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                                       ALTAR OF TEARS  

      Scroll down to the bottom for the Table of Contents, this story begins before Genesis and continues through the Bible and into the present and  looks at the future. I would recommend to first pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit.     from Proverbs;1:20 Wisdom cries without;    she utters her voice in the streets:1:22 How long, simple ones, will you love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning,  and fools hate knowledge? 1:23 Turn you at my reproof:  behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.


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A Letter to the Pope written in St. Peter's Square

The Comfortable Cross        

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Working Together in Preparation for the Storm   

Some Signs of the Times       

The Rosa Mystica  apparitions from Montichiari & Fontinelle

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 Table of Contents  

   Click on the Chapters (white letters) and use your back button or the links at the end of the chapters to navigate.            

EVERYTHING HAS ITS TIME                         Ecclesiastes  3.1-8    

A WALK IN THE STARS              a story about the Creators laboratory 

DNA the Divine Molecule     brief discussion

A WALK THRU TIME    a quick walk thru time      

ABRAHAM             the first king, the covenant  

Jacob becomes Israel                           rough draft   

JOSEPH      the 2nd king, his story related to today  

MOSES     the 3rd king, his story related to today

DAVID      the 4th king, his story related to today

OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS                    Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, ...

JESUS CHRIST       the Messiah and 5th king         


JOAN of ARC      her story and go to the Basilica (pictures)

MICHEL NOSTRADAMUS 7 chapters Bio &1568 "Les Propheties"

The Education        17 chapters starts in 1960s and goes through 1999

ALTAR OF TEARS           story about the altar

The Church and other visionaries 11 chapters Fatima, Garabandal, etc.

2001 and 2002 Chapters        13 chapters    9-11, Europe, etc.

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BOOK OF REVELATION        Book of Revelation

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Sts. Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang, and Companions

St. Januarius

Pope Francis: Man Must Obey the UN

Pope Francis: Life Imprisonment ‘Not The Answer’ Even For Most Dangerous Criminals    ???

Two cardinals close to Francis accused of covering up sex abuse of pope’s altar boys

Illinois Bishop Defends Christ’s Real Presence

Hero Cardinal: "I continue to speak because there are not enough voices"

‘High level’ destroyer of the Underground Church, Cd. Parolin, quotes Chinese proverb: “How can the mountain remain beautiful, when something is taken away from it every day? How can a forest remain beautiful if every day the woodcutter cuts down a tree?”

Archbishop Chaput: Pro-LGBT Fr. James Martin 'Does Not Speak With Authority on Behalf of the Church'

Innuendo? Indian Bishop Presides Novus-Ordo-Eucharist Dressed As a Pagan

Fear, Silence and Inaction: Eroding Catholic Civil Rights

KANGAROO COURT STRIKES AGAIN: Attacking the Seal of Confession in Australia

If Christians don’t personally engage in politics, it’s all over for America

Judge rules search warrant of pro-life undercover investigator David Daleiden’s home will stand

Mike Pence: Abortionist’s 2,200 baby ‘trophies’ ‘should shock conscience of every American’

Warren Hires Planned Parenthood Leader to Head Up Presidential Campaign in Florida

BOMB THREAT and Chemical Attack Derail Pro-Life Event in Minnesota

34-Week-Old Aborted Baby Cries and “Comes Back to Life” as Stunned Parents Were Saying Goodbye

Though U.S. abortions have dropped, Planned Parenthood now does almost 40% of them

Abortions Drop 50% From 1990 as More Babies Saved From Abortion

Australian Psychologist Helped Perverts Become Priests for 30 Years

New Montreal Swimming Pool Will Have A Single ‘Gender-Neutral’ Changing Room What could possibly go wrong?                                                                          9/20


St. Joseph of Cupertino

Disintegrating Church: Germans Tell Vatican Off

US Bishops Out of Touch With Americans on Guns

Woman risks life to save unborn daughter; both survive

She kept the baby she conceived when raped and today he’s a priest who defends life

California Bill Requiring Colleges to Distribute Abortion Drugs Advances to Governor’s Desk

Doctors told David Daleiden ‘fetuses needed to be born alive in order to collect the specimen’

FLASHBACK: 17,000 aborted babies found with ‘heads chopped off’ in storage container

Ind., Ill. AGs Investigate After 1000s of Baby Body Parts Found at Abortionist’s Home

IVF gone wrong: 74-year-old woman gives birth to twins, both parents hospitalized

DYS: Yes, Local School Boards Can Pray Before Meetings

CNN Suggests Christians Keep Prayers to Themselves

UK’s National Health Service Now Offering Gender Transition Services to Children as Young as 3

Arizona Supreme Court upholds Christians’ right not to make same-sex ‘wedding’ invites

NJ Bishop Supportive of Pro-LGBT Group in His Diocese

Arizona CPS Worker Defies Gag Order, Exposes Violent Child Sex Ring in State Foster Care System

New Montreal Swimming Pool Will Have A Single ‘Gender-Neutral’ Changing Room      9/18


Our Lady of Sorrows

St. Valerian                St. Cornelius

POPE FRANCIS: 'Our duty is to obey the United Nations!'

Pope Francis invites religious, political leaders to sign ‘Global Pact’ for ‘new humanism’

Archbishop Viganò: We are witnessing creation of a ‘new church’

Tasmania Archbishop Won’t Violate Seal of Confession

Lafayette Bishop Banns Society of Saint Peter Damian

Cdl. Burke, Bp. Schneider Call for Prayer, Fasting Ahead of Amazon Synod

Forget the Amazon Synod, Bp. Gracida & Bp. Fellay Must Issue "a Canonical Warning to" Francis for the Amoris Laetitia Heresy

Bishops say reducing refugee numbers 'wholly counter to our values' ???

TAN Books Owner Promotes Protestantism and Humanism

2,246 fetal remains found on property of abortion doctor

Former New Zealand abortionist’s revelation: I was exactly like the Nazis

Baby Born Alive at 23 Weeks Was Gasping for Air. Abortion Clinic Put Baby in a Bag, Threw Her in the Trash

Former Planned Parenthood president says corporation is threatening her into silence

‘Cultural Appropriation’ Outrage Over ‘Dia De Muertos’ Barbie? Not So Fast

Former Disney Child Star Ricky Garcia Says He Was Used as ‘Sexual Plaything’ by Hollywood Pedophiles

SICK: San Diego College Instructs Students on “Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation”

Ohio College Normalizes Pedophilia as a “Sexual Orientation”

New York City to Repeal Ban on Counseling for Same-Sex, Gender Dysphoria            9/16


St. Notburga

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Christians must bring faith to politics, says archbishop

Vatican: German synod plans ‘not ecclesiologically valid’

Situation Worsening for Chinese Catholics after Vatican-China Agreement

Missouri AG Will Refer 12 Former Priests For Prosecution

TAN Books Owner Promotes Protestantism and Humanism

Former Nurse Testifies Hospital Performed 'Born-Alive' Abortions, Then Sent Babies to 'Comfort Room' To Die

Catholic League Slams Kamala Harris’ ‘Lust for Abortion’

Yes, Planned Parenthood harvests body parts from LIVING human babies, meaning all abortion advocates really do support extreme cruelty and murder of conscious babies

Planned Parenthood Complain ‘Not One Question’ on Abortion in Dem Debate

Over 100 Arrested in Ohio Child Sex Sting

Gay Couple Sues Gov’t Over Child’s Citizenship

 “Conservative” NRO Columnist David French Says Drag Queen Story Hour is “One of the Blessings of Liberty”

BBC to Children: There Are ‘over 100’ Genders                      9/14


St. John Chrysostom

Viganò: Schism Francis Blames on Others Is Made By Himself

Canterbury Archbishop Caught Lying?

Burke And Schneider Launch Crusade: The Six Amazon Errors



Hungarian Town Builds Catholic Church on Former Communist Estate


Police Investigate Politician Posting Bible Quotes

Pro-Lifers Snag Small Victory In Case Against Journalists Who Exposed Planned Parenthood

Austin to be first city to fund abortion support services

Baby body parts trafficking company StemExpress admits to keeping babies ALIVE so that whole, beating hearts and heads can be harvested

After Receiving a Scathing Letter From Senators, Facebook Doubles Down on Anti-Christian Censorship

Dutch Woman With Dementia Euthanized Against Her Will. The Doctor Was Just Cleared Of Wrongdoing.

Adventures In Christian Grift

Rev. Graham: Mayor Pete is 'Leading People Astray' With His 'Dangerous' Pro-Abortion, Gay Lifestyle

SICK: Never Trumper David French Calls Drag Queen Story Hour a ‘Blessing of Liberty’     9/13


St. Ailbhe

Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Viganò: New Church Is the Real Goal

Pope Francis Says The S-Word

Francis: “We Must Obey The United Nations”

Orthodox Bishop Isolated for Condemning Unnatural Acts Between Married People

Austin, Texas Becomes First City to Pay Women to Kill Their Babies in Abortions

Illinois Hospital Set Up Comfort Room for Babies Born Alive after Botched Abortions — Parents Welcome to Take Photos of Dying Baby

BREAKING: Judge denies California AG request for gag order to restrict pro-life reporting on Daleiden hearing

She Did Abortions But Stopped When One Woman Said Of Her Baby, “I Just Want to Kill It”

Wow! Facebook Uses Abortionists to “Factcheck” Pro-Life Website Live Action and Abort Their Videos from Platform (VIDEO)

Canadian pro-life champion Mary Wagner convicted of ‘mischief’ for defending babies

New Sexual Kink: Couples Repeatedly Getting Pregnant and Having Multiple Abortions

Exclusive–Malkin: ‘Catholic Church Mad with Me’ About Book on Open Borders and ‘They Haven’t Even Read It’

Dutch Euthanasia Doctor Acquitted in Landmark Case

Elizabeth Warren endorses ‘LGBTQ+ equality’ as only Dem at drag queen convention

Pro-Gay Credit Union Approved to Open in Michigan, Will Issue Loans to Assist Transgender Surgeries

Police Investigate Politician Posting Bible Quotes                              9/12


St. Paphnutius

Saint Cyprian

Worshipers flock to mysterious crying Virgin Mary icon

Faithful see miracle in weeping icon of Mary with child Jesus at Greek Orthodox church on Northwest Side

VIDEO: Toddlers Run Towards Each Other, Hug on NYC Street

Pope: I'm not afraid of a schism

Francis Also Asked Archbishop Viganò About the Jesuits

Francis Packs the Court

Pope Francis Does Not Despise All Americans

Colorado Catholic Hospital Sued for Disallowing Euthanasia

41-Year-Old Disabled Man Euthanized After Government Health Officials Decide to Cut Funding for In-Home Care

'Generator Guy' continuing relief efforts for Bahamas

WATCH! ‘Stay true to your beliefs’: Christian woman freed from death row for Islamic “blasphemy” releases video

Sixteen Dead, 75 Injured in Stampede at Iraqi Shiite Muslim Shrine

Germany: Post-migrant invasion, German citizens are arming themselves with firearms

Maoist Unisex Clothing Enforced in U.K — and the Sharia Connection

Swiss Diocese Endorses Gay "Blessings", Supports Gay Pseudo Marriages               9/11


St. Salvius of Albi

Saint Thomas of Villanova

The Eucharist and the story of Israel

Cardinal Dolan considering options over scandal-hit Buffalo diocese

The patron saint of the souls in purgatory was visited by a friar suffering there

TX Bishop Calls for Suspension of Msgr. Walter Rossi

What saints said about hell

A can’t-miss moment on the abuse crisis looms under the Golden Dome

The Rhine-Tiber Two-Step Is Back

Planned Parenthood Closes Two Centers After President Trump Defunds Abortion Biz

NYC Planned Parenthood hospitalizes ninth abortion patient in eight months

Thousands March in Largest Protest Yet Against Abortion in Northern Ireland

Pro-life group accuses YouTube, Pinterest of 'illegal and discriminatory action' in legal documents

Pastor Brother-In-Law RIPS Buttigieg For Using Bible To Excuse Abortion Until Baby Breathes

My Mother Tried to Abort Me and Threw Me in a Garbage Pit When I was Born, But I Survived

26 Canadian organizations denied funding for being pro-life

The Ahmari-French Debate Was About Theology, Not Politics

Eritrea govt's latest seizures - schools run by religious bodies

Judge Forces Alaska to Pay Muslim Inmates $100,000 After They Complain About Treatment During Ramadan

This professor has helped guide 1,000 youths into transgender identities

Philippines’ Highest Court Rejects Same-Sex Marriage                                    9/10


St. Peter Claver

THE AMAZON PAPACY (#ToHellwithVaticanII)

Top Catholic Clergy Hail El-Tayyeb-Pope Francis Document as “Clarion Call”

Pope’s Inaction on Nicaragua Deemed ‘Shameful’

Francis Warns Madagascar Bishops Of Young "Rigid" Priests

Polish Conservatives Pledge Benefits, Judicial Reforms, Adherence to Christian Values

Hellbound For Destruction! Abortionists Admit In Court To Keeping Babies Alive To Later Harvest Their Organs

Mother from incestuous rape: ‘I don’t regret having my babies’

Pete Buttigieg Wrongly Interprets Bible in an Attempt To Justify Abortion

StemExpress CEO Admits Selling Beating Baby Hearts, Intact Baby Heads In Daleiden Hearing

Philippine Bishops Praise Supreme Court Rejection of Same-Sex Marriage

Chinese State Media Claim German Officials Endorse Muslim Concentration Camps

Australia: Muslim driver kills 12-year-old boy, gives the finger to camera crews after his arrest

LGBT Outlet And Social Media Users Fire Off ‘Trigger Warnings’ For ‘It: Chapter Two’

UK: Police Called After Schoolchildren Protest Gender Neutral Uniforms

France's parliament takes aim at 'conversion therapy'

Complaints After BBC’s Christian Programme Broadcasts Gay Church Wedding             9/9


St. Cloud

Blessed Frédéric Ozanam


While in Africa: Francis Appoints Three Liberal President Delegates for Amazon-Synod


Cardinal Muller is "Like a Child" - well, better than an abusive step-father!

He's a "a toxic narcissist who hates Pope Francis!" - 14 evil parents urge Nashville Diocese to fire Father Dan Reehil from St. Edward School school for taking Harry Potter books out of the library

The ‘Satanic Panic’ Revisited 

StemExpress CEO admits selling beating baby hearts, intact baby heads in Daleiden hearing

Pro-Life billboard vandalized in Chicago in latest attack against pro-life message

‘Unbound’ Has Deep Ties to Heretical Priest Association

Planned Parenthood Validates Work of Center for Medical Progress, Admits in Court to Fetal Trafficking

Catholic university’s alumni magazine showcases pro-abortion Trudeau minister 

Bernie Sanders Praises Islam, Blasts Trump

Colorado Schools Assert State-Mandated Sex Ed Curriculum ‘Unconstitutional’

MN Parents Rally to ‘Protect Kids’ Against State-Mandated Planned Parenthood Sex Ed

CNN, Human Rights Campaign to host Democrat town halls on LGBT issues

USA 2019: Trans Call for Govt to End ‘Compulsory Heterosexuality’                            9/7


St. Eleutherius

Blessed Claudio Granzotto

Pope Criticized for Tapping Disgraced Monsignor for Top Vatican Post

Bergoglio Merges Church with Sodoma and Gomorra

Pope Francis calls it ‘an honor’ to have Americans ‘attack’ him

German bishops to green light binding ‘Synodal Assembly’

Like the Prophets: Brandmüller And Burke Warn - And Nobody Listens

Exclusive Interview: George Neumayr

Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer Claims Her Client Wanted to Tarnish His Abortion Rulings

Planned Parenthood Engages in Dirty Tricks During Bogus Trial of David Daleiden

Celebrity abortionist at baby parts hearing: Born-alive babies ‘one of the worst nightmares’

Pro-life doctor in South Africa fired for calling a fetus a human being

Gorka: Bernie Isn’t Satisfied with Abortion Killing 40% of Black Population

NFL Star Drew Brees Smeared for Appearing in Video Promoting ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’

Dutch Doctors Caught Euthanizing Patients and Lying on Government Reports

Civ-Clash: AUSTRIA: Muslim taxi drivers refuse to transport blind passengers with guide dogs because dogs are considered to be ‘filth’ in Islam

Following Short Ban, Down Syndrome Drag Show Returns to the Stage in Bigger Venue

Back-to-school students are being subjected to a whole new wave of transgender indoctrination and left-wing lunacy

Parents Irate over Forced Elementary Gender Identity Curriculum

Mother Forcing Son to Live as a Girl                                                       9/6


St. Teresa of Calcutta

Pope Francis Says Climate in “State of Emergency” – Tells World to “Adopt Simpler Lifestyle” and “Abandon” Fossil Fuels — Then He Flies Off to Africa

Cardinal Burke: Francis' "Personal Opinions" Are Not Catholic Teaching

4 men sue Pennsylvania diocese, including 2 bishops, for sex abuse cover-up

Defrocked Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Blames Conservative Catholics for Sexual Assault Allegations

Bishop Busted on Secret Audio Tapes

Authority and Obedience in a Bureaucratic Church

Special Report: The influence of Christians in the Hong Kong riots

Hong Kong Activists Inspired by Catholic Faith

Planned Parenthood Admits in Court That It Sold Body Parts From Aborted Babies

Meet the two Facebook ‘fact checker’ abortionists targeting Live Action and Lila Rose

Facebook’s False ‘Fact Checker’ Strikes Again: Pro-Life Group Flagged for Denying Necessity of Abortion

Bernie Suggests Funding Abortions In ‘Poor Countries’ To Fight Climate Change

Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Injures Two Women in Three Days in Botched Abortions

Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyer Admits Attacks on Kavanaugh Motivated by Abortion Rights (VIDEO)

Where Did All the Good Men Go in the Abortion Debate?

Catholic Priest Claims Climate Change, Not Killing Babies in Abortions, the Biggest Pro-Life Issue

Democrats endorse ‘nonreligious’ values, reject religious liberty in new resolution

Transgenderism’s war on language is a war on truth and reality. Here’s another example

Mother Charged After Calling Transgender Woman A Man On Social Media                       9/5


Saint Rose of Viterbo

Seattle Bishop Resigns Amid Scandal

Francis Orders Vatican Officials to Shrink Ballooning Budget Deficit

A Foretaste Of Amazon: Demonic Masks Appear During Bishops' Mass

Evil Francis Predator Ex-Prelate Speaks Out From Monastic Enclosure

Nashville Catholic School Bans Harry Potter Books at Exorcist’s Advice

Nearly 200 scholars demand removed JPII Institute profs be reinstated

WSJ: Racists Do Not Fight Abortion, They Promote It

Woman enters scandal-plagued Ohio facility for abortion, dead next day

‘There was just no question.’ Parents refused abortion for baby with craniofacial syndrome

Covenant House Caught Taking Woman to Abortion Mill

Soros-Funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Refuses to Charge Killer of 7-Year-Old Child Despite Suspect’s Confession

Genetic Engineering and Human-Animal Hybrids: How China is Leading a Global Split in Controversial Research

Atheists R Us

Italian Mayor Buys 385 Crucifixes for City's Public Schools

Sikhs Burn Effigies of Pakistani Prime Minister to Protest Forced Conversions to Islam

Excerpts from Salvini: “There are now NINE NGO boats full of illegals, there were NONE weeks ago

Progress: Gender-Neutral Sports Uniforms, Preferred Pronouns

Creator of Netflix Kids Show Wrote Blog about Stalking and Lusting Over 14-Year-Old Boy

LGBT-Activist Official: Drag Queen Story Hour Protesters Hold ‘White Supremacist Beliefs’

Warsaw Withdraws LGBT Sex Ed for Children After Pushback

Conversion therapy leader comes out as gay  ???                              9/4


Pope Saint Gregory the Great

Undersecretary for Islamization who is only a priest now, soon-to-be FrancisCardinal Czerny: What a great honour!

Muslim-Catholic document on world peace “full of outrageously false and misleading statements”

Pope Francis Calls for ‘Drastic Measures’ to Combat ‘Climate Emergency’

Ghost town: Francis’s Argentina has been vacuumed of any trace of faith or hope. He’s doing the same now to the world.

Scandal Cardinals: No Wonder Bergoglio Got Stuck in the Elevator

Exclusive: Bishop Exposes Christian Persecution in Communist Nicaragua

A Homosexual Parish-Priest Confirms Secrets About German Church

Darwinism is “full of holes” and obsolete as a scientific theory, declares Yale professor

Planned Parenthood Grooming Little Girls for Sex According to Sex-Ed Insider

WATCH: Former Planned Parenthood Manager Describes Horrific Abortion Procedure

Late-Term Abortionist Allows Parents to Cuddle with Remains After Ghastly Procedure

Economist: Birth control has devastating financial consequences for women, children

Italian Mayor Buys 385 Crucifixes for City Schools

Good Samaritan Uses Old School Buses To Create Homes for Working Homeless Families

Cameroon: Muslims butcher Bible translator to death and hack off his wife’s arm

SHOCK VIDEO: Islamist Killer Paused to Speak to Fellow Muslim and Give Him a High Five During His Stabbing Spree in France

21-Year-Old Palestinian Woman Has Back Broken and Then is Murdered By Her Brother in Honor Killing — Anti-Semite Rashida Tlaib Blames Jews                                            9/3


St. Giles, Abbot

The Pope Who Taught Us How to Repair the World

Vatican’s Amazon Synod Uses Third World As Totems Of Marxist Revival

Francis Unites Lettergate Fake News Promoter with Disinformation China Propagandist Sorondo in Job Promotion

Sioux City Bishop "Happy" To Attend Installation Of Lutheran Woman "Bishop"

DC-Based Franciscan Convicted for Abusing 9-Year-Old

I Was ‘Absolutely’ Unaware Seattle Man Was Planning Suicide, Father Dupont Says

Victor Orbán And Trump’s Chief Of Staff Visit Fatima

Meet the Man Who Is Rallying American Patrons to Save Notre Dame Cathedral

G7 Rejects Radical Abortion Push

Pro-life activists who exposed Planned Parenthood baby parts trafficking will face jury

Facebook Tags Pro-Life Group as “False News” for Saying Abortion is Never Medically Necessary

Liberal columnist accuses pro-lifers of alliance with white nationalists

Take this free online course on Dante's 'Divine Comedy'

DNC Embraces ‘Religiously Unaffiliated,’ Belittles Americans of Faith

Missouri AG Appeals Decision Blocking Ban on Abortions of Babies With Beating Hearts

Who Can Slay an Ex-Muslim Under Sharia?

Aussie PM Scott Morrison Slams Gender-Neutral Bathrooms as ‘Ridiculous’                          9/1


St. Raymond Nonnatus            Saint Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus

St. Rumon          Saint Jeanne Jugan

Francis Promotes Compromised Priests In Order to Secure their Subservience

47-year-old photo shows future Pope Francis with dissident priest who helped engineer Amazon synod

Accused Predator Zanchetta Retains Job in Rome

Francis as poisoner of the Church

Change life to combat climate crisis, say bishops

On Pell

Bishop Hart And The Boys

Seattle Bishop Approves Funeral for Gay Shaman Who Committed Suicide

Should A 5th Marian Dogma Be Added, Resisting The Antichurch, Fr. James Martin, and More Links!

Hong Kong and the plight of China’s Catholics

Sudan: New government’s transitional constitution excludes Islam; bishop warns “Islamist mentality is still here”

Aug. 30-31: Processional to Birmingham in Memory of the 20 Million Black Lives Lost to Abortion

Former Planned Parenthood Instructor: We Pushed Sex Ed on Kids to Create a Market for Abortion

Planned Parenthood’s new campaign full of popular, old lies

Dave Chappelle’s point on abortion and child support is driving the Left crazy

Late-Term Abortionist Advertises Cuddling With Aborted Baby Before Tossing Infant in the Trash

United Nations conference cancels pro-life workshop, calls it ‘too controversial’

Ireland Tells Doctors: If You Can’t Abort Babies You Must Help Women Find Someone Who Will

SHOCK: 1 in 4 pregnancies aborted in England and Wales last year

Actor Cameron Arnett Quit Hollywood When Asked To Do Nudity: ‘I Had to Choose Career or Christ’

U.S. in Danger of Chinese-Style Social Credit System

Doctor Secretly Put Drugs in Mentally Ill Woman’s Coffee and Euthanized Her, But Won’t be Punished

Dems To Religious Voters: Drop Dead

Hollywood Is Going To Hate Kanye All the More if He Titles New Album with Word They Hate More Than Trump: Jesus

Satanic Temple: 'More Than 50% of Our Membership is LGBTQ'

Canada: Christian Asylum Seeker Continues to Receive Death Threats from Muslims

After Losing on Men’s Team For 3 Years, Biological Male Runner Will Now Compete Against Women in NCAA Race as ‘Transgender’

Not Born This Way After All?                                       8/31


St. Sabina

Martyrdom of John the Baptist

Francis as poisoner of the Church

“Team Viganò” versus “Team Francis” one year on

Lawsuit Against Dallas Jesuit High School Reveals Hotbed of Homosexual Abuse

Superstition in the Synod

THE GREAT CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE: Mosul Goes from 15,000 Christians to 40 Following Obama’s Presidency

True Christians Have DUMPED The Democratic Party

Irish Schools Abandon Catholic Ethos for Multi-Faith Umbrella

Federal Court Rules Atheists Cannot Offer Prayer In PA State House

UK: Fraud investigator fired for being non-Muslim and probing crimes committed by Muslims

Pro-life activists who exposed Planned Parenthood baby parts trafficking will face jury

Trump admin: Hospitals can’t force employees to assist with abortions

Late-Term Abortionist: ‘The Baby Has No Input in This As Far As I’m Concerned’

Abortion kills 250,000 Black lives yearly. That’s how many people attended MLK’s iconic ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.

Europe protects free speech, and the right to tell the truth – except about Islam

Uncle of Italian Girl Murdered by Migrants Threatens to Show Photos of Her Dismembered Body if Immigration Laws Loosened

Catholic Subdeacon on Trial for Homosexual Assault

Chanel Beauty Announces Transgender Man as Company’s Official New Face

Mainstream media declares that believing in just two genders is INFLAMMATORY              8/29


St. Augustine of Hippo

Bishop Schneider: The Vatican [i.e. Francis] Is Betraying Christ

US bishops dismiss spokeswoman in wake of tweets praising Trump, opposing Democrats

China Ordains First Bishop Since Inking Deal with Vatican

German Gomorra Bishops Promote Homosexuality

Venezuelan Bishops Rally Behind Alleged Predator Abp. Edgar Peña Parra

Putin & The Patriarchs

Advocates of Eugenics Have a New Term to Justify Killing People: “Population Engineering”

Amazing in utero surgery proves babies are more than ‘blobs of cells’

Federal Judge Blocks Missouri Abortion Law (Heart Beat Law) a Day Before It Takes Effect

Judge Rules Missouri Can Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome

Scientific American pushes utterly unscientific abortion claims

Alyssa Milano: My Life Would Lack ‘Great Joys’ If I Hadn’t Aborted 2 Kids. This Pastor Has The Perfect Response

Over 100 Musicians, Including Lady Gaga, Lizzo, Ariana Grande, Sign Ad Attacking Pro-Life Laws

Doctor on Trial for Euthanizing Elderly Woman, Having Her Family Hold Her Down When She Resisted


British PC Scolds Ban Ads That Depict Realistic Parenting

New survey shows societal danger signs: Most younger Americans care less about patriotism, God, and kids

The Young Conservative Push Against Socialism

Court Puts a Hard Stop to Atheist 'Prayers' in State Legislature

EPIDEMIC: Fifth Illegal Alien Alleged Rapist Charged This Month in Maryland Sanctuary County

Court Orders State To Pay For Child Sex Offender’s Trans Surgery; Idaho Gov. Says Not on My Watch

NBC News is now attacking heterosexuality, the very basis of sustainable human lif          8/28


St. Monica

Paul VI Invented a Semi-Protestant Rite

EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Schneider says Vatican is betraying ‘Jesus Christ as the only Savior of mankind’

Does "Communist" Francis's only Book demonstrate he "Favors... [Marxist] Cuban Dictatorship... [&] Authoritarianism"?

Exorcists: “The Church Has Warned Against Men Like the Jesuit General, Sosa”

Amazon bishop: Synod document fails to mention area’s huge pedophilia problem, Pentecostalism

Traditional Latin Mass Starts At Pro-Gay Jesuit University

27th Priest Murdered in Mexico in Seven Years

Eritrea: Over 150 Christians Arrested for Gathering to Worship

CRISPR Horror: Scientists To Edit DNA In Human Sperm

Christians Saved from Potential Mass Shooting When Gun Jams

Legal firm uncovers taxpayer-funded Islamic propaganda that bashes Christianity is being forced on teachers, students

Nearly 140 Musicians Sign Up for #BansOffMyBody Campaign to Support Planned Parenthood, Including Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande

Prenatal genetic testing and the light of mercy

UK Abortion Charities Rip Off Taxpayers, Making a Killing on Blood Money

#GreatJoys: Parents respond to actress’s abortion praise by tweeting photos of their children

Cyrus, Legend Promoting Planned Parenthood’s #BansOffMyBody Campaign

DISTURBING: Fourth Illegal Alien Arrested For Rape This Month In Maryland Sanctuary County (VIDEO)

Down Syndrome Drag Show Canceled at MI Art Fair

Firestorm over Drag Queen Event Pushes City to Change Library Policies              8/27


St. Teresa of Jesus Jornet Ibars

Saint Joseph Calasanz

International Exorcists' Association Slams Jesuits’ Superior General


Boy Holds Hand of Classmate with Autism After Seeing Him Crying on Ground Outside of School

Priest Number 27 Has Just Been Murdered

"Catholics don't know ANYthing about the dark side of life!"

