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            A Walk thru the Stars and Time


                                ALTAR OF TEARS  

      Scroll down to the bottom for the Table of Contents, this story begins before Genesis and continues through the Bible and into the present and  looks at the future. I would recommend to first pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit.     from Proverbs;1:20 Wisdom cries without;    she utters her voice in the streets:1:22 How long, simple ones, will you love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning,  and fools hate knowledge? 1:23 Turn you at my reproof:  behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.

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An Intro to 19 Years of Walking Through the Gauntlet

God sows the seeds in the 20th Century, and the days of Noah began  updated 3/18/18

Fr Leon's Medugorje Testimony Prayer Miracles Visions and more Prayer

The Eucharist the Bread of Life in Scripture, Prophecy, History and the Future                  4/7

Jerusalem is His City in Sacred Scripture in Prophecy in our near Future            1/13

Prophecy , Apostasy, Analysis, NWO, War, Economics, Culture and more                     9/26

Mary Magdalen Prophecies in the Bible in History in Cathedrals Nostradamus and more           9/11

Abraham the Prophecies Then and Now       5/29

FREE WILL the 2nd Letter to Pope Francis   5/29

Fatima May 13th 100 year Anniversary and other Bible Prophecies          5/13

5777 Year of the Sword, Bible Prophecy, Fulfilled, Unfolding & Coming and more            4/23

Easter 2017 Endtime Prophecy Jesus the Eucharist and Miracles             4/11

Who is Afraid of the devil, Spiritual Warfare the First Sunday of Lent readings             3/10/17

2017 Superbowl Halftime Indoctrination by satan and his puppet Lady Gaga, Apostasy, Prophecy, & Naive Children of Light                         2/8/17

Virgin Mary in Medugorje a short Defense Prophecy Miracles and Pray Pray Pray       7/29

7_25_2016 Beyond the Headlines Prophecy, War, Bohemian Grove, RNC Convention, Politics, Culture, Economics, social engineering, election, and more

Updated 3/2016 The Mark on the Forehead and the Hand explained by the Virgin Mary   3/5/2016

Letter The Cross and Free Will to Archbishop Sartan 3 -23 -2015

Embrace the Cross and Bear Witness to the Truth a Letter Pope Francis 2-14-2015   

The Woman Clothed with the Sun   8/29  15 min.

Here Must Appear the Constancy of the Saints. Warnings about the mark of the Beast and the Beasts from the book of Revelation  8/17 15 min.

Spiritual Warfare the Battle with the devil and his servants                    17 min.

Why Am I Still Weeping the Blood is Flowing & the Apostasy is growing    21  min.    7/28

The Sword the Blood and the Wall where Scripture Prophecy and Life are Colliding  7/20

There Will Be Peace the Virgin Mary's promise to the World from Fr. Gobbi    10 min.     7/11

Marie-Julie Jahenny 1850-1941 The Stigmatist and the Future French King 

Archived videos of the Virgin Mary's Prophecies, warnings and solutions

DNA the Divine Molecule video   17 min. 

New old World Order and their Eugenics Operation  A letter sent to all U.S. Bishops  

A response to an author downplaying the sex scandal                             

The Truth and the Light a letter to Vatican Cardinal Turkson  

 A Letter sent to all the U. S. Bishops          

A Letter to the Pope written in St. Peter's Square

The Comfortable Cross        

View Seattle U. a "Catholic" school paper   

Working Together in Preparation for the Storm   

Some Signs of the Times       

The Rosa Mystica  apparitions from Montichiari & Fontinelle

A Few Thoughts on the Time mag. NWO article  2/12

 Table of Contents  

   Click on the Chapters (white letters) and use your back button or the links at the end of the chapters to navigate.            

EVERYTHING HAS ITS TIME                         Ecclesiastes  3.1-8    

A WALK IN THE STARS              a story about the Creators laboratory 

DNA the Divine Molecule     brief discussion

A WALK THRU TIME    a quick walk thru time      

ABRAHAM             the first king, the covenant  

Jacob becomes Israel                           rough draft   

JOSEPH      the 2nd king, his story related to today  

MOSES     the 3rd king, his story related to today

DAVID      the 4th king, his story related to today

OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS                    Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, ...

JESUS CHRIST       the Messiah and 5th king         


JOAN of ARC      her story and go to the Basilica (pictures)

MICHEL NOSTRADAMUS 7 chapters Bio &1568 "Les Propheties"

The Education        17 chapters starts in 1960s and goes through 1999

ALTAR OF TEARS           story about the altar

The Church and other visionaries 11 chapters Fatima, Garabandal, etc.

2001 and 2002 Chapters        13 chapters    9-11, Europe, etc.

Other New Chapters through 2006  12 chapters

2006-7 Chapters and articles

a few Miscellaneous articles 2008

MY PROPHECIES AND WARNINGS          predictions and warnings   

TOMORROW               a brief talk about the future   

LAWS AND TRUTHS                  Laws and truths for the 3rd millennium

The Bible     King James Version from 1611 & The New American Standard

BOOK OF REVELATION        Book of Revelation

PEACE PLAN              God's simple Peace Plan

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St. Clare of Montefalco

Vatican Breaks Its Silence On Alleged Child Sexual Abuse Cover-Ups In Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report

Donohue: Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Debunked!

The Gaying of the Church

Reminder for Suffering Catholics: Satan Plays the Long Game

Duterte Tells Catholic Bishops: ‘I Want to Kick Your Ass’

Spain: Far-Left Arrested After Brutal Attack on Catholic University Students

9 States Would Automatically Ban Abortions and Protect Unborn Babies if Roe is Overturned

American Couple Dies Tragically While Biking Through ISIS Territory — Trying To Prove Evil Does Not Exist

Radio Host: Democrats Have Killed So Many Black Babies in Abortions Their Future Depends on Illegal Immigrants

Colleges Offer Courses On "Queering" Children & The Bible

Parents Demand Netflix Drop Movie Depicting “Child Porn”

‘Gosnell’ Movie Filmmakers Release First Trailer                                8/17


St. Stephen the Great

‘Holy League of Nations’ Rosary Uniting Catholics Worldwide


Special Report—Episcopal Sodomy: Donald Wuerl Must Go!

