding back, and because it did not seem possible in view of other commitments to go until 1994, she said this to Jesus, and Jesus said, " No, then it would be too late." So we went there and just as we were arriving Jesus appeared to her on the flight and welcomed her and thanked her for coming, and as he vanished the words came over the public address system that we were about to commence our descent to Manila. The perfect timing of Jesus in itself was most noteworthy, but it was at 3 o'clock the following morning that she was given the message for the Philippines, and the content of the message which did not make any sense to us at the time, made perfect sense to the Cardinal in Manila who received Christina.

She saw Our Blessed Lady come out of a red sky, closer and closer in the apparition. Our Blessed Lady was absorbed in prayer, and Christina, saw that Our Blessed Lady approaching on a great globe of light, was about to be attacked. A huge black serpent came, and raised his head daringly, as if to strike or bite Our Lady's ankle. Christina was getting nervous as she looked at this, but then Our Blessed Lady calmly raised Her foot and crushed the head of the serpent. As She did, he squirmed over a very vast area, and she could see the people of the Philippines looking up fearfully. Then Our Blessed Lady extended Her mantle protectively over all the people, as if she could extend it endlessly, and Jesus spoke, and gave the message, which at the time we could not understand, but which made perfect sense in the light of what subsequently happened in the Philippines. Jesus spoke,

"You, My people, are truly Mine. Through your suffering, My Mercy will save you and many who are blind. I am beholden unto you My Heart and I send to you My Mother. You will realise the value of your suffering and the power of your Mother's love and intercession. You, My people, I will save from the beast's devouring anger. My people, do not sin in impurity of body. I, Jesus, your Lord and My Beloved Mother are with you and love you. Go in peace and serve your Lord God."

The Lord's reference to the blind was of tremendous significance, for only a few days before, a miraculous healing of a blind man occurred as Christina recited a special prayer at one of her speaking engagements, in the Philippines.

Here she was a reluctant prophet on the other side of the world from Ireland, led right across the globe to the Philippines delivering a message, at first unintelligible to both Father McGinnity and Christina, but clear to the Cardinal in Manila. Jesus gives His message just on their arrival, directly related to a problem facing the Church in the Philippines, of which Christina could have had no prior knowledge and, because the people responded wholeheartedly with the Rosary and adoration of the Blessed Eucharist, Jesus' plan was victorious and He said to Christina before they left the Philippines,


"Because you have come, I am able to implement My plan. The Immaculate Heart of my Mother will triumph, first in this land, and then throughout the world".

God's purpose was resoundingly fulfilled through the response of the people. They heeded the clear call to 'purity of the body' and trust in God's protection and so resisted the attempt to foist methods of population-control upon the nation.



It was made known to her, for example, that England would go into decline because of its lack of morality and faith in God. It would go down to such an extent that the Queen and the Monarchy in England would disappear. Work will be practically nil. There will be many, many situations of crime growing with poverty striking in several locations. But again, this will be for the welfare of the people's spiritual lives, so that in the depths of their sufferings, they can find God.

Everyday people will find the struggle greater and greater, to the point of living on bread and water or practically starving. Then, through that suffering, many will turn back to God.


It was given to Christina also that Russia and China have secret talks going on, and that it is in these secret talks that the danger of a third World War would lie. If we see any kind of war breaking out between Russia and China, then we can be prepared for very serious consequences. Our Blessed Mother wants us to pray that this will not take place. Specifically Our Lady expressed the desire to have Russia consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. This would 'lessen the chastisement' of the world. People who have not converted during the time of mercy will not have the grace to permit the Spirit of God to strengthen them at the time of chastisement. That is why Our Lady asks for the consecration of Russia. In 1993 She said there will be a third world war if people do not respond to Her message.

Our Holy Mother said Jesus did not desire this. She said it was the Evil One that wanted to use the youth to be instruments of destruction.

Obviously, the youth seem to be manipulated more easily and used by the Evil One more so than the adults. The youth seem to be the ones the Devil wants to use, in a greater way. Our Holy Mother desires that the youth of Ireland and the world be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. This is the only way to permit her to protect them. She desires that in their own free will they consecrate themselves to Her Immaculate Heart.

When Christina was brought to Moscow in October 1992, Our Lady gave this message,

"My beloved Daughter, my Immaculate Heart rejoices in your response to the call of your Mother's Heart. Long have I tried to sow the rich seed of grace in the hearts of my children in Russia. The desire of your Mother's Heart is for conversion, love, peace and unity to grow in the hearts of all my children. Russia is a priceless jewel that has lost its sparkle. I desire this jewel to sparkle once more to bring joy to the Heart of my Divine Son Jesus. I desire to lavish rich graces upon my children and bless them abundantly with my love.

"I bless you and all who have responded to the call of your Mother and I bless all my children in Russia, who have remained faithful to the Good News of Christ. They are true disciples of my Divine Son Jesus. Blessed are the peacemakers and all who strive for peace. With peace there is unity and hope. All comes through love and Christ Jesus is love. I bless you all, dear children. Continue to respond to the graces I give you. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

On December 26, 1992, Christina had an apparition related to Russia which she described as follows, and which is fascinating to read in the light of subsequent developments in the former Soviet Union especially in Chechyna though the latter part would seem as though still to come;

"I could see Boris Yeltsin's face and he looked awful as he was very mad and hateful.

`I could see flames of fire going higher and higher with devils surrounding it. I could see Yeltsin's face. Then I could see people running around fire and I could see Yeltsin's face in the fire. People were screaming. Yeltsin's face was so hateful and cold. It was horrible. The people were on fire, and at that time, I remember being very shaken..