Unhinged Man Puts Down His Flower and Balloon To Physically Attack Pro-Life Demonstration

Indonesia: Muslim cleric says cross is of the devil, interfaith activists urge Christians, not Muslims, to keep calm

Burkina Faso: Muslims targeting Christians, killing anyone wearing a cross, crucifix, or some other Christian image

Legal firm uncovers taxpayer-funded Islamic propaganda that bashes Christianity is being forced on teachers, students

Judge Rules Taxpayers Must Pay for Child Rapist’s Gender Reassignment Surgery

The Government Gave Her Son A Sex-Change Without Her Permission

Girls Volleyball Coach Rejects School District’s Transgender Inclusion Policy

Kansas Library Debates Allowing Registered Sex Offenders to Participate in Drag Queen Story Hour Event

Previous sex offenders continue to participate in ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ in public libraries, thanks to Left-wing lunacy

Angry Lesbian Charged with First Space Crime — Accessed Estranged Wife’s Bank Account from Space Station                                                                              8/26


St. Louis King of France

St. Bartholomew

‘Francis effect’ in Argentina’s alternate reality a mix of light and shadows

Francis Church: The New Act of Contrition

‘Black Pope’: There Is a Plan to Have Pope Francis Resign

New Old-Rite-Sisters Start in Minneapolis

Former Head of Philly Priest Victims Compensation Fund Linked to Jeffrey Epstein

Knights of Columbus Face Charges of Fraud

Ancient Biblical city where Jesus healed blind man 'unearthed' in Israel

“Unplanned” Movie Star Ashley Bratcher: “My Mom Was on the Abortion Table When She Walked Out”

Former abortion workers speak: The abortion industry sees pregnancy centers as competition

Satanic Temple Rally Will Demand Abortions of Babies for Any Reason Up to Birth

UK increases scandal-ridden Marie Stopes abortion chain’s funding by 5000 percent

Taylor Swift: “Obviously” I Support Abortion. “Can’t Believe” People Want to Protect Unborn Children

Scientists Attempt To Edit DNA In Human Sperm

Delingpole: Britain Has Been Brainwashed by the New Green Religion

Anti-Christian Persecution In Finland

DISTURBING: Palestinian President Vows To Invade Jerusalem With “Millions Of Fighters” (VIDEO)

Actor Refuses to Do Nudity: ‘I Had to Choose Career or Christ’

Court won’t let 4-year-old homeschooler return to family after state seizure over medical dispute

Christians Demand Equal Rights in Muslim-Majority Pakistan

Indignation Instead of Arguments: Venezuela Bishops Defend Peña Parra

Detroit Opens Arms to Gay Clergy

SANITY: Down Syndrome Drag Show Kicked Out of Venue After Public Outrage

Orthodoxy And Homosexuality

NBC News: “Heterosexuality Is Just Not Working’                      8/25


St. Philip Benizi

Saint Rose of Lima


Thank You, Abp. Viganò

Famous exorcist called Medjugorje 'center of fight against evil'

‘Blackmailed by my confessor’: Second seminarian leaves Buffalo seminary, asks Bp. Malone to step down

Vatican to investigate Chile archbishop over abuse claims

Lawsuit accusing ‘gay mafia’ US bishop of drunken homosexual assault settled secretly

Neumayr is in Buenos Aires! Pray for his safety! Plus: Get ready for fake “saint” Evita Peron AND Cardinal Battista Ricca

Think Thomas Aquinas is too hard to read? This free video course can help

The danger of scandal from the Synod

Sixteen Female Inmates Baptized as Part of New Jail Program

Scales Fall from Eyes: New Rite Priest Starts Celebrating the Old Mass

Philly Priest Stole $100K to Use on Beach House, Gay Lovers

Woman Abandoned in Dumpster as a Baby is Searching for the People Who Rescued Her

Dead Newborn Found in Trash Bag, Father Reports Mother Used Heroin

She can’t walk and he can’t see, but together, they climb mountains


UK Abortion Charities Rip Off Taxpayers, Making a Killing on Blood Money

ORWELLIAN: Abortion supporters lobby Google to ban pregnancy center ads on searches… about pregnancy

President Trump Was Right: Planned Parenthood is a $2 Billion Abortion Biz That Doesn’t Need Our Money

After years of appeals, Ohio late-term abortion facility finally ordered to close

DANGEROUS: U.S. House bill could make euthanasia part of ‘palliative care’

State Tries to Close Catholic Adoption Agency Because It Wants to Place Kids With a Mother and Father      

Mo Brooks: Islam’s ‘Growing Influence’ in DNC Fueling Party’s Antisemitism

FOIA Uncovers Taxpayer-Funded Islamic Propaganda Forced on Teachers, ‘Islam Glorified, Christianity Disparaged and America Bashed’

WaPo: Islamist Militants ‘Targeting Christians’ in Burkina Faso

Father Gives Horrifying Testimony of the Public School Brainwashing of His Autistic Daughter into Transgenderism

Satanists battle for religious freedom                                                                           8/23


Queenship of Mary

St. Pius X

St. Andrew the Scot

Cardinal Brandmüller is right: the Instrumentum laboris is heretic and calls to apostasy. Here is the proof

Pope Francis Calls for ‘Antidote’ to Populism    ???


Jesuit Superior General: The Devil Is A ‘Symbol,’ Not A Person    ???

Canada Bishop Leads 200 Catholics in Prayer Against Satanic Mass

Avalanche of new abuse claims threatens church in New York

Rep. Matt Gaetz Slams Taxpayer-Funded Testing Using Aborted Fetuses and Laboratory Animals

Rossi Investigation Raises Doubts

Getting beyond Darwin

REALITY: In just three states, a total of 40 babies survived abortions since 2016

Viral Video Star Breaks Down How Trump Defunded Baby Killing in the United States

Twelve percent of the population has 36 percent of abortions. Is this ‘Black genocide’?

Planned Parenthood Still Receives $500 Million in Taxpayer Funding Annually

Whistleblower: Abortionist severely injured women, and Planned Parenthood did nothing

Taxpayers are Still Funding Grotesque Frankenstein Experiments Combining Aborted Fetus Remains With Live Animals

RHEA: Evangelical Charity World Vision’s Terror-Funding Scandal Continues

Coca-Cola Drops Pro-Gay Ad Campaign in Hungary After Boycott Backlash

‘Garbage’: Critics slam Ontario’s new sex ed for promoting homosexuality, gender theory, masturbation

Parents Sue School District, Claim Parental Rights Were Undermined Due to Catholic Faith

Texas City Ends Drag Queen Story Hours After Backlash                                               8/22


St. Bernard of Clairvaux

JPII Institute Leaders Try to Silence Critics in Wake of Leftist ‘Purge’

Pope Francis hospital ship brings Word of God, health care to Amazon region

Cardinal Francis Arinze: ‘Europeans Must Stop Encouraging the Migration of African

Accused Fresno Priest Sues Roman Catholic Faithful

Ironman Dave Kurtz’s Own Adult Stem Cells Saved His Life. Embryonic Cells Haven’t Cured Any Patients

Court orders Planned Parenthood to pay $3M to whistleblower

Planned Parenthood Will No Longer Participate in Federal Family Planning Program to Skirt Trump Administration’s Abortion Rule

Trump Just Beat Planned Parenthood and Forced the Abortion Provider To Abandon Federal Funds

National Right to Life testifies against Tennessee bill to ban all abortions

Pro-Abortion Poll Finds Americans Oppose Paying for Abortions With Their Tax Dollars

Palestinian Authority Bans LGBTQ Group from Holding Events in West Bank; Says Activities Are ‘Harmful to the Ideals of Society’

Court Docs Say Epstein Got 3 Pre-Teens as Birthday Present, Molested Them, Sent Them Back Next Day

Wisconsin must cover sex-change treatments under Medicaid, judge rules              8/20


St. John Eudes

The True Face: Pope Francis’ Amazon Indians Illusion

Catholic Bishops Condemn Abortion in Cases of Rape: Killing a Baby is Wrong No Matter How Conceived

Greece: Orthodox Bishop Resigns After Conviction for ‘Hate Speech’

Was that just Mass or was it some really horrible gay concert?

This Good News for Christianity in America May Surprise You

Head of Abortion Biz Made $525,000. Got “Performance Bonus” Because It Killed Nearly 5 Million Babies

911 call: Hole torn in uterus of 15-year-old girl during second trimester abortion

Minnesota Taxpayers Were Forced to Spend $1.06 Million Killing 4,356 Babies in Abortions

China’s horrific population control policy comes to life in new documentary

Mark Shea & His Patheos' Lap Dog are Good for a Few Laughs until we Remember they're Complicit with Francis's Sex Abuse Cover-ups

Liberal Nuns Rip President Trump for ‘Divisive’ Rhetoric

Girl Suing to Join 500-Year-Old Boys' Choir Loses Court Case                    8/19


The Real Presence

St. Helena                  Saint Louis of Toulouse

St. Clare of Montefalco                Saint Joan of the Cross



Pope Francis appoints pro-Islam archbishop to lead major French city

Self-styled Chinese bishop plans to ordain bishops without Vatican go-ahead

Cardinal Kasper: Church Should become “More Protestant"

Archbishop of Canterbury Hosts Muslim Gabfest as Peers Push Abortion on Northern Ireland

African Bishop Condemns Violence Against Albinos

Masonic Catholic priest claims Australian bishops approved Catholics joining Freemasons

Gunmen Kidnap Two Catholic Priests in Cameroon

Media and film industry promote Satan worshipers as ‘voice of reason and humanism’ against Christians

Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson: Abortion industry is ‘grooming our children’

Planned Parenthood Set to Lose $60 Million in Annual Funds on Monday, Following Trump Administration Rule Change


It Took a Billionaire Pedophile to Die in Jail for Media to Finally Report On Elite Child Sex Trafficking

Muslim husband, divorces, BEATS Christian Mother after finding her Bible

German Bishop: Church "May Bless" Gay Fornication

Detroit Invites Pro-LGBT Cdl. Tobin to Head Priest Convocation

NEVER APOLOGIZE: It’s time for all Americans to stand your ground against the lunatic LGBT outrage mob and its insane demands for absolute, cult-like obedience

More states pledge to include ‘LGBT history’ in school curriculums                  8/18


St. Stephen the Great


Feast of Mary’s Assumption a National French holiday, but her procession must be guarded by the Army.

“France is dead as a cohesive Judeo-Christian Nation”

Ottawa archbishop condemns Satanic black mass as ‘vile’ and ‘hateful’

DC’s Abp. Gregory Talks Sex Abuse, Transgenderism, Trump

Deaf victims at trial of ‘demonic’ Argentine priests recount decades of sexual abuse

Accused Priest Speaks Out

Defrocked Priest Is the Primary Influence of Amazon Synod

The Day of Reckoning Has Arrived

Beijing Holds ‘Patriotic’ Indoctrination Course for Catholic Priests


President Trump Nominates Pro-Life Attorney Sarah Pitlyk to Become a Federal Judge

Sorry, VICE. Abortionists’ own words prove this Live Action abortion video is accurate

Warren Buffet Financed Company That Developed the Dangerous Abortion Pill

WIN: Judge says Students for Life was unfairly denied student fees for pro-life event

Banned: Car Ad Showing Men Working, Woman Raising Child ‘Likely to Cause Harm’

CNN Gets Religious: ‘Nothing About Christ’s Words’ Align with Trump

New Universal Movie Portrays 6th Graders Playing With Sex Toys

California To Become Yugoslavia

Guardian omits from AP story the fact that Temple Mount violence was begun by Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar”

What Does “Allahu Akbar” Mean?

Sexual Abuse At Boys & Girls Clubs, Hundreds Of Victims Identified

554-year-old Boys’ Cathedral Choir Sued for ‘Gender Bias’

Trump rule to nix Obama order forcing religious contractors to hire LGBT workers

This is tolerance? LGBT people have ZERO tolerance for other LGBT people if they own guns for self-defense                                                       8/16


St. Alipius

Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary

Holy Eucharist Adored at Faithful Catholic Colleges

Mary’s death and assumption: Beautiful thoughts from the saints

Burke: There are "Certainly" Indicators that Francis' Election Could Be Invalid

U.S. Cardinal: Document for Upcoming Vatican Synod 'Is an Apostasy'

US Bishops, Catholic Relief Services squeal over billions 'unobligated funds' frozen

Evil Bishops Looking to Magnify Their Power by Attacking Trump and Bringing in New Democrat Voters


Building The Fortifications

Heroism and priesthood, Dachau and Amazonia

Amazon Synod Theologian Pushes Leftist Ideology

Streets surrounding Notre Dame sealed off for lead decontamination

Satanic Temple in Ottawa plans to hold first black mass in Canada August 17

Chinese media repeat smears against Hong Kong Catholics

Pro-Life Film 'Unplanned' Goes Gangbusters, Hits Amazon Best-Seller List on Release

Why does the left say NOTHING about the thousands of children murdered in abortions, but then screams bloody murder when a mass shooting takes place?

Volkswagen Commercial Banned in UK Because it Shows Woman Caring For a Baby

Japan Temple: Robot Takes Over Role As Buddhist Priest

As Muslims Flood Europe, Attacks Against Christianity Spike to Unforeseen Heights

Pakistan: “Every year at least a thousand girls are kidnapped, raped, and forced to convert to Islam”

CALIF State Board of Education Says Proposed Antisemitic, Pro-Jihad Curriculum Will ‘Be Substantially Redesigned

Two Priests Leave Ministry for Their Homosexual Relationship

Meanwhile, this is what LGBTQ organizations are doing to society                        8/15


St. Maximilian Kolbe

Eucharistic Miracle In Paraguay?

The Shroud of Turin: Latest Study Deepens Mystery

The plague of lukewarm Catholicism - Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Catholic Polish Teen, Christian Cross Held High, Defies LGBT Pride March

Cardinal Zen: Our freedom of speech is already starting to be controlled from all sides

Hungarian Bishops Come to Defense of Embattled Polish Archbishop

Ex-Seminarian makes revelations about Francis’ Homosexual Protégé

New York Dioceses Brace for Hundreds of Lawsuits

Best-Selling ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ Author J.D. Vance Becomes Catholic “I became persuaded over time that Catholicism was true.”

Waterloo Of Boomer Catholics

Fewer Catholics but more income for German church

Knights of Columbus Pledge $250K at Migrants on Southern Border

‘Unplanned,’ the movie changing hearts and minds on abortion, out on DVD this week

Baptist, Presbyterian Pastors Claim Christians Can Support Killing Babies in Abortions

Planned Parenthood HQ Has Injured 8 Women in Botched Abortions This Year

These inspiring abortion survivors prove that life has value from its very beginning

Teen Vogue Uses Snapchat to Instruct Teens How to Hide Abortions From Their Parents

Catholics march for peace in Hong Kong as tensions escalate

"Family" Apprehensions at Border Up 450% in 2019

Police Say Knifeman Who Yelled “Allahu Akbar” Motivated by “Mental Health Issues”

'Fall Armyworm' Invades China; Wreaks Havoc On Agriculture Lands

Activists Want to Expand Assisted Suicide to Allow Euthanizing Alzheimer’s Patients

Thousands of Catholics Rally to Defend Archbishop Against LGBT Attacks

Dad horrified as public school convinces daughter she’s a ‘boy’…and he can’t stop it

Drive-in sex booths proposed for historic Berlin airport                                         8/14


St. Hippolytus

Saints Pontian and Hippolytus

‘Miraculous’ Icon in Windsor, Ontario

Single father in New York City has fostered more than 50 young men

Mom Snaps Picture of Kids Praying Together on the First Day of School Just Hours After Losing Home

WATCH: Young Man’s Defiant Stand with Crucifix Against LGBT March Goes Viral

The Reality in the Amazon Contradicts Amazon Synod Romanticism

Is Francis's Amazon Synod about "Nazi Ecology," Nazi "Volkgeist" & "Pre-Christian Beliefs, Half-Baked Catechism Precepts, and Outright Superstitions"?

Heretic Pope of Terror: Doors ‘Must Be Opened, Not Closed’ to Muslim invaders of Europe. It's your 'Christian duty', see?

Are Bishops Stoking Civil War?

200 Bishops Want Marxist as Amazon Synod’s „Patron Saint“

Polish Church rejects calls for wider LGBT rights

Apple bans LifeSiteNews, just like it banned NaturalNews: All pro-life publishers are accused of “intolerance”

Minister Claims Killing Babies in Abortions “Can be a Morally Good Choice”

Former abortionist: ‘The bigger the better’ when it came to aborting preborn children

Human-animal hybrids now legal to grow in Japan… total HELL of GMO biologicals coming soon

UK: Going Easy on ISIS Terrorists, Hard on Those Who Fought Them?

A teacher exposes the LGBT agenda coming into in elementary schools

New LGBT tactic surfaces s “wax my balls” man pretends to be a lesbian woman, seeks sex with underage girls

Modesto, California Denies Permit for Straight Pride Parade                                8/13


St. Michael My

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal


Powerful Men Named in Sex Ring

Boy Scouts Face Sex Abuse Allegations

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Signs Bill to Ban Abortions When Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins

Woman Says, I Had an Abortion So I Could Buy My Son More Toys

Battle for the Soul of Poland

Former Miss Iraq: Ilhan Omar Trying to Push Sharia Law on U.S.

Morocco: Muslim elementary school teacher says Belgian volunteers “should be beheaded” because “they work in shorts”

Cameroon: Muslims cut off the ears of women in Christian village

Illinois Guv Mandates LGBT History Curriculum for Public Schools

WATCH: Transgender Genitalia-Waxing Activist Files Complaint Against Restaurant For Alleged Discrimination; Restaurant Denies

Mayor Pete Buttigieg at Notre Dame — ‘Friends in High Places’                         8/12


St. Clare

St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr

St Bridget, "The pope who abolishes celibacy will go to hell"

Why do so few US Catholics believe in the Real Presence? Look at the liturgy

Faithless Francis grants extensive interview to praise the EU and lie about his evil Synod-- God left unmentioned

Catholic Cardinal: Pro-Abortion Politicians “May Not Present Themselves to Receive Holy Communion”

Chicago Archdiocese Pays $8 Million to Settle Abuse Case Out of Court

Burke: "Tremendous Confusion" in Church Produces "Division"

Catholic Bishop: Fighting Abortion is the “Most Important Human Rights Issue of Our Time”

Guam Archdiocese Hit by 200+ Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Amazonian Wedding Shows Face Of Francis Church

The Anti-Christian Genocide the West Forgot

Hungary Sounds Alarm on Persecuted Christians Worldwide

When Religious Bigotry is Repackaged as #ChristianPrivilege

Trump administration sets deadlines for Title X recipients to separate abortion from other services

Google Accused of Pregnancy Discrimination, Employee Told Maternity Leave Would “Stress the Team”

Sick: First assisted suicide in Australian state of Victoria called ‘an historic moment’

Doctor Cleared of Wrongdoing After Sneaking Into Nursing Home to Euthanize Patient

Feds Investigate Connecticut Athletics For Letting Boys Compete With Girls

YouTube silences teenage girl with 1M followers after she blasts LGBT ‘pride’

Homosexual Orgasm Celebrated in Montreal Church (Video)                                        8/11


St. Edith Stein

Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Shocked, shocked! On Catholics and belief in the Real Presence

Polish Bishops Denounce ‘Ideological Totalitarianism’ of LGBT Lobby

Iraqi Archbishop: ‘Extinction Is Coming’ for Christians in Middle East

Ancient Church of the Apostles Uncovered Near Sea of Galilee

Paper Catholics: Please, No Illusions About Africa

Foxes at Temple Mount: Prophetic Proof Jerusalem Returning to Glory

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Niece Alveda King: “President Trump is Not a Racist!”

Renowned Yale Professor Quits Darwin

Researchers: Crumbling family structures are contributing to mass shootings

Trump Admin Stands Up for Unborn Babies at the UN, Abortion Activists Come Unhinged

de Blasio: Abortion a ‘Sacred Choice’

You Can’t be Morally Opposed to Abortion But Still Support Legal Abortions

Obama-Era Rule Penalizes Those Who Refuse to Participate in Abortion

Report: Religious Freedom in China at 40-Year Low

Alinsky, Islam And Radical Rules


Sikhs Ask Media to Stop Calling Pakistani Muslim Rape Gangs ‘Asian’

YouTube follows Amazon, blacklists ‘Killing Europe’ Islam documentary

Drag Queen Teaches Sex Dance to Children: ‘Crouch Down’ and ‘Move Your Bum Up and Down’

The LGBT mafia turns schools into cult indoctrination centers; all students who challenge transgenderism will be expelled and blocked from receiving an education

Pride and prejudice: Poland at war over gay rights before vote                                    8/9


This Eucharistic Miracle Continues To Draw Pilgrims 770 Years Later

Purgatory in the Bible

Saint Dominic Interview: Francis Is a Logical Consequence of Modernism

On Hell: Clarity Is Mercy in an Age of “Dare We Hope”

Francis Removes Nephew of Whistleblower Viganò

JPII Institute VP Warns: ‘More Here at Stake Than Just an Institution’s Survival’

NY Attorney Has 515 Lawsuits Ready to Go Against the Diocese of Albany

Obama HHS Abortion Mandate Loses in Court, Can’t Force Christian Businesses to Fund Abortions

St. Louis Archdiocese Cost Efficiencies Hit Respect Life Apostolate

Jesuits defend Honduran priest whose radio station runs pro-abort views

Elizabeth Warren Compared Abortion to “Getting Your Tonsils Out”

China Erases ‘God,’ ‘Christ’ and ‘Bible’ in Western Classics for Kids

Poll: 9 in 10 Young Britons Believe Their Lives Have No Purpose

Irish Youth Leader Urged to Resign for Attending Conservative Conference in USA

WATCH: 11-year-old Boy Starts Viral #ElPasoChallenge To Spread Message Of Love (VIDEO)

WALSH: Yes, We Need To ‘Do Something’ About Mass Shootings. But That ‘Something’ Starts In The Home, Not Washington.

10 US reps write Army War College to oppose surrender to Muslim pressure group

Dance celebrating gay sexual behavior in church sanctuary shows what God sees in the hearts of many priests

When Religious Bigotry is Repackaged as #ChristianPrivilege

WATCH: Drag queen teaches kids to ‘twerk’ at library story hour                          8/8


Only 26% of US Catholics under 40 Believe in the Real Presence, and That’s No Accident

St. Cajetan

The oldest audio-visual recording of a pope is of Pope Leo XIII

Mother Teresa: If a Mother Can Kill Her Own Child, How Can We Tell Other People Not to Kill?

Viganò Points to 'strands of Marxism' in the Heart of the Church

Bishop Touts Denial of Communion to Pro-Abortion Politicians

WATCH: Polish archbishop decries LGBT ‘rainbow disease’ that’s spreading across country

Ex-President of John Paul II Institute: Francis Simply Throws Away People

US priest: Leaving God out of politics is ‘illogical, immoral, and un-American’

Why Is America Killing Itself? God Knows!

‘In God We Trust’ To Be Prominently Displayed in Every South Dakota Public School

AFRICA/EGYPT - The Egyptian government "legalizes" another 88 churches built without permits. The total number rises to 1109

Ohio Mass Shooter a Self-Described Pro-Satan “Leftist” Who Supported Elizabeth Warren and Antifa

U.S. archbishop says no to Catholic school celebrating Mass after refusing to fire gay ‘married’ teacher

Healed Homosexual Fights Now Against Gay Propaganda

More insanity from the APA, which claims group sex for pre-teens is “healthy”

Victoria’s Secret Hires Its First Transgender Model                                                   8/7


St. Addal

Dedication of Saint Mary Major Basilica

The Old Rite is Uniquely Religious

Nun Alleges Evidence Tampering in Case of Indian Bishop Charged with Rape

Bishops Walk Back Gun Control Demand

Nigerian Priests Protest Over Murder of Fellow Cleric

Fr. Perrone’s Suspension: A Political Hit Job

Scientist Who Studied Genetics Unveils Powerful Message About God


Pro-Life Movie 'Unplanned' Coming to Australia, Cancelled in Canada Despite Packed Theaters: 'Absurd'

Pro-Life Leaders Applaud Budget Deal, Judicial Nominees

Single Mom Who Rejected Abortion of Twins Graduates With Two Degrees

Democrat Dayton Shooter Photographed Wearing Satanic Patches

'One Million Moms' Boycotts Whole Foods Market for Sponsoring Drag Queen Hour

WILL THE SSPX GET THE MEMO ON THE BOY SCOUTS?                                           8/5


St. John Vianney

Dialogue According To Francis: “You Can Ask Us, But We Will Not Answer”

Yeah, the BoyLover Symbol Vestments Should Be Taken Seriously.


Archbishop of Krakow: Gay 'Rainbow Plague' Wants to 'Control Our Souls, Hearts and Minds'

Archbishop Gregory Opens Mouth And Inserts Both Feet


Spain: More Atheists Than Practicing Catholics

Canadian Jesuits admit being behind Toronto's "gay" church movement

Bakersfield Police ignored 95% of witnesses in Msgr. Craig Harrison investigation

Planned Parenthood, ACLU File Suit Against Missouri over Abortion Ban

Black Activist Says Abortion is the Real Racism: “We’re are Literally Killing Ourselves From the Inside Out”

New Fire in Crowley’s ‘Boleskine’ Exposes Plan By O.T.O. and British Intelligence to Establish the Ultimate Satanic Temple in Scotland

Like Nazi Germany: British Courts Decide Who May Live And Who Must Die

Physician-Assisted Suicide, Now Legal in New Jersey, Denies Humanity and Dignity

Washington State Assisted Suicides Jump 25%, Many Patients Experience Long and Painful Deaths

Facebook “glitch” allowed adult pedophiles to openly chat with underage children… was it really a glitch?

Transgender Male YouTuber Says ‘It’s Hard Navigating Periods as a Guy’

Polish Institute Sues Google for Blocking Film Criticizing LGBT Ideology                  8/4


St. Eusebius of Vercelli

SAINT FRANCIS and the SULTAN: All About Conversion to Christ, Not Ecumenical Dialogue

Viganò: ‘Christ is Absent’ From Amazon Synod Working Document

Exclusive: Important Analysis of Francis' Important Mexico Interview

Cdl. Dolan’s Lack of Transparency Leaves Children at Risk

Chile: Star Jesuit Discovered to Be “Abuser”

Hungary Will Give $33,000 Bonus to Married Couples Who Have Three Children

George Soros Will Spend More Than $20 Million to Defeat President Trump, Elect Pro-Abortion Democrats

CA Catholics Turn to Mary to Defeat Dangerous Abortion Bill

Abortion Clinic Loses $500,000 in Taxpayer Dollars After Trump Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding

This Bill Would Cut Very Important Religious Freedom Protections': The Truth About the 'Do No Harm Act'

World's first human-monkey hybrid grown in lab that is announced

Germany: Migrant who pushed random mother and child in front of upcoming train was considered an ‘EXAMPLE OF SUCCESSFUL INTEGRATION’

Canceling Mario Lopez                                                                       8/2


St. Alphonsus Marie Liguori

JP2 biographer: John Paul II Institute is being destroyed with ‘thuggery, brute force’

Financial Malaise in Vatican and No Solution?

Vigano: “What We Are Now Seeing is the Triumph of a 60-year-old Plan”

Homoerotic Archbishop Vs. St. John Paul II

Archaeologists Claim to Have Found ‘Church of the Apostles’ Near Sea of Galilee

Freemasons: "Notre Dame Should Be Profaned and Turned Into a Temple of Culture"

BREAKING: Apple News bans LifeSite without warning: says it ‘shows intolerance’

Abortion groups put out policy wish list: No parental consent, no Hyde amendment, more 'self-managed' abortion

Friends: Ole Miss student killed because she wouldn’t abort her baby

Pro-Lifers Protest Dems in Detroit

Texas Towns Are Creating Pro-Life Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn


Video: Six Christian Aid Workers Beg for Life in Video Aired by Muslim Terrorist Group

WALSH: You’re A Maniac If You Disagree With Mario Lopez’s Comments On Transgender Three-Year-Olds

Disney Features First Teenage Gay Couple In ‘Andi Mack’ Series Finale                      8/1


St. Ignatius Loyola

St. Peter Chrysologus, the Doctor of Short Homilies

A Surprise Encounter with Archbishop Vigano

....Trump Doubles Down on Baltimore Tweets After Abp. Lori Defends Democrats, Cries Racism

Crazy Church: Cardinal Cupich Celebrates Gay Crucifix

Cardinal Ortega is Dead -- For 35 Years Castro's Opponent

Uruguay archbishop waffles on pro-trans law as citizens vote on whether to repeal

The Amazon is not a Place of Divine Revelation

The Vandals sack Rome….again

Catholic Charities Losing Money for Contradicting the Faith

God’s Take on Abortion: “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”

Every Democrat Running for President Opposes a Bill to Stop Infanticide, Just 10% of Americans Agree

Georgia Abortions Have Dropped 20% as More Babies Saved From Abortion

Tour de France Winner Hugs Family and Makes Sign of the Cross After Big Win

Human-animal hybrid experiments set to begin

Nigeria: Kidnapped aid worker says Muslims killed Christian girl for refusing to renounce Christ

Illegal Alien Arrested For Child Rape Was Previously Arrested But Not Deported

Mario Lopez: ‘Dangerous’ For Children To Choose Their Gender                                 7/31


St. Peter Chrysologus

Blessed Solanus Casey

$105 Million Missing From Cdl. Cupich’s Educational Trust Fund


The gaying of Major League Baseball, and every other professional sports league, is almost complete

Pro-Life Democrats Move to Draft 2020 Candidate

Boris Johnson, new UK prime minister, is no pro-life or conservative hero

Aussie Children Taught to Reject Kisses, Hugs with Grandma

Sex & the City Creator Candace Bushnell Regrets Not Having Kids

Interfaith group warns against 'Christian nationalism'

Meet the ex–drag queen who now fights public libraries to save innocent kids

Trans Women’ Athletes Hold ‘Intolerable’ Advantage over Biological Females               7/30


St. Martha

Pew report: Only half of America’s Catholics know what the Church teaches about Communion 

A Tale of Two Popes: Nationalism or Globalism? Stark difference between John Paul II and Francis


Bishop Strickland to Fellow Bishops: Wake Up and Smell the Apostasy.

Catholic Bishops Accuse UK Gov’t of Abetting Climate Change

New Australian Tie-Bishop Wants to be “Welcoming” [For Gays Only]

Polish Priest: Those Who Pushed Communism Now Push Gender Ideology

Top Catholic Church Child Sex Abuse Whistle-Blower Calls It Quits: ‘I Can’t Do It Anymore’

SDakota to require 'In God We Trust' signs at public schools

Evangelical Megachurch Sued for $1+ Million in Child Sex Abuse Case

Amazon openly sells pedophilia products while banning books that try to help people overcome unwanted same-sex attraction

Community: 2019 Muslim Okay, Christian Forbidden as Google Keyword

Day of Mourning to Protest Extermination of Black Babies Through Abortion

Pro-life movie ‘Unplanned’ screened in front of Planned Parenthood’s ‘mega-abortion center’ in Washington, DC

Abortion Lobbyists Construct Billboards Outside Texas Town That Declared Itself ‘Sanctuary City For the Unborn’

Clinton Invited Epstein to WH Multiple Times; Was Thanked by Lady Rothschild

George Soros Funds Activists Pushing Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Worldwide

New Jersey’s Assisted Suicide Law to Allow Terminally Ill Patients ‘Right to Die’

Teens Who Brutally Beat Mentally Disabled 15-Year-Old Girl Will be Charged With Felony Assault

UK: Christian arrested for “racism” and “Islamophobia” for preaching to Muslims wins $2786 for wrongful arrest

Pakistan: Muslim kidnaps 14-year-old Christian girl, forces her to convert to Islam and marry him

Google Bans Catholic Speaker Matt Fradd’s Talk, Forbids Him From 'Addressing LGBT Issues'

APA Pushes ‘Healthy’ Group Sex for Pre-Teens as the New Normal                           7/29


St. Pantaleon

Blessed Antonio Lucci

Francis' Ambiguities Follow “A Plan”

Francis' Commissioners Kill Another Nunnery

New Report Confirms Bp. Malone’s ‘Deplorable’ Lack of Transparency

Gallup: 40% of Americans Believe in Creationism

Compromised CA Police Dept Lets Accused Priest Off the Hook

Mother Addicted to Opioids Planned to Abort Her Twin Babies, But a Pregnancy Center Helped Her

SHock: No Girl Births in Months in 123 India India Villages

Planned Parenthood is a $1.9 Billion Abortion Business, It Doesn’t Need One Dime of Taxpayer Money

New from the Squad: Free Abortions for Illegals!