CARDINAL DEFIANT: Allegations one word against another

Oral sex, then holy water

Practicing Satanists In the Hierarchy of the Institutional/Antichurch: The Other Shoe That Still Needs To Drop – And Will, Eventually

As Summer Wanes, The Ecclesiastical Crisis Heats Up

Pro-Abortion Media Will Launch Massive Attack on President Trump Tomorrow

Fr. Martin Blames Faithful Catholics for ‘Oceans of Hate’

Florida Public Schools to Display ‘In God We Trust’ Signs

Church helped accused get DISNEY job

New Mexico Judge Accuses Prosecutors of Anti-Muslim Bias in Her Decision to Release Dangerous Jihadists Running Islamic Terror Camp

Chelsea Clinton: 'Pro-Choice Is Pro-Life,' Reproductive Rights Are About Economic Rights

Detroit Archbishop Allows Gay Mass                                   8/16


Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary

Vatican to ‘Reform’ Contemplative Orders, Enforce “Fidelity” to Aims of Revolution


Wuerl: In Pittsburgh, he 'established strong policies' on abuse claims  ???

Playing With Fire: Rosica, Francis, and the Spirit of the Antichrist

Over 300 Catholic Pedos Preyed Upon 1,000+ Children Amid "Systematic" Coverup: Report


One priest reveals his struggles against a homosexual-ridden Church

Fears the Holy Water at Notre Dame in Paris is Poisoned

Losing Faith in Detroit Catholic Schools

Judge Releases New Mexico Jihadists on Bond After Attorneys Complain of Racism

New Mexico compound jihadis released on bond after charges of racism and “Islamophobia”

Tennessee religious leader calls out amoral leftists for supporting pedophiles who rape children – WATCH at

Oregon Judge Rules That Male Students Must Share Locker Rooms with Transgender Boy                                                                                             8/15


St. Maximilian Kolbe

Money Talks: Should Catholics Cease Their Stewardship in Wake of Latest Scandal? Concerned faithful look for ways to express their displeasure

Irish Times Calls Three Cardinals To Be Removed from World Meeting of Families

CNA: Nothing irregular was ever noticed in the mountain of grants, funds managed by Uncle Ted's D.C. Archdiocese?

Fr. Martin Blames Faithful Catholics for ‘Oceans of Hate’

Hitchens on Burqagate: British State ‘Loathes Christianity’, But ‘Fears Islam’

Britain Suffers 15 Acid Attacks a Week, With Three Quarters Taking Place in London

UN Gives Unconditional 'Green Light' For Shifting "The Rescued" To Europe

INFERNO IN SWEDEN After Migrant Gangs Go on Coordinated Arson Spree in multiple cities across the country (VIDEO)

Chelsea Clinton: ‘Roe’ Helped Add ‘Three and a Half Trillion Dollars to Our Economy’ ???

Jack Whitehall to Play First Gay Disney Character in ‘The Jungle Cruise’         8/14  


Saints Pontian and Hippolytus

New wave of abuse scandals rock Catholic Church, threaten stain on Francis papacy

Bishop Richard Williamson on Eucharistic Miracles & the New Mass

Why the Usually Talkative Popes, Bishops And Priests are So Silent

Selection Bias and the Process of Picking Better Bishops

Missouri Bishop: Homosexuality at Root of Abuse Crisis

Francis’ Proxy Does "Not Celebrate" the Rejection of Abortion in Argentinia

Milwaukee Archbishop Condemns LGBT Retreat

Another Gay Seminary Is Blowing Up

Homily: St. Peter Damian's Book of Gomorrah & Today's Clerical Sex Abuse Scandal

Wolves in Jacquard and Lace: On Sodomites in Traddyland – Liturgical Fetishists

"Homosexual Networks in the Church Must Be Eradicated First"

Islamists Attack Orthodox and Catholics in Somali Region of Ethiopia

Salvini to Restore ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ on ID Forms

Normalizing Satanism in America: Demon statue in Arkansas state capitol; satanic highway cleanup in Indiana 

Photos Surface of James Gunn at Pedophilia-Themed Party                   8/13


St. Clare

This is worth more than all the knowledge in the world


#TOLDYA – Called It Two Years Ago: EVERY Bishop on earth COULD be removed for having child abusers in his diocese

Richard Sipe, one of the foremost figures in the Roman Catholic sex abuse scandal drama, died Wednesday night

Monk Confesses to Brutal Murder of Coptic Bishop Epiphanius

A fairer media and powerful pro-life women: how Argentina succeeded where Ireland failed

Pedophile Priest Says ‘The Devil’ Made Him Molest 11 Year Old Girl

Globalists at the top of the “pyramid” use satanic cults to recruit new psychopaths into their ranks – WATCH at

Legislators Defeat Planned Parenthood Bill to Teach 12-Year-Old Kids About Oral and Anal Sex

Orban’s Hungary Discontinues Gender Studies Programs at State-Funded Universities: ‘Ideology, Not Science’

Gov. Cuomo Unveils ‘Know Your Options’ Pro-Abortion Public Awareness Campaign

Dutch Politician Dies In Apparent Suicide After Sharing Islamic Gang Rape Nightmare

Robert Spencer LIVE at Reagan Ranch August Conference

The horror of Saint-Denis

‘I’ll Raid You, White Trash’: Australians Told to Lock Doors as Africans Rampage in Melbourne

Trump Admin Removes 2,300 Alleged Child Sex Predators in Sting Operation – No Word on Mueller’s Star Witness                                                       8/11


St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr


Cdl. Wuerl Downplays Clerical Abuse Crisis

Pope’s New Primate of Mexico Faces Bitter Resistance From Rebellious Clergy

Missouri: Bp. Shawn McKnight Demands End to Clerical Silence on Sex Abuse

Ghana Bishop Accuses China of Holding His Country ‘Captive’

Why the Usually Talkative Popes, Bishops And Priests are So Silent

Chicom FrancisChurch, whom the Vatican hopes will appoint their bishops, crushes remaining Underground priests in Tianshui Diocese

SC abandons its churches: Attendance drops, closures rise

Actress Debra Messing Thinks Christians Should be Forced to Fund Abortions

Global Human Trafficking Now a $32 Billion Industry

Illegal Released by Sanctuary City Philly Rapes Child, Now Pleads Guilty to Illegal Reentry into U.S.