In Russia and later in a different place, or it seemed to be a different place, I saw trucks, tanks and jeeps. The boys that were in them were in the army and had some kind of greenish uniform on. I remembered, I could only see their back as they were marching. I saw one young lad, he was so young to me. He was like a child in a sense - maybe sixteen or seventeen. He looked around and directly at me. He was Oriental. And I remember him looking directly at me. He had yellow skin."


Message received by Christina Gallagher early in the morning on March 25, 1995 from the Eternal Father.

Know that the world that I have created stumbles in iniquity;

It's inhabitants bathe in the pool of iniquity.

Soon, soon many will cry out!!!!

The heavens will open to receive what has been purified and washed clean in the Blood of the Lamb.

I call through Jesus My Son and His Mother. Where are those who respond?

Many pray in self-deceiving as if their Lord was to be found in sensation. I tell you the hour is close.

Those who seek of a god of sensation, sensation they will find.

They will drown in a pool of sensuality.

Damned are those who seek to draw down My Hand in Justice.

Many parts of the world will be devastated.

France, its sins stalk Hell.

Italy, I will burn from its pit.

The North of America will feel its sin. Fire will rage.

The earth will shake beyond human capacity of understanding.

It's My Justice crying out to be fulfilled. Know I am with you.

I have carved out in the heavens the little House of Prayer to honor the Ever-Immaculate One, the woman clothed with the sun.

My Daughter, everywhere I look, the Light of Truth, Love, Unity - all has been extinguished. He who is anti of Me is now raised up in body (....sounds)

Hear his roars raged against those of Mine.

War like nothing the world has seen.

The man of perdition will draw to himself those of the world who seek sensation, that which feeds the flesh and destroys and robs mankind of its immortal life.



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Concerning The gift of "The Seal of the Living God"

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Our Lady speaking to Christina instructed her on October 23, 2002 to transmit a message to President Bush of the United States in the course of which she used the sentence, "….one stroke of his pen could bring about a third world war…."

Later Christina was asked by Judge Dan Lynch if she was aware that on that very day that President Bush was having a meeting with the President of China?

In 1993 Our Lady said there will be a third world war if people do not respond to Her message. She made clear God does not desire this but mankind is bringing it about. It is clear that failure to pray and respond to Our Lady's appeal is allowing the world to reach the brink of global warfare. She has begged, through tears of blood, for Her children to open their hearts - for their own protection. Christina had learned from Our Lady ten years ago, as published in her autobiography, that if we hear of any kind of war breaking out which involves Russia and China and is precipitated by the United States then the most dire consequences await the world.

Christina was made aware that if this occurred America's part in it was leading the beginning of a process which others would take over and bring to further depths. Christina, from the knowledge of what has been revealed to her is suffering greatly because people do not seem to grasp the reality of the horrors which will come to the whole world if we are plunged into the war now threatening. It will not involve only a few countries; it will truly be a world war. When Christina was shown ten years ago what would come to the United States as she spoke in Los Angeles, she experienced fire exploding in the air, the impact of which was sending shudders and tremors through the earth. She saw large buildings crumble, topple and disappear into a chasm. The 'fire exploding in the air' was Christina's description of what could be the use of nuclear weapons.

The Church has already seen what has happened in relation to the messages about her own purification. The sexual scandals - a small number of which have already become public - were shown to Christina over ten years ago. If only the Church had listened then and responded to Our Blessed Lady through fostering the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Her House of Prayer in Ireland as She had requested, the Church's scandals would have been dealt with in God's way and not through the method of exposure which inevitably harms the belief of the faithful - as has actually been happening. God's desire to withhold the knowledge of the scandals in the Church was not to leave the innocent unprotected but rather to shield the fragile faith of others. Moreover what has already become public is only a small portion of what will yet be disclosed. The human failure to permit Our Lady's House of Prayer on Achill Island to continue as God had desired it to be renders the Church vulnerable to the enormity of attacks which will bring further public exposure to Church scandals as yet unrevealed which in turn will cause still further damage to the faithful.

By failing to provide the Sacraments and prayers as heaven's remedy to this immediate danger of a third world war are we going to expose our little country to the fate that will otherwise certainly befall the rest of the world?


Concerning The gift of "The Seal of the Living God"

Because of several queries being received by Marita Wojdak - the House of Prayer representative in the U.S. - concerning claims about the gift of 'the Seal of the Living God' it is necessary to clarify as follows what was said to Christina in this regard.

When the message was first given to Christina in July 1999, Our Lady specifically indicated to her that the only place the Seal of the Living God could be obtained was at Her House of Prayer. Our Lady made it clear to Christina that those truly unable to go there would "be taken care of by God wherever they were."

Obviously this statement is offered in clarification to those who make queries and not in any spirit of contention. It is a statement of truth and after that it is up to people themselves to accept the truth.

When the gift of the Seal at Our Lady's House ended on July 16, 2001, Our Lady declared:

"God desires His children to go to the House of Prayer carved in the Heavens. There they will find the graces of Solace to comfort them in the days that are at hand…"

She added,

"Those who come to My House properly disposed will receive the graces of Solace and Eternal Life…"

Clearly Our Lady is permitted by God - even after the conclusion of the gift of the Seal at Her House to continue to bless in a unique way (Nothing can surpass the gift of Eternal Life) her children who come to Her House.





Our Lady Queen of Peace told Christina in early 1998 that:

"The people who are looking for new messages are the very ones who are not living the messages that have already been given."

Our Lady said that:

"If they look they will see the signs of our time and realize it is past time to live the messages in full."

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