NBC News has devolved into a radical left-wing SMEAR engine targeting conservative and Christian journalists

Epstein's Not The Only Predatory Sex Offender In The News: Here's How Shockingly Prevalent This Has Become

Tricky Business: Fed Death Penalty Making a Comeback

Amazon removes “Killing Europe” film about mass Muslim migration, citing “quality assurance” concerns

India: Muslims plotted to poison food offered in Hindu temple that is consumed by at least 40,000 devotees

CHILD ABUSE: School Takes Children to Feminist “Art” Exhibit – Kids Get Flashed by Radical Female LGBT Activist (VIDEO)

Dumbing down the population: Study finds that transgender hormone treatments lower IQ

Mother Whose ‘Transgender’ Son Was Given Drugs and Surgery Without Her Consent Takes Lawsuit to Supreme Court                                                               7/27


Sts. Joachim and Anne

Take a pilgrimage to one of these sites where Eucharistic miracles took place

Truth-telling Vatican news magazine defends faith, exposes liberal clergy

Questions Persist About Vatican Finances, Real Estate

Catholics Demand Investigation of Msgr. Walter Rossi Evidence of a double life as active homosexual, lack of transparency in finances

Iraqi Cardinal Warns of ‘Christianophobia’ in E.U.

Author Responds to SSPX Allegations of Dishonesty


Transformed in Christ: Crystal Cathedral is now the seat of California’s most diverse Orange Diocese   ???

The Vortex — Total Whitewash, Per Usual

Jesuits Rehabilitate Communism

450 Priests Protest Indian Cardinal’s Reinstatement

Literal Leaf Satanists

New Suicide Machine With Detachable Coffin Lets You Kill Yourself Anytime, Anywhere

Abortionist Uses Papayas to Train Students to Abort Babies: “It’s Even More Satisfying When It’s a Real Abortion”

Federal judge blocks Arkansas ban on late-term abortions, targeting Down syndrome babies

Professor Says Pro-Life Doctors Should be Forced to Refer Women for Abortions

New Autism Test Worries Pro-Life Advocates

Cultural FASCISM of the Left: To win a beauty contest, or play soccer, or keep your job, you now have to publicly signal hatred against all conservatives and Christians

Muslim Couple Who Underwent Government Deradicalization Program Were Suicide Bombers Behind Roman Catholic Cathedral, Killing Over 20 During Sunday Mass

Lessons for America From India’s War Against Illegal Muslim Migrants

Whole Foods now sponsoring perverted, pedo-linked “Drag Queen Story Hour” to indoctrinate children into the transgender pedo culture                                                         7/26


St. James the Greater

St. John Boste

AKITA: Another Conspiracy to Silence the Mother of God

SSPX Defends Sexual Predator

Press Release Concerning Church Militant Article Regarding the SSPX

NJ Bp. James Checchio Cozy With LGBT Activist Fr. James Martin

Only half of U.S. Catholics know Church teaching on Communion, study finds

Decadent Archdiocese: Baptismal Certificate With “Mother 1” and “Mother 2”

New Jersey bishop accused of covering-up priest’s gay sex abuse

Young Women Who Want To Be Nuns

America Essay Encourages Catholics to Embrace Communism

Faith-Based Org to Help Vets: Google Blocked ‘Christian’ Keyword in Ads

Biology Textbooks and Scientists Agree: Human Life Begins at Conception

800-900 Babies are Killed in Abortions Every Month in Ireland After It Legalized Abortion

Dem Ilhan Omar tweets endorsement of tax-funded abortions for illegal immigrants

President Trump Sends $1.5 Million to Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers After Cutting Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Funds

Planned Parenthood’s ‘Summer of Sex’: ‘Black Women Are Sexy and Sexual Entities’

Muslim Employers Accused of Raping and Torturing Christian Boy To Death

Former Disney Star, Who Was Molested as Child, Says She Is ‘Pansexual’

Exposing the fraudulent research that sparked the sexual revolution

This Is What Will Come After Transgender Revolution                            7/25                


THE INFANT of PRAGUE: Peace of the Divine Hands

St. Bridget of Sweden

St. Mary Magdalene

This Was the State of the Seminaries Under Benedict XVI

Bishop Bransfield Receives Slap on the Wrist from Rome

German Church in Free-Fall

Dallas Plans to Raise Tax on Parishes by 20% to Cover Rising Scandal Bill

Italy: Pro-Salvini Priest Says Borders Made Civilization

Knights of Columbus Dedicate $25 Million to Effort to Aid and Defend Victims of ISIS

SHOCK: Investigation Finds Every Single Girl in One India Region Was Killed in a Sex-Selection Abortion

UK Pro-Lifers Victorious as Nottingham University Reverses Verdict

Trump admin delays enforcement of rule slashing Planned Parenthood funding

Leana Wen: Planned Parenthood Fired Me Because “I Did Not Prioritize Abortion Enough”

Pregnant teen shot in face for refusing abortion survives, now has a healthy baby

Pence: Communist China Has Persecuted Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims for Decades

Feminist Writer: Children Shouldn’t “Belong” to Those Whose Genetics They Share

Miss Michigan Stripped of Crown for Refusing to Wear Muslim Hijab

Vatican Upgrades Shrine for Victims of Homosexuality

WALSH: A Trans Person Is Trying To Force Women To Wax Male Genitalia. Disturbing Messages Reveal True Motivations, Report Claims.

Man who identifies as ‘female’ asks city to approve LGBT pool party for ‘topless’ 12-year-olds, no parents

LGBT Activist Who Demands the ‘Right’ to Genital Wax is Planning a Topless Swimming Session for Underage Kids

Conservatives call on Amazon to bring back banned books on overcoming homosexuality

Library Deletes Pics of Drag Queen Inappropriately Touching Kids                          7/23


St. Lawrence of Brindisi

St. Margaret of Antioch

The New Franciscans of the Immaculata

Connecticut Catholic Church Vandalized With ‘Abolish ICE’ Graffiti

More Than 50 Altar Boys Vouch for Traditional Detroit Priest

Joe Biden Would Have His Justice Department Overturn Every Single Pro-Life Law Nationwide

Netflix Suffers Sharp Drop in Sales After Hardline Pro-Abortion Stance

Planned Parenthood advocates were saying with mockery a few years back that David Daleiden didn’t have a chance of winning their lawsuit against him; that this literally was David versus Goliath. They forgot one thing. David won.

Woman Took Her 89-Year-Old Aunt to the Hospital. Doctors Said She Had Pneumonia, Offered to Kill Her

Behind the Chiffon Curtain: Drag Queen Story Hours and Child Endangerment


UK Politician Who Pushed for Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Is Charged with 9 Counts of Child Sex Abuse

Whole Foods sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour to indoctrinate children with perversion, pedophilia and transgenderism

Drag Queen Reads ‘What Color Is Your Underwear?’ to Young Children                        7/21


St. Arsenius the Great

Saint Mary MacKillop

This Was the State of the Seminaries Under Benedict XVI

Cdl. Zen urges loyal Chinese Catholics to ‘fight’ for the faith amid worsening persecution

Head of Congregation of Religious Gives Insights — Why Attack Holy Franciscans of the Immaculate

Hard line communist Peruvian FrancisCardinal Pedro Barreto defends Amazon Liberation Theology synod agenda after Catholic attacks by Müller, Brandmüller

MN Diocese Pays Out $5 Million in Sex Abuse Claims

‘Hope is Back’: Trump Helps Save Christians, Yazidis in Iraq from Extinction


SHOCK VIDEO: Unhinged Woman Violently Pushes Catholic Priest Off Stage in Sneak Attack During Mass in Front of 50,000

Report: Notre Dame Security Guard Delayed Fire Response

U.S. withholds contribution to United Nations Population Fund for the third year in a row, the expected $32.5 million will instead be transferred to programs in line with the Mexico City policy

Planned Parenthood Forgoes Federal Funding over Trump Admin Rule

WATCH: ‘Californabortion’ Sketch Takes On California Priorities

BREAKING: UK Parliament votes to impose abortion on Northern Ireland

Abortion Industry Doubles Down in Face of Obstacles

Planned Parenthood Shakeup: ‘Desperate Attempt to Regain Political Power’

Lawsuit: City of Boston prohibits raising a Christian flag while flying 284 other flags

AtlanticMag: The Future of the City Is Childless

Christian Soccer Star Who Refused to Celebrate LGBT Agenda Was Kept Off of U.S. Women’s Team, Report Says                                                                        7/19


St. Frederick

Saint Camillus de Lellis

Exclusive Interview: Cdl. Joseph Zen

THE FIRST TRADITIONALISTS: From Nagasaki to the Vendée

Catholicism: then and now

It’s Satanists, not Muslims, who are desecrating Catholic churches across France: legal expert

Retreat for Gay Priests Poised to Rebuke Celibacy

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF XAVIER: Interviewing a Missionary Priest

“Hate Speech”: Facebook Deletes Post Quoting Peaceful Catholic Theologian

President Trump Again Defunds UNFPA, Which Promotes Abortion and Population Control

Coca-Cola, Xerox, and other major corporations are now proudly announcing no more donations to Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s Interim President: Christians Can Support Abortions

Ted Cruz Slams Google for Censoring Pro-Life Conservatives: Our Views are Not “Hate Speech”

Battle Escalates Over Northern Ireland Abortion, Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Bill

WALSH: I Asked A Left-Wing Doctor To Define The Word ‘Man.’ He Couldn’t Do It.       7/18


Carmelite Nuns of Compiegne

Saint Francis Solano

Francis Effect: Italians Stop Supporting the Church

Another Shot Fired at Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga and at Francis


Trump Admin Implements “Protect Life Rule” to Block Abortion Referrals at Taxpayer-Funded Family Planning Clinics

Planned Parenthood Won’t Comply With Trump’s Pro-Life Rule, Will Lose $60 Million in Tax Dollars

Planned Parenthood Fires President Leana Wen in ‘Secret Meeting’

Pastor to Levin: 'Our nation today is getting away from anything that looks like righteousness'

UK Doctors Pulling Plug on Another Child

VIDEO: Leftist legal org coaches schools on getting students secret abortions

BBC’s Islamic propaganda: UK TV show features character converting to Islam “and its positive impact on his life”

How America’s largest union is destroying our country, beginning with schools

France: Muslim who murdered Jewish woman while screaming “Allahu akbar” not responsible because he smoked marijuana

American Woman Loses Custody Of 4-Year-Old Daughter Because She Might Not Raise Child In Islamic Traditions

Google Shuts Down Anti-Porn Presentation by Catholic

Women’s Soccer: Christian Called ‘Homophobic’ by Woke Teammate


Our Lady of Mount Carmel

St. Carmen

Francis already applying his 'disasterous' curial reform document. Here are two chapters


Another Shot Fired at Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga and at Francis

DC Archdiocese Stays Silent on McCarrick Money Trail

Special Report — Corrupt Homosexual Mafia

'Why Catholicism is unique'

...Catholic News Service publishes video with a gay activist nun pushing homosexuality as part of the gay agenda of the Amazon Synod

Trump’s ‘Family First’ Law Is About To Deal A Blow To The Government Child Removal Racket

Mother Changes Her Mind Midway Through the Abortion, Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy

Unplanned smashes Canadian box-office expectations on opening weekend

Pro-Lifers Lambaste NEA for Ardent Pro-Abortion Stance

Abortion Activists Threaten to Rape, Assault Pro-Lifer Lawmaker After She Votes Against Abortion

Ann Coulter: Something ‘MUCH BIGGER’ Behind Epstein’s Child Sex Network

Pro-Life leaders tell White House summit of online censorship

Major Pro-Life Victory: Judge Upholds Ban on Abortion Procedure in Oklahoma

US Judge Unseals Prince Andrew’s ‘Sex Slave’ Documents Related to Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein

Amazon Sells How-To Suicide Books But Yanks Gay Reparative Therapy Guides          7/16


St. Kateri Tekakwitha

Pope Francis condemns Catholic "Fanatics" about doctrinal clarity

No Answers from Washington Archdiocese About McCarrick’s Money

Three Priests Sue Diocese for Being Included in Controversial List of “Abusers”

Germany: Feminist Liturgical Dance Will Make You Wet your Pants

This is Not Mythology': Archaeologists Dig Up the Bible at Ancient City of Shiloh

National Education Association reps show support for abortion, ‘white fragility’

2 priests, 2 pro-life activists arrested trying to save babies inside New Jersey abortion center

9th Circuit hands pro-life win to Trump

Doctor Loses Medical License After Attempting to Force Patient to Have Abortion

In the trenches of New York City’s ongoing abortion war

Court Rules President Trump Can Defund Planned Parenthood, Will Cut Almost $60 Million in Taxpayer Funding

Vincent Lambert is tragically gone, but the legal and spiritual battles will continue

African Migrants Turned Church Into Base to Deal Heroin

University investigates feminist grad student for saying men can’t become women

Rebellion Against God': Christian Doctor Loses Government Job After Refusing to Embrace Transgender Pronouns

Google-owned YouTube now promoting pedophilia with its new “fairness” algorithms    7/14


St. Henry

Inside Notre Dame | The Story of God the Crown of Thorns

A First Look at the Restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris

Archbishop of Turin Celebrates Immemorial Mass at Mercy Brothers Church

RTV in TOKYO: Traditional Catholicism in Japan

Colombian Bishop Is Taking To The Skies To Exorcise Entire City

Polish Bishops Are Serious About Training Exorcists

Bishops Warn of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Witchcraft


Spontaneous combustion of Christian Churches in France

Abolishing America's Greatest Evil with Father Frank Pavone and Dr Taylor Marshall

Sister in Full Habit Chases Away Beautiful Pro-Lifers, Calls Police

Judge Upholds Oklahoma Law Banning Dismemberment Abortions That Tear Off Babies’ Limbs

UK mom wishes she could have aborted 4-year-old, sues govt for ‘wrongful birth’

‘Unplanned’ opens Friday in 53 Canadian theaters despite backlash

Trump’s Judicial Nominees Yielding Pro-Life Victories

Watch: Woman Assaults Pro-Life Activist at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Doctors Said Boy With Rare Disorder Wouldn’t Survive. Grayson Just Turned 6

Hungarian leader forming new alliances with Baltic States to protect Christian values against mass Muslim migration

Muslims bomb church, 11 Christians dead in Syria

Germany: Half of all Germans “perceive Islam as a threat”

Ex-gays rip Amazon for banning reparative therapy books, keeping pro-suicide books

Transgender Priest Who Abandoned Catholicism to Become a Woman: ‘I’ve Still Got God’s Support’

Detroit Clergy Flaunt Friendship With Disgraced Homosexual Archbishop

Sweden: Police Struggle to Prosecute Pedophiles on ‘Sugar Baby’ Sites



St. Benedict of Nursia

SCANDAL in the AMAZON: Faithful Catholics vs. the Vatican

Dutch diocese fires priest who proclaimed his homosexuality to parish

Chicago Archdiocese’s Immigration Program Funded by Leftists 'This is evidence of the Church being part and parcel of a political party'

What McCarrick Investigation? Key witnesses, victims and whistleblowers have not been interviewed

Bernstein: Anti-Christian Attacks in France Quietly Quadrupled. Why?

Archaeologists Uncover Evidence of Biblical Story of David

WATCH: Church Pays Off Millions In Medical Debt For 6,500 Families

Orbán Looks To Alliance on Migration, Christian Values With Baltic States

Cuban pastor imprisoned for homeschooling his children transferred to a maximum security cell

Liberal Washington Post and ABC News Falsely Claim Americans Support Abortion. Here’s the Truth

Abortion ‘Fundamental’ Right, Says Teachers’ Mega-Union

Catholic School Fires Teacher After She Repeatedly Promotes Abortion on Facebook

“Unplanned” Movie Directors: Pro-Lifers Must Stand Against Social Media Censorship

Google exposes itself as pro-pedophilia, pro-child abuse by opposing sex trafficking laws that would protect children

Islamic Republic of Iran arrests 8 converts to Christianity, sends them to solitary confinement

Singer Ariana Grande Defends Performing Sexual Songs for 9-Year-Old Kids

Thousands Protest Infiltration of Gender Ideology Into Dominican Republic

Social Justice: Our New Civil Religion

Is This ‘Liberalism’?

Can we slow the speeding ‘Trans’ train?                                         7/11


Bl. Emmanuel Ruiz

Saint Veronica Giuliani

July 9, 2019—Viganò: Francis Burying Abuse

The Spirit of Paganism Looms over the Amazon Synod

Pope Francis’ History of Cover-Up

Is Bishop Barron in the "Conservative" Wing of the Bernardin/Gregory Gay Mafia?

NY Priest and LGBT Advocate Sacked for Sexual Misconduct

Catholic ‘Deplorables’

California bill forcing priests to violate the seal of confession withdrawn

Cineplex Chief Tells Protesters Against Pro-Life Film ‘Unplanned’: We're Running It

Planned Parenthood Closes Arkansas Abortion Facility, Can’t Find a New Building to Kill Babies In

Mark Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Interfered in Political Speech Before Irish Abortion Vote

Chinese Communist Party Ramps Up Persecution Of Christians

WATCH: Islam, The Hoover Institution, and The Treason of the Intellectuals

Minnesota public school parents get “Equity Survey” from Muslim group that warns against “Christian Privilege”

California Adopts Planned Parenthood Program Pushing Sex on Kids as Young as 5 or 6

Christian doctor sues UK gov’t after he was fired for refusing to use transgender pronouns

Canadian pastors being arrested for preaching the Gospel while broadcasters remain free to exploit “drag” children to advance LGBT agenda

Ruth Institute: MTV is 'Selling Gender Confusion,' People Can't Change 'Their Sex'           7/10


The Need to have Devotion to Our Lady

St. Veronica Giuliani

Saint Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions

Francis Destroys Familia Christi: All But Priests Have To Leave The Order

Archbishop Viganò: Pope, Vatican Officials Covered Up Abuse

Faithless Unamerican Washington State FrancisBishops: Border crackdown on illegals is flawed, inhumane!

Austrian Bishops Want to Impose the Results of the Amazon Synod at Home

‘The Death of the True Faith’ in China

Chinese Christians Worship Freely for First Time in Taiwan

SSPX: French Catholicism is Tending to Fade More and More

Carmelite Prioress Sentenced to Prison – Fabricated Accusations

BREAKING: Cineplex explains decision to screen Abby Johnson’s ‘Unplanned’ in Canada

Video Catches ACLU Staffer Helping Students Obtain Abortions Without Parental Notification

New York becoming ‘haven’ for abortion tourism as other states pass pro-life laws

Dems embrace religion in campaign

Islamic Activist Linda Sarsour Sparks Backlash After Claiming Jesus Was Palestinian

Homofascists Force Amazon to Ban Catholic Clinician’s Books on Reparative Therapy

ANGRY ANTIFA DRAG QUEENS Surround and Threaten Pro-Trump Journalist Alicia Powe at DC Rally (VIDEO)

10-Year-Olds Say They Were Suspended After Asking To Be Excused from LGBT Lesson     7/9


Bl. Ralph Milner

Blessed Emmanuel Ruiz and Companions

Viganò criticizes Pope Francis’ handling of abuse allegations

A Pope Too Many. Does Pope Francis Have a Mutiny on his hands


Socci: Even Francis contradicted Team Francis when he admitted Benedict was Emeritus Pope & "has not Abandoned the Office of Peter"

The miracle that set Archbishop Sheen on the path to beatification

Bye-bye Tom

Death Threats to Theater Owners Screening Pro-Life Film

Abortion Might Not Cut Crime Rates After All

Muslim Migrant tells Swedish TV Anchor He Moved to Europe to Fight Jihad, for Islamic Takeover of Sweden, And He Lives Off Welfare Jizya

LGBTQ Reporter: Castro, Dems Not Woke Enough on Abortion Rights for ‘Trans Men’

Canada Arrests Christian Pastors While State Media Promotes Child Drag Queens           7/7


St. Maria Goretti

Blessed Emmanuel Ruiz and Companions

Francis and the spirit of New Age ecology


Cdl. Zen warns Pope Francis that Vatican directives for China church may lead to ‘death of true faith’

Viganò Backs George Neumayr

Influential Cardinal: Church in Front of “Epochal Change”, Must Choose “Way Forward”

French priest defrocked for abusing Scouts in landmark case

Laity Rebel Against Priest Who’s Says Abusers Must be Forgiven — Pastor Says Forgiveness Not Necessary

Bishop Attacks His Own Priest Who Signed Letter Denouncing Francis' Heresies

Child Protective Services Removes 4-Year Old Because Parents Wanted Him To Be Treated For Autism

Appeals Court Blocks President Trump’s Rule Defunding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Sen. Kamala Harris Awed by ‘Courage’ of Woman Who Had Abortion

UK forced abortion ruling: 22-week-old unborn baby ‘not a physical presence’

Alaska Supreme Court Forces State to Fund Abortions, Governor Cut Its Budget to Pay for Them

Muslims Burn Down Home of Counter-Jihad Politician at Mount of Olives, Jerusalem

Author: Sweden is Experiencing a “Small Scale War”

Swedish Politician Reported by Police for “Hate Speech” for Wanting to Deport Criminal Migrants.

Islamic Bloc Challenged Over Its Silence on Uighurs: ‘If They Truly Care About Muslims

UK government: “approximately 6,850 victims of organised child sexual exploitation in the UK in 2015”

Amazon bans books on gay ‘conversion therapy’. Is the Bible next?

 Priest in rainbow colors celebrates ‘pride’ Mass outside Stonewall Inn’s gay bar

Down Syndrome Drag Queens: The New Progressive Phenomenon

Moms expose library’s shocking ‘Youth Pride’ event: homosexuality, transgenderism, drag queens

CBC Accused of Sexualizing Children After Promoting ‘Drag Kids’ Documentary              7/6


St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria


The Ratzinger Circle of Alumni – A Bunch of Modernists?

Four Common Tactics Of The Devil

Anti-American Bishops

Elderly 68ers And Elderly Professional Catholics Gather to Defend Dismissed Diocesan Administrator

The Faith of Our Fathers: God and the American Revolution

“Moscow wants a pan-Orthodox meeting to overcome the Ukrainian crisis”

Vatican cemetery to be searched in decades-old missing girl case

Two Catholic Statues Decapitated in Ireland

“Unplanned” Movie Premiers in Theaters Across Canada Despite Censorship and Pro-Abortion Threats

Abortion is Racist: 61% of Babies Killed in Abortions in Georgia are African-American

GOP Lawmakers Ask HHS to Eliminate Abortion Charges

Sweden: Female Cops Told to Submit to Islamic State or Be Raped

Christian Student Kicked out of Uni for Gay Marriage Views Wins Latest Court Battle           7/5


St. Elizabeth of Portugal

New Viganò testimony: Vatican covered up allegations of sexual abuse of Pope’s altar boys

Viganò Calls out ‘Gay Mafia’

Francis' "Reform" Means Radical Centralization

US Bishops’ Agency Doubles Down on $750,000 Grant for Pro-LGBT Org

Pro-Gay Archbishop Likes “Inadvertently” Gay Propaganda

Red Government Crackdown on Catholic Pilgrimage Sites in China

KY Bishop John Stowe Aggressively Pushes LGBT Agenda

Catholicism and the American Founding

Washington Post Says Pro-Life Laws Protecting Babies From Abortion is Like Supporting Lynching

American Medical Association Turns Pro-Abortion, Sues to Overturn Pro-Life Laws

Judge Blocks Ohio ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Law

Abortion Activists Leave Fake Reviews on Google, Yelp to Make Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Look Bad

London: Baby Son of Pregnant Fatal Stabbing Victim Dies

Pro-Abortion Alaska Supreme Court Begs For Staff Allowances Back After Governor CUTS Their Budget

Disney’s Toy Story 4 praised by LGBT activists for lesbian moms scene

Disturbing Photos: Kids Lie on Man Dressed as Woman at Drag Queen Story Time

Over 11,000 have supported the Christian kids suspended for resisting LGBT indoctrination

Lawmakers Target Pentagon Pedophiles With Bipartisan Child Porn Bill

LGBT terror mob vandalizes Chick-fil-A as ‘Pride Month’ mercifully comes to an end         7/4


St. Thomas

Vatican: Seal of Confession always inviolable, despite civil law

Franciscan University of Steubenville to Host Cardinal Cupich

Francis Gone Crazy? Dumps Saint Peter's Relics to Schismatics

Holy See Urges Chinese Priests to Register With Communist Gov’t

Couples around the world offer to adopt newborn found abandoned in the woods

Clearly conscious quadriplegic man ‘cried’ when told France has ordered him to be starved to death

Caution urged as scientists look to create human-monkey chimeras

German Homeschooling Family Wins Back Custody of Children After Years of Struggle

HORROR! Three Babies were Born Alive after Abortions in Minnesota Last Year — Doctors Kept Them Comfortable, Then Left Them to Die

Sen. Rand Paul: GOP leadership won’t vote on defunding Planned Parenthood because ‘we might win’

Pro-abortion feminist ADMITS abortion ends a human life, but says it’s justifiable

Sen. Patty Murray: State Abortion Restrictions Are ‘Blatant and Cruel’ Effort to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Former Child Star: I Was Molested From Age 6 to 14 at Disney

Actual demonic energy now channeling out of drag queens as humans morph into creatures from hell, right in front of children

Texas Police Arrest 51 Pedophiles in Massive Child Sex Sting Operation

Reparation for Gay “Mass” Which Celebrated Homosexual Fornication

#PurpleforParents Defeats #RedforEd in Arizona State Board Victory on Sex Ed Standards

UK Headmistress Suspends Two 10-Year-Olds for ‘Homophobia’                         7/3


St. Bernardino Realino

How Francis Promoted the Lavender Mafia in Belgium

Pope Francis Lauds Trump-Kim Meeting as Example of ‘Culture of Encounter’

Pope Francis Has Appointed “Many“ Gay-Supportive Cardinals And Bishops

Bp. Malone Again Under Fire for Buffalo Mess

David ‘Vichy’ French Wants Christians to Surrender

13-Year-Old Boy Opened a Bakery to Give Pastries Away to the Homeless

‘People’s Veto’ Campaign Targets Maine Law Legalizing Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

Ninth Circuit Court says President Trump can defund Planned Parenthood – the time is NOW for taxpayers to stop paying for the murder of unborn babies

UK: Christmas and Halloween may soon become “outlawed” in Muslim dominated East London

Officials Link Six More Deaths to Illegal Alien and Mass Murderer Bill Chemirmir –Who Is Already Accused of Murdering 12 Elderly Women

UK based Muslim scholars: “demand fascist Israel be returned to Arabs”

Denmark: Third-grade non-Muslim children taught Islamic prayers, scream “Allahu akbar”

Female High School Athlete Claims Coach Retaliated Against Her Because Her Mother Complained About Transgender Policy

Antifa terrorists dox whistleblower moms trying to protect children from drag queen pedophiles

No Skirts: Bradford Schoolgirls Ordered to Wear ‘Gender Neutral’ Trousers               7/2


Enthronement of the Sacred Heart: The Spiritual Anchor of the Domestic Church

St. Junipero Serra

Impostor Abuse Victim Squeezes Money from Church – Francis Kisses His Hands

Church in China: Confusion and More Confusion

Orthodox Church in Russia Experiencing a Real Springtime

'Scandals' Didn't Stop This Protestant Couple from Embracing Catholicism

Texas Couple Fostered 173 Newborn Babies Over 36 Years

Here We Go Again: Christian Colorado Baker Sued By Radical Christian-Hating Leftists For THIRD Time (VIDEO)


Teen Mom Who Refused Abortion Is Now Helping Other Mothers Choose Life

UK Teacher Suspends Catholic Student for ‘Homophobia’

VIDEO: Turkish Police Use Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets to Disperse Gay Pride Parade in Istanbul

Condom Relay Races for 11-Year-Old Schoolgirls - CA Parents Outraged Over New Explicit Sex Lessons

Sex Magic: Teen Vogue‘s Latest Delusion for Young Girls                        7/1


The Sacred Heart of Jesus leads us from misery to mercy

St. Peter                  St. Paul

First Martyrs of the See of Rome

Viganò & Papanocchio: Who’s Telling the Lies?

Catholics Refusing to Give to Peter’s Pence Critics slam collection as 'Soros' Pence'

Francis to Germans: Church Stands Before „Fundamental Transformation Process“

Swiss bishop: Amazon Synod could ‘contaminate whole Mystical Body of Church…gravely damage it’

Cardinal Zen: New Vatican Guidelines Allow Joining Another Church

Special Report — Bernardin: Homosexual Predator Satanist

Cardinal Tagle on Traitors, Bernardin & McCarrick Connection PLUS Why Sunday Obligation?

US bishop promotes ‘celebration of Pride’ with prayer card, rainbow crucifix

Catholic Bishop Personally Escorts Migrants over US Border

A priest who 'visited' the afterlife

'Seeing is Believing': 10-Story Ark Encounter Attraction Replicates Noah's Boat to the Last Detail

Justice Thomas: “Nothing in the Constitution Prohibits Passing Laws Prohibiting Dismemberment of a Living Child”

ACLU, Planned Parenthood fight to stop Georgia’s six-week abortion ban from taking effect

Catholics face persecution, intolerance, violence from Muslims in “moderate” region known for its religious harmony

Christian in Algeria Sentenced for ‘Organizing Worship’ in His Home

Rio Grande drowning story doesn’t add up

Mom takes school to Human Rights Tribunal for traumatizing child with gender ideology

Not Banned in Boston: Beantown Allows Permit for Straight-Pride Parade

Gallup: Americans Radically Overestimate LGBT Population

Petition supports girls who don’t want to race boys who identify as ‘girls’                6/30


St. Irenaeus

PopeWatch: The Fix Is In

Cardinal critiques Amazon synod working doc as ‘heretical…apostasy’, urges bishops to ‘reject’ it

The Vortex — Hey, Cupich — Where Are the Documents?

Who Appointed the Scandal Bishops in Latin America?

Africa: Alarming Rise of Christian Persecution

Atheist College Professor dies and sees hell and demons. It changed his life, part 1

75% of Americans Oppose Democrats’ Agenda for Abortions Up to Birth at Taxpayer Expense

WOW! Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg BRAGS About Blocking Pro-Life Ads In Irish Elections (VIDEO)

Project Veritas Exposes YouTube for Electoral Manipulation Prior to Abortion Vote in Ireland

Alabama Attorney General Confirms There is No “Right” to Abortion in the Constitution

EPIC: Clint Eastwood Will Defy Hollywood’s Boycott And Film Next Movie In Georgia (VIDEO)

Ohio Removes Planned Parenthood Funding From Budget, Will Fund Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Instead

Watch the Bizarre Moment Dem Debater Exploded on Making Abortion Available for Men

$6.8 million settlement reached in Hanna Boys Center abuse lawsuit

Mali: Muslims murder 95 Christians, “no one was spared – women, children, elderly people”

Child Bride Warns Women About Life Under Islam: ‘No Rights, No Mercy’

Robert Spencer in FP: ‘Islamophobia’ Expert: Christianity ‘An Oppressive Political System Bent on Discrimination’

WATCH: Drag queen on all fours roars, growls incoherently at library ‘pride’ event for teens

Prince William: ‘Absolutely Fine by Me’ If His Children Were Gay, Transgender

Pastor faces unprecedented defrocking because of LGBT stance                          6/28


St. Cyril of Alexandria

The 100-year-old Franciscan who knew 6 saints in person

Francis Accepts Resignation of Bishop Who Openly Rebuked Him

The ‘Amazon Synod’: The Latest Outrage for Faithful Catholics

Goal of Amazon Synod Even Worse Than Expected

No sign of criminal cause in Notre-Dame fire, prosecutors say

South Korean Mass for peace attracts 20,000 faithful

Trump Defends Conscience Rights for Pro-Life Doctors, Little Sisters of the Poor. “We’re With Them”

Gallup Poll: 60% of Americans Want All or Most Abortions Made Illegal

Joe Biden Compliments the Courage of Woman Who Told Him She Had 3 Abortions

GoFundMe Raises Money For Abortion Groups

Raped at 18, This Brave Mother Kept Her Baby Instead of Having an Abortion

ASIA/TURKEY - Controversy over a Docu-film dedicated to the "Islamized" Armenians after the 1915 massacres

‘Islamophobia’ Expert: Christianity ‘An Oppressive Political System Bent on Discrimination’

Video: The truth about the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.