Migrant Saved by Swedish Refugee Activist Turns Out to be A Wife Beating Child Abuser

Jeff Sessions Calls Out Hate Group SPLC; Conservative Leaders Optimistic FBI Will Cut Ties

Pro-Life Advocates Celebrate Defeat of Argentina Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

Canada: $60,000 fine for blogger who reported on Islamic veil activist

Abortion Pill Fast-Tracked by Clinton Kills 22 Women, Causes Infections, Hemorrhaging—FDA Makes it Easier, Cheaper to Get

Dog Defends German Couple From Violent Migrants                         8/10


St. Edith Stein

Pope in Ireland: PM to Promote LGBT Agenda, Politicians Demand Church Scrap ‘Evil’ Teachings

Vatican Archbishop Makes Up His Own "Truth"

CA Bishop Jaime Soto Covered Up Gay Sex Abuse

6 Ways the Eucharist changes you like a marriage does

Weigel, World Youth Day, and a Conservative Catholicism that Doesn’t Exist

Exorcism 101: There are two main types of exorcism

Abortion group slams abortion pill reversal, applauds harvesting baby parts

19 Attorneys General and Planned Parenthood Demand “Right” to Abortion for Illegal Immigrants


The American roots of Nazi eugenics

Muslim Refugee Dragged Screaming Rape Victims to Graveyard in UK ‘City of Sanctuary’

Pennsylvania governor announces ‘LGBT Affairs’ commission to push gay agenda

Biden Foundation Targets Parents Who Don’t Support Child’s Gender Transition

45 Hollywood groups sign letter demanding transgender ‘inclusion’ in movies

The Best Baby Money Could Buy — Aberrosexual Buys Baptism                       8/9


St. Dominic

9 Saints who loved praying the Rosary

Lessons from Church History: A Brief Review of Papal Lapses

Know-Nothing Cardinals

New US bishop blasts ‘silence of so many bishops’ on McCarrick


Wave of sexual abuse accusations hits Lincoln diocese

Have the Argentine FrancisBishops dropped the ball in opposing the legalization of abortion there?


For God or party? Christians face test of faith

Half the world’s population is below replacement level, but the UN wants population control

Scotland: Schools to Tell Five-Year-Olds They Can ‘Choose’ Their Gender

Judge upholds transgender bathrooms: Female ‘students do not have a fundamental privacy right’

Children being euthanized in Belgium

University of New Mexico Finally Stops Experiments Using Body Parts of Babies Aborted Up to Birth, After Pro-Life Pressure

REPORT: Soldiers Who Criticise Army’s Pro-Islam, Politically Correct Recruitment Videos Face Disciplinary                                                                 

WATCH: Jerusalem Mayor Warns Europe over Escalating Terrorist Violence

FDA Purchases Aborted Baby Parts to Transplant Their Brain Tissue Into Mice

Party poised to pick trans for VT gov                                                       8/8


St. Cajetan

Meditations on the Feast of the Transfiguration

6 Saints who could fly

Mother Alleges Sex Abuse Cover-Up Under Cdl. Bergoglio

Catholic at Last: From Eastern Orthodox to the One True Faith

Victims recount sexual abuse horrors in Chilean seminary

Honduras: All Homosexual Seminarians Expelled From Seminaries Except for Maradiaga's Archdiocese

Poll: Americans Think Cardinals Are Lying

One priest reveals his struggles against a homosexual-ridden Church

Hillary Clinton State Dept official guilty of producing and distributing child porn

Detroit Archbishop Allows Gay Mass

Gay Irish Prime Minister Will Push Francis to Accept Homosexual Fornication

Ray Lewis: ‘One of the Greatest Gifts My Mom Ever Gave Me Was the Bible’

UK: Discrimination Against Christian Refugees

China to require national anthem, raising of flag at Mass

Obama praises genocidal South African leader who promotes mass murder of whites

France Passes Law Saying Children Can Consent To Sex With Adults          8/7


The Feast of Saint John Vianney – a model for priests

St. Hormisdas Pope

Flashback: Pope condemns ‘horrendous crime’ of sodomy, hands guilty clerics to secular authorities


'The problem is truly homosexuality among the clergy, including bishops'

Ex-Cardinal McCarrick’s Questionable Protégés

Msgr Kalin & #MeToo Conservatives

This Is the "Most Subversive" Strategy the Church Must Undertake

PA Grand Jury Report: Victims ‘Brushed Aside,’ Predators Protected

Chinese Catholic Church demolition is latest in series of church bulldozings

Trump Admin Fights Back, Wants Judge to Toss Lawsuits So it Can Defund Planned Parenthood

Notre Dame refuses to revoke McCarrick’s honorary degree. Alumni protest

Police Asked if Iraqi Paedo Can Date 12-Year-Old to Be ‘Culturally Sensitive’

Nurses in Australia May Soon Have to Apologize to Minority Patients for Being White Before They Treat Them (VIDEO)

Mosque sermon in Canada calls on Allah to slay non-Muslims 'one by one'

Sorority first to close over Harvard single-gender sanctions                                           8/6


St. Lydia Purpuraria

St Alphonsus on the Need for Reverence in the Liturgy

Controlled Resistance: CrisisMag's Esolen says we deserve bishops like this!

Priest: If I Knew, So Did They


How one priest is bringing Jesus to the most dangerous city in the US

The Politicization of the Church

War on the Priesthood: A Gay Subculture

What a Catholic Economy Looks Like

China Forces All Religious Buildings to Fly Communist Flag

High Court Recognises Shariah Law in Divorce Case in UK Legal First

Socialism: So Bad Women Are Willing To Be Sexually Abused To Escape It

Jeremy Corbyn Praised Hamas Terrorists as ‘Brothers’ on Iran State TV                         8/3


St. Eusebius of Vercelli

Cardinal McCarrick and the Last Novus Gasp

Breaking Ranks, Italian Bishop Blasts ‘Collective’ Trashing of Matteo Salvini

Chilean prosecutor vows ‘historic trial’ on clerical sexual abuse

‘Abomination’: Priest poses with drag queens in sanctuary of Spanish Church

Satan’s Church: Catholic Group «Best Formation» During Gay March

Episcopal Sodomy: Communist Homosexual Infiltrators

This Is the "Most Subversive" Strategy the Church Must Undertake

Trump to Limbaugh: “You have a lot of bad people in Washington … You have no idea how evil they are.”

Immigration Cash Cow

MUST SEE=> Facebook Blocks Beautiful and Moving Pro-Life Ad: Says It Violates Rules, Contains ‘Shocking, Disrespectful or Sensational Content”

Yes, it’s time to criminally investigate the SPLC, a radical left-wing “info terror” group that smears Christians and conservatives


Dems Who Opposed Citizenship Question on Census Want to Ask About Sexual Orientation                8/2


St. Alphonsus Marie Liguori

Vatican Secretary of State Praises Modernist Cardinal Bernardin

Priest: McCarrick’s treason is ‘damnable abomination,’ but bishops’ silence is even worse


FLASHBACK: Who Is The ‘Personal Chef’ Of Cardinal Donald Wuerl?

Trump About Priest in Cassock: "He Has More Power Than Me“

Why Do People Have A Problem With the Novus Ordo?

The Consequences of Losing Catholic Culture

Abortion Activist Quits Catholic Church, Walks Out of Mass Because New Priest is Pro-Life

The Chinese government is generating a fortune by harvesting organs from religious prisoners … and nobody is doing anything about it

Democrat Governors Threaten to Yank Women’s Health Care if President Trump Defunds Planned Parenthood

‘No more boys and girls’: BBC champions ‘gender free’ child raising in new documentary

Trump admin vows to stop punishing countries that oppose homosexuality; LGBT activists outraged

There are 1 Million Frozen Embryos in the United States. What Should Happen to All Those People?

