Sixth Grade and the Reservoir

 Things had been quiet for a year which was just fine with me as
I didn't miss the teacher/tormentor. I had a nun for a teacher
again and I really liked her and she became my favorite teacher
and is still in the top group of all the teachers I have had.
 What follows will help explain this Quatrain.

                   Quatrain 4.49

    In front of the people blood will be spilled
    which from high heaven shall not come far from.
    But for a long time shall not be heard,
    The spirit with one alone (he) shall come to bear witness.

 Things had been going good but were about to hit rock bottom 
as the worst of all lessons was about to drown me in sorrow. If 
I had known it was coming I definitely would not have gone to 
school that day. While listening to the story about the trial of 
Jesus, during the part where Pontuis Pilate realizing that Jesus 
had done no wrong, he washes his hands of the blood of Christ. Well 
this lesson was so horrible that it wasn't spoken, it was telepathic 
and very sad. That "and you have blood on your hands and you can't 
wash it off because it is on your arms because you are up to your 
neck in a reservoir of blood and all you can do is effect the level.". 
Now imagine being 11 years old and sitting in the middle of class 
listening to this. Well I started thinking about how many people it 
would take to fill a large swimming pool when the tormentor said "a
reservoir", end of lesson. 

 Later that year was the understanding that there was another Great 
War coming though no date, timetable or anything about it was given. 
This was when I began my own studies and went to the library and 
started reading books on wars and biographies of many people. That 
list included several Native Americans, Einstein, John F Kennedy and 
others. I also continued paying attention to how civilizations developed 
on earth. Learned what a computer was, and thought about how they 
could be used, and about everything, for I wanted to understand as 
best as I could. I read so many stories about World Wars 1 and 2 that 
it was enough to make a person sick with what arrogant shit heads 
there are out there. I finally stopped the military stuff after a couple 
years, though I have kept track of what is going on in the world.

 Vietnam was going on at the time and I was thinking that if it
was still going when I graduated from High School that I would
join up as a medic. I knew that I wouldn't have time to become
a doctor, because the war would surely be over and I knew that I
could help the guys in the field, and I wanted to know what it
was like to be up to your armpits in blood. Later on as I
thought more about war and what Christ said about turning the
other cheek I put myself in Truman's place and the situation of
what if someone bombed one of our cities, would I do nothing and
let them bomb more. I decided no I would return fire and try to
save as many of my people as possible. So at the end of sixth
grade I decided to begin to walk away from God, and I remember
saying that I hoped we could cut a deal when I got there, because
I want the body count to be as low as possible. 

       While listening to the story about the American revolution and 
how Jefferson went to France and was well received, the voice says
"and you'll be a big deal in France." I couldn't figure out why
and it seemed like I would spend some time there and not just
pass through the country so I guessed, an Ambassador. The response
was one word, "bigger". 
    Well He has a plan and He isn't going to let anyone get in its way. 
So I've been dragged kicking and screaming to this point to do the
Creator's wishes as best as I can with your help. Also in the
spring my teacher (Sr. B_) had me organize a mural on the bulletin
board about the oceans. I was very interested in the oceans
because I was studying how life began on earth from all points
of view. I put an underwater city in the mural and it wasn't
until recently that I learned that this will come to pass as
things in the distant future become much worse on land.

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