SHOCKING HONOR KILLING: Toronto Muslim neurosurgeon BRUTALLY beats doctor wife to death, stuffs her in suitcase because she wanted divorce

Antifa Attempts to Intimidate, Doxx Drag Queen Protesters

Doctor Sends BREATHTAKING Letter to Houston Mayor About ‘Gay Rights Parade’, & It’s Must Read

Teen Who Said There Are Two Genders Suspended from School                  6/27


St. Anthelm

Blessed Raymond Lull

Catholics bring Eucharist to US Supreme Court, Capitol as part of Corpus Christi procession

New Report Links Some of Pope Francis’ Goals With Communist Ideology

Bergoglian Ecclesiology: Right as Rainforest

Amazon Synod: Liberal Cardinals Held Conspirative Meeting

Catholic school parts ways with gay ‘married’ teacher, follows archbishop’s directives

Cupich Covers Up Bernardin Rape Charge, Falsely Claims All Allegations Reported

US Bishops Send $750K to LGBT-Promoting Ignatian Network

Australian Bishop: Pro-Life Movement Must Keep Focus on Abortion

US Priest Performs Exorcism Outside Irish Abortion Clinic

Bishop who led crusade to stop forced abortion for UK woman thanks God for overturned ruling

Why is Francis Catholic Media trying to Discredit "Team Francis['s]" Martel "Hit Job" on "their Conservative Enemies"?

First China, Now Russia To Create Gene-Edited Babies

Obama-appointed judge orders VidAngel to pay $62.4 million to Hollywood for trying to protect viewers from graphic, violent content on its streaming service

Pedophile & Convicted Child Porn Peddler Says ‘Desmond is Amazing’ is “Hot”

WATCH: Transgender Speaking Against Teaching Kids Gender Identity Triggers Alleged Antifa Member To Go Crazy

Paris honours LGBTQI+ icons by naming four central squares and streets after them

Psychological social engineers claim you are “dehumanizing” people if you refuse to date transgenders

Trans YOUTUBE star tries to change alt-right minds                                   6/26


The Eucharistic Miracle of St Juliana Falconieri

St. William of Vercelli

Blessed Jutta of Thuringia

Did God Express His Indignation Over Pope Francis?

On Corpus Christi Sunday, Bergoglio again refused to kneel!

Francis Does Not Believe in Christ's Multiplication of Loaves

English church misled L.A. archdiocese about pedophile

Monsignor Rossi Boots Me From D.C. Basilica on Corpus Christi Sunday

Father John F. O'Connor warned about Card. Bernardin and was punished

First Reactions of Teenage Boys to the Traditional Latin Mass

Asia, a continent of martyrs

Paula White-Cain: Donald Trump’s Spiritual Advisor on Faith, Policy, and the President

BREAKING: UK appeal court stops forced abortion for disabled woman

“Appalling” Pro-Life Ads on City Buses Removed After One Facebook Complaint

Twins Rescued Mid-Abortion After Brave Mother Changed Her Mind

WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Asked If Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics Are Like Concentration Camps For The Unborn

Historic Catholic Bell Removed from UC Santa Cruz After Being Deemed a ‘Racist’ Symbol

Police interrogate, collect DNA from French politician over ‘homophobic’ tweets

How Libraries Are Being Used to Corrupt Children

Poll: Discomfort with LGBTQ Americans rising among the young                              6/25


St. John the Baptist

St. Joseph Cafasso

The Blessed Sacrament: It’s either All or nothing

Heart Attacks for the Church and the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano

Again: Francis Ignores Kneeler In Front Of Blessed Sacrament (Video)

Cardinal Sarah Calls Francis Implicitly “False Prophet”

WATCH: Priest exorcises Irish abortion center to rid it of ‘demonic oppression’

Federally Funded Harvard Program Offers Humanized Mice Made With Aborted-Baby Parts for $800-$1,272

Media “Officially” and Wildly Exaggerates Participation at Gomorrist Parade

Elizabeth Warren Demands Reparations For Gay And Lesbian Couples                        6/24


The Blessed Sacrament: It’s either All or nothing

Saint John Fisher              St. Joseph Cafasso         Saint Thomas More

Peruvian expert in liberation theology reveals ‘scheme’ behind the Amazon Synod 

Pope Francis Sides with Those Hating the Church

Pope Calls for New Catholic Theological Curriculum – Teaching Students to View Muslims as Brothers

Explosive Dossier: Cardinal Cupich Under Investigation for Withholding Bernardin Documents

"Exorcist Course is Laughing Stock of Rome -- Only the Pope Takes This Stuff Seriously"

Barcelona Cardinal Investigated By Police After Having Defrocked Priest

PervChurch: 395 claims filed in Archdiocese of Santa Fe bankruptcy case

Cardinal Sarah: “We must rebuild the cathedral … We do not need to invent a new Church”

Pro-Francis Barron like all Semi-Heretical Bishops Spouts "Eloquent Ambiguity"; & a Prayer Request


The Dominican Priest John O'Connor, who was unjustly excommunicated, persecuted, and slandered by the Gay Mafia (which infiltrated inside the Church in the United States) denounced the homosexual predator Joseph Bernardin


2 Million People are Alive Today Because the Hyde Amendment Stops Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

Dr. Ben Carson: Yes, babies feel excruciating pain when they are being ripped apart during “barbaric” abortions

Missouri Rules Against St. Louis Planned Parenthood, Last Abortion Clinic In State

Wisconsin Gov Vetoes Bill to Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Born Alive After Abortions

Satanic Temple Member Opens Government Meeting in Alaska with “Hail Satan” – Prompting Officials to Walk Out

An examination of the Leftist cult and their religion

Mutant DNA-edited babies 'secretly born in China

Transgender School Shooter’s Motive Was to Kill People Who Insulted Him

Transgender Illegal Aliens Get Special Treatment, Hormone Therapy Under Policy Issued by Trump’s Border Czar

LGBT Mafia Vandalizes Church with Pro-Gay, Anti-Trump Messages

Child’s Profile on Gay Sex Site Got Offers from Over 100 Men, Pride Activist in Sex Sting

“Social justice” homosexuals actively working to contaminate the blood donor supply with blood-borne diseases, claiming safety is “discrimination”

State Expands Medicaid to Cover Gender Reassignment Surgeries for Minors                 6/23


Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

Bergoglio Church’s Amazon Synod Propagates Returns to Paganism

Vatican Amazonia Summit Framed Around ‘Ecology’

Cdl. Burke: Relaxing priestly celibacy for Amazon region would affect universal Church

Maronite Cardinal Warns Against Abolishing Celibacy

Cardinal Cupich Under Investigation Closing in on Corruption & Cover-up

“Conservative” Cardinal Forbids Prayer in Reparation for Gay March

Paprocki vs. Cupich on Communion for Pro-Abortion Politicians: Who’s Right?

Fr John Corrigan: Lessons learned from an exorcism course

The Download — Homopredators Still Operative

First Reactions of Teenage Boys to the Traditional Latin Mass

Indianapolis archbishop revokes Jesuit prep school’s Catholic identity

New Scientific Study Proves Human Life Begins at Conception

BREAKING: Court rules Trump admin can ax Planned Parenthood funding, as much as $60 million

Rhode Island Passes 'Abortion Until Birth' Bill; Senator: 'We Will All Be Accountable To God'

National Poll: 58% of Americans Want All or Almost All Abortions Made Illegal

Missouri judge seals abortion injuries record to protect Planned Parenthood

Pittsburgh: Muslim migrant arrested for plot to commit jihad massacre at a church

South Carolina: Man converts to Islam, plants bombs disguised as teddy bears for children to find

LGBT ‘pride’ parade advocates say children like to see ‘nakedness’ and ‘kink’

Man raised by lesbians warns Americans to fight against Equality Act

Teen Vogue pushes sex work, anal sex on children

Catholic school in Ireland will allow boy students to wear skirts                     6/21


St. Vincent Kaun

Saint Paulinus of Nola

Vatican Gender Document Full Of "Ambiguous" and "Sentimental" Formulations

Pope Appeals To Global Warming Deniers, Asks For Carbon Pricing

Vatican joins Orthodox, Protestants to proclaim environmentalist ‘Season of Creation’

The Amazon Synod’s Long Game Is More Radical Than You Think

Faithful Rebel Against Bad Bishops

From the grave. St. John Paul II backs Father Chisolm against Archcoward of Kingston, the homosexualist Mulhall

Viganò’s Washington Post interview

The Download — Gay lergy Correlation

VidAngel Ordered to Pay $62 Million to Hollywood for Editing Violent and Sexual Content

Unhinged Liberal Bishop Tells Congress White People Need to Pay Reparations to Save Their Souls

Democrats Pass Bill Forcing Americans to Fund International Planned Parenthood

Why is a Court Covering Up Info About 74 Botched Abortions at One Planned Parenthood Clinic?

Sanctuary city Seattle: Illegal immigrant rapes wheelchair-bound woman, serves 1 day after sentencing, locates his disabled victim and brutally assaults her AGAIN

Syrian Refugee Arrested in Plot to Blow up Church on Behalf of ISIS

‘500 Mom Strong’ group leads rally against Drag Queen Story Hour

Teacher traumatizes 6-year-old by telling her ‘there is no such thing as boys and girls’

Public education in America has sunk so low it is now nearly indistinguishable from pedophilia indoctrination

First Libraries, Now Christian Churches Are Being Infiltrated by ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

Man Charged with Hate Crime for Burning Pride Flag in Iowa – While Protester Awarded $225,000 for Burning US Flag in Cleveland

IAAF Finally Admits Women’s Champion Caster Semenya Is Biologically Male and Has to Lower Her Testosterone                                                              6/20


St. Romuald

Did Parolin Threaten Nuncios that they might end up like Pell & was the Mafia Involved?

Viganò: Complaints of Homosexual Abuse Filed Against Msgr. Walter Rossi

Viganò: Bp. Bransfield a ‘Perfect Example’ of Gay Mafia in the Church

Catholic Bishop: Abortion Should Be A Voter's Top Priority

Argentinean Archbishop: Voting for Pro-Abortion Politicians Is "Mortal Sin"

Bp. Strickland demands that laypeople be allowed to investigate abuser bishops

Exclusive Interview: Fr. Paul Sullins The link between gay clergy and sex abuse

Radical Modernist Wrote Amazon Synod Working Document

Episcopal Secretary “Likes” Gay Pride

UK bishops apologize for Catholics defending traditional teachings on sex and gender

AMEN! Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Opens Rally with Prayer: “A Demonic Network Has Been United Against Trump” Let It be Broken in the Name of Jesus

Clarence Thomas says Supreme Court shouldn’t follow ‘erroneous precedent,’ possibly upending Roe

Black Pro-Life Democrat: Abortion Is ‘Genocide’

VT’s GOP Gov. Signs Law Making Abortion a ‘Fundamental Human Right,’ Abortion Up To Birth

If you’re pro-life, best not apply to be a judge

Heartbreaking video: Dad begs for his baby’s life as mom goes in for the abortion

Psychology Today: People Refusing To Date Transgenders Is ‘Dehumanizing’

Hundreds of Polish Catholics protect children’s pilgrimage from LGBT marchers

Supreme Court Throws Out Ruling Against Oregon Bakery over Lesbian Cake

The Left Is Turning on Nicholas Sparks for Refusing to Allow an LGBT Club at a Christian School

High School Girls File Federal Discrimination Complaint After Transgender Sprinters Win 1st and 2nd Place at Connecticut Girls Indoor Championships                                    6/19


St. Gregory Barbarigo

Venerable Matt Talbot

Vatican’s Amazon Synod to discuss allowing married priests, letting bishops ‘adapt’ Mass

Hong Kong Cardinal asks for prayers, condemns violence

Cardinal Ravasi Hypocrotically Attacks Salvini for Empty Gestures — He Forgets His Own Fabulous Gestures

Checks Flying Around American Bishops Seems to be “Normal Practice”

Kingston's new Archbishop Mulhall proves himself to be a trembling coward! And you thought he was one of the "good ones."

Bishop Paprocki Calls on Catholic Politicians to Take Sides

Fr. Paul Kalchik Speaking From His Hiding Place

The Download — Exposing Church Corruption

Crenshaw Reveals God-Given Miracle That Saved Him from 'Living in a Nightmare' After Eye Injury

The anti-Christian left’s power in America is growing

Orbán: New EU Leadership Must Respect Nations and Christian Culture

Unborn Babies are Being Extracted From Their Mother’s Wombs Alive to Have Their Livers Harvested

Melinda Gates Champions Population Control In Third World Countries

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Launches Campaign to Force Americans to Fund Abortions

Actor Kevin Sorbo's Three Tweets About Sex, Against Abortion, And Immigration Set Internet Ablaze

University of California Slams Trump For Ending Contract to Purchase Body Parts of Aborted Babies

WATCH: 'Handmaid's Tale' Attacks Christian Baptism

Doctors Are Not "Playing God," But the Government Certainly Is

Mike Pence Speaks Out on Decision To Bar Embassies from Flying LGBT Flags

Why Are Children Getting A Pedo Education?

Study: Only 3% of Straight People Are Willing to Date a Transgender Person

Vermont to Allow Taxpayer-Funded Transgender Surgery For Children

Teen Vogue Promotes Prostitution to its Young Readership                                6/18


St. Emily de Vialar

Psychologist gives searing critique of Vatican’s new gender doc: a compromise with ‘neo-paganism’

Lord Monckton corrects Pope Francis on climate: ‘The totalitarians got the science wrong’ – Carbon dioxide is NOT a ‘satanic gas’

Detroit Archbishop Vows Reform, But Track Record Says Otherwise

Canadian archbishop: Priest’s warning for Christians to avoid LGBT Pride was ‘inappropriate’

UK Child Abuse Inquiry: Boys Were Raped by Priests at ‘Satanic’ Parties

Pedophile Priest Fugitive Found Freely Roaming the Streets of Verona

Venker: The Future Of Men & Marriage Is Bleak

Planned Parenthood Cannot Hide Truth: Cost of Abortion Is High, and Women Are Paying the Price

Hurd (R) Disinvited From Cyber Conference Over Pro-Life Votes

Leftists demand a climate debate “for those who have died” but would never hold an abortion debate for the millions of dead babies they’ve left behind

Netherland Teen’s Sad End Suggests New Standard in Accepting ‘Right to Die’

Islamic Group Issues Dire Warning to Christians in Niger: ‘Leave or Be Killed’

Lesbian Couple Confess to Killing Son and Ripping off His Penis

Female Olympians Fight ‘Unfair’ Transgender Rules                                                   6/17


St. John Francis Regis

St. Germaine Cousin                    Saint Marguerite d’Youville

REVOLUTIONARY FAIL: Traditional Catholic Uprising Under Francis

Small donors are rebuilding Notre-Dame as French billionaires delay

Worshippers in hard hats attend Notre-Dame's first mass since fire

Vatican Condemns Modern Gender Theory as Attempt To Annihilate Nature

Chicago Cardinal Cupich Will Allow Pro-Abortion Politicians To Receive Holy Communion

Cardinal: Hitler, Stalin Would Rejoice Over Abortion

Archbishop: Abortion Not ‘Health Care’

New Institute of Female Religious Blooms in Vocations Desert

Christian School Says Leftist Tabloid Duped California into Armed Gov't Raid

American Medical Association: Call It ‘Physician-Assisted Suicide,’ Not ‘Aid-in-Dying’

Texas Town 1st in Nation to Ban Abortion, ‘Sanctuary City for the Unborn’

Top Faith Leaders Predict Evangelicals Will Show Up in Force for Trump in 2020

Brooklyn New York Mosque Blasting Islamic Call To Prayer To 20 Blocks Radius

Discovery Family Show ‘My Little Pony’ To Introduce Lesbian Couple

Sick All-Ages Drag Show Had Young Kids Handing Bills to Performers

VIDEO: ICE Opens Transgender Housing Unit for Illegals – Teaches Self-Grooming, Provides Hormone Therapy on Taxpayer Dime

Drag Queen Story Hour Supporters Sexually Assault Infowars Reporter

Daughter of famed sci-fi author reveals sexual horrors she suffered growing up in LGBT home

HORROR! Mom and Lesbian Lover Rip Off 9-Year-Old Son’s Penis and Behead Him for “Reminding Her of Her Dad”

U.K. Bans ‘Harmful’ Gender Stereotypes in Advertisements                             6/16


St. Methodius I

Saint Albert Chmielowski

Eucharistic Smorgasbord Blasphemy

Catholic Socialism Isn’t Catholic

Francis Preaches Abomination, Justifies Crimes Including Abortion, Child-Abuse

Calls for Cardinal DiNardo to Step Down Intensify

Archbishop exhorts thousands of pilgrims to fight for good in a time of great ‘confusion’

One in Seven Dioceses Don’t Meet Charter Protections

Cdl. Sarah criticizes synodality: ‘Jesus never created bishops’ conferences or local Churches’

U.S. hierarchy stop short of mandating lay involvement in bishop accountability

Jesuits Pay $60 Million Settlement for Sex Abuse at Haitian Charity

Democrats Vote to Force Doctors and Nurse to Participate in Abortions

Journalist Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Ordered To Pay $195,000 To Opponents

Landlord Kicks Out Planned Parenthood, Ends Abortion Business’ Lease

HAMMER: Christianity And The GOP Are Both On Trial In Iowa. Here’s What You Need To Know.

SWAT-style raid on Christian school at center of lawsuit as California demands they teach sexual exploitation or face closure

California School Has “Condom Race” Where 10-Year-Old Girls Learn How to Put On Condoms

Tom Paine, Christianity, and Modern Psychiatry

Sweden: Church in Migrant Heavy Area Targeted With Explosion For Second Tim

Video: Brooklyn New York Mosque Broadcasts Islamic Call to Prayer to 20 Block Radius

Netflix goes all-in for pedophilia with new “Dancing Queen” series that glorifies the sexualization of children

Goldman Sachs' Gay Star News: Francis threw Trans under the Bus for "Decriminalization of Homosexuality" Vatican Statement?

LGBTQ Advocate Champions Censoring Opponents. Conservatives Fire Back.             6/14


St. Anthony of Padua

Bishops Remain Silent in the Face of Cdl. Wuerl’s Deceit

Cardinals' New Declaration Corrects Rampant Confusion in the Church

Cardinal Asks Government “to End” Emigration

Gay Clergy Corruption in Fresno

Accused California Priest Smears Victims

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker Signs Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

YouTube Censors Project Veritas Video Exposing Anti-Christian Bias at Pinterest

Texas Abortions Decline as More Babies Saved From Abortion, Down 30% Since 2001

Abortion Proponents Retreat in DC, Advance in Vermont, Attack Trump Rule

Doctors Got Couple to Abort “Disabled” Baby But Never Examined the Mother, Test Showed Baby Was Healthy

Maine Gov Signs Bill Making It 8th State to Legalize Assisted Suicide

Feminists Get Pop Quiz: Learn Abortion is Leading Cause of Death in US

Ariana Grande Donates Concert Proceeds To Planned Parenthood

HBO's Explicit 'Euphoria' Courts Controversy: How Much Teen Sex and Drugs Is Too Much?

Brazil: Lesbian Couple Who Tried to Force Transgender Surgery on 9-Year-Old Boy Stab Him to Death

Psychology Today: Sex Robots And The End Of Civilization

Death toll after one month of Ramadan: Jihadis kill 2874, wound 1717

Girls in a dance group forced by mob of 500 Muslim men to dance naked in Eid program

Muslim Man Explains Sharia Plan For Takeover of West                                  6/13


St. John of Sahagun

Blessed Jolenta (Yolanda) of Poland

Notre Dame Cathedral to Celebrate First Mass Since Fire In Tiny Side Chapel Somewhere

Viganò: "Corrupt Mafia" of Immoral People Is Running Church

U.S. bishops face tough questions on new abuse investigation proposals

Bishops meeting on sex abuse clouded by state investigations

Ask the IRS to Investigate the Bishop Bransfield Case

Priest Flees Chinese Province After Church Demolition

Sisters Killed – Commissioner Justifies Herself

Quarter of U.S. Catholics say they have skipped Mass because of abuse crisis

NEARLY 1,700 Suspected Child Predators Arrested in DOJ Operation “Broken Heart”

August 1984: The Church Workgroup on Pedophilia in Belgium (II)

Bishop calls out ‘Catholic’ 2020 Dem candidate Joe Biden for backing abortion funding

Teen Vogue Instructs Teens on How to Get Abortions Without Their Parents Knowing

No sanctuary for the unborn: These 42 prosecutors say they won't enforce new pro-life laws

Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, "Bible" Terms Censored

Pro-Life Groups Issue Own Version Of Miley Cyrus' Viral Abortion Cake Photo

pro-abortion hotelkeeper offers a room at the inn and a ride to the abortionist

AMA reaffirms its opposition to doctor-assisted suicide by huge majority

Diplomats In Open Mutiny Against Trump & State Dept, Refuse To Obey Orders, Fly Rainbow Flag

Man who transitioned into a woman, then into a diaper-wearing baby to “correct my life,” proves that transgenders need HELP, not affirmation

Vatican Rejects Gender Theory as Contrary to ‘Right Reason’

BBC To Explore Both Sides Of Trans Athlete Debate. Activists Are Furious

Chicago's Field Museum Now Insists You Refer To Its T-Rex Skeleton Using Gender Neutral Pronouns

Cartoon Network Promotes LGBTQ+ 'PRIDE' to Children                                    6/12


St. Barnabas

Biblical Theology of the Rain Bow

The Vortex — River of Filth

From Hiding, Ex-Vatican Envoy Accuses Pope of ‘Blatantly Lying’

Archbishop called on pope to resign. Now he's in undisclosed location

Cdl Burke, Bp Schneider issue ‘declaration of truths’ to correct rampant ‘doctrinal confusion’ in Church

Catholic leaders in Australia blaspheme God by teaching schoolchildren that he’s a “gender-neutral” LGBTQP

Prominent Jesuit Compares Salvini With Judas — Bergoglio-Church Takes Another Hit in Polls

The normalization of satanism and witchcraft is now nearly complete

Supreme Court Rejects Case to Remove ‘In God We Trust’ From Currency

It begins: Canada now ARRESTING Christian pastors and prosecuting them for teaching the Bible… the war on Christianity escalates

Top Execs at 180 Companies: Abortion Necessary to Be Successful in Business

Missouri's only clinic to stay open after injunction issued

NH Catholic Medical Center Merges with Pro-Death Secular Hospital

New York: Dismember the late-term babies but do not declaw the cats

British Think-Tank Proposes Not Prosecuting Pedophiles For Viewing Child Pornography

Former Homosexuals Celebrate Liberation from Perversion

California middle schools now teaching 10-year-olds how to put on condoms, engage in sodomy, and use sex toys

Disturbing Video Surfaces Of Childrens’ Drag Show, With Touchy-Feely Adults

Francis Rewards Pro-Gay Cardinal Tobin                               6/11


More coming soon just finished Chartes Pilgrimage

THE FRENCH CONNECTION: Michael Matt On Massive Catholic Rendezvous in France


St. Willibald

Blessed Franz Jägerstätter

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Robert of Newminster

George Soros Praises Pope Francis

Francis Ready To Share Eucharist With Non-Catholics

PopeWatch: Corruption

Homosexual Bishop Lived Lavishly, Spent Millions on Personal Expenses

Bishop Bars Illinois Speaker and Senate President from Communion for 'Promoting Evil of Abortion'


"I'm a traditionalist" - Cardinal Janis Pujats

Bishops Hate Italian Deputy Prime-Minister Matteo Salvini For Having Displayed a Rosary

The Truth Comes Out

No Dialogue: Vatican Kills Little Sisters Of Mary


FY 2019 Refugee Admissions Up Year-to-Year; 79.6% Christians


Tucker Carlson: NYT Renamed Fetal Heartbeat ‘Embryonic Pulsing’ to ‘Hide the Truth’ from Readers

Seth Moulton Compares Taxpayer-Funded Abortions to Military Funding

Trump Cancels Funding for Research Using Aborted Fetal Remains

Biden Reverses Himself, Again, on Amendment Restricting Taxpayer Funding For Abortion

How US Elites Made Gay Marriage a Pillar of Establishment Orthodoxy

Walmart Replaces Iconic Blue Vest Uniform with Rainbow of Choices

Elite Pedophile, Guilty of Raping 25 Kids, Executed in China                              6/7


St. Boniface of Mainz

Yore: Vatican Whistleblower: Disgraced Cardinal McCarrick Served as Envoy for Disastrous Vatican/China Deal

Vigano Vindicated - Pope, Wuerl, McCarrick Lied

Church Militant Interviews Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, Former Head of Vatican Bank

Lead Us Not Into Bad Translations: Pope Francis Enacts Change to Lord’s Prayer

Vatican to issue evil new FrancisCommentary edition of Catechism!

Pope Francis: The Church’s Tradition Is ‘Always in Motion’    ???

Lessons from the Tommy Tobin affair

U.S. Bishop: God Gave Us Sex For 'Procreation of Children ... This Truth Is Not Homophobia'

First in French History: Clerical Sex Abuse Commission Convenes

Fr. James Martin wishes ‘happy Pride Month’ to ‘all my many LGBTQ Catholic friends’

Rev. Graham: Pray for Trump, 'Enemies Want to Tear Him Down … Destroy This Country'

WATCH: Democrats remove ‘so help me God’ from House committee oaths

Pakistan: violent attack on Christians incited from Mosque loudspeakers

Rachel Maddow Discusses Abortion Underground Railroad to Defy Pro-Life States

Netflix Faces Pro-Life Boycotts in U.S. and U.K.

 Gene babies' mutation linked to higher mortality

Nike Celebrates Oppression of Women – Promotes “Hijabi Ballers” in New Ad

Swedish Police Release ‘Vulnerable’ No-Go-Zone List Despite Calls for Censorship

Russia cuts ‘gay male sex’ scene from Elton John’s ‘Rocketman’

Gay New Ways: 'Catholics' Rally Against Bishop Who Warned Pride Celebrations Harm Children!

Trump supports ‘Pride Month,’ again pledges to overturn laws criminalizing homosexuality worldwide

Snapchat issues, quickly pulls ‘Love Has No Age’ filter for LGBT ‘Pride month’             6/5


St. Francis Caracciolo

Blessed Angeline of Marsciano

Excellent patron saint for LGBTQ – St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, Martyrs

Biggest Political Party in Italy Promotes Traditional Latin Mass

Bishops Blasted for Denouncing Gay Pride Month

Was Bishop Tobin Blackmailed?

Angry Bishop Accuses His Own Faithful of “Ignorance”, “Bigotry”

One meal a day like the monks - Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Austria: Theological Faculties Show Majorities Voting for Left (Extremist) Parties

The Vortex — Abortion & Sodomy

Only 6% of Americans Agree With Democrats That Abortions Should be Allowed Up to Birth

Science deniers: ABC News claims an unborn baby’s heartbeat is just a “belief,” not a fact

Illinois Legislature Passes Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth, Gov Pritzker Expected to Sign Bill

No Need to Sacrifice Babies for Hollywood Lucre

Black Democrat Legislator Calls Abortion a “Modern-Day Genocide”

For “Tiananmen Mothers” It’s Not yet Time to Surrender

UK: Muslim Parents Banned from Protesting LGBT Lessons Outside Birmingham School

Muslim Migrant Rapes Host’s Children, Including 5 Year-Old Girl in Sweden, NO JAIL TIME

Muslim Child Brides in Philadelphia Grows

French Catholic college students who opposed LGBT display face expulsion, $84K fine

Even Scientific American has abandoned science by embracing the pseudoscience of transgenderism

YouTube’s algorithm is reportedly helping pedophiles find home videos of kids             6/4


Sts. Marcellinus and Peter

Fulfilling Our Lady’s Request: The Importance of First Saturdays

Infiltration: Pope Francis Rewound 150 Years - Alta Vendita and La Salette

Lies, Lies and MORE Lies

Double-barreled McCarrick news perfectly captures accountability challenge

Francis’ Church Is Becoming Totalitarian – Cardinal Burke

FrancisEffect: U.S. Church reports big rise in sex-abuse allegations

What Demons Know About the Eucharist that Many Catholics Don’t

Words Matter: Calling a thing X when it is really Y and then equating X with Y is either confused or dishonest

Italy’s Matteo Salvini returning to European Union’s ‘Christian roots’: Cdl Mueller

Buffalo Catholic Charities: Catholics Giving Less in Light of Abuse Scandal

U.S. Bishops Call for ‘Religious Freedom’ in Face of Persecution

Fr. Z on heretic Francis’s treatment of Open Letter scholar: Rist’s treatment is the stuff of the Stasi.

Protecting a Homopredator Priest

Who’s Worse? Mirus Attacks Taylor Marshall — Thinks Denying Communion to Adulterers is Extreme


Trump Slams Democrats on Abortion: “Their Radical Position on Abortion is Horrible”

Alex Trebek Thanks Millions For ‘Prayers’ In Cancer Fight; NBC, CBS Omit

ICE Agent: Migrants Trade Children to Get Smuggling Discounts from Coyotes

Justice Thomas: SCOTUS Can’t Duck Issue of Sex-, Race-, Disabilty-Selective Abortion Indefinitely

Justice Clarence Thomas Was Right: Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger Was a Racist

BREAKING: Judge temporarily allows Missouri’s last abortion center to stay open

Disney Threatens to Boycott Georgia But Partners With China, Which Forces Women to Have Abortions

So Woke: Disney, Netflix Threaten Georgia Boycott But Continue Work in Countries Where Abortion Is Illegal

Abortion makes over half Planned Parenthood’s non-government income: analysis

Ohio ‘Drag 101’ Class for Teens Cancelled After Backlash

Crimes during Ramadan 2019 – day 27: Jihadis kill 2522, wound 1524                      6/2


St. Mechtildis

Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Pope Francis, The One-World-Government Shill

Francis Attacks Signees of Letter That Proves He Is a Heretic

The Vindication of Archbishop Viganò

Tornado Destroys Indiana Home — Leaves Bible Unscathed

Meet Saybie, the World’s Smallest Known Surviving Infant

Lila Rose SHREDS abortion defender: "Abortion is the number one killer of black people today"

Justin Trudeau Responds to New American Pro-Life Laws: Canada “Will Always Defend” Abortion

Gucci Celebrates Abortion with Uterus and Feminist Slogans in Latest Runway Collection

WarnerMedia (CNN, HBO, TNT) threatens Georgia: Must Perform More Abortions!…

CAIR Asks L.A. Mayor To ‘Retract’ Support For Jerusalem Embassy, Demands Apology

Local Muslims Suspected in Killing of Christians after Sunday Worship Services in Jos, Nigeria

Right-Wing AfD Suggests Parts of Germany are Now Under an Islamic “Caliphate”                  5/31


St. Joan of Arc

Modernists Defeated: French Government Forces Traditional Rebuild of Notre Dame

Archbishop: Pope Francis Is ‘Lying’ About McCarrick, ‘Contradicts Himself’

Pope Compares U.S.-Mexico Border Wall to Berlin Wall Built by Communists

Pope Francis Holds up Sweden as Model of Successful Immigration

Francis Gives an Interview: "I Am Conservative"

Pope Francis: Chinese bishops know they ‘must be good patriots’ to Communist regime

Detroit Priest Accused of Raping 11-Year-Old Also Ran Gay Massage Service

#AgeGapLove Is Latest Effort To Normalize Pedophilia by Grooming Children

Couple abort healthy baby at doctors' mistaken recommendation

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Clashes with Clarence Thomas: A Woman Seeking Abortion 'Is Not a Mother'

Satanic Temple Rejects Dignified Burial of Aborted Babies: ‘Undue Burden on Religious Practices’

Illinois house repeals partial-birth abortion ban, advances law ‘even more radical than New York’s’

Argentine activists present new bill to legalise abortion

Call to “Steal From Walmart” Over Abortion Controversy Goes Viral

91-Year-Old Judge Ruled There’s Constitutional Right to Sex-, Race-, and Disability-Selective Abortions

Netflix Gets Woke! Demands More Abortions for Georgia… Production Boycott if ‘Heartbeat’ Law Goes into Effect

Alabama senator: abortion activist threatened to ‘rape’ my wife for my support of abortion ban

Crimes during Ramadan 2019 – day 24: Jihadis kill 2307, wound 1430

CAIR justifies San Diego synagogue attack and Muslim children singing about beheading Jews in Philadelphia

Qaradawi’s Ramadan Koran Lesson: Curse Jews and Christians 17- Times Daily

Mentally Disabled Christian Thrown in Prison After Being BEATEN by Muslim Neighbors For “Blasphemy”

Muslim Employer “Tortured to Death” Christian Farmhand for Working Elsewhere

Trans Woman Wins Female Track Championship

Ohio Public Library to Offer ‘Drag 101’ Class for Teenagers                                5/30


St. Maximinus of Trier

Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat

French Senate Defies Macron, Says Notre Dame Should Be Rebuilt Exactly How It Was

Pope Breaks Silence on McCarrick: ‘I Knew Nothing, Nothing, Nothing’      Confession

Vatican Archbishop: Francis' Pontificate Is “True Springtime of the Church”    ???