Election of Islamist Leader Stokes Fears of Christian Persecution in Pakistan

British Council Member Resigns Over Bathroom Protections That 'Insidiously Dismantled' Women's Rights

Occupy ICE protesters build their own “border wall” to stop police; totally oblivious to the hilarious irony

U.K. to Spend £22M on ‘Positive Activities’ to Distract Youth from Crime                                  8/1


The Ten Virtues of Mary

St. Ignatius Loyola

Catholics Have No Obligation to Follow Francis’ Green-Left Agenda - Cardinal Müller

Pope Admits Illegal Migration Linked to Organ Trafficking, Prostitution, Begging Rackets…   while he promotes it

Episcopal Sodomy: Exposing the Enablers

State Prosecutor Charges Cardinal Erzzati With Covering Abuse

Coptic Bishop Found Dead with ‘Head Smashed’ in Egyptian Monastery

NJ Bishop Protects Predator Priests, Retires in Luxury

Gay Church: "You Speak, We Will Crush You”

Pastor Andrew Brunson Appeals To Turkish Authorities For Release From House Arrest

Bracing for the Reign of Saturn: The Real ‘New Order of the Ages’

British Supreme Court Rules Patients Can be Starved to Death Without Consent, Without a Court Hearing

DEPOPULATION: Democrat candidate wants to tax you for having more than two children, but an unlimited number of illegals are invited to cross the border unimpeded

Christianity is GROWING in the U.S.

Trump Admin Creates Religious Liberty Task Force to Protect Pro-Life Christians

Christian Pastor Slams NAACP for Supporting ‘Black Genocide’ of Abortion

Planned Parenthood sues South Carolina to restore $15 million of axed abortion funding

3 Simple Reasons Why Veiling Is Making a Comeback with Some Young Catholic Women

Copenhagen Imam: ‘Jihad Necessitates the Muslim Conquest of Europe’

‘National Disgrace’: UK Rejects Christians, Refugee Intake 100% Muslim

Smugglers Use Own Children to Hide Unaccompanied Minor

WATCH: Boatloads of Illegal Migrants Storm Spanish Tourist Beaches and Scatter                           7/31


St. Martha

Pope’s Right-Hand Man Opposes Public Display of Crucifixes

Pope Francis Praises Theological Conference for Focus on ‘Ecology,’ ‘Immigration’

Catholic Church: The “loudest opponent” of Italy’s “anti-migrant” policy

Part of the Gay Network? Joseph Tobin Became Cardinal Thanks To McCarrick

McCarrick is ‘tip of the iceberg’: Polish priest who warned of gay bishops 5 years ago

Sodomite Predator Pervert Theodore McCarrick "resigns" from College of Cardinals


NJ Bishop Protects Predator Priests, Retires in Luxury

8 Days' Director: Trump ‘Has Done More to Fight’ Human Trafficking Than Obama, Leftists

Putin: Christianity is the Foundation of Russian Nationhood and Cultural Identity

Germany: “Seminarian Mocked For Refusing To Have Gay Sex With Professor”

Montana Diocese Asks Catholic Laity to Help Pay $20 Million Sex Abuse Settlement

New complaints of abuse among Good Samaritan Sisters in Chile

‘Allah ou Akbar’ Graffiti Found in French Church Partially Set On Fire

Denmark: Imam indicted for quoting Muhammad on killing Jews says “indictment criminalizes Islam & Islamic texts”

Germany: 11-year-old Boy Stabbed Repeatedly, African Migrant Arrested

Canada: “Mentally ill” Muslim returned to community, found “not criminally responsible” for STABBING three soldiers in army recruiting centre, “ALLAH told me to do it”

‘Extreme’ Mass Migration Drives Historic Population Growth in Swedish Region

College Course Disputes Idea That Hetersosexual Sex Is "Natural"

Why the LGBT Alliance Could Be on the Brink of Schism                        7/29


St. Pantaleon

Catholic Heavyweights Demand Bishop Accountability

The Holy Globalist addresses 500 well-funded 'moral theologians' in Sarajevo; says the world is 'regressing out of fear' because 'populism's' tearing apart global cooperation, see?

"Catholic" Church Hires Leading Pro Death Politician

The Emerald Isle is down to one seminary and it's bad

Honduran Seminarians Allege Widespread Homosexual Misconduct

Francis’ [Pro-Gay] Partisans Blast Pro-Crucifix Bill in Italy

Chaldean synod to address church's future in Iraq, among diaspora

Christian Pastor: Facebook Censors Bible Verse “John 3:16” and “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ”

Rep. Gohmert: Hate Crime Laws Will Be ‘Used to Persecute Christians'

Petition To Re-Hire Pedophile Advocate Reaches 300,000 Signatures

Hand Grenade Thrown Into Family Home Near Stockholm

Report: Christians in North Korea ‘Tortured and Killed’

Somalia to Pursue First-Ever FGM Prosecution Following 10-Year-Old’s Death

University students to be severely punished for using “wrong” gender pronouns… the speech Nazis of the Left are on a rampage

The Origins Of Transgenderism Revealed                          7/27


Sts. Joachim and Anne

Lock Him Up! The Predator’s Progeny

Italian Bishop: I Would ‘Turn All Churches into Mosques’ to Save Migrants

In Their Own Words: The Homosexual Agenda

Grand jury report into Pennsylvania dioceses details “unacceptable” behavior, bishop says

Closing Our Wallets on the Lavender Mafia

Italian Priest Says Anti-Immigration Matteo Salvini Is ‘the Antichrist’

Gay Coaching Scandal at Notre Dame

Less than Ten Percent of German “Catholics” Attend Mass

Hallelujah! American Christian Pastor Released After 21 Months in Turkish Prison


Multicultural Britain Prepares for Summer Vacation by Warning Children About FGM, Forced Marriages Abroad

Migrant Sex Predator Preys on 13 Women, Says “Nobody Told Me This Is Wrong”

Islam in Australia: Child bride burnt alive 6 months after arrival

Dead baby found in plane toilet

Transhumans Look To Attend Their Own Funerals Via Computer Avatar

Unaccompanied Child FrancisRefugee Stabs Norwegian to Death in Grocery Store


St. James the Greater

Top Chilean cardinal summoned as part of widening sex abuse probe

US Bishops Blast Trump, Wimp Out on Abortion

Irish Bishops Give "Marriage-Counseling" For Gay Couples

In China, government-aligned bishops release ‘Sinicization’ plan

Dutch Children Forced to Submit to Islam

Report: Protestants in China Face Increase in Violence, Labeled as ‘Evil Cults’

Fake Catholics Battle Faithful Catholics in US Senate Races

Yes, it’s real: Man confesses to sacrificing 675 people as part of Satan-worship rituals

Court Drops Bogus Charges Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood Baby Part Sales

3 Children Euthanized in Belgium Since 2016

Pro-Abortion Sen. Elizabeth Warren Quotes Bible to Slam Brett Kavanaugh: “We’re on the Moral Side”

Looks Like Hollywood Is Suddenly Against People Getting Fired For Saying Offensive Stuff

Nude Drawing of Barron Trump Posted by Cartoon Network’s Rick and Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland

MORE MEDIA PROPAGANDA: AP Waits Until 24th Paragraph to Admit Illegal Alien’s Deportation Process Started Under Obama

Very low sentences for African migrants after ‘bloody gang rape’ of 13-year-old girl in Sweden

Toronto jihadi family’s statement crafted by spin doctor linked to Muslim Brotherhood

Fake Hate: Texas Waiter Khalil Cavil Made Up Story About Racist-Islamophobic Tipper #HateHoax

EXPOSED: Evil Pedophile Plot To Sexualize & Destroy Children By Normalizing Mental Illness

Explosion In Sex Dolls Threatens Japanese Race With "Extinction"

Seagram Heiress Arrested In Sex Cult Investigation                                   7/25


St. John Boste

(Now that there's Francis) There Is No ‘Biological Solution’ to the Catholic Church’s Spiritual Crisis

Pro-Gay Cardinal Lived In Same Apartment With Cardinal McCarrick

Scottish Bishop Rebukes Pro-Gay Priest

Italian bishop warns that Europe must avoid “fear and xenophobia” and welcome Muslim migrants     ???

There Will Be No «Deal» For the Next 12 Years

Catholic Relief Services Is a Major Funder of Contraception Lobbyists

WaPo Opinion Writer Says Catholic Church Has A Gay Priest Problem

U.S. Secretary of State says Catholic Church has "central role" in fight for religious freedom

Less than Ten Percent of German “Catholics” Attend Mass

Profane Hollywood’s Obsession With Pedophilia

NBC Promotes Parents Who Refuse to Assign Gender to Their 3-Year-Old Twins

Portland Food Cart That Helps The Homeless Shut Down After Alleged Harassment From Occupy ICE Protesters

Jihad in Toronto confirmed: Restaurant shooter who killed two and wounded 13 identified as Faisal Hussain

A Syrian migrant is suspected by police to have raped a 13-year-old girl in Sweden

Somali Father Defends FGM After 10-Year-Old Daughter Bleeds to Death

2 Muslims arrested over planned jihad terror attacks in France & Netherlands

Texas: Muslim murders his daughter’s Christian husband to recover his honor

Sweden Teaching Migrants How to Have Sex With Blondes                    7/24


Novus Quodlibet: The New Whatever Liturgy

Radical Vatican About to Take Vengeance on Father Stefano Manelli

Speak for Yourself, Cardinal Farrell

Bishop Protected by ‘Vice Pope’ Resigns in Disgrace

New World Order (NWO) and Human Rights

Exposé: Life in Egypt Is ‘Hell’ for Christian Women

New Law is First Ever to Protect Unborn Babies Stored in Fertility Clinics From Destruction When Couples Divorce

Trump-supporting Dad Delivers MAGA Baby Inside Chick-fil-A

Planned Parenthood asked to prove fetal tissue was not sold for profit

'Boy or girl?' Parents raising 'theybies' let kids decide

Busy Month for Illegal Immigrants Committing Heinous Crimes

10-Year-Old Somali Girl Dies After Female Genital Mutilation

U.K. Gay Lobby Lashes Out at Rev. Franklin Graham

After Gay Takeover, Catholics Seek to Drop 'St. Patrick' from Boston Parade

Woman converts to Islam for husband. He beats her to death.

Scottish University Fires Catholic Chaplain for Opposing Gay Pride

Disney/Marvel Director James Gunn Exposed: History of Child Rape ‘Jokes’    7/22


St. Margaret of Antioch

CM on bishop-assisted Alfie Evans death: Alfie's oxygen levels were high and his heartbeat normal the day he died, giving hope to his parents. But a nurse came in, gave him a cocktail of unknown drugs, and within two hours, he was dead.

Man Says Cardinal McCarrick, His ‘Uncle Ted,’ Sexually Abused Him for Years


Scottish Priest Sacked Over Reparation for LGBT Parade

Irish Priest Removed For Preaching Against Abortion

Human Trafficking Arrests Surge Under Trump

Soros Group Attacks Kavanaugh

Gay-Ideology Only for the West

America’s largest teachers union is run by radical, pro-gay extremists. Here’s proof

UK...Rape up 31%...Robbery up 31%...Knife Crime 16%...Homicide up 12%

The advance of the jihad in the West today is due more to non-Muslims than to Muslims

Police: Mother Allowed Men to Rape Her 2-Year-Old

UK: Independent’s Lizzie Dearden whitewashes Islamic identity of Muslim rape gang

WATCH “Palestinian” official: “We will cleanse ‘Palestine’ of the filth of Jews”

Police Defend Inaction on FGM

Muslim Brotherhood Congressmen and DNC Chair Hakim Muhammad (Keith Ellison) demands Amazon stop selling books from SPLC-designated “hate groups”

SICK. #NeverTrump Pundit Attacks Trump Campaign Staffer’s Toddler Daughters With Rape Fantasy

9TH CIRCUIT COURT BLOCKS TRUMP FROM IMPLEMENTING TRANSGENDER MILITARY BAN                                                                                       7/20


St. Arsenius the Great

Pro-gay archbishop accidentally admits Catholics shouldn’t obey his liberal policies

In Austria, Official Websites under Cdl. Schönborn Undermining Humanae Vitae

Australian Bishop Promotes Notion of Multiple Sexualities

The Cult of Change and Christian Changelessness

Next Up for Normalization: Pedophilia

Man confesses to using 675 people for sacrifice

Delingpole: Teen Vogue Bigs up Communism, Anal Sex

Norwegian Stabbed to Death at Rural Supermarket by ‘Child Asylum Seeker’

India: Husband and two sons of Qur’an teacher sexually harass nine-year-old girl during lessons

Head of “gender” charity that combats sexual violence was just charged with sexual exploitation of minors, child porn

Maine Gov. LePage Vetoes Gay Conversion Counseling Ban                  7/19


St. Frederic

Bishop Schneider: “There Is a Plan to Islamize Europe”

Veteran Catholic Journalist: All Bishops Involved in Sex Abuse Scandal Must Resign