Vatican Newspaper: Sovereignty ‘Diametrically Opposed’ to Europe

FLASHBACK: Monsignor Rossi, Wuerl’s Gay Mafioso at the Basilica


While his archdiocese spends millions on continuous appeals to stall Bp. Sheen’s sainthood cause, Jolly Cd. Dolan’s vacation house has two pools!

Prophetic Cardinal: Encouraging Immigration Is Misinterpretation of Gospel

Did Catholic Relief Services Director Participate in Pagan Ritual?

Trump's 'Religious Conscience' Rule Draws Court Challenge

Justice Clarence Thomas: Abortion Could Become A Tool Of Racists, Eugenicists

BREAKING: Supreme Court won’t uphold ban on racist, sex-selective abortions

Missouri's last abortion clinic says it may lose its license this week

Abortion: Legal Racism in Abundance

Planned Parenthood Freaks Out: By Friday, Missouri May Be First State With No Abortion Clinics

Illinois to expand abortion rights as other states restrict

Supreme Court Dodges Case Involving Trans Students In Bathrooms

Biological Male Wins NCAA Women's Track Championship

Alabama Public Television Chided for Not Airing Gay-Themed Cartoon                                  5/29


Bl. Margaret Pole

Venerable Pierre Toussaint

Padre Pio’s Relics May Be Visiting Your Town Soon

The dramatic story of the priest who died on a Vietnam battlefield

A Light in the Darkness: Benedict XVI’s view of the Church in the midst of the crisis of the abuse of minors

Francis: Church must learn to abandon old 'traditions'

Pope Francis, Ocasio-Cortez, Abortionist One-World Government & the Club of Rome

Francis Is the Big Loser of EU Elections

Cardinal Danneels admits being part of clerical ‘Mafia’ that plotted Francis’ election

Polish bishops apologize for not doing enough to prevent sex abuse in wake of documentary

Catholic priest: The homosexualization of the priesthood has ‘contributed’ to the Culture of Death

The Vatican II Revolution Reexamined

Attacks on churches in Ghana and other West African countries

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson Signs Bill Banning Abortions on Babies With Beating Hearts

25 Senators Highlight Pro-Life Protections Ahead of 2020 Spending Bills

Democrats’ Bill Could Legalize Kermit Gosnell’s Live-Birth Abortions Where Babies’ Necks are Snipped

Doctors Want Permission to Euthanize Patients to Harvest Their Organs

Leaked: Obama & Co Kept List Of Muslims For Admin Jobs, Excluded Christians Purposefully From List

Muslim who murdered Jewish pensioner Sarah Halimi will not face a criminal trial

Eleven Youths in Paris No Go Zone Convicted For Gang Raping Four Girls

WATCH: ‘Shoot the Jews!’ Preaches Palestinian Kids Show

Rev. Franklin Graham Calls Day of Prayer June 2nd for Trump

200 ex-LGBT men, women rally to show freedom they’ve found in following Jesus            5/28


St. Philip Neri

Saint Bede the Venerable

How the Virgin Mary protects her faithful children from all evil

Fr Mike's Testimony, he  had much in life. Was a successful American College football player heading for the NFL, had all the money drugs and women that he wanted. Who encoutered Jesus in Medugorje and became a Priest

The Vortex — Filthy, Disgusting Lot

Pope’s new motu proprio on reporting sex abuse has the ‘fatal flaw’ of clericalism: theologian

Pope names women to key Vatican department for first time

Vatican Cardinal: Time to Stage an ‘Intervention’ to Stop Climate Change

Should Immoral Priests Be Removed? with Father John Hollowell

Judge freezes accounts of Florida church caught up in alleged Ponzi scheme

New DC archbishop’s installation Mass features scandal-plagued Cdls Mahony, Wuerl

This humanitarian group is working to ensure that Christians communities continue to exist

Who Takes Him Seriously? Francis Calls Abortionists "Assassins“ - Yesterday He Called Them "Great People"

Pope Francis Honors Dutch Abortion Activist with Pontifical Medal of Knighthood

Judge Stops Mississippi Abortion Law: 'Smacks of Defiance'

CNN Cuts Black Pro-Life Activist From Abortion Episode Of 'United Shades Of America'

Surprise: Liberal paper calls out pro-abortion congressman, AMA on bogus stats

China’s technological controls keep Christians under constant surveillance

Democrats’ passage of “Equality Act” is the first stage in their attempts to CRIMINALIZE Christianity and throw all practicing Christians in prison (while banning their speech)

Charlie Daniels: Only Two Things Protect America–The Grace of Almighty God and the US Military

Muslims force non-Muslim classmates to fast during Ramadan in Switzerland

Canada Moves to Ban Christians From Demonstrating in Public Under New “Anti-Hate” Proposal

Migrant influx overwhelming Border Patrol facilities, Catholic ministries

Crimes during Ramadan 2019 – day 20: Jihadis kill 1940, wound 1165

Feminist icon learns on-air that her new book on Victorian gay-sex executions is wrong

Catholic Church Covers Up New Jersey Public School's 'Obscene' LGBTQ Mural

Latest Gillette Ad Features Dad Teaching Transgender Son To Shave For The First Time

ALERT: PBS Promoting Sodomy and Communism Among Children

Kenya's High Court Upholds Ban on Gay Sex                                           5/26



President Bolsonaro Consecrates Brazil to Sacred Heart

“Our Lady, Help of Christians, Help Europe in Her Hour of Need”

St. David I of Scotland

Saint Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi

Fr. Longenecker delivers bitter rant against America and its 'religion'

Pope Francis Calls For Global Governance to Fight Climate Change Demands new powers be transferred to international authority that ‘manages’ interests of nations

Pope Francis: Church Must Learn to Abandon Old ‘Traditions’

Italian Bishops Opt to Self-Police on Abuse

Just Before Retiring: German Bishop Speaks Up Against German Bishops

U.S. Bishops’ Chairman Applauds States Passing of Pro-Life Legislation

BREAKING: Multiple Michigan Priests Arrested, Charged With Sex Abuse

Western Australia Turns Seal of Confession into Crime

Detective Fired After Catching Predator

Missouri Gov. Signs 8-Week Abortion Ban

Planned Parenthood Helped Edit News Release from Colorado Secretary of State's Office After Alabama Abortion Ban Passed

Facebook Apologizes for Banning Pro-Life Ad in Ireland

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: ‘Our Lives Depend On’ Protecting Abortion Rights        Who's Lives?

NPR Whitewashes Abortion Speak

Ilhan Omar Decries ‘Religious Fundamentalists’ Trying to ‘Impose Their Beliefs on an Entire Society’

LGBT progressivism horrors: Parents to start physically maiming their own babies to slice off all “gender” organs in the name of progressivism and “equality”

WATCH: Laverne Cox Commencement Speech: Abortion Isn't Just A Woman's Right, It's A Trans Man's Right

Masons and Homosexualists Help Wife to Kill Her Helpless Husband                        5/24


St. John Baptist de Rossi

Saint Gregory VII

Adult Man Sexually Assaulted, Alabama Archdiocese Covered It Up

Catching a Homosexual Predator Priest

Vicar Offered to Cover up Jesus for Sex-Segregated Ramadan Event in English Church

Why Was Sister Inés Decapitated and Cut in Pieces?

President Bolsonaro Consecrates Brazil to Sacred Heart

Red Pill Diaries – Catholic School Girls Protest Against MODESTY!?

Daily duels outside Alabama clinics

PARTY OF GHOULS: Only 2 of 20 Democrats Vote to Save a Born Alive Baby in Alabama

Isle of Man Creates Draconian No-Go Zones Censoring Pro-Life Free Speech

FIREWORKS! Sen. Josh Hawley DESTROYS Judicial Nominee for Comparing Catholics to the KKK (VIDEO)

French Court Orders Food, Hydration Restored to Disabled Man

Muslim Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Attacks Christian Conservatives in Lengthy Rant (VIDEO)

Gender Confusion Is Theological Confusion

An LGBT Explosion': PA High School Hosts Drag Queen Show During School Hours

Transgenderism results in the DEATH of a baby because medical records listed the mother as “male” to appease the LGBT thought police

Media Drops Coverage of Pro-LGBT Colorado Shooters                                   5/23


How Perpetual Adoration Is Transforming My Parish

Saint Cristóbal Magallanes and Companions

St. Eugene de Mazenod

“In Islam, all the richness of God’s self-revelation, which constitutes the heritage of the Old and New Testaments, has definitely been set aside” – JPII was no faithless Francis

Cardinal Burke: Resisting ‘Large-Scale Muslim Immigration’ Is Patriotic

Great Salvini Invokes Our Lady, Pro-Gay Cardinal Parolin Gets Angry

The Vortex — BIG Questions; Some Answers

Eminent clergy, laymen conclude Rome conference on ‘One World Order vs. Christendom’

A story of restoration: An Anglican community finds home in the Catholic Church

'It Is Not a Closet. It Is a Cage.' Gay Catholic Priests

Buffalo Cops Ordered Not to Arrest Catholic Priests, Instead Hand Them Over to Diocese

German Church reviles Our Lady With Pornographic Poster - Archbishop Approves

Italy Catholic Establishment Attacks Matteo Salvini for Invoking God

Communist China Edits Pastor's Sermon, Deletes 'God Made Heaven and Earth'

Beijing's big bucks snuff out religious solidarity

German Bishops Call Pro-Lifers “Anti-Abortionists”

Abortion Activists Vandalize Catholic Church in Philadelphia

Painfully Unfunny: Leslie Jones and Others Take Aim at Abortion Laws in Angry Skits on Saturday Night Live Finale (VIDEO)

For corporate America, abortion too hot to handle

Rome’s March for Life Draws its Largest Crowds Ever to Protest Abortion

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: Pro-Life Republicans Want to Create ‘Hell on Earth’

Hollywood Holds Abortion Rights Demonstration on Cannes Red Carpet

Joe Biden Will Force Christians to Pay for Abortions

When Turkey Destroyed Its Christians

Democrat Gillibrand Says She Would Not Detain ANY Illegal Aliens Amid Reports That 30% of Border Crossing ‘Families’ Are Not Related

Oregon Suicide Laws Remove Protections for Vulnerable Patients                         5/21


St. Celestine

Saint Theophilus of Corte

Chartres Pilgrimage 2018 preview

BIDEN TIME: Catholics Fear Pro-Democrat Pope Francis

Pope Francis denounces clericalism, but his new motu proprio enables it

Cardinal: Gender Theory Threatens Family and Christian Faith

Five Priests Named in Dallas Investigation

Satanic Ritual Abuse is Real - Russ Dizdar

Bishop's Silent on Pro-Life - Is it an Order From the Top?

A story of restoration: An Anglican community finds home in the Catholic Church


Missouri next on abortion ban

‘Juno’ Screenwriter: I Wouldn’t Have Written Film if I Knew AL and GA Abortion Laws Would Happen

Susan Collins sides with Planned Parenthood, casts lone GOP vote against pro-life Trump judicial nominee


Victory for Pro-Life Group at Aberdeen University in Scotland

ERICKSON: No Room For Honesty Blacklists Blogs Critical of Islam

List of People are Attacked, Smeared by Terror-Tied CAIR on TV This Month

Deported Migrant Used Infant for Fake Family Claim at Border, Say Feds

NUTS: Democrats Vote Unanimously to Force Schools to Include Biological Males in Women’s Sports

Snapchat's New Gender-Swap Filter Is Causing Problems For Social Justice Warriors

Eurovision 2019: The queerest — and most controversial — yet?

Taiwan Becomes First Asian Country to Legalize Gay Marriage                  5/19


How a ship was miraculously saved by God through a Brown Scapular

St. Pope John I

Cdl. Burke: God doesn’t make one-world government ‘just and legitimate’

Dallas Diocese’s Rampant Sex Abuse Culture

Predator Priest Documentary Rocks Poland

Fox News Celebrity Priest Leaves Priesthood

Supreme Court Showdown?

Conservative Catholics Gather in Rome to Oppose ‘Global One-World Order’

Vatican Eager to Canonize Evita and Peronism

Exclusive interview with Doug Johnson, husband of Abby Johnson of ‘Unplanned’ fame

Ireland Reviews Misdiagnosis Leading to Abortion

Chicagoland: Pregnant Teen Found Dead, Baby Ripped from Womb

Kirsten Gillibrand Says Pro-Life Laws Protecting Babies From Abortion are “Against Christian Faith”

Liberals Threaten To Kill & Rape Pro-Life Writer & His Family

Christian Student Group Wins Lawsuit with University of Colorado

Rugby Australia Fires Star Player for Expressing his Christian Beliefs

Unborn Baby Dies Because Pregnant Transgender Mother’s Medical Records Listed Her as “Male”

School Announces Tariff on Students Not Wearing Pro-LGBT Clothing

Taiwan Legalizes Same-Sex Unions                                                               5/18


'Christ' in clouds sparks religious frenzy

The Fatima Message & Our Ongoing Battle for the Soul of the Church

Queen of Heaven

St. Paschal Baylon

May: The Month of Mary

Cardinal Müller: The Vatican is replacing faith with politics

Catholic historian: Satanic revolution against Church, Christian civilization is happening now

Leading German Author Signs Accusation Of Heresy Regarding Francis

Homosexuals In the Seminaries: A Startling Survey In Brazil

It's 'illusion' for Christians to seek peace with world which rejects God: Bishop Schneider

Lib liturgy positivists force people to stand after Communion

The Media Won't Say It, but Christians Are the No. 1 Persecuted Group Worldwide

Most Notre-Dame pledges not yet honoured: archbishop

A Swimming Pool On Top Of Paris Notre Dame?

Christianity Inflicting 'Enormous Harm' on China, Warns Communist Party

China ‘Re-Writing’ the Bible To Make Communism Seem ‘More Divine’

Eugenics: Will Gene Editing Make Rich People ‘Superior’

Facebook Censors Pro-Life Ad Campaign in Ireland

Democrat Prosecutor Refuses to Enforce Utah Ban on Late-Term Abortions

AOC Abortion Freakout: ‘Fundamentalists’ Trying to ‘Outlaw Sex That Falls Outside Their Theology’

lnstagram Shadow-Bans Pro-Life Group’s Posts, Bans Them From Appearing on Key Hashtags

UK Police Arrest 40 People in ANOTHER Massive Child Sex Abuse by Muslim Sex Trafficking Gang

Jihadist declares he is in Canada to kill Asia Bibi, “send her to hell”

Persecution of Gays in France Reached Record High                                5/17


St. Simon Stock

Saint Margaret of Cortona

Sex Abuse Victims Sue Vatican

Benedict’s Essay Is an Implicit Rebuke of Amoris Laetitia

Top Vatican diplomat optimistic on China deal as persecution of Catholics continues

Archbishop: Muslims Slaughtering Christians ‘Like Chickens’ in Nigeria

Refugee resettlement program ends in Oakland diocese

Dallas Diocese Raided by State Investigators

It’s time for Catholics (and all religious people) to wake up: The real danger posed by the California Confession Bill

Democrats Nix ‘So Help Me God’ from Swearing-In Oath

Canada now CRIMINALIZING Christianity; public demonstrations to be completely outlawed

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey Signs Bill Banning Abortion, Would Make Killing Unborn Babies a Felony

Govt.-funded lab seeks to buy ‘fresh’ aborted baby heart, pancreas from almost anyone

Planned Parenthood hospitalizes another injured woman

Alpha Leadership Conference Blanks Out Abortion But Says It’s Saving Babies

Black Leaders Accuse Planned Parenthood of Deceiving Residents To Infiltrate Neighborhood

Bernie Sanders Calls Killing Babies in Abortions a “Constitutional Right”

Multi-Millionaire Who Hated God Gets Radically Saved, Now Helping Christians Level Up in Business and Christ deplatforms those critical of Islam                                       5/16


St. Dymphna

Saint Isidore the Farmer

Fatima, ideology, and the Vatican’s homosexual crisis

Vatican magazine’s former editor backs decriminalization of abortion

....FrancisCardinal Koch calls for greater 'solidarity' (total Euro control over Islamization)

Clericalism: Hardliner Archbishop Justifies Abuse Against Kneeling Faithful

The Victims of Vatican II: American Catholics Leave the Church in Record Numbers

Chinese Officials Announce Demolition of Underground Parish Church

Once a bishop, now a ‘poster child’ for alcoholism, Heather Cook seeks to make amends

Pence to Christians: Prepare to Be Shunned for Defending Bible

Diocese allows school religious vaccine exemption for only non-Catholic families

Progressive-Left Teaching Methods Behind Surging Discipline Problems in UK Schools

Chile advances bill permitting euthanasia for 14-year-old kids

Ramadan Killathon 2019: Jihadis Kill 234, Wound Hundreds In First Week

Ramadan Rage: Jihadists Bomb Christian School in Syria, Kill Children

No wonder the “mainstream” media isn’t covering the Colorado STEM school shooting: It points to an illegal alien and a transgender who hates Trump and Christians

Cuba Violently Shuts Down Pride Parade

PBS kids’ cartoon ‘Arthur’ features homosexual ‘wedding’                                     5/15


St. Matthias

Pope’s New Norms on Sex Abuse Leave Power in Hands of Bishops

Chilean bishop backtracks, gives communion to kneeling recipients after refusing to do so

Fr. Martin Praises Gay Preacher Who Called Polyamory ‘Holy’

EXORCIST: Temptation Most Significant Demonic Activity

Catholic Publisher Settles $125 Million Lawsuit, Removes Books from Sale

Anti-Francis, Viktor Orban Promotes Protection of World’s Christians in Trump Meeting

Family Spends Possible Last Mother’s Day With Mom, Texas Hospital Will Yank Her Life Support Without Consent

Italians’ Belief in God Falls by 7% in Less Than 5 Years

Radiance Foundation: Big Tech ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ for Christians

Why the Media Suddenly Lost Interest in the Latest School Shooting

Pence: ‘Loudest Voices for Tolerance Today Have Little Tolerance for Traditional Christian Beliefs’

Supreme Court Decision Just Opened the Door for Overturning Roe v. Wade

Planned Parenthood President: ‘There Is No Such Thing as Abortion Up Until Birth’

Federal judge strikes down Kentucky ban on gruesome dismemberment abortion procedures

Planned Parenthood: Vermont Eclipsing New York as ‘Shining Example’ of Pro-Abortion Legislation

Yes, CNN actually claims unborn babies “aren’t human”

Merkel’s Germany Considering Tax to Fund Mosques, Islamic Institutions

Coca-Cola’s Islam-Themed ‘Ramadan soda’ Celebrates “the Month of Conquest and Jihad”

CAIR Calls the Shots Now: Islamic Group Linked to Hamas Openly Threatens to Deplatform and Silence All Critics

Over 1 Million Muslims in Chinese Concentration Camps – Most Muslim Govts Quiet

UK: Parents Gender Transition Son, 7, and Foster Son, 3, to Female                            5/14


Our Lady of Fatima

St. John the Silent

Sts. Philip and James, Apostles

France: Nationalists honour French heroine Saint Joan of Arc at Paris rally

SHEPHERDS and HIRELINGS: Pope Francis Accused

Amidst scandals, Gallup poll proves 37% of U.S. Catholics questioned leaving the Church

Vatican: Jesus, Buddha Promoted ‘Dignity of Women’    ???

U.S. Exorcist: 'Abortion Is a Demonic Sacrifice'

The Secret Sex Lives of Nuns

Prince Charles Gave Money to Sadistic Pedophile Bishop, Inquiry Says

Whistleblower tells all, claiming Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand and other prominent Democrats are involved in human trafficking, sex slavery, and Satanism

Texas Officials Illuminate Crosses After Atheists’ Call for Removal

What Is The Biggest Myth About Abortion?

Georgia Calls Boycott Bluff from Pro-Abortion Hollywood

Pelosi’s Holy Imam Compared Jews to Nazis and Homosexuality to Bestiality

Oregon School Sued for Brainwashing 8-Yr-Old into Believing He’s Transgender

Chips Ahoy Promotes ‘Drag Moms’ in Deranged Mother’s Day Ad                          5/13


Sts. Nereus & Achilleus

Saint Leopold Mandic

Francis Admits Knowing And Wanting Homosexuals in the Vatican

The LGBT Political Campaign Behind Pope Francis' Election

Ferrara on Francis’s unholy new PervNorms: “The entire “gay subculture” and its practices among the clergy are left untouched”

Pope Francis Changes Rule on Abuse and Talks Globalist Supra-Nationalist Bodies

"Groundbreaking" Francis New Law Joke: Bishops Reporting to Themselves is Like Mafia Reporting to Themselves

Enormous Minnesota Archbishop Bernard Hebda calls Francis' holy gay sex enabling PervNorms "groundbreaking!"

Dutch Priest Removed After He Criticized Homosexual Fornication

Beijing is Mum: No One Knows Whereabouts of Bishop Arrested 23 Years Ago

VIDEO: Conversion of an NFL player and the Traditional Latin Mass

Sharing community, culture, faith: Study finds religious people are happier

Christianity Inflicting 'Enormous Harm' on China, Warns Communist Party

Moscow wants a pan-Orthodox meeting to overcome the Ukrainian crisis”

Upcoming Philippine poll divides Catholics

Fake-News Outlet Lies about Steve Bannon and Cardinal Martino

Pro-Aborts Disrupt Abortion Survivor’s Testimony at London’s March for Life

The (national) fall and (local) rise of pro-life Democrats

Huh? Alyssa Milano Calls for Sex Strike Until Women Can Have Abortions… Which Is Legal in Every State

Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids

Gender confusion at UC-Berkeley                                         5/12


St. Ignatius of Laconi

After Vatican-China deal, persecution of Christians increases

Liberia: Catholic Bishops Accused of Homosexuality, Abuse of Power

Dutch bishop removes priest after ‘anti-gay’ homily upholding Church teaching

French Churches Under Attack, But Media and Politicians Remain Apathetic

Why the Left Mocks the Bible

WWII POW’s Bible Returned to Veterans Affairs Hospital Display

U.S. Exorcist: 'Abortion Is a Demonic Sacrifice'

Father-Son Bond is ‘Civilization’s Keystone,’ Expert Says

How Scientist Broke Rules to Create Secret Gene-Edited Babies

Former NFL player: My mom almost aborted me…that’s why I’m pro-life

WATCH: Pro-Life Rally Garners Over 1,000 Participants In Response To Rep. Brian Sims. Here Are The Highlights.

Planned Parenthood CEO Falsely Claims “There’s No Such Thing as Abortions Up to Birth.” Here’s the Truth

Unborn Babies Are Not Human? CNN Debate Leads to Stunning Declaration: 'That Is Not a Human Being'

Four Hollywood Production Companies Boycott Georgia Over New Abortion Law

Abortion Activists Have Crossed the Line From Disagreeing With Pro-Lifers to Violence

Texas 10-Day Rule Set to Claim Another Victim Critics liken her tentative fate to euthanasia

Flyover Folk Get an Eyeful as Intactivists Protest Circumcision

‘Allahu Akbar’: French Church Vandalised Twice in Two Weeks

Seattle-area district school board instructs teachers to give Islamic blessings

Dems Have Anti-Israel Imam to Give House Invocation

Coca-Cola Releases Crescent Moon Logo for Ramadan

The day LGBT enforcers attacked me…and everyone who knew me                         5/11


Nine Consecrated Hosts Sold on

St. Damien of Molokai

Comparing First Holy Communion at Two Parishes

Pope Paul VI vs. Bugnini Vatican II

McCarrick’s Millions Billions in federal funding changing hands without transparency

Notre Dame de la France

French Police Arrest Man in Connection to Feces Smear on Church

Buffalo Bishop Being Asked to Fire Seminary Rector, Dean

Rotherham: 40 Arrested in Latest Child Sex Abuse Probe

NEVER FORGET: Barack Obama Paid Louis Farrakhan $364,500 to Teach Islam in US Prisons

Ramadan in China: Razed Mosques, Praying Restrictions, ‘Concentration Camps’ for Muslims

WALSH: The Seven Dumbest Pro-Abortion Arguments

Pro-Abortion Democrat: Bullying, Doxxing, and Beyond the Pale

After Denying a Vote on the Born Alive Bill 38 Times the Only Conclusion is Nancy Pelosi Supports Infanticide

WATCH: ‘Unplanned’ author Abby Johnson tells Canadians to act ‘fearlessly’ to end abortion

GoFundMe Campaign Sponsored by Father of Teens Brian Sims Harassed Raises 100K for Pro-Life Group

Twitter & Facebook Keep Sex Abuser and Pedophile Pages Up While Censoring Trump Supporters

University of North Texas Teaches Students About ‘Sexual Pleasure’ for Infants

Converse Launches 'LGBTQ+' Shoe Line Featuring Child Drag Queen

“It’s Pornography” Parents Outraged as California Targets Kindergartners With Transgender Propaganda

Gay Polish Artist May Face Prison For Posting Images Of Virgin Mary And Baby Jesus With Rainbow Halos

Jesuit "Blesses" Gay Couple At Gay Propaganda Event

Homosexual Parenting Hurts Children

Parents Sue Elementary School After Forced Transgender Education and Transition Encouragement

Report: Alleged Colorado Juvenile Shooter Female ‘Transitioning’ to Male                   5/10   


St. Peter of Tarantaise

Cardinal Pell's Bogus Accuser: The stories are so “close to being identical that the likelihood of the Australian version being original is most implausible.”

Consecrated Host Taken Away At Papal Mass - Nobody Cares

Scholar defends letter accusing Pope of heresy: Church is facing ‘most serious crisis’ in history

Disturbing undercover video shows elderly priest joking about his sexual abuse of deaf boys

Exorcists gather in Rome to trade tips on fighting Satan

Gallup: Church Membership Plummets to 50%

Canadian Catholic Hospital Hires Euthanasia Advocate

New Study: 80 Percent of Persecuted Religious Believers Are Christians

Georgia Gov. signs bill protecting unborn babies with beating hearts, defies boycott threats

Planned Parenthood, NARAL Go To War Against Last Pro-Life Democrat In Congress

Father Launches Fundraiser After PA State Rep. Harasses His Pro-Life Wife, Daughters

WALSH: A Democratic State Rep Has Been Bullying Pro-Lifers In Philadelphia. Now Hundreds Of Us Are Coming.

Iowa governor signs budget cutting Planned Parenthood from sex ed, sex changes from Medicaid

Seattle School District Wants Teachers To Bless Muslims During Ramadan

England’s Catholic Schools Back State in LGBT Sex Ed Law

Transgender Powerlifter SMASHES Several Women’s World Records (VIDEO)

Wife Scolds Husband For Discouraging His 12-Year-Old Daughter From Buying Sex Toys

The rebel priest: 'Gay people in church not going away'                                   5/8


St. Rose Venerini

POPE ACCUSED of HERESY (Francis Trolls His Own Church)

Vatican Cardinal: No Papal Blessing for Matteo Salvini

Climate of “Fear and Espionage” in Francis’ Vatican

African Cardinal: Mass Migration Is a Sign of ‘Failure of Leadership’

Turin Archdiocese Hosts Retreat for Gays in Civil Unions

Dishonest Turin Archbishop Spreads Gay Propaganda

Buffalo Seminary Denies Crackdown on Whistleblowers, But Inside Sources Say Opposite


GA Governor Signing ‘Heartbeat Bill’ : I’m Not Worried About What Hollywood Thinks Of Me

Pennsylvania Democrat Lawmaker Proudly Films Himself Harassing, Abusing Elderly Female Pro-Life Protester (VIDEO)

Sex-selective abortion means 23 million girls missing today, study finds

’Bama Democrat: Doug Jones Privately Told Me I Was ‘Right’ with ’Kill ’em Now’ Abortion Stmt

WATCH: Dem Rep. Brian Sims Tries To Dox 3 Pro-Life Teen Girls, Offers $100 For Identities

Facebook bans Paul Joseph Watson to crack down on “hate” but still allows fanatical anti-Christian channels… it’s all POLITICAL

Swedish Muslims Look to Foreign Funding to Build Mega Mosque

Uprising brewing among National Guard commanders: Five states now seek to DEFY Trump’s transgender ban

Tax Expert Fired from Think Tank for Saying ‘Men Cannot Change into Women’

Hundreds of California parents protest after LGBT curriculum passes school board

Same libtards who claim climate change science is a “consensus” now claim transgender delusions are also “scientific”

Thought Crimes Against UK Transgender Agenda                                                          5/7


Saint Hilary of Arles

'I Cried Out': FL Teens Stranded at Sea Pray for Help, Get Rescued by Boat Named 'Amen'

Pope Francis Criticizes The Nation-State: ‘Common Good Has Become Global’

Francis Follows Example of German Losers

May Pope Video condescendingly praises Africans dressed and dancing like natives during Holy Mass


L.A. Times: Years of priest abuse allegations have caught up with Los Angeles Archdiocese

Abp. Wilton Gregory Restored Priest Removed for Homosexual Affair

Gallup: Church Membership Plummets to 50%

Trump Doubles Down in Defense of Religious Freedom

Trump: Prayer ‘Most Powerful Thing There Is’

New Study: 80 Percent of Persecuted Religious Believers Are Christians

Dark tourism focuses on 'the very worst we have done'

Planned Parenthood Supporters Taunt Pro-Life Campus Group With Abortion Songs, Chants

San Francisco Sues to Overturn New Trump Rules and Force Doctors and Nurses to Do Abortions

How a Bully Pushed Me to the Front Lines of the Pro-Life Movement

Snopes Lies on Abortion Again, Falsely Claims Babies Don’t Survive Botched Abortions

Muslim Tells Christians: 'We Tried Warning You,' It's Time to 'Wake Up' about Threat of Radical Islam

Muslim men on the street in Germany share their views on rape

Shock Video: Muslim Children in Philadelphia Perform Anti-Israel School Play: ‘We Will Chop Off Their Heads’ to Liberate Al Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem

Muslim American Society Statement on Anti-Israel ‘Chop Their Heads’ Off Video by Muslim Children in Philadelphia: Songs Not “Properly Vetted”

Mohammed Number One Name for Baby Boys in Berlin

ISIS Video Shows Beheading Of African ‎Soldier, Threatens ‘Crusaders’‎

Bud Light Selling Rainbow Bottles To Benefit GLAAD For Pride Month                    5/5


St. James the Lesser

Saints Philip and James

Pope Francis Accused of 7 Counts of Heresy by 19 Scholars


Bishop Schneider Talks to about the Abu Dhabi Document

Pope Francis calls for new ‘supranational’ authorities to enforce UN goals      NO

US Report Blasts Vatican-China Deal

Condom Machines in Bogota Church?