Jesuit Supports Murdering Babies – Bishop Plays Scandal Down

Fifth Circuit Protects Catholic Bishops from Intimidation by Abortionists

Dublin archbishop removes Fr. James Larkin from parish after he told pro-abortion Catholics to go to confession

‘Gay’ deacon writes for obscene newspaper with archbishop’s permission

Sacrilegious First Mass With Naked Dancing Man in Augsburg

Idaho priest's home gets exorcism following child porn arrest

Judge says Philadelphia can cut contracts with Catholic groups for refusing same-sex adoption

Judge Rules Trump Administration Can Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Dozens of Newspapers Run Identical Letters to Editor Opposing Kavanaugh

Liberal Group Fighting Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Confirmation Obscures Its Financial Backing

India inspects all Missionaries of Charity care homes after baby-selling scandal

It Begins: UK Ethics Council Give Green Light On GMO Babies                     7/18


The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Carmelite Nuns of Compiegne

Investigation into weeping Virgin Mary statue continues in New Mexico

Vatican Discusses Crisis of Closed Churches

Learn from the past before looking to future, pope tells young people

Montana Diocese Blasted for Double Standard

Cardinal Marx Intent on Closing Viable Monasteries

Provincial says Carmelite nuns in Aleppo live in 'heroic situation'

Heaven Knows!

Carmelite Nuns of Compiegne

FrancisChurch: Archbishop celebrates Mass for Masons in Brazil, and the ‘expansion of their evil order’

Pagan Ceremony At Priestly Ordination

Catholic Church Used as Backstage for Transvestite Party

Dialogue or Disassociation: What to Do with Heretics and Public Sinners in the Church

Trump QUADRUPLES Down on ‘Sad’ Impact of Mass Migration on Euro Cities Like London and Paris, Praises Hungary

Black Slaves, Muslim Masters

The Relentless Radicalization Of Sweden

David Wilcock slams GAIA for promoting “Luciferian” worship with Ancient Civilizations broadcasts

Discussing Communism and Christianity in the Classroom

Bourdain: Hillary ‘Shamelessly’ Discredited ‘Rapey’ Bill Clinton’s Accusers                                  7/17


St. Bonaventure

Kansas ministry brings Adoration Under the Stars

Abortion: The Satanic Sacrifice

Euro Bishops strategize in Stockholm to try and make their despised pro-islamization media message sound somehow good and Catholic

Ex-chancellor of Chilean archdiocese arrested for child sex abuse

Consecrated U.S. Virgins to Francis and his Vatican Freaks: It's “shocking to hear from Mother Church that physical virginity may no longer be considered an essential prerequisite for consecration to a life of virginity.”


Three children rescued amid baby-selling investigation involving MC sister

Trump Says Migration Has Changed Europe’s ‘Fabric,’ As UN Chief Calls It a ‘Positive Global Phenomenon’

Christian doctor FIRED for saying gender is determined at birth… the anti-science assault on biological reality goes ballistic

Poll: 41% Say Families of 3 or More Children is Ideal, Up From 34% in 2011

Pro-Life film sparking “controversy” among Left-wing Hollywood abortion promoters


The trouble with Apostate Catholic politicians

Because humans “worship supreme understanding” some believe AI religion with a robot messiah will be hugely successful

IT BEGINS: Lesbians are now protesting transgenders as LGBT goes to war with itself                                                                                7/15


5 Extraordinary saints who took the name “Teresa”

Le Figaro on SSPX election: "Fellay toppled", "Side opposed to deal with Rome now in charge."

Is Pope Francis’ Pontificate the Stalin Area of the Catholic Church?

Vatican Secretary of State: Sealed Borders ‘Not the Answer’ to Mass Migration

Francis Encourages Lisbon Cardinal to Keep Promoting Mortal Sin

Priests Blasted for Attending Trump Rally

Croatian Football Coach Prays Rosary During Game!

It’s Roe V. Wade the movie versus The Daily Beast

Deaths overtake births in Europe, new stats confirm

18 Year-Old Dies After Botched Legal Abortion, Found Face Down Foaming at the Mouth

Make Babies Great Again: Hungarian Fertility Rates Rise, Turns Back Demographic Decline

In their own words – What transgender activists have in store for your children  7/13


St. John Gaulbert, Abbot

Bishop Paprocki: When Leo XIII promoted labor groups, he meant upright, helpful assemblies, not the pro-death, unjust, anti-Christian monstrosities we have today

Nigeria: Catholics Remain Steadfast in Face of Violence

Towards a “Christ-Free” Church

USCCB supports judge’s ruling for detained asylum seekers


After shuttering 700 churches, Rwanda proposes stricter clergy guidelines

Muslim Party Leader Tells Dutch to Leave Their Own Country if They Don’t Like Diversity

Pence: ‘I Don’t Apologize’ for Being Pro-Life

Open Borders Is Not a Moral Immigration Policy

DHS Refuses to ‘Reunite’ Children with Adults Who Aren’t Their Parents

TODAY’S LIBERAL MEDIA: CBS-Showtime Mocks Disabled Vets – Netflix Celebrates a “Salute to Abortion”

Muslims who murdered 16 in Barcelona jihad attack also planned truck bomb jihad massacre at Eiffel Tower                                                                 7/12


St. Benedict of Nursia

FSSP elects new superior general

Venezuelan bishops condemn ‘perverse ideology, system of government’

Italian Bishop: Ready to “Turn All the Churches Into Mosques”

Hearing refugees' stories firsthand in Lebanon heart-wrenching for bishop

English Bishops Urge U.K. Government to Issue U.S.-Style Yearly Religious Freedom Reports

Sex Abuse Cover-Up Surfaces in Austria under Scandal-Plagued Bishop

Schism is Palpably Near

Many Millenials Embrace the Church

New Orleans Deacon Arrested for Child Rape Serving as Lector at Mass

Archaeologists believe they have found the biblical city of Bethsaida

24 Alleged MS-13 Members Indicted in Md. – Drugs, Murder, Bodies Dismembered

MS-13, Other Gang Members Caught After Illegally Crossing Border

Christian Doctor Fired in UK for Suggesting Gender Is Biological

VIDEOS: Unhinged Supreme Court Protesters Scream in Ears of Pro-Life Demonstrator the Night of Kavanaugh Nomination

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Signs Order Protecting Abortion, Demands Permanent Abortion Right

Catholic Left Comes Unglued

St. Jude Family Criticized After Thanking Eric Trump for $16.3 Million Donation

Planned Parenthood Refuses to Say How Much It Made From Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies

UK to spend $26,500 of taxpayer money to give police Soros-backed 'hate crime' training

UC Santa Barbara Says 4-Year-Old Children Should Engage in ‘Sexual Play’     7/11


How to pray the Litany of the Most Precious Blood

Bl. Emmanuel Ruiz


The Association of US Catholic Priests: Fighting for Heterodoxy, with Support from Bishops

UK government appoints first special envoy for religious freedom

France: 58 Dioceses Without Ordinations – Old Rite Communities Keep Growing

Jimmy Carter: Jesus Would 'Approve' of Gay Marriage, Some Abortions

Video from France: Muslims building mosque at the site of the Battle of Tours in 732

U.S. Church Youth Groups Stranded in Haiti Due to Violent Protests

An Eloquent 7-Year-Old Girl Explains the Catechism

Netflix Airs ‘Salute to Abortion;’ Host Declares: ‘God Bless Abortions!”

UK: Muslim preacher who has said he ‘does not believe in democracy’ and is ‘not obedient’ to secular law is working as an expert witness to British courts

Facebook Shows Anti-Christian Bias By Denying Gospel Music Video As ‘Political Content’

Pro-Choice Orgs Go All In On Hysteria Before Trump Even Names His SCOTUS Nominee

Italian Priest Flaunts ‘Marriage’ to Male Partner, Remains a Priest

Germany: Muslim “refugee” who murdered 14-year-old girl also twice raped 11-year-old

UK police stop suspected “child sex party” in kebab shop

Promoting Mass-Emigration is Evil                                                        9/10


St. Veronica Giuliani

Catholic Bishop: Migrant Crisis ‘Orchestrated’ by International Powers to ‘Radically Alter the Christian and National Identity of the Peoples of Europe’

Robert Spencer: Pope Francis denounces “murderous indifference” to persecution of Christians, of which he is a chief architect

Vatican diplomat who “helped heal the wounds opened by Pope Benedict’s notorious Regensburg speech” dies

Pope Francis: ‘Radical Change’ Needed Now to Beat Global Warming    NOPE

Aberrosexual Subculture Infests Traditional Music Programs and Societies

BREAKING: Prof fired by Catholic university for defending marriage has HUGE court WIN

Kyrgyzstan: Muslim officials order church made up of converts from Islam to Christianity to close

More women looking to become 'consecrated virgins', Vatican says

Italian Newspaper Claims ‘Global Elite’ Working to Transform Europe Through Mass Migration

Canada: Prime Minister Trudeau to provide terror-tied Islamic groups with $23,000,000

Kyrgyzstan: Muslim officials order church made up of converts from Islam to Christianity to close

Authorities in Germany tried to cover-up the brutal murder of a German woman and a 1-year-old baby girl in Hamburg by an illegal immigran

Muslim migrant NOT GUILTY of 12 CHARGES CHILD SEX ASSAULT: Judge cites “cultural” reasons, victims’ families in tears

Canada: Sexual assault charges dismissed against Muslim accused of groping six teen girls in pool

Backlash growing against “transgender mafia” that targets schoolchildren for genital mutilation and chemical castration

Franklin Graham Answers Walmart with ‘Pray for 45’ T-Shirt                   7/9



St. Maria Goretti

Inspiring Video Shows 4-Year-Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy Taking Her First Steps

Pope to Celebrate ‘Mass for Migrants’ in Vatican Basilica

Despite doubts, Mexico’s bishops ready to collaborate with new leader

Priest performs mass exorcism on hundreds of people

American Donations to Charities Set Record in 2017 – Gifts Exceeded $400 Billion for 1st Time in History!

DefendTruth          Letter From A Frustrated Parish Priest

Vermont Methodist Church Changes ‘God Bless The USA’ To ‘God Forgive The USA’

Chuck Schumer Celebrates the Murder of Millions of Unborn Babies in July 4th Message

Texas Mother In Custody For Selling Young Children

Parents Furious As UK Secondary Schools Ban Skirts To "Accommodate" Trans Students

Sweden: Dental hygienist fined $50,000 for identifying “child refugees” who were actually adults

July 4 in Islamic history: Muslim leader, “his face joyful,” orders mass execution of Christians

Hamas paid $11,800 to family of “Palestinian” Muslim who murdered eight Israeli students

What happens after Islamic conquest?

Gore: Francis My ‘Inspiration’ in Fighting Climate Change                              7/6


St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria

Pope Francis asks Catholics to pray for their priests in July

Nigerian bishops disappointed Muslim president is 'favoring Muslims' as they commit mass slaughter of Christians

Cardinal Brenes: Peace in Nicaragua will come through dialogue, early elections

 Italian bishops hold their ground against anti-immigrant government


Evolutionists: 'Oops! We May Have Been Wrong All Along'

Science, Technology, and God

The St. Gallen Mafia's 'LGBT' Youth Synod

Evangelist Alveda King: Let Freedom Ring for Everyone

Home Office Told to Expand Refugee Programme to Every UK Town, Village

'Abolish Profit, Abolish Prisons, Abolish Borders!': Pro-Death Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Real FrancisCatholic Spokeswoman?

Study: 10 in 12 Rapists in Denmark of Migration Background                        7/5


Can the Bible be used as a historical guide? One archaeologist thinks so

St. Elizabeth of Portugal

The “Sword in the Stone” belonged not to King Arthur, but to an Italian saint

Miraculous Cardinal

Sexual Abuse and the Third Secret: A Timely Reminder

Cardinal Muller: Faithful Catholics being 'pushed out'

Australian Archbishop Sentenced to Year's Detention for Not Reporting Sexual Abuse

Cheyenne Diocese Accuses Its Emeritus Bp. Joseph Hart of Molesting Boys

Nuncio: Europe Is Ruled By New Paganism that Kills People Like Plague

Diocese led by pro-gay bishop says it's 'up to each parish' whether to promote homosexuality

Embattled Pastor of St. John Cantius Proclaims Innocence, Seeks ‘Reconciliation With’ Cardinal

Priest Goes to Get Gaymarried in Canaries — Bishop: “He hasn’t asked to leave the priesthood”

Pro-Gay Parishes Causing Scandal

Actor Nick Loeb Now Shooting New Roe v. Wade Movie: The Story of What Really Happened

Catholics, Anglicans complete work on structures of authority, communion

40 Straight Gallup Polls: Majority Says Abortion Should Be Illegal in All or Most Cases

Democrats Increasingly Anti-Catholic, Anti-God

Tech Elites Recreate Burning Man Inside Their Living Rooms

‘LGBT Segregation’: UK University Bans Straight People from Housing

‘Drag Tots’ Cartoon Sparks Outrage

Paris Makes Rainbow Crosswalks Permanent in Honor of Gay Pride

Iowa Supreme Court Rules There’s a Constitutional Right to Kill Babies in Abortion