Sri Lankan Catholics return to Mass after bombings, archbishop refuses protection

Decline of Christianity Will See German Church Congregations Cut in Half

President Trump: “Every Child, Born and Unborn, is a Sacred Gift From God”

Trump issues religious-freedom protections for doctors, nurses forced to do abortions

Doug Jones ‘Appalled’ by Fellow Dem’s ‘Outrageous’ Abortion Comments

WATCH: Democrat Calls For ‘Retarded’ Trump Jr. To Be ‘Aborted’ After Trump Jr. Called Out His Vile Abortion Remarks

Planned Parenthood Hangs Up on 911 After Botched Abortion as Patient With Seizure Disorder Unable to Breathe

Trump and Pence: ‘We Think About God’ to ‘Get Through’ Witch Hunts

Canada: Trudeau government omits all references to “Islamist extremism”

Euthanasia doctor hired for prime role at Ottawa Catholic palliative care hospital

Journalist Arrested for Plotting to Murder Christians in Revenge for Christchurch             5/3


St. Athanasius

Episcopal Action Needed to Solve Papal Crisis

JORGE'S HEROES: The Dirty War and a Dirty Beatification

Gay Clergy Crisis

Analysis: With bishops in a tight spot, will priests get squeezed?

Malta Archbishop Promotes Homosexual Man, Fights Catholics

Catholic Priest Defends Market Economies

What closure of almost 1,500 US abortion mills since 1991 says about pro-life efforts

SMOKE BOMB’ disrupts black pro-life speaker at Texas College

SICK! Democrat Lawmaker on Abortion: “Some Kids Are Unwanted So You Kill Them Now or Kill Them Later” (VIDEO)

 Alabama Lawmakers Look to overturn Roe with Abortion Ban

U.S. hospital set to euthanize elderly woman who says on video ‘I want to live’

Magazine Pushes Prostitution on Teenagers, Calls It ‘Real Work’                                   5/2


St. Marculf

Saint Joseph the Worker

'I Was One Block Away From Killing Myself': SC Man Sees God's Hand as He Carries Cross to Grand Canyon

Prominent clergy, scholars accuse Pope Francis of heresy in open letter

Argentinean Archdiocese Finally Counters Disinformation Campaign

Twitter bans quotes from Mother Teresa to silence pro-life voices and promote the continued mass murder of human babies

Late-Term Abortions Outnumber Homicides in New York City 1,485 to 352

Kansas Pro-Lifers Blast ‘Imperial’ Abortion Ruling

Former Planned Parenthood chief gathering 2 million feminists to overthrow Trump in 2020

House Dems Move to Protect Abortion Funding

North Carolina Senate Votes to Override Governor’s Veto of Bill to Stop Infanticide

Medical Bombshell: Abortion is now being pushed to cover up birth defect side effects of toxic pharma drugs

Catholic businessman loses membership, contract for linking to LifeSiteNews

Kids’ Suicides Spiked After Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’

Another Drag Queen Story Hour pervert exposed as a sex offender… why are public schools subjecting our children to these deviants?

Sundance Film Festival Co-Founder Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Abuse

Boy Scouts of America accused of rampant sexual abuse of young boys

Sociologist: Evidence shows homosexual parenting harms children

Court Gives Dad Gag Order for Calling ‘Transitioning’ Daughter Female

CNN promotes adults who ‘transition’ from human species to identify as mermaids

Transgender athlete smashes four women’s powerlifting records                               5/1


St. Pius V, Pope

Were We Given Prophetic Warnings About Pope Francis?

PETER’S PENCE, SOROS’ PENCE: Pope to Give $500,000 to Illegal Immigrants

Despite much-hyped reform, new Curia remains a governing apparatus

Sri Lanka cardinal: All Sunday Masses cancelled until further notice

Cardinal; ‘War Footing’: Catholic Church in Sri Lanka Calls for Crackdown on Islamic Extremists

Ranting Archbishop Calls Catholics “Aggressive”, “Hostile”

Insane anti-Trump movement has now merged with Satanism, proving that Leftists are the REAL evil in America

Christians Flee Middle East — Even After Fall of Islamic State: ’No Nation That Protects Them Openly’

Annihilation Of Christian Life And People: Where Is The Outrage In The West?

Trump Calls Out Wisconsin Democrat Gov. Tony Evers on Decision to Veto Born-Alive Bill

I had three abortions. Watching ‘Unplanned’ helped my healing journey

B of A Confronted for Misleading Shareholders About Planned Parenthood Support

Planet of the Apes becomes reality after Chinese scientists implant human genes into monkeys to make them “smarter”

Malta Archbishop Turns Blind Eye to Homosexual Parish Scandal

Parents protest extreme pro-LGBT school curricula legislation at New Jersey state house

Gay Icon Oscar Wilde Said That Church Teaching "Would Have Healed Me From My Degeneration"

Father Guilty of ‘Violence’ for Not Using Trans Teen’s Preferred Pronouns

Saudi Regime Beheads Five Homosexuals and Teen Who Sent WhatsApp Message

Corrupt Congress pushes “Equality Act” to force schools to allow male athletes on female sports teams

Next LGBT Wedding Cake Trial Scheduled                                                                       4/30


Background of the Divine Mercy Devotion -

History of the Divine Mercy Image

History of the Message and Devotion to Divine Mercy

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Zita

St. Catherine of Siena

Saint Peter Chanel

THE ROOSTER of NOTRE DAME: Omen for Europe

‘Without Doctrine there is No Evangelization” in Francis’s Apostolic Constitution or Holiness

Liturgical Abuse in the Novus Ordo Mass

Vatican “Super Dicastery”: A Papal Promise Fulfilled?

First Woman To Head Vatican Dicastery – Pell’s Successor

Satanic Temple Recognized as ‘Church’ with Tax-Exempt Status

Religion ‘less important’ to most people than 20 years ago, surveys find

“Populist” Hungary donates millions to help foreign persecuted Christians and victims of Jihad.

Arrest of Christians in Nepal prompts religious freedom worry

"Easter Worshippers" & The Left's Allergy To Language

The End of History in “Avengers: Endgame”

China Offers Thousands of Dollars to Anyone Who Will Report Christians, 'Illegal' Churches to Government

China: Police Loot Church, Bury Bibles, Detain Members as Persecution Escalates

Swedish Artist’s Jail Term Extended After He Committed ‘Hate Crime’ of Saying Muslim Migrants Have Not Integrated

Sharing the love and mercy of God in desperate world  

Watch: Jihad-Rep. Ilhan Omar receives hero’s welcome in a Minnesota middle school.    4/28


THE ROOSTER of NOTRE DAME: Omen for Europe

St. Zita

Saint Louis Mary Grignion de Montfort

NY Archdiocese’s List of 120 Accused Clergy Missing Notable Names

Bishop calls on US Catholics to prepare for persecution for defending marriage, life

Chilean Bishop Denies Laity Holy Communion for Kneeling

Coptic Priest Beaten and Clubbed by Muslim Mob in Front of 200 Children at Egypt Sunday School

Money Pledged for Notre Cathedral May Go to Mosques, Synagogues

BREAKING: Kansas Supreme Court finds unfettered right to abortion in state constitution

‘Dark Money’ Behind Publicly Funded Abortion Push

Federal judge issues nationwide block on Trump rule cutting $60 million from Planned Parenthood

Is Easter Pagan? Pagan Astarte or the Lord Jesus Christ?

After Numerous Attacks Against Christians, Portland Police Sends Extra Patrols To Protect Islamic Mosques

Trump: ‘Faith and Family, Not Government and Bureaucracy, Are the Center of American Life’

WALSH: The Horrifying Case That Proves Our Parental Rights Are Under Serious Attack In This Country

Boy Scouts' 'Perversion Files': 7,819 Alleged Sexual Abusers and 12,254 Alleged Victims

Staff members are quitting their jobs at the U.K.’s National Health Service because of rampant transgender experimentation on children                                                  

Poland: LGBT Ideology ‘a Threat to our Nation, Identity, and Existence’                        4/27


St. Cletus

Saint Louis Mary Grignion de Montfort


French Interior Minister: “Notre Dame Is Not A Cathedral”

Notre Dame Fire: Chief Architect Says "Ancient Oak Doesn't Burn Life That."

...."All proposals intend to remove the cross in top of the spire."

PETITION: Say no to rebuilding a 'modern' Notre Dame Cathedral


Corruption of Pope Francis’ reform chief portrayed in groundbreaking new book

‘Hungary Helps’ Persecuted Christians Worldwide Hungarian government pledges $31,000 to Sri Lankan survivors

Hungary Family Minister: Supporting the Family is Not ‘Nazism’

“Brain Dead” Woman in Coma for 30 Years Wakes Up and Regains Consciousness

ACLU Sues to Keep Dismemberment Abortions Legal, 27 Indiana Babies Died Having Their Limbs Torn Off

Report: Trump Tells World Leaders in Private Meetings To Protect Christians


Beware: Bank Of America Donates To Planned Parenthood

Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks President Trump’s New Rules Defunding Planned Parenthood

'The Satanic Temple' Has Evolved Into An Anti-Trump Movement, And Leftists Are Flocking To It

Sharia for Women: A Female Sharia Survivor Shares Her Story

American Freedom Law Center sues Michigan Attorney General over unconstitutional plot to create “thought criminal” database targeting conservatives, Christians

Sweden: Christian migrants repeatedly attacked by Muslim migrants fear civil war will break out in the country

New York Times Claims Sri Lanka Muslims Terrorized by Christians

Same WashPost that falsely claimed Donald Trump conspired with the Russians now DENIES the fact that Christians were attacked in the Sri Lanka terrorism bombings

New One Dollar Canadian Coin Features Two Men Kissing

California now FORCING parents to surrender their children to LGBT indoctrination in public schools… no right to opt out

Ohio Introduces Bill Banning the Sexualization of Children                                        4/26


St. Mark

Curia Cardinal: Francis Is Loved By The Enemies of His Predecessors

Amazing Video Shows Baby Who Had Experimental Surgery to Fix Spina Bifida While Still in the Womb

Planned Parenthood Defends Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs

Notre Dame Defies Fires of Hell

Modern Architects Want Notre Dame Rebuilt with Glass Spire or Islamic Minaret

Shock Report: Michelle Obama Drinks As Notre Dame Burns

Europe: Migrant Stabs Christian After Noticing Crucifix Necklace

WI Gov. to Veto Bill Protecting Children from Infanticide

Google labels “Unplanned” documentary PROPAGANDA in latest attempt to discredit the truth about Planned Parenthood murder of human babies

Planned Parenthood Lobbying Efforts Paid Off in California

Banned by Google for opposing infanticide

Satanic Temple Says Recognized as Church by IRS

Christianity for Atheists

UN Human Rights Council Silent on Sri Lanka Bombings That Targeted Christians

Italian Town to Cover Crosses at Cemeteries So as Not to Offend Muslims (Video)

World’s Top Rugby Player In Danger of Losing Career Over Christian Faith

Franklin Graham Rebukes Mayor Pete: Repent, don't 'flaunt' being gay

Japanese Govt Apologies To Citizens Who Were Forcibly Sterilized Under Eugenics Law

After Sri Lanka, Brief History of “Allahu Akbar” Attacks on Churches

A Sign Of The Times? Court Documents Indicate 7,819 Boy Scout Troop Leaders Abused 12,254 Victims

CDC admits HIV is exploding among transgender women… total silence from left-wing media, just like with the spread of anal cancer among homosexuals

UK School Worker Fired for Sharing Petition Against LGBT Sex Ed                        4/25


St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen

VIDEO: Pope Francis’ record on Communism is dangerously ambiguous


Curia "Reform" Will Create "Super Dicastery", Further Downgrade Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith

After abandoning Christians, powerful media corporations are now embracing Satanism

New York Times, Ilhan Omar claim Jesus was a “Palestinian”

Another French Church Burns on Easter Sunday, Probable Arson

Churches have become the #1 target for hate attacks – an average of 105 every single month

‘Dark Money’ Behind Publicly Funded Abortion Push

American abortion group targets Africans, Catholics with their extreme population control agenda

Supreme Court agrees to hear major case on whether Civil Rights Act protects ‘transgenderism’

Catholic Agency Loses Appeal in Gay Fostering Dispute                                 4/24


 Frenchie False Flag Notre Dame

St. George

Francis Doesn’t Genuflect – Even Vatican News Is Embarrassed

Pope Fails to Mention Perpetrators in Sri Lankan Attacks

…Vatican Cardinal Decries ‘Barbaric Islamist Violence’

Radical Bishop Denies Communion To Kneeling Catholics (Video)

Catholic universities, contemplation, and our cultural future

As global wave of Islamic violence targets Christian churches, left-wing, Satanic media stay silent

Woman wakes from coma -- after 30 years!

PURE EVIL: CCTV Captures Sri Lankan Islamist Walking Into St. Sebastian’s Church With Backpack Bomb — Pats Child on the Head Before Blowing Up

Half of Americans back stronger role of religion in society

Sympathy Snub: Obama, Clinton, Democrats Denounce Attacks on ‘Easter Worshippers,’ Not ‘Christians’

Yankees Ban Kate Smith’s ‘God Bless America’

Teaching Kids to Hate: Minnesota Children Instructed to Color Cards of Anti-Israel and Anti-American Ilhan Omar for Class Assignment

Journalists Were Charged With 15 Felonies For Exposing Planned Parenthood In Undercover Videos. Here's The Latest.

Canada: Taxpayer-funded CBC puts jihad murderer Omar Khadr on its Easter Sunday show

Minnesota: St. Cloud orders cease, desist on Muslim look-alike police car

Supreme Court To Hear Huge Cases On Religious Liberty And LGBT                    4/23


St. Abdiesus

The Three “R’s” of the Resurrection

THE ROOSTER of NOTRE DAME: Omen for Europe

France: Statue of Virgin Mary Decapitated Nearly 900 churches in France targeted in 2018 alone

Carnage: On Good Friday Statue of Our Lady Cried Blood Tears in Sri Lanka (Pictures)

This Easter Sunday, it’s time to tell the truth about the global war on Christianity (and the rise of Satanism)

An Easter Sermon of Saint Augustine to Newly Baptized Catholics

Bishops Claims That Vatican Backs Him in Fighting Tridentine Mass

Opus Bono Shake-Up After Michigan AG’s Investigation

Explosions Rock Sri Lanka Churches: At Least 200 Killed in Easter Sunday Attacks

Leftists demand eliminating all Christian crosses from public view, claiming it “triggers” them… political correctness is now equivalent to Satanism

Muslim who claims to be above Australian law says “Our religion is prime, cross belongs in the dustbin of history”

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi Spends Holiday in Hiding

Chinese City Pays $1,500 To Snitch On Christians

Scientists: Human-Chimp DNA Hybrids Are Possible?

Nigeria: Muslims massacre 17 Christians after baby dedication, including the child’s mother

Alleged Sri Lanka Suicide Bomber: “Anyone Who Disagrees With Muslims Should be Killed”

Turkey Youth Foundation: Islamic “call to prayer is renewal of intention to conquer Rome, New York, Paris & Vienna”

Pakistan: Christian girl abducted, forced into Islamic marriage, beaten, tortured and raped

Watch: Jihad in America & the History of Islam

Minneapolis Public School Has Kids Color Pictures Of Ilhan Omar

Church of England Vicar Likens Disruptive Climate Protestors to Jesus Jesus is the truth not the fairytale

Charlize Theron Admits To Raising Her Adopted Son as a Girl for Years

Female Athlete Speaks Out Against Transgender Equality Act                                    4/22


What is the Historical Date of Good Friday? Was AD 30 or AD 33? with Dr. Taylor Marshall

Saint Conrad of Parzham

St. Marian

Five-Star General and ‘Fervent Catholic’ to Head Notre Dame Reconstruction Efforts

Here Come the Architects: Modernists Want Glass Roof, Steel Spire, or Minaret for Notre Dame

French stone carver at Notre Dame tells of working with Muslims “who hate us” and “pray on the site”

NOTRE DAME: The Church Will Rise Again

…Journalist Caught Celebrating Notre Dame Fire

In images: Holy Week around the world

Francis: Who Holds "Extreme" Religious Views of "Anti-Homosexuality" Or "Anti-Abortion" Doesn't Have Human Heart

U.S. Cardinal Tobin calls Catholic teaching on homosexuality ‘unfortunate…hurtful’     ???

LA Archdiocese Pays Record $8 Million in Sex Abuse Settlement

Yes, There Is A Way to Resurrect The Church: Here It Is

Church Militant Defends Saint Benedict Center

New Zealand Catholic Church spokeswoman blasts athlete quoting St. Paul against sodomy

Scientists create 'living' machines that eat, grow -- and evolve

Experts sound alarm over human-monkey hybrid

Angel Mom: My Son ‘Forever Separated from Us,’ Illegal Alien ‘Returned Home to His Family’

Over 500 Babies Have Been Saved After the Abortion Had Already Begun, Here’s How

Flashback: You Might Have Missed Trump's Heartfelt Easter Message Every Christian Should Hear

Planned Parenthood Tries to Change Its Image, But It Kills 97% of Babies Going There in Abortions

Good Friday ‘Way of Cross’ Services Commemorate Victims of Abortion

BREAKING: North Carolina Gov. vetoes bill requiring care for babies born alive after failed abortion

Tennessee Faith Leaders Write Letter Supporting Abortion

After Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth, New York Democrats Ban Pro-Life Group From Using State Capitol

Drag group cries ‘homophobia’ as Dublin library cancels Story Time event over ‘age appropriateness’                                                                                                            4/20


St. Apollonius the Apologist

Blessed James Oldo

Notre Dame Altar and Cross Miraculously Survive Devastating Fire

Notre Dame fire: No workers were in the cathedral, no heat sources were near the timber frame

Elitist Architects Want Notre Dame Rebuilt to Reflect New Globalist France

…Donations Reach €1Bn to Rebuild

Notre Dame: Table Gone - Altar Spared

Pope Francis encourages organ donation despite controversy that donors aren’t actually dead

Cardinal: “If Europe disappears, Islam will invade the world,” “false to use the Word of God to promote migration”

Planned Parenthood Prayer Vigil

‘Unplanned’ Sparks Thousands to Candlelight Vigils Outside Planned Parenthood Clinics

Catholic Adoption Agency Sues Michigan for Discrimination

Planned Parenthood Prayer Vigil

French Journalist: Two Churches in France Are Vandalized EVERY DAY and No One Gives a F*ck

Illegal Alien Released by Obama’s DHS Charged with Killing Father of Ten

‘Feel a Husband’s Masculine Strength’ Qatar Cleric Films Guide on How Muslim Men Should Beat Their Wives (VIDEO)

South Carolina: Muslims break church windows, paint “Submit to God Thru Islam” on wall

Swedish Towns Facing Economic Crises After Migrant Surge    

U.S. elites push diversity, gay ‘marriage’ as a way of promoting their own righteousness    4/18


St. Anicetus

Saint Benedict Joseph Labre


Photos: Notre Dame Destruction Aftermath – Fire Engulfs 850-year-old Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral Inferno “Intentionally Set”

Neil Cavuto Hangs Up on Catholic League President Bill Donohue After He Points Out Recent Attacks on French Churches (VIDEO)

What They're NOT Telling You About The Notre Dame Fire

Paris Hero Is A Traditionalist - Former FSSP

The Resurrection of the Worldwide Church Starts in Kansas

Feminist Agenda at Vatican II

Student Newspaper Revises Guidelines to Censor Conservative Catholic Editor

Muslim Teacher at Catholic London secondary school given green light by elite teacher program despite inability to read or write

Muslims convert to Christianity in town once besieged by ISIS

“Submit to Islam”: South Carolina Church Vandalized With Islamic-Themed Graffiti

875 Catholic Churches in France Were Vandalized in 2018 by Radical Secularists and Muslims

Muslim Migrant Arrested for Smashing 800-Year-Old French Basilica Holding Tombs of French Kings

Teachers’ Unions Push Abortions on Children as Young as 12 Without Their Parents’ Knowledge

State Attorneys General Band Together to Fight Pro-Life Law

North Carolina Legislature Passes Bill Stopping Infanticide, Requiring Care for Babies Born Alive After Abortions

KEEPS YOUR PAWS OFF MY MONEY! Socialist Bernie Sanders Donated Just 1% Of Million-Dollar Income To Charity

Latest talking-head Democrat contender for POTUS 2020, Pete Buttigieg blames God for making him homosexual while condemning and questioning Trump’s faith

Scientific American: Let’s Use Genderless Pronouns                                               4/17


New Website Gives Close Look at Shroud of Turin

St. Bernadette

Report: Crown of Thorns, Artwork Saved From Notre Dame Blaze

Shep Smith Cuts Off French Official For Alluding To Islamic Arson Of Notre Dame Cathedral

As Notre Dame Burns, European Churches Are Vandalized, Defecated On, & Torched "Every Day"

Jews and Muslims Can Scarcely Conceal Their Delight at Notre Dame Fire

“The Tinder Generation.” Shocking Figures Show Pregnant 20-Somethings Killing 1 in 3 Babies in Abortions

Leaked emails show Planned Parenthood pushed California to force churches to fund abortion

Planned Parenthood Killed 332,000 Babies in Abortions Last Year, But Gets 1/3 of Its Revenue From Tax Dollars

Bishops Condemn Massachusetts ‘ROE’ Abortion Bills: ‘Egregious Attack on Human Life’

Elderly pro-life woman attacked outside abortion mill hospitalized with broken leg, bleeding head

United Church of Christ Pastor Backs “Right” to Abortion, Allowing Abortions Up to Birth

Federal Investigation Into Anti-Christian Bias at Yale

Teen girls stage school walkout to protest boys in their bathroom who claim to be ‘girls’

Frankenstein Designer Kids: What You Don’t Know About Gender-Transitioning            4/16


Blessed Caesar de Bus

St. Paternus

PERFECT METAPHOR for VATICAN II: Pope Kissing World's Feet

Pontifical Secret? All Details of Francis' Election Revealed

Pope Francis Warns Students of Addictions to Cell Phone Use

Cardinal Sarah: 'Gender Ideology is a Luciferean Refusal' of the Sexual Nature Given to Us by God

Michigan Bishop Raica Calls Faithful Catholics Agents of Satan

Cardinal Joseph Zen of Hong Kong: Fighter, Teacher, Risk-Taker

Twitter restricts Mother Teresa abortion quote; CEO can't explain why

South Korean Court Argues That Because ‘Embryos’ Depend On A Mother For Survival, They Do Not Have A ‘Right To Life’

Medical students in Africa outraged over U.S. based org enticing them to become abortionists

China to Australia: If We Say They Are Heretics, You Should Not Work with Them – or Else

Communist Chinese government announces bounty rewards for informants who identify Christians to be “disappeared” by the regime

German Parents Fined for Not Sending Son on Mosque Trip

UK Student President Said She Wanted to “Oppress White People” & See an “Islamic Takeover”

Think Tank: UK Govt Massively Undercounting Migration Impact on Future Population Growth

Frankenstein Designer Kids: What You Don’t Know About Gender-Transitioning Will Blow Your Mind

Hollywood Melts Down After Military Transgender Policy Begins: ‘Truly F*cking Cruel’

Leftist Celebrates “Gender Transition” of His 4-Year-Old Son                                        4/15


Pope Saint Martin I

Italian media have raised an alarm over attempts by the Vatican communications office to censor Pope Francis’ words in an apparent effort to make them more palatable to a global audience

Pope’s House Liturgist: “Limit Access to the Traditional Rite”

Steve Bannon rips Pope Francis for Vatican-China deal, siding with ‘globalists’

US bishop: Why we teach couples to reject contraception and embrace natural family planning

Notre Dame President Won’t Ban Campus Porn

'No religion' now as popular as Catholicism

‘Unplanned’: Mothers First Line of Defense in Fight for Life

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Signs ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bill into Law

Instagram now labels pro-life speech “hate speech,” begins banning everything

Priest urges ‘Unplanned’ audiences to participate in Planned Parenthood pro-life prayer vigils this weekend

Canadians protest new coin celebrating decriminalization of homosexual sex acts

Five UK Clinic Workers Quit Over Children’s Transgender Therapy

Pentagon's Transgender Military Ban Now in Effect

Ellen: Trump Trans Troop Ban is ‘Hatred’                                            4/13


St. Julius

Saint Teresa of Los Andes

China,Fengxiang, 200 faithful in standoff with 600 policemen who want to destroy the Marian shrine of  Mujiaping

Benedict XVI: Sexual, Theological Corruption at Root of Abuse Crisis

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Pens Scathing Letter Outlining Roots Of Catholic Church's Sex Abuse Scandal

Benedict XVI: Exclusive Text About Origin of Homosexual Abuses

Chinese Scientists Gene-Hacked Super Smart Human-Monkey Hybrids

‘Unplanned’ movie inspires nationwide candlelight vigils outside Planned Parenthood facilities

Ohio passes ban on aborting babies with beating hearts, governor signs (UPDATED)

'Unplanned' Director Reveals Large Number of Abortion Workers Wanting To Leave Field After Seeing Film

234 House Democrats, Two Republicans Co-Sponsor Bill Forcing Schools To Let Male Athletes Compete On Girls’ Sports Teams                                                    4/12


St. Marguerite d'Youville

Saint Stanislaus

Gang of Six: Vatican says nasty new FrancisConstitution now drafted

The West in Crisis Cardinal Sarah

Miserable FrancisCatholics ready to stuff what's left of Mass, Liturgical calendar with all sorts of junk science and earth worship

Nashville Diocese Suppresses Voices of Concerned Catholics

POST-CHRISTIAN UTOPIA: Surveillance Cameras and Spy Satellites

For First Time in US History, ‘Nones’ Are Largest Religious Group

Argentinean Archdiocese Finally Counters Disinformation Campaign

Steubenville Shake-Up

Ontario's assisted suicides up 78 per cent

Italy: Cemetery Covers Crosses to Avoid Offending Other Religions

Christian Graves Desecrated in Indonesia as Islamism Rises

Devout Catholic Farmers Barred From Farmer's Market Fight City In Michigan

Trump to host screening of pro-life film ‘Gosnell’ at White House

North Dakota Governor Signs Bill Banning Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb

Public Radio Airs Hit Piece on Pro-Life Film ‘Unplanned’

BREAKING: ‘Unplanned’ director tells Senate panel about Twitter, Google’s censorship of pro-life film

U.S. Bishops Urge Passage of ‘Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act’

Georgia Governor Will Sign Abortion Ban Despite Hollywood Outcry: 'We Value Life in Our State'

Twitter Refuses to Submit to Independent Audit After Censoring Pro-Life Accounts

The Islamization of Europe and the European Caliphate

Remember when Democrats used to care about “the children?” Now, they’re fine with letting illegals sexually assault your kids

Nolte: Disney Star Says Rehiring Pedophilia Joker James Gunn Sends ‘Strong Message to Kids’

Medical child abuse: Pre-pubescent girls as young as EIGHT now being treated with testosterone to become transgenders

Transgender Rights: Judge Warns Girls Have No Right to ‘Visual Bodily Privacy’

Coming to America: Canadian man fined $55,000 for misgendering a ‘transgender’

Italian NGO Founder Under Investigation for Child Sex Abuse                                   4/11


St. Waldetrudis

Saint Casilda


Cdl Sarah: Gender ideology ‘Luciferian,’ leads people to ‘pointlessly mutilate themselves’


Severe Church Crisis, And What to Do About It

Benedict-Era Vatican Bank Chief, Tedeschi, who feared daily for his life: Bank accounts owned by the Sienese bank were likely used for money laundering for [leftwing] politicians

Turning Back To God To Save Us From The War Against Humanity

Watch: CBS Cameras Cut Away As Texas Tech Players Kneel to Pray

UK: Paedophile Illegal Migrant Killed Christian Convert Wife After Visa Row

“Unplanned” Movie Stays in Top 10 With Surprisingly Strong 2nd Week at Box Office

64% of Pastors Feel They Can’t Speak Out on Social Issues Like Abortion

Family Research Council Presses Democrats to Protect Babies Who Survive Abortion

Iowa billboard campaign highlights abortion’s physical and emotional cost

New Abortion Billboard Says “Welcome to Illinois Where You Can” Kill Your Baby

Catholic University Honors Abortion Proponent With Commencement Soapbox, Doctorate

Feds Charge Muslim Man Accused of Plotting to Plow Over ‘Infidels’ with Stolen U-Haul Truck Near DC

Judge Apologises for Freeing Migrant Who Killed Italian for Being ‘Happy and White’

Swedish Leftist Blows Kiss to Refugee Convicted of Raping Underage Girls

TV Actress Pleads Guilty In Bizarre Case Of Secretive Sex Cult

Catholic High School Dismisses Second Gay Counselor

Ex-Transgender Walt Heyer: Affirming Wrong Gender Is ‘Child Abuse’

France proclaims trees should have rights                                                  4/9


Jesus’ crown of thorns venerated during Lent by faithful in Paris

LATEST ON SHROUD OF TURIN: Science Finally Catches Up with Faith

St. John Baptist de la Salle

Unplanned: Sneak Peek

Unplanned 2019 (Disturbing Abortion Scene)

Top Vatican cardinal receives LGBT activists working to decriminalize homosexual sex acts

Catholic Watchdog: Cupich Worse Than Any Criminal

Vatican Cardinal: Church of Migration ‘of Interest to No One’

Diocese of Limburg Recommends Visiting a Mosque for Lent

Gay priest says he’s ‘on a mission’ from Pope Francis to reach out to homosexuals

The End of Christian France?

North Carolina Couple Celebrates 82nd Anniversary

The Number Of Americans With “No Religion” Has Increased By 266% Over The Last 3 Decades

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, & The Mafia

Google Employees Call Christian Legal Fund ’Hate Group’

40 Facts That Prove That America’s Moral Collapse Is Spinning Wildly Out Of Control

Pro-Life Groups Gear Up For Born Alive Bill Fight

I’m black and conceived in rape. Planned Parenthood was founded to kill people like me

Teacher Under Fire for Showing Students This Pro-Life Video of Abortion From the Baby’s Perspective

Abortion Clinic Kills 33-Week-Old Baby in Legal Abortion, Fails to Call 911 After Severely Injuring Mother

Catholic Doctors and Nurses Oppose Advance of Euthanasia

California Caves to Planned Parenthood’s Demands, Forces Churches to Fund Abortions

Swedish Family Flees to Poland after State Hands His Daughters Over to Muslim Family

Muslim Asylum Seeker Imprisoned For Killing Wife Who Converted To Christianity

Chris Cuomo Accidentally Exposes The Truth About Illegal Aliens Who Travel With Kids – HINT: They’re Asylum Props (VIDEO)

Swedish Hospital Defends Removing Breasts of 14-Year-Old Diagnosed with ‘Gender Dysphoria’

NATIONAL ALERT! Pedophiles Dressed As Clowns Preying On Children

MA Legislature Caves to LGBTQ Activists’ Gender Counseling Ban

Islam vs LGBT                                                                                             4/7


St. Vincent Ferrer

Pope’s Remarks on Papal Plane: Sowing More Confusion Than Clarity

Francis: Don't Be "Afraid" Of Different Religions Because God "Allowed" It

Chicago’s Homomafia

Brad Paisley Breaks Ground on Free Grocery Store to Serve Families in Need

Ted Cruz To Yale Law School: Stop Blacklisting Christian Organizations

Appeals Court Upholds Kentucky Law Requiring Doctors To Play Sound Of Baby's Heartbeat Before Abortion

Georgia Gov to Sign Pro-Life Bill Despite Hollywood Backlash

Four Democratic Senators Vow To Protect Kittens. Here's How They Voted Regarding Unborn Children.

Persecuted Christian Mother Asia Bibi Still Trapped in Pakistan

Illegal Alien Driving Without a License Hits, Kills 13-Year-Old Girl Riding Bike to School: Sheriff

Doctors Are Now Giving 8-Year-Old Girls Testosterone, Claiming They're 'Transgender'

Bombshell: Another Drag Queen Story Hour Member Exposed as Pedophile, Report Says

Mormon Church Says Children Of Same-Sex Couples Can Be Baptized                                4/5


St. Isidore of Seville

Pope’s Moroccan Adventure Goes Off Script(ure)

Pope: “Let’s not accuse Muslims. Let’s accuse ourselves also.”

Opposition Against Pope Francis is “Very Strong”

Cardinal Sarah Denounces Using The Bible To Justify Mass Immigration

Traditional Latin Mass saves U.S. parish from closure

China Tightens Screws on Underground Catholic Bishop

‘I know who you are’: Fr. Larry Richards intimidates parishioners who complained about him to bishop

Conservative Catholics Are Worried About The Vatican's Likely Pick For DC Archbishop. Here's Why

Silly, 'Good Guy' Bp. Rick Stika defends notorious Cd. Bernardin from 'haters'

Chinese, US Scientists Create Human-Monkey Hybrids

Human Rights Activist: Muslims Murdered 70,000 Christians in Nigeria over Last 20 Years

STUNNING: “Pro-choice” students find out they’re actually pro-life… in just a few minutes of questioning

Texas Senate Approves Bill to Ban State and Local Funding of Abortion Providers

Four US states advance abortion bans, conscience protections, and more pro-life measures

PA Continues Lax Oversight That Led to Abortion ‘House of Horrors’

Pete Buttigieg: A Woman Cannot be Free Unless She Can Kill Her Baby in a Late Term Abortion — And Men Need to Stay Out of It (VIDEO)

Judge Issues Ruling In Case Of Catholic Teen Who Refused Vaccination Over Abortion Concerns

Man Who Portrays Abortion Doctor in 'Unplanned' Former Abortionist Turned Pro-Life Activist

Cure for saving Earth from “global warming” is more ABORTIONS, according to Democratic-Socialist-Communists

Migrant Admits to Killing Italian Man Because He Was ‘White, Happy’

Finland: Imam says “we have no extremists here,” his son-in-law and daughter join ISIS

Taken by “The Village”: One Man’s Story of State Kidnapping

Left-wing media encourages exploitation of children, promotes 11-year-old “drag queen”

Calif. to Ban State-Funded Travel to S. Carolina, Claims Anti-Gay Discrimination in Foster Care

Planned Parenthood, LGBT Inc and comprehensive sex miseducation                      4/4


Saint Benedict the African

St. Richard of Wyche

In new exhortation, Pope Francis suggests ‘concrete…change’ in Church needed to appease youth

Apostolic Zeal Embarrasses Papal Jesuit

Cupich Secretly Using Cemetery Funds to Help Pay Off $200 Million in Sex Abuse Payouts

Catholic Watchdog: Cupich Worse Than Any Criminal

Brazil FrancisBishop Colombo Goes Pagan, Does Voodoo

 Nashville Bishop Drags Feet on ‘Gay’ Pastor

Green News Outlet: “...just as many sexually abused by members of the Protestant church”

Republicans Make One Last Attempt To Protect Babies Who Survive Abortion

Monstrous Virginia FrancisGovernor Who Supported Infanticide Signs Bill to Make Animal Cruelty a Felony

Chicoms Pay Informants to Hunt Down Underground Catholics

Families In Small Michigan Town Want Sex Ed Focused On Abstinence Rather Than Gender Identity Issues

Abortion is destroying Spain’s future, new study finds

Yale tried to illegally offer birth control pills like Snickers bars in on-campus vending machines

Yale Law School Pulls Funding from Students Working with Christian Organizations

Moral decline: Satanic symbols now appearing at government buildings all across America

61-year-old gives birth to own grandchild, allowing ‘married’ gay son to have family

1.5 Million Illegal Immigrants Expected This Calendar Year

Deported Illegal Alien Sex Offender Charged with Producing Child Porn

Christian University Reverses Ban On Same-Sex Relationships...Again            4/3


Saint Francis of Paola

Vatican Cardinal: Encouraging Immigration Misrepresents the Gospel

Francis: Claims That He Is "Cleaning Up" Vatican

Fr. Matthew Schneider: When Francis and his evil press said, "Don't convert others," they didn't really mean it

Cupich Secretly Using Cemetery Funds to Help Pay Off $200 Million in Sex Abuse Payouts

Catholic priests burn Harry Potter books

Praying “in the name of Jesus” now labeled “Islamophobic” by the increasingly deranged, anti-Christian Left

World Family Congress Capitulates To Gay Propaganda

UK Police Drop Investigation Into Catholic Mom Accused of ‘Misgendering’

President Trump Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding $44 Million, Sends Funds to Pregnancy Centers

Nolte: ‘Unplanned’ Beats Blacklisting Campaign with $6.1 Million Opening

Pro-Life Film ‘Unplanned’ Surpasses Planned Parenthood in Twitter Followers Despite Censorship

Pro-Life ‘Unplanned’ Scores #5 Box Office, Despite Advertising Ban by Major Networks

Supreme Court Won’t Dismiss Bogus Charges Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood

Don’t Let Hollywood Bully You, Georgia. Sign the Heartbeat Bill and Save Lives.

North Dakota Passes Bill Banning Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb

UK: Asylum application of Christian family facing death fatwa in Pakistan three times rejected

Catholic Mother Pleads For Young Women To Dress Modestly. Then She Gets Mocked.

Video: Teen Vogue Says ‘the Idea that the Body Is Male or Female Is Wrong’                   4/2


Saint Hugh of Grenoble

Pray for Pope Francis

....Despised Francis Tells Muslim Morocco That the Desire to Invade Europe is a Wound That ‘Cries Out to Heaven,’ Therefore Those are Evil Who Seek To Prevent It

....Pope of Insults in Morocco: All 'Believers' Must Counter Fanaticism and Extremism, Even Though Terrorism Has Nothing to Do With Actual Catholics

New lawsuit claims Bishop Bransfield sexually abused seminarians

CHARTRES PILGRIMAGE 2019: US Chapter New Website

On the Leggings Controversy at University of Notre Dame

Tiny First Temple find could be first proof of aide to biblical King Josiah

Democrats Complained About Cutting Special Olympics Funding, But Support Aborting Its Participants

Pakistan: Police charge mentally ill Christian with blasphemy

"Catholic" Relief Services Created Funding Mechanism for Contraception-Spreading Project

Unplanned Reaction

MUST SEE VIDEO: Now Twitter Won’t Allow Users to Follow @UnplannedMovie Twitter Page

Trump Admin Sends Pro-Life Women’s Clinic $5 Million That Once Went to Planned Parenthood

Massive annual March for Life in Lima postponed without explanation by new Francis-appointed archbishop

Spain: Mosque demands that Spanish King apologize for Muslim leader wants Spanish King to apologize for Christian victory over jihad in 1492

California Muslim writes: “I will assassinate your pastor in the name of Allah. I will burn down Christian churches”

Iran’s Ruling Mullahs Issue Call for War Against the Jewish State

Agencies Can’t Cite Religious Belief to Bar Kids From Gay Adopters, Rules Michigan’s Lesbian AG                                                                                       4/1


Saint Stephen of Mar Saba

St. Benjamin

Francis: Christian and Muslims believe in the same God   no

Morocco: Pope Francis to visit imam training institute to boost moderate Islam

Pope Picks Scandal-Ridden Bishop to Replace Chilean Cardinal

Francis Snubs Victorious Salvini — Meddling in Italian Elections and Losing

The Amazon Synod: A Trojan Horse to Destroy Priestly Celibacy?

Philadelphia Archbishop: ‘Predatory Homosexuality’ Cause of Abuse Crisis

Mahony Still a Prince in Los Angeles Clericalism on display by Cdl. Roger Mahony and Abp. José Gomez

France: Catholic churches vandalized, set on fire and smeared with excrement

Turning Confessionals Into Broom Closets

Nigeria: Muslims burn four churches and 28 homes, rape and murder Christian woman in raids on Christian villages

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: My (Catholic) Hometown

41 states have introduced over 250 pro-life laws since January, Planned Parenthood complains

Celebrities Threaten ‘Billions’ for ‘Georgia’s Public Schools, Parks, Communities’ if ‘Evil’ Pro-Life Bill Passes

TV Networks Reject Ads for Anti-Abortion Movie ‘Unplanned’

‘Unplanned’ Given ‘R’ Rating, Twitter Account Briefly Suspended

Even pro-choicer changed by abortion movie

Omar refuses to condemn stoning of gays under Sharia, jihad attacks against Israel by Hamas

Brunei defends tough new Islamic laws against growing backlash

Canada’s Foreign Minister tells UN “white supremacism and Islamophobia among the ‘gravest threats’ facing the world”

Croatia Hosts first Transgender March

Another Female Athletic Champion Comes Out Against Male-To-Female Transgender Participation In Women’s Sports

UK Gov’t to Ban Child Sex Dolls After Hundreds Seized at Border

Democrats Display Transgender Flags Outside of Capitol Hill Offices                     3/31


St. Berthold

Saint Ludovico of Casoria

Infights in the Vatican’s Modernist Establishment

Catholic Bishop: Muslims No More ‘Prone to Terrorism’ than Christians

Cardinal Dolan Suspends Priest Accused of Drug-Fueled Orgies With Gay-for-Pay Prostitute

Catholic Cardinal Slams Illinois Bill to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth: “An Attack on Human Dignity”

How I Met the Bishops’ Deep State

President Trump’s Defunding International Planned Parenthood is Not Increasing Abortions Overseas

After Trump Admin Investigates, Pregnancy Centers Protected From Being Forced to Promote Abortions

....Priest From Holy Wilton's Atlanta Goes to Drag Show

Religions Use Robots to Connect With the Public

Prof Asks Students to Draw Themselves Naked, Forbids Pro-Life Project


UK Government ‘Secretly’ Funded Group Campaigning To Legalize Pedophilia In The 1970s

French bishops spokesman calls homosexual relationships ‘something of God’

Uninformed Parents Outraged over Trans in Girl’s Locker Room

Gay Teacher Fired for Having Sex with Teen Boys Wins Discrimination Case

Fourth federal court drops final injunction against Trump admin ban on gender-confused soldiers

Homosexuals, Radical Feminists Protest Verona’s Pro-Family Congress                         3/29


St. Venturino of Bergamo

Saint Catharine of Bologna

What's the Catholic View on ILLEGAL Immigration? from Aquinas and Catechism

CATHOLIC CHAOS: Where Do We Go From Here?

More evidence shows Catholic Relief Services still involved in promoting contraception

Bergoglio at Loreto: Demonic Influence on Display

Order of Malta Pushing Gay Heroes in Comics

Michigan AG Offers Double Dose of Anti-Catholicism

Utah governor signs bill banning abortion at 18 weeks

Brunei introduces 'vicious' new Sharia laws...Gays stoned to death, thieves amputated

St. Louis: Catholic School Fires Teacher for Conservatism

U.S. Projected to Add 1.5M Illegal Aliens to Population this Year

New York county bans unvaccinated minors from churches, other public places, amid measles outbreak

How Sad. Kate Steinle’s Parents Lawsuit Dismissed by 9th Circuit Court — Not Even an Apology for their Daughter’s Death

Woman claiming to be ‘male’ sues Catholic hospital for canceling sex change surgery

Cross-sex “trans” hormone treatments are ruining people’s lives: heart disease, cardiovascular damage, and deep vein clots among horrific side effects

Christian School Withdraws from Athletic Conference over Trans Policy                 3/28



St. Rupert

Pope removes scandal-plagued Chilean bishop, replaces him with new scandal-plagued bishop

Vatican Instruction: Interdiction to Kiss Francis' Ring [Except For Half-Naked Males]

Diocese of Erie Offers $2 Million to Childhood Victim

Dorian Gray and the Picture of Theodore McCarrick

On the Death Cult’s Worship of Infanticide

Foreigners Now Half of Berlin’s Prison Population

Chick-Fil-A Barred From San Antonio Airport Over 'Anti-LBGTQ Behavior' 

Men's Only 'Cuddling Group' Aims To Redefine Masculinity For The Millennial Generation

Singer Barbra Streisand changes her tune about Michael Jackson’s serial abuse of boys

The Truth Behind Drag Queen Story Hour                                    3/27


St. Margaret Clitherow

Saint Catherine of Genoa

Marxist Infestation In the Catholic Church

Bergolgian Heresies + False Ecumenism = New Religion

Francis signs, but does not release text of his nefarious Youthfulness Synod Exhortation


Worst Form of Child Abuse: Francis’ Argentinean Bishops Are Silent

French archbishop ‘delighted’ to participate in dedication of mosque

REC’ing the Faith


USCCB pro-life point man, Abp. Naumann, joins Bp. Dewane to turn EPA power plant regulation roll-back into a bogus 'pro-life' issue

CRS Lobbies Gov’t for $9 Billion for Agencies Pushing Contraception

MOFFIT: Planned Parenthood should announce opening of abortion centers for MEN in the name of gender equality

House Democrats Nix Born Alive Bill For A 20th Time

Ohio announces termination of Planned Parenthood funding

Judge Rules Father Legal ‘Representative’ of Aborted Child in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Palestinian Cleric: “France Will Become an Islamic Country Through Jihad”

Thousands of Muslim Women Raped, Tortured, Killed in Syrian Prisons

'Life, Liberty and Texas Values': State Plan Would Protect Religious Rights from LGBTQ Activism

Judge Who Oversaw Epstein Sex Trafficking Case Dies

Consequences: From transgenderism to trans-whateverism                                        3/26


Annunciation of the Lord

Novena prayer to Our Lady of the Annunciation

St. Dismas

The day two of China’s greatest heroes — a cardinal and blind activist — met and shook hands

Where Else But in God Is All Our Greatness?

Cardinal Danneels Legacy and Sankt Gallen Mafia

France: Catholic churches vandalized, set on fire, smeared with excremen

Register's pro-gay 'Catholic' film critic, Greydanus: The problem of evil is complicated

"Honor Of Muhammad" Sung In Madrid Cathedral (Video)

Trump greets people with Down syndrome at White House on World Down Syndrome Day

....Pontifical FrancisAcademy for Death: Abortion-derived vaccines no longer an issue, OK?

San Antonio Bans Chick-fil-A from Airport for Lack of LGBTQ Support

Transgender person sues Catholic hospital in Eureka for refusing hysterectomy

Asylum Seeker’s Sexual Assault on ‘Vulnerable’ Male Blamed on Newcastle’s ‘Immorality’

Secularism isn’t the answer to Islamic extremism, but arguably its cause                  3/25


St. Aldemar

Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero

Church Leaders Under Tight Control in China’s Social Justice FrancisTopia: Must Ask to Travel

Pope Accepts Abuse Resignation of Chilean Cardinal

Thank God for Francis! (Pontificating the Limitations of Papal Infallibility)

Fr. Rosica plagiarism scandal spreads to book published by Canadian bishops

Priest Calls Family Congress “Disgrace”

Montreal Priest Stabbed During Morning Mass

Franciscan University Attempts to Silence Faculty

British Govt Rules CHRISTIANITY Is Not a Religion of Peace, Rejects Convert

Planned Parenthood President: ‘No Such Thing as Infanticide in Medical Care’

New Zealand Broadcasts Islamic Call to Prayer Nationwide…PM, Women Don Hijabs

Austrian Monks Give Up Feeding Poor After Homeless Migrant Violence

'It didn't kill them': Barbra Streisand sparks outrage for saying Michael Jackson’s accusers were 'THRILLED to be there', his 'sexual needs were his sexual needs' and for suggesting their parents are to blame


Consequences: From Transgenderism To Trans-Whateverism

South African court rules Christian church discriminates against gays in refusing them ‘marriage’

Pro-American Crowds Unfurl Banners from Hilton Rooms – Boo Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar as She Arrives at Fundraiser For Terror-Tied CAIR LA (VIDEO)

'Islamist Attack Plot' Foiled By German Police; 11 Arrested For Planning "To Kill As Many Infidels As Possible"

United Airlines to Introduce ‘Non-Binary’ Gender Flight Booking                                  3/24


St. Lea

Saint Nicholas Owen

Bergoglio and McCarrick: Manipulating the Conclave

U.S. Bishops Denounce ‘Equality Act’ in Letter to Congress

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: On the Question of a Heretical Pope

Permanent Apostolate of the FSSP in South Tirol

Toronto Archdiocese pays damages to pervert victim - but made him suffer up to the court date

Nearly 400 Illinois Priests Accused of Child Rape

Marxist Infestation In the Catholic Church

Priest Arrested For Massaging Woman's Breast While Giving Her Last Rites

Traditional Catholics Unite the Clans with Michael Matt (Dr Taylor Marshall

Prominent philanthropist wants more lay involvement in governance, fighting abuse

‘Nones’ now as big as evangelicals, Catholics in the US

Yes, liberals allow pedophile drag queens to read story time books to your children in public school… and here’s proof

UK Refuses Iranian Christian Refugee Because “Christianity Is Too Violent” — But Allowed 400 ISIS Fighters Safe Return Home

Middle School Student Punished For Recreating Battlefield Cross For School Assignment

America's "Fertility Crisis" Is A Government-Caused Crisis

2020 Dems Alienating Voters With Abortion  

Liberal Author Reveals Democrat Endgame: Replace Republican ‘Evangelical Cult’ with Massive Influx of Immigrants to Drive GOP to Extinction

African Immigrant Sets Fire To Bus Full Of 51 School Children [Video]

‘No God But Allah’ Echoes Across New Zealand a Week After Mosque Shooting

Saudis Put Women’s Rights Activist on Trial, Iran Imprisons for 38 Years                3/22


St. Enda

Blessed John of Parma

The Unsustainable Papacy

Pope Francis Rejects Resignation of French Cardinal Convicted of Abuse Cover-Up

Guest Op-Ed - Bishop Schneider: On the question of a heretical pope

Exclusive: The German Church Starts Revolution in Whole ChurchUS bishops’ agency lobbies Congress to give millions to pro-abortion, pro-contraception groups

13 Georgetown Priests, 1 Nun Accused of Abuse

THOUSANDS of Christians murdered in Nigerian “GENOCIDE” … Scoop Video

Hugh Fitzgerald: “There Is No Compulsion In Religion”

Planned Parenthood CEO Lies: Claims Late-Term Abortions “Rare,” But They Kill 13,000 Babies Every Year

Planned Parenthood Staffer Quits After Overseeing Abortions Drove Her to Alcoholism, Now She’s Pro-Life

HORROR! Angry Senegalese Driver Sets School Bus Full of Italian Children on Fire ‘To Avenge Deaths of African Migrants at Sea’ (VIDEO)

Pro-Choice Students Caught On Video Taking Crosses From Pro-Life Display On Campus

3 of the MS-13 members who stabbed and burned MD victim were resettled as refugees

VICTORY! Parents Sue San Diego School District For Trying to Force Pro-Islam CAIR Propaganda On Their Kids – AND WIN!

Sweden, Population 10.2 Million, Offers Asylum to China’s over 10 Million Uyhgur Muslims

Was the New Zealand attack engineered to usher in Sharia Law across the United States by criminalizing all resistance to radical Islam?

Swedish Shia Muslims Express Fear over Returning Islamic State Fighters

Transgenderism is leading us towards totalitarianism: The Van Maren Show Episode 9

Muslim Schools Cancel LGBT Equality Classes in London District Saying They Felt “Victimized” by the Program

Far-Left Groups Push LGBTQ Agenda on Public School Kindergartners

Parents Refuse To Facilitate 'Sex Change' Of Autistic Son, So Authorities Threaten To Put Him In Foster Care

‘I felt violated’: Female student files civil rights complaint over boy in girls’ locker room    3/21


Bl. John of Parma 

Saint Salvator of Horta

Saint Joseph: Patron of Our Troubles

Kazakhstan bishops issue statement supporting Archbishop Chullikatt

Catholics criticize archdiocese for inviting pro-gay comedian to faith formation event

Islamists Burn Houses, Murder Nine More Christians in Nigeria

Nigerian Christian Woman Savagely Dragged – Then Forced to Watch Muslim Jihadists Butcher Her Husband to Death

Planned Parenthood, while aborting babies, tweets: ‘We all deserve to live free from violence’

Beto on Third-Trimester Abortions: Should be Decision the Woman Makes

Fifteenth century ritualistic sacrifice of 140 children resembles modern-day infanticide at New York abortion clinics

Catholic Journalist Gets Visit From Police After ‘Misgendering’ A Trans Person

BirthStrikers: Women Fear Climate Change, Refuse To Have Children

WATCH: 'Genderqueer' Singer Sam Smith Says He's Not A Man Or A Woman, Contemplated Sex-Change

Teachers On Leave After Alleged Link To Punishing Preschoolers By Having Them Stand Naked In Closet                                                               3//20


Padre Pio sayings

St. Adrian

Venerable mystic saw crisis in Church, anti-christ

Maltese Catholics Criticize Archbishop Scicluna’s Leadership on ‘LGBT’ Issues

Vandals target French Catholic churches in series of attacks

Caxit: Catholics Exiting the Democratic Party

Christians in Aleppo, Syria: “The pain, poverty, and hunger we’ve endured are enough.”

Why Does The Mainstream Media Purposely Ignore Mass Killings Of Christians Across The Globe?

Minnesota: Charges dropped against Christian pastor arrested at Mall of America for talking with Muslims

Former 'Prince of ISIS' Turns to Christ After a God Dream: 'I Saw a Love That Didn't Exist in Islam'

UK: Dad Called “Racist” “Bigot” For Opposing Daughter’s Homework Assignment to Write Letter to Her Family About Converting to Islam

Ex-Planned Parenthood Director Reveals the Shocking Moment She Fled Her Clinic — and Never Looked Back

Abortion a Human Right?

U.S. City Declares Itself A 'Sanctuary City For The Unborn'

TV Series ‘Shrill’: Abortion Makes You Feel ‘Really Good,’ ‘F*cking Powerful’

Video: Libs Cheer as Beto Endorses Third Trimester Abortions

Maryland Lawmakers Choose Planned Parenthood over Federal Family Planning Dollars

Islamic terror caused 84,000 deaths worldwide in 2017, report says

Nigeria: Muslims murder another 10 Christians, bringing death toll to 140 since February 10

Rep. Cicilline: We Can’t Allow ‘Religious Freedom’ to Be Used to Discriminate Against LGBT

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocks God: “What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe”

Man Who Dismembered Girlfriend Gets Parole to Live as Transgender

Pedo Library Predators Get Their Due

Illinois Votes To Teach ‘LGBT History’ In Schools                                          3/19


St. Cyril of Jerusalem

McCarrick, Bergoglio and a Corrupt Argentine Seminary

Papacy Must Be Cleansed From "Idolatrous Accretions"

Vatican diplomat accused of corruption and ‘romantic’ relationship while at UN

USCCB President Suffers Stroke – As Bench VP, Gomez Given The Reins

Minneapolis Archbishop John Nienstedt: Another McCarrick

NY Bill Would Require Priests to Violate Confessional Seal

Eurovision: Suddenly the Cross Was Gone

All the religious massacres you didn’t hear about over the past year have one thing in common… Christians were killed instead of Muslims

Are Planned Parenthood aborted babies being used to make chicken pox vaccines?

Democrats Demand Right to Life for Kittens, But Block Bills to Stop Infanticide

Story Time With Sex Offenders?

Kindergarten Teacher Accused of Making Child Porn                  3/18


St. Patrick

St. Patrick Sparked a Fire

Christian Refuses to Pay Taxes Because They Fund Abortions, Wins Court Battle Against IRS

Pope Francis Endorses the UN 2030 Agenda

Vatican pushes back about work conditions at UN mission

EWTN & the Bishops

Traditional Latin Mass returns to Nativity Church, Menlo Park

Saul Alinsky and Corruption of Catholic Campaign for Human Development (Dr Marshall)

Demonizing Catholics

Do Catholic Laity Need Our Own Conference?

New Mexico Defeats Radical Bill to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth

Maine Democrat Gov. Janet Mills Embraces Abortion

Girl Scouts Continues to Promote Abortion, Partner With Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

44% of Young U.K. Women Consider Freezing Eggs, Scotland Births at 160-Year Low

(VIDEO) Pro-Life Journalist Crashes Anti-Gun March In Washington DC

 The wicked, demonic assault on one Christian baker has been halted, but the next wave of anti-Christian left-wing demons is about to be unleashed

ICYMI: 120 Christians Slaughtered By Muslim Herders In Nigeria – MEDIA SILENT

JUSTICE FOR SWEDISH WOMEN: Record number of rapes in Sweden – Only 7.4% of cases solved

Illegal Alien Decapitates NC Man and Drives Off with His Body – Gets Only 14 Months in Prison — Victim’s Family Holds His Photo During Sentencing (VIDEO)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Mosque Shootings: ‘What Good Are Your Thoughts and Prayers’

 Swedish Schoolgirls Beaten, Called "Whores" by Migrant Students - Report               3/17


St. Louise de Marillac

Faithless Pope of Failure: 41% have ‘some or no confidence’ in Francis. That has to include all of the actual Catholics.

EXCLUSIVE: Long-Time Defender of Francis Accuses Him of “Duplicity and Dishonesty”

SHEPHERDS in JAIL: The Last Days of Vatican II

Poland’s Catholic Church Admits Over 380 Children Have Been Sexually Abused By Clergy Since 1990

OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - The "Project Compassion" of Caritas for world water emergency

Netherlands: Converts to Christianity from Islam get threats “every single day”

Requiem for a Wicked Man

VP Mike Pence’s Daughter: Abortion is “Oppression in Its Barest Form” Against “The Weaker Members of Society”

Aborted babies are still being used in today’s vaccine production: Expert

California Stops Executing Murders But Allows Executing Unborn Babies in Abortions

Despite Warnings, CCHD Continues Funding Immoral Activism

Dem Presidential Candidate Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Virtue Signals About Abortion Funding

Minnesota: Muslims defraud Child Care Program of $100 million, investigators say it didn’t go to jihadis

Parents, Be Warned: This Prominent Charity May Be Funding Pro-Abortion Orgs           3/15


St. Matilda

Saint Maximilian

WATCH: Pro-transgender activist attacks Virgin Mary statue outside ‘Drag Queen story hour’

How to Fight the Coming WarPope Poses for Photos With LGBT Group

Have US bishops sold out to the 'open borders' world order?

Wuerl Allowed Homosexual Predator to Live With Seminarians

Will German Money Make the "Pope of the Poor" Abolish Celibacy?

Too many Catholic bishops don’t really seem to care about ending abortion

Bishop Censors Program on Islamic Conquest Of West

Faith without Compromise: An Atheist’s Conversion Story

Chinese Police Arrest 50 Christians, Including Children and Pregnant Women, for 'Inciting Subversion of State Power'

Statement by Prior of Johannes Brothers About Sex Abuse

Ex-Planned Parenthood director: We were ‘trained’ how to sell abortion to Christian women

Court Rules Ohio Can Defund Planned Parenthood

If elected, Australia's Labor party vows to force hospitals to commit abortions

House Democrats Refuse to Allow Vote Against Infanticide -- For 17th Time

$275 Million Lawsuit Filed Against CNN for Their Smearing of Covington Catholic Student

Ohio Student Punished for Quoting Bible in Response to LGBT Flags

Sex Attacks up 30 Percent on Paris Public Transport System

LGBTQ Indoctrination in Canada, UK: A Barometer for America–Unless Christians Take a Stand

British Male Rapper Mocks Trans Sports Issue – Identifies as Woman at Gym and Breaks Female Weightlift Record (VIDEO)                                                        3/14


Bl. Agnello of Pisa

Saint Leander of Seville

Wasting Catholics’ Money

Vatican tamps down controversy, says no yuca for the Eucharist

McCarrick, Bergoglio and a Corrupt Argentine Seminary

Priest accused of sex abuse found shot to death

Falsely Accused French Priest Vindicated

'One more Christian, one less Chinese': Beijing vows to rid faith of Western influences

San Diego Parish to Hold Pro-Gay Mass

Giant Crucifix Frozen Under Lake Michigan Draws Hundreds of Visitors

Facebook blocks pregnancy site articles on fetal development, abortion pill reversal

Girl Scouts now celebrating young girls who push abortion, oblivious to the fact that HALF of all abortions are baby girls

Actress Says NY Abortion Law ‘Making the World a Better Place’

Study: Social and Emotional Learning, the ‘New-Age Nanny State’

WATCH: “Palestinian” TV teaches children that Israel will come to an end: ‘All of Palestine will return to us’

UK: Another Muslim rape gang charged in child abuse inquiry

Former Olympic swimmer says ‘transgender’ men could ‘ruin the sport’ for real women

World's first genderless voice created to stop 'exclusion'                               3/13


St. Constantine

Saint John Ogilvie

Our Lady of Las Lajas: Miracle Imprinted in Stone

Vatican Says Yes To “Sex Change” Drugs For Children?

US Catholic Bishops Give $322,000 to Organization Promoting Apostasy, Women’s Ordination and Witchcraft

Cardinal Zen: “From Which Planet Do Vatican Hierarchs Descend?”

Cardinals spar in responses to Vatican-China deal

Holy Franciscan FrancisUniversity of Steubenville promotes frightening Sister Joan!

Coalition of Concerned Catholics: We Won’t Give Another Dime

800-Year-Old French Basilica of St. Denis Heavily Vandalized in No-Go Suburbs — 19th Century Stained Glass Windows Destroyed

Bonfire of the Humanities: The Moorings of Academy Adrift

Hungary PM: No Compromise on Migration, Protecting Christian Culture

Same Leftists who say vaccines promote the “greater good” now insist that ABORTION is a “moral good” for society

Radical Dem Rep. Rashida Tlaib Declares Victory Over US in Chicago CAIR Speech, ‘The Muslims Are Here!’ (VIDEO)

U.K.: Twenty Arrested for Child Sexual Exploitation in Wakefield, Yorkshire

10 years, 10 months jail for Facebook post criticizing Islam and Muhammad

Parents Outraged After SoCal School District Approves New Sex Ed Curriculum For Middle School Including Instruction on ‘Gender Identity’

Think Tank Published Gut-Wrenching Stories from 5 Parents of Transgender Children

Ex-Olympian: Transgenders born as biological men should not compete as “women” in sports

Pentagon To Activate Transgender Military Ban                                         3/11


St. Frances of Rome

St. John of the God

Hi! I just signed a petition urging Amazon to remove offensive bath products which encourage buyers to step on images of Christ. Amazon has removed similar products which offends Muslims, but has not taken down those that mock Christ. For more information and to sign the petition, CLICK HERE. Thank you!