Abortion Fueling India Rape Epidemic                                      7/4


The Precious Blood of Jesus

St. Thomas

Bishop: Mass migration part of plan to water down Europe’s Christian identity

‘Christ did not die for the sins of the people’: Head of German Catholic Bishops Conference on TV

After Latest Massacre of Christians, Nigerian Cardinal Asks President to Resign

Alt-Left Insanity: defending Aztecs' mass human sacrifices

Court Upholds City Law That Bans Pro-Life People From Praying Outside Abortion Clinics  London

France Enshrines Abortion Crusader Simone Veil in Paris Pantheon

Planned Parenthood’s Ironic Ad: “Without Planned Parenthood, I Probably Wouldn’t be Alive”

INSANE Sweden: Migrant will NOT be deported for raping 92-year-old woman on Christmas Eve

Fake news: LGBT activists tout flawed research study about children of homosexuals

Priest removed from ministry after 'gay sex' video                                     7/3


St. Peter

Francis’ Scarlet Letter: A Little “F” from Francis Gives the Schismatic German Bishops Everything They Want

Evil Jesuit School: “It is Normal and Okay to Have an Abortion”

Bishops Compare Muslim Massacres of Christians in Nigeria to Rwandan Genocide

Priest Chooses Jail Over Probation by Refusing to Stop Visiting Abortion Clinic

Activist priest calls for an anti-violence protest, closing down Chicago highway


Western Promoted Mass-Immigration Deprives Africa of Its Future

Toronto can’t handle influx of “refugee” claimants, Mayor Tory tells Ottawa

Inside 'dark harlequin' satanic ritual: Worshippers purge 'emotional baggage'

LGBT “pride” festival bans pro-LGBT men’s group, because Leftists now claim all men’s groups are “hate groups”

Colorado: Muslim “refugee” found guilty of supporting jihad terror group

UK population 66 million: Increase of 400,000 in one year, 59% due to migration

Sweden Set to Open Nation’s First ‘LGBT-Certified’ Sports Stadium

Sweden releases migrant who showed his penis to 6y/o child: ‘He just wanted to show his skin colour’                                              6/29


St. Irenaeus

The Historicity of Miracles: The case of Julian the Apostate and a lesson for our time

Vatican sentences former diplomat to prison for possessing and distributing child porn

Cardinal Sarah and The Prisoner

Islam Invades Africa

U.S. bishop encourages married couples to be open to life, reject contraception

German Bishops Publish Document Allowing Intercommunion – With Francis’ Approval

US archbishop hosts conference put on by pro-homosexual priests who want to remake Church

And Now! Surfing, Bikini Mass!

SICK: Another Sexual Abuse Advocate Arrested by Feds for Sex Crimes Against Children


Ex-Vatican Doctrinal Chief: Many Catholics Feel ‘Abandoned and Betrayed’

Conference of Catholic Families

How Trump’s Immigration Executive Order Prevents Child Sex Trafficking on Southern Border

Pro-Lifers Crushing Planned Parenthood on Twitter

School District Adopts New Sex-Ed Pushing Graphic Sex on Kids Without Parents’ Permission

Poll: ‘42% of Female College Graduates Want Abortion to Be Totally Legal’

CNN Analyst Scared Roe v. Wade Will Be Overturned - Reminded He Asked Mistress To Have Abortion

Abortion Advocates Panic over Justice Kennedy’s Resignation

Marvel Studios chief promises LGBT superheroes in future movies            6/28


St. Cyril of Alexandria

U.S. Embassy to Vatican Hosts High-Level Meeting on Religious Freedom

Francis Names Two Fanatical Modernists

Your Priest is Ready to Die For You, to Protect the Seal of Confession

Supreme Court Backs California Pro-Lifers

Persecution victims deliver punch to the gut at religious freedom summit

The Amazing Story of 12 Anglican Nuns Who All Became Catholic

South African Government Proposal Would Teach Schoolgirls About Abortions to Stop Teen Pregnancies

Planned Parenthood Sues Trump Over Abstinence Education

UK Police Disperse Christian Preachers for ‘Public Disorder’

ICE Targets Female Genital Mutilation Through Operation Limelight USA

Muslim Herdsmen Slaughter 120 Nigerian Christians Returning from Church Funeral

TedX Talks now feature pedophilia-promoting speakers who say pedos should be “accepted” into society

Assisted Suicide Was Supposed to be an Option, For Some Patients It’s the Only One They’re Given

Praise for DeSantis, Goodlatte Bill Punishing Boycotts of Israel              6/27


St. Anthelm

Saints John and Paul

De Mattei: Attack on the Priesthood, Attack on the Eucharist

Francis, Catholic “Fundamentalists Seek Wars”

The Roots and Historical Consequences of Modernism

Nigeria: Muslims murder 86 Christians, burn 50 houses

Founder of Virtual Reality warns we should all DELETE all social media accounts to avoid “mass human behavioral engineering”

Islamic school headmaster of “Muslim Eton” forced out after weapons, gun and $550K cash found at apt on grounds, yet school remains open

Islamic Subversion in School

Robert Spencer video: Why does Peter Beinart love Sharia and hate those who oppose it?

Michigan State To Pay Gymnastics Sex-Abuse Settlements With $500 Million Bond

Report: More than 30,000 Children Aged 10-15 in Britain Are in Gangs

Oregon Schools Now Offer THIRD GENDER Option To Students

US Faithful Doubt FBI Integrity on Trump                                          6/26


The Sacraments Instituted By Christ… More On Confession

St. William of Vercelli

Mass-Immigration: Francis Plotted Behind the Scene

How Do You Say No to God? **

Vatican jails Italian priest for child porn

French priest forced to retire after slapping baby during baptism

Pew: Religious Practice Faces Increasing Legal Restrictions Worldwide, Christians Hardest Hit

Debate on Immigration is Naive, Hypocritical and Inconclusive


Poll: 37% of Young Americans Back Abortion ‘Under Any Circumstances,’ 42% Back Restrictions

Swedish Consulate Under Fire for Cartoon Picture of Child in Hijab

8 Days' Director: Youngest Girl We Rescued from Sex Trafficking was 2 Years Old

The dark truth about child sex abuse

Would you give up having children to save the planet? Meet the couples who have

Poland: Western Regimes Promote Leftwing Gay-Ideology in Poland

Soon, there will be no girls competing at all in girls’ sports: Trans boys will displace all biological females while libtards CHEER                                     6/25


St. Thomas More

Francis Bergoglio corrects Jesus Christ and manipulates the words of Holy Scripture

Pope Changes Tack on Intercommunion, Says Local Bishops Should Decide

Pope Francis: Populism Is ‘Not the Answer’ to Europe’s Immigration Crisis

Homosexuality in the Church, Cardinal McCarrick, and the Internal Ecclesial Attack on Humanae Vitae

Ohio Wins a