Masculinity and the Liturgy

Francis versus Francis: Another Day at the Papal Office

Cardinal Müller: Media "Lie Firmly in Hands of Enemies to Christianity"

US Bishops Gave $130,000 to Homosexualist, Pro-Abortion Heartland Workers Center

Bishop Schneider lists four root causes of sex abuse crisis in Catholic Church

Just Breaking in News: Evil Cardinal Sentenced to Prison for Covering up Sex Abuse

Activist Calls Protecting Black Babies from Planned Parenthood 2019’s Civil Rights Movement

Abby Johnson DESTROYS Abortion Arguments at Hearing

Go Away, Hillary: Abortion Is A Human Right

Pro-abort Kamala Harris on guns: ‘We cannot tolerate…when our babies are being slaughtered’

CA Dem Wants Planned Parenthood’s Phone Number on Student IDs

Abortion and the War on Blacks

Teacher Forces Catholic Boy to Wash Off Ash Wednesday Cross

Islamic Scholar: No Western Country Has Successfully Integrated Muslims

ADAMS: Minnesota’s Finest Christian Hypocrites

Transgender Cyclist Who Pummeled Female Competition: Excluding Men From Women’s Sports is Like Excluding Black Women, “It’s Obviously Transphobic”  

New report exposes most insane liberal classes taught at US universities                      3/9


Sts. Perpetua and Felicity

Proposal at Vatican to change Eucharist would create a 'new religion'

Bishop Removes Priest For Preaching Catholic Faith

NC Pastor Reschedules Lesbian Speaker Fr. Chris VanHaight apologized for hurting LBGT brothers and sisters

Homosexuals At the Root of Church Abuses - Bishop

Number of priests declined for first time in decade, Vatican says

Alabama court recognizes aborted baby as legal person, lets wrongful death suit proceed

Remember, Man, That Thou Art Dust

Chicago Catholic School Defends Hiring of Planned Parenthood Volunteer

Did God Comment on the Recent Sex Abuse Summit in Rome?

Climate FrancisChange Generational Suicide: 38% of Millennials Worried About Having Children

84-Year-Old Widow Threatened with Eviction for Holding Bible Studies at Veterans Senior Home

Walmart Selling Satanic Paraphernalia

Churches from California to Connecticut Providing Drive-Through Ash Wednesday Ash Distribution

Planned Parenthood Sues Trump Administration Over New Abortion Rule

Girl Scouts Gives Highest Award To Girl Who Organized A Pro-Abortion Campaign

This pro-life mom got tired of fashion’s support for the abortion industry. So she started her own brand

Muslim classmates viciously stab Christian boy in attempted murder that left his kidney severed in two

Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Amazon Bans Tommy Robinson’s Book, ‘Mohammed’s Koran’

"They Raped Us So Many Times": DHS Secretary Reveals Every Migrant Girl Over Age 10 Gets Pregnancy Test

Members of Congress Read Pro-Transgender 'Kids' Book on House Floor

Trans tyranny is too big to ignore

Trans Agenda Paving Road to AI Hell                                                    3/7


St. John Joseph of the Cross

EXCLUSIVE: More Troubles for Pope Francis


PHARISEES, FAKES and FOOLS: Avoiding the Gnostic Temptation

Nebraska AG Subpoenas Hundreds of Parishes for Abuse Records

Hopes For Missing Yazidis Dim As Islamic State Defeat Looms

Death Cult Democrats say killing newborn babies the day they’re born is good for the economy, so what’s next, exterminating senior citizens?

Church of Norway apologizes for previous pro-life stance, says abortion promotes ‘women’s safety’

#MeToo Pioneer Rose McGowan Claims She Had Abortion To Have More Time To 'Change the World'

Catholic New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham Vows to Sign Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

Don’t let the R rating scare you out of seeing ‘Unplanned

Stericycle CEO retires as stocks fall and company’s collaboration with abortion centers is exposed

NYimes Admits Mass Rape of Latino Migrants

Adelphopoiesis: The Myth of the “Gay” Byzantine Marriage Rite

School Program Teaching Kids About Homosexuality Shut Down Because Muslim Parents Protest

Colorado pro-lifers rally to stop Planned Parenthood’s perverse sex ed curriculum     3/5


The Rosary: Weapon for Our Times

What does the Bible really say about Mary, the Mother of the Messiah?

St. Katharine Drexel

How the Bishops appointed by "Saints" treated the simple Catholic wanting a Latin Mass

Is Pope Francis's "Personal Friend" Zanchetta, living in his Residence, a Gay Pervert?

USCCB: Catholic Representatives Should Not Present Themselves for Holy Communion

Pagan Bishop Assists Pagan Ritual

Are Prelates Who Refuse To Enact Canonical Penalties Complicit in Infanticide?

Canadian Knights of Columbus Support Lying Priest

Irish government report recommends removal of crucifixes from Catholic hospitals


United Nations Declares Abortion a Human Right

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Gets Heckled For Voting to Support Doctors Killing Babies Who Survive Abortion (VIDEO)

Breaking Down Sen. Mazie Hirono’s Multiple False Claims About Anti-Infanticide Bill

Ben Carson Shatters Pro-Choice Narrative on Abortion: 'I Can Guarantee You They Can Feel'

HHS Extends Contract to Make ‘Humanized Mice’ With Aborted Baby Parts for Another 90 Days

McGowan: I Had an Abortion So I’d Have More Time to ‘Change the World’

Nearly 600 US Babies Have Died After Botched Abortions Since 1999

Abortionist: ‘Nobody likes black babies’

Normalizing the Unconscionable

Dershowitz Suggests Press Blackout During "Orgy Island" Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Hearing

Child Protection Charity: Facebook’s Instagram Now Most Popular Platform for Grooming

Accepting homosexuality led to accepting transgenderism and will likely lead to accepting pedophilia

Gestapo Tactics: German YouTuber Faces 5 Years in Jail for Burning Koran, Is Doxxed By Radical Far Left Group

Ethiopia: Muslim mobs screaming “Allahu akbar” attack 10 church buildings

GA Legislators Try to Hide Migrant Crime from Voters

Big Hush-Up: Cruel Consequences of Gender Craziness

Report: 1,500 transgender troops cost taxpayers almost $8 million since 2016

ROYAL MESS: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Raise Their Baby as “Gender Fluid”

Female Competitor Who Lost to Biological Males in State Competition Speaks Out

Feds Spend $267,946 Studying ‘Older Same-Sex Partner Caregivers’                          3/3


St. David                     

If I Were The Devil: Paul Harvey’s 1965 Warning To America Comes True

Cardinal: Vatican Silence on Homosexuality ‘Cries Out to Be Broken’

Liberal archbishop under investigation for possible pedophile cover-up, mistreatment of informant

US Bishops’ Pro-Life Chair: No Communion for Pro-Abort Politicians

Bishop Won't Say If Sen. Kaine Should Receive Communion, Even After 'Appalling' Pro-Infanticide Vote

Bishop Who Spoke at Vatican Sex Summit Investigated for Abuse Cover-Up

New sex lawsuits could push NY dioceses to bankruptcy

A Blast from the Past – Homosexuality and Catholic Episcopal Conferences

Hospice Patients See Deceased Loved Ones Before Death, Doctor Claims

Shocking photo shows little girl crushing baby doll at pro-abortion rally

Teens Need Permission to See R-Rated Pro-Life Movie, But Not For an Abortion

Big Hush-Up: Cruel Consequences of Gender Craziness

Democrat-Led States to Sue Trump over Blocking Funds to Planned Parenthood

Video: Planned Parenthood Doc Says She ‘Breaks Baby’s Necks’ If Born Alive


UK Migrant Boom: EU Migration Falls, But Non-EU Migration at 15-year High

Twitter Now Enforcing Sharia Law on Americans?

 Girls’ sports being decimated by biological males claiming to be females… “transgenders” are CHEATERS

Walmart Promotes Homosexuality With New Video: 'Love Is In the Aisle'                         3/1


St. Hilary, Pope

Blessed Daniel Brottier

Brandmüller: Gay Network Within Vatican "Evident”

Listecki’s Big Lie: The ‘Gaying’ of the Milwaukee Archdiocese Milwaukee archbishop claims openly gay priests not contrary to Church teaching

Cardinal decries Vatican ‘silence’ on homosexuality at abuse summit

The Sham Conclusion to a Sham Synod

US Catholic Bishops Give $322,000 to Organization Promoting Apostasy, Women’s Ordination, Witchcraft

Radical, Seditious, and 'Homopoetic' El Paso FrancisBishop Seitz dons rainbow stole, holds up pictures of children, claims the desert is full of the blood of illegals because Trump, America

US bishops’ pro-life leader: Pro-abortion Catholic politicians must stop receiving Communion

In wake of nationwide Democrat-driven infanticide laws, USCCB Archbishop Naumann warns of mortal sin, Hell, refraining from Communion

To Love Fasting

Woman who survived being aborted: I’m ‘living proof’ born-alive act is necessary

Trump HHS Issues New Title X Rule That Could Bar $60 Million From Planned Parenthood

Obstetrician shames Democrats: Babies born alive after failed abortions don’t ‘want to be killed’

Planned Parenthood President Attacks President Trump After Democrats Vote in Support of Infanticide

Brent Bozell: How Is Abortion After Birth Not News?

Former Facebook Employee Says It Censors Pro-Life Conservatives

WATCH: Woman Claims Planned Parenthood Doc Said They’d ‘Break The Baby’s Neck’ If Born Alive

ABC, CBS, and NBC Blacked Out Coverage of Democrats Supporting Infanticide

All But 3 Senate Democrats Vote to Block Anti-Infanticide Bill

Swedish city’s welcome sign is terror-tied Muslim woman in hijab

Questioning Islam and Muhammad has been effectively criminalized in Europe

NHS Child Sex Change Clinic Chief Resigns After Damning Report

Faked Hate Crime: Gay Rights Leader, Named ‘Citizen of the Year,’ BURNS DOWN OWN HOME

Azerbaijan moves to obliterate its Armenian Christian past, destroying 89 medieval churches, Christian artifacts                                                                             2/28


St. Leander of Seville                             Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows

St. Isabel of France                                          Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin

National Survey Results: What We Learned About Latin Mass Attendees vs Novus Ordo Mass attendees

McCarrick: Architect of China-Vatican Accord


New Evidence: Pope Knew About Abusive Bishop, Kept Him on

Has Cardinal Burke Just Started a Counter-Revolution?

Cardinal Pell felled by abuse claims – but are they credible?

Eyeing Amazon synod, Brazil accuses church of 'leftist agenda'

Traditional Monastic Community Seeks Canon Lawyer to Establish Community in Rome

SHOCK POLL: Nearly Half Of All Americans Oppose Abortion

Alveda King: ‘Delighted’ Trump Restricted Funding to Planned Parenthood, Founded by ‘KKK Adviser’ Margaret Sanger…

Culture of Death Advances as Euthanasia Piggybacks on Full-Term Abortion

Poll: Dramatic Shift to Pro-Life Side Among Democrats and Young People

British Royal College of GPs Endorses Unlimited Abortions

Exclusive — ‘Unplanned’ Filmmakers Explain R-Rating: ‘We Made Pro-Life Movie in Pro-Choice Town’

Report: Chinese Woman, 27, Undergoes 17th Abortion in 6 Years

‘Christian’ Abortionist Admits To Killing ‘Human Beings’ In Shock Video: ‘What Does It Matter?’

UK: Compulsory Sex Ed for Children to Feature Homosexuality, Sex Swaps and FGM

Outrage as Muslim Woman in Veil Seen on Swedish Town’s Welcome Ad (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Youtube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it's Being Monetized (2019)

High School Transgender Athlete Has Plans To Qualify For National Championships For Girls

Children’s library database is one of the top 12 contributors to sexual exploitation           2/27


Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio                        St. Tarasius


Pope Francis’s record on coverup challenged at final press conference for Vatican Sex Abuse summit

Has Cardinal Burke’s Counter-Revolution Started in January?

Top Cardinal: Church Destroyed Files on Dangerous Pedophile Priests


Priceless: Francis Archbishop Totally Confused When Asked About Francis’ Covering Up

Summit with an unclear agenda offers elusive suggestions, vague assurances


France: At least 10 incidents of vandalism and desecration of Catholic churches this month alone

Vietnamese activist detained 'illegally' for 6 months

GREAT POINT! Pro-Abortion Chant “My Body, My Choice” Denies Science

Shock Video: London Police Arrest Black Christian and Take His Bible for Preaching “Jesus Is On the Way”; Accuse Him of Racism and Islamophobia

High School Transgender Sprinters Win 1st and 2nd Place at Connecticut Girls Indoor Track Championships

India cuts funds to fight child labor                                                           2/25


St. Polycarp

St. John Theristus                    Blessed Luke Belludi

Disgruntled Papal Nuncios Meet in Secret in Rome

Vatican abuse summit ignores saint who fought clerical sex abuse as it opens on his feast day

A Sacrilegious Parody of the Annunciation and Pentecost at the 2019 World Youth Day

PINK ELEPHANT SUMMIT: Vatican Coverup Continues (Michael Matt in Rome)


“Hot Photos” — The Vatican Knew about Zanchetta but Still Promoted Him

China’s Social Credit System Now Bans Millions From Trains, Planes precursor for the Mark of the Beast

Argentine Whistleblower Found Dead: Family Suspects Murder

Fraud + Charles Scicluna: God’s love is homosexual

Was McCarrick a Communist Agent?

Rosica blames his "interns" for his plagiarism - well, here is something written by him!

Cdl. Marx Admits Germans Destroyed Sex Abuse Files, Nigerian Sister Rebukes Bishops

Prominent Sex Abuse Whistleblower on the Summit: ‘This Cannot Be the Catholic Response’

Michigan Attorney General: Church Failed Victims

The Supreme Court has an opportunity to protect a WWI memorial and make religious liberty history

Kindergartners forced to sign atheist manifesto

The Porn Epidemic and the Church’s Silence, Part I

China’s CRISPR Twins Might Have Brain-Enhanced Intelligence

BREAKING: Trump admin cuts $60 million from Planned Parenthood

President Trump: U.S. Gov’t Will No Longer Fund Abortions

Film industry gives R-rating to ‘Unplanned’ film about Abby Johnson’s pro-life conversion

Judge Denies Request to Block Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Videos During Hearing

In Cuba, Church Leaders Report Communist Intimidation Ahead of Vote on New Constitution

11 MS-13 Gang Members Face Possibility of Death Penalty in Kidnapping and Murder of Fairfax County Teens

University of Minnesota Abandons Pronoun Policing                              2/24


Chair of Saint Peter

St. Margaret of Cortona

St. Peter Damian’s battle against clerical homosexuality offers useful lessons for today

Archbishop says Catholic voters share blame with politicians for radical abortion laws

Dubia Cardinals: "Homosexual Agenda" Protected In Church By "Climate of Complicity"

Author presents evidence Pope Francis used family synods to steer Church to accept homosexuality

FrancisCardinal Cupich of the perverted Chicago Archdiocese Claims ‘Dramatic Drop’ in U.S. Clergy Abuse Cases as Creepy Vatican Summit Begins

Missionary bishop in Africa: Abuse crisis was caused by homosexuals becoming priests in 1970s


Catholic League: It Is ‘Not Helpful’ to Ignore Homosexual Roots of Abuse Crisis

Over 1,000 scientists sign statement expressing skepticism over Darwinism, encouraging new questions about the origins of life

Planned Parenthood President: We Kill Babies Because “We Believe in Life. It’s Being Pro-Life”

Couple Traveled Over 700 Miles To Planned Parenthood For Abortion. Now They're Suing

Sen. Kamala Harris: ‘It Needs to be Repeated: Ripping Babies Away from Parents to Put Them in Cages is Inhumane’

New Abortion Billboard Says “Welcome to Colorado Where You Can” Kill Your Baby

Germany Trying 22-Year-Old Syrian Gang Rape Suspect as Juvenile

Christian adoption agency fights New York’s ultimatum to accept LGBTQ doctrine or close its doors

Major Advertisers Jump Ship as YouTube Hit With ‘Softcore Child Porn’ Scandal

Sweden: Gay Resident Beaten by Migrant Gang in LGBTQ-Certified Asylum Home      2/22


Saint Peter Damian

St. Severian

Will the Vatican Do the Right Thing?

Catholic laity urge Pope Francis to address homosexuality at abuse summit


Cardinals Burke, Brandmüller: Silence Stops Now  Outspoken prelates urge bishops to 'end the conspiracy of silence'

Transparency biggest challenge for Vatican heading into abuse summit

Pope Benedict was disgusted by the corruption and sexual debauchery of Cuba’s Catholic church during visit to island

EXCLUSIVE From the Nephew of the Cardinal Who Made Bergoglio a Bishop

Cologne's cardinal warns against inventing 'a new Church'

Vatican’s promotion of ‘scandalous’ sex-ed programs is part of sex abuse crisis

Catholics Kicked Out of Cathedral After Handing Petition to Abp. Gomez to punish retired Cdl. Roger Mahony

1,1% Of Priest Celebrate Old Rite - Biggest Group Was Created By Summorum Pontificum

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson Signs Bill to Ban Abortions Once Roe v. Wade is Overturned

Vermont's Legislature Considering Insane Abortion Bill With NO Qualifications

Doctor Told Mom 5 Times to Abort Baby With Missing Brain, She Refused and His Brain Has Grown Back

‘Image of God’: Pro-Life Group To Display 4D Ultrasound Of Unborn Baby In Times Square

WATCH: Shocking Video Shows Woman 8 Months Pregnant About to Abort Her Healthy Baby

WATCH: Crowder's Bombshell Undercover Video Exposes The Horror At Late-Term Abortion Clinics

California Must Pay Pro-life Pregnancy Centers $399K After Forcing Them to Promote Abortion

France: Muslim stabs four people after asking their nationality, police say it’s not terrorism

Tim Tebow makes the Christian movie he’s always wanted to see

Some American Colleges Are Teaching Students to 'Queer' the Bible

Disney, Nestle Pull YouTube Ads Over 'Soft-Core Pedo Ring' Exposed By Blogger          2/21


Saints Jacinta and Francisco Marto


St. Wulfric

Pope Francis expresses solidarity with globalist summit’s ‘sustainable development goals’

Pope’s Biographer Questions If Jesus Had Homosexual Tendencies

Dubia cardinals to bishops at Vatican abuse summit: ‘Will you also be silent?’

Bishop Gruss: I’m Like Jesus ‘Betrayed by Judas’ South Dakota bishop slammed for claiming Roman Catholic Faithful and Church Militant are 'doing the work of Satan'

Anti-Abuse Group Says ‘Many More McCarricks’ Must Be Defrocked

‘Gay Priests’ Need to Leave Now — Period

CovCath Student Nicholas Sandmann Sues WaPo For $250 Million

London Council Will Pay Damages for Evicting Pro-Life Charity

Utah House Approves Ban on Down Syndrome Abortions

Supreme Court Rejects Abortionists’ Demands for Church Emails

ONE OF THE BEST PRO-LIFE SPEAKERS IN THE WORLD TODAY. Patricia Sandoval shakes the crowd

Every Planned Parenthood Abortionist in the Videos Has Quit, Including the Woman Who Wanted a Lamborghini

US Bishops Give $305K to Organization Headed by Planned Parenthood Champion

Arizona Bill Would Allow Infanticide, Repeal Medical Care for Babies Born Alive After Abortions

Muslim Air Force intel specialist who spied for Iran was “radicalized” at Georgetown University, which took $100 million from Muslim nations

Why Pro-Family Programs in Eastern Europe Drive the Liberal West Mad

A Return to Mao: China Persecutes 50 Million Christians

Student Initially Banned from Free Speech Debate for Saying ‘Women Don’t Have Penises’

Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova on Transgender Athletes: 'It's Insane and It's Cheating'

Palm Springs' All LGBT City Council Is Facing A Diversity Problem

Disney Paris to Host First Ever LGBT 'Magical Pride' Parade                        2/20


Bl. Alvarez of Corova

Saint Conrad of Piacenza

Vatican sex abuse cover-up unravels as prosecutors home in on bishop protected by Pope Francis

More Sugarcoating of Islam from Pope Francis

Chinese Cardinal: Vatican Has Kept Secret the Text of Deal With Atheist Regime on Naming of Bishops

…Report: Francis Knew of McCarrick Crimes, Considered Them Unimportant

Haunted by McCarrick

Cupich Investigation Causes Uproar in South Dakota

Cardinal Cupich: Vast majority of clergy abuse is homosexual, but homosexuality ‘not a cause’

Priest Kidnapped in Syria Remembered by the Church

Fr. Rosica Caught Plagiarizing

Return Visit System: Closing Churches in China For Good

DC Catholics, reeling from clergy sex cover-ups, rally to break hierarchy’s ‘wall of silence’

Joliet Diocese Deletes Bishop’s Heretical Comments From Website

In China, to study, it is obligatory to be an atheist

No Smirking Standing of Ground? – Gutless FrancisProtester, Nathan Phillips, Pushes Camera and Runs When Confronted By Reporter About Covington

Big Abortion Donors Cash Mountain for Dems

Notre Dame professors call pro-life activism a ‘white supremacist strategy’

Planned Parenthood sues Ohio in hopes of legalizing dismemberment abortions

South Carolina: Muslim plants homemade explosives all over Anderson County

The Green New Deal, ‘Catholic’ Marxists, and ‘Those Unwilling to Work’                       2/19


St. Simon

Blessed John of Fiesole

The Pope & the One World Religion

Whistleblower: Summit on Abuse Fails to Address Root Cause

Francis Still Promotes Main Cause of Abuses – Archbishop Viganò

Pope Francis Urges Christians to Overcome Fear of Migrants  Globalist

How Minneapolis’ Somali Muslim community became the jihad terrorist recruitment capital of the US

ISIS bride from Canada: “Having slaves is part of Sharia. I believe in Sharia, wherever Sharia is”

....Tosatti: Sensationalist Sodom book is backed by the Vatican. They only one who ends up looking good in it is The Francis

Buffalo Abuse Victim: Bishop Lied to My Face

Lepanto Inst.: Communist atheists have Infiltrated the Church

Cardinal Burke: Francis' False Abu-Dhabi-Claim Needs to be Removed [But It Will Not]

A priest who offered his life in reparation for the sins of priests

Vatican Finance Official Convicted

‘Unplanned’ movie trailer about Abby Johnson’s pro-life conversion hits #1 on iTunes

Men Can Be Mothers in UK, While French Schools Erase Terms ‘Father,’ ‘Mother’

Report: Planned Parenthood Operates Over Half of U.S. Abortion Clinics

Man who says he’s ‘female’ enters women’s bathroom, sexually assaults 10-year-old girl

No Prison for Trans ‘Woman’ Who Attacked Underage Girls in Public Toilets

The true story of how Oprah Winfrey helped promote a mass rapist who ran a child slave farm

Vatican laicizes disgraced ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick

‘Digisexuals’ Demand Human Rights At UN To Have Sex With AI Robots

Lipstick in kindergarten? Beauty industry now aims for super young

Colorado State: Saying ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ Is Offensive, Degrading

…Gillibrand Supports ‘X’ as Third Gender                                                      2/18


St. Daniel

Saint Gilbert of Sempringham

Leo XIII: Humanum Genus: On The Lodge

Corrupt Pope and Bishops? Follow the Money


Why Is Francis So Afraid of the Roman Rite?

More Sugarcoating of Islam from Pope Francis

Bishop pleads for end to ‘diabolical killing’ of children by abortion

More Questions for Gaylord’s Bishop Raica Parish faithful shocked to see priest removed for child molestation working in parish

While Bishops Meet in Rome, Catholic Colleges Celebrate Sexual Abuse, Perversion

Catholics to Rally in DC to Plead for a Faithful Shepherd

300 “Seers” in Italy Alone

150 Pastors Arrested at Year-End Gathering

The Silent Scream and the Lies of Roe v Wade

ONE OF THE BEST PRO-LIFE SPEAKERS IN THE WORLD TODAY. Patricia Sandoval shakes the crowd

Not pregnant? No problem. Abortion clinic sold abortions to non-pregnant women

Pro-life doctors take on pro-abortion medical org: 'Abortion is NOT healthcare'

Feminist Pastor Unveils Vulva Sculpture Made From Melted Purity Rings

TN Women Lawmakers Move to Restore Full Legal Protections for Unborn

CULTURE OF DEATH: Illinois Democrats Move To Lift Ban On Partial Birth Abortion – End Parental Notification

Planned Parenthood president admits their core mission is “abortion,” not health care

Christian Ministry to Blast Live Ultrasounds in Times Square

Aynaz Anni Cyrus Video: Why Are Muslims Raping Non-Muslim Women in Europe?      2/16


Our Lady chooses the U. S. for a final plea

St. Walfrid

Saint Claude de la Colombière

Did Benedict really resign? Gänswein, Burke and Brandmüller weigh in


How the World’s Most Famous Muslim Played Pope Francis for a Fool Grand Imam Al-Tayyeb said apostates from Islam should be killed


Bishop Condemns Catholics in Order to Protect Anti-Catholic Cardinal

Joliet Diocese Deletes Bishop’s Heretical Comments From Website

Cardinal Kasper has only demonstrated that he himself does not anymore live in the true Faith - Bishop Schneider

Bishop: Nonsensical Youth-, Gay-Ideology Will Save Church

Pittsburgh Diocese Closes 4 Churches

President Trump Meets With Woman Who Survived Abortion and Pro-Life Advocate Alveda King

Poll: 77% of Voters Support Protecting Babies Who Survive Abortion

Mississippi passes bill banning abortions on babies with beating hearts

Apple Now Dominated By Satanic Influence To Silence All That Is True The globalist-run tech giant is playing a major role in the war on humanity

BREAKING: Senate confirms Trump attorney general who opposes Roe v. Wade

Satanic Temple loses abortion religious freedom case in Missouri

Ohio State ‘Sex Week’ and Planned Parenthood Events for Valentine’s Day

Doctor: ‘Late-Term Abortion Is Never Medically Necessary’

Catholics, Muslims bond over weekly lunch at Indianapolis deli

Muslima from UK has no regrets about joining ISIS, but wants to return to raise her child on welfare benefits

Islamic ‘Sunday School’ Told Girls to Have Children Instead of Careers

Christian Mother from Somalia Beaten, Raped in Kenya: Muslims attack convert from Islam

Malaysia: Muslim who tried to bomb church says “I have no regrets for what happened”

Swedish FrancisMinister compared Hungary’s new big family tax cuts and loans to Nazism

Leftist Insanity: Swedish Migration Authorities Oppose Deportation of ISIS Terrorists

Sweden Police: Gangs See Fatal Shootings as Status Symbol

Religious-Jewish Therapist Fights for Healing Homosexuals                  2/15


St. Valentine

Daily Catholic Prayer—St. Teresa of Avila’s prayer for peace

Is Pope Francis's "Deep Ecology" Echoing Hitler's Nazi Ideology?

Explosive new book lifts lid on gay priests in Vatican

Bishop Has No Answer to Question Whether Christ Established the Church

Archbishop: 152 priests in Mexico removed for abuse in last 9 years

Growing List of Scandals at Pro-Gay Parish in Minneapolis

Belgian Catholic sex abuse study finds 76% of victims were male

The LA REC Is a Blueprint for Obliterating the Faith

The cost of sending your kids to public school just might be their souls

Expulsion of Foreign Missionaries in China Has Greatly Increased

18-page Chicom document leaked: Comprehensive Crackdowns on Religions for “Social Stability”

Kansas OB-GYN on Dangers of NYC Late-Term Abortion Law: ‘Moms Are Going to Die from This Procedure’

Leftist baby-murderers are now creating mutant mice out of aborted baby parts for Big Pharma drug testing

Red Rose abortion protesters say court railroaded them

Mexico’s pro-life movement wins initial victory against abortion, transgenderism

Germany closes Muslim kindergarten over jihad teachings

Concerned citizens picket burlesque performer’s Drag Queen Story Hour for little kids

Berlin filmfest spotlights angry youth seduced by violence                             2/14


Saint Giles Mary of St. Joseph

St. Catherine de Ricci

The Marvelous Preservation of St. Bernadette


French Church Is Ninth in Eleven Days Vandalised Across the Country

Belgian Bishop Takes Photo With 22 Deaconesses

SD Bishop Calls Catholic Group ‘Evil’ for Opposing Cardinal Cupich

Cuomo’s Popularity Plummets After Abortion Law

BOMBSHELL: Apple demands Natural News stop writing about abortions or Satanism; threatens to block Natural News app from all Apple devices

EXCLUSIVE – Hungary: E.U. Wrong to Push Aside Christianity, Nat’l Identity

More than 1,000 scientists sign ‘dissent from Darwinism’ statement

The CRISPR machines that can wipe out entire species

WARNING: Extremely GRAPHIC – video shows PROOF that late-term abortion is outright child murder

Palestinian Rape, Murder Suspect: ‘I Wanted to Kill a Jew and Be a Martyr’

Illegal Immigrant from Venezuela Murders New York Woman, Stuffs Her Body in a Suitcase, Dumps It on the Highway

‘Sexualities’: The New Incense to Caesar

Lesbian Activist Defends 'Biological Reality' After Being Booted From Baltimore LGBTQ Commission

Disney 'Family' Show: 'I'm Gay' -- 'OK, Cool'

Steven Spielberg Is Up To No Good                                     2/13


Saint Apollonia

St. Buonfiglio Monaldo

Six Years Later: Reflecting on the Papal Abdication That Changed the Church Forever

FrancisChurch: Do I have this correct?

The fruits of Vatican II after 54 years

Kenya’s Catholic bishops provoke debate over public health and contraception

Watch: Actress Letitia Wright Passionately Praises God for Pulling Her Out of Depression

Christianity’s Masculinity Crisis

Southern Baptist leaders vow to improve addressing sex abuse after papers’ report

All Babies Slated For Late-Term Abortion Should Instead Be Delivered Alive

Names of aborted baby parts traffickers to remain secret in David Daleiden case: judge

Planned Parenthood unusual demand to join prosecution against Pro-Life activists

Mexico’s pro-life movement wins initial victory against abortion, transgenderism

Pro-Abort John Dingell Gets Catholic Funeral

SWEDEN BOMBING CRISIS CONTINUES: Man Blows Himself Up as 4 Bombings Take Place in 24 Hours

Liberal Lunacy: Grocery Store Sparks Outrage With Weekly Advert “Heaven Has A Wall… Hell Has Open Borders”                                                                                  2/12


St. Paschal

Cardinal Müller:"I did not like the praise of the Freemasons for the Pope"

Outlet Very Close to Francis Calls Franciscan Sisters of Immaculate “Prostitutes”

Congresswomen in White Sit Stone-Faced as Chamber Cheers Trump’s Call to Ban Late-Term Abortion

MURDER: New York legalizes killing babies as they’re being born… this is what Democrats call “women’s health”

Another Democrat Banishes God When Swearing in Witnesses

Dems Shady Maneuver to Advance Assisted Suicide

The 14 names of body parts’ traffickers Planned Parenthood wants to keep secret in Daleiden case

UK: Mother Arrested in Front of Children for Calling Trans Activist a Man on Twitter         2/11


Saint Scholastica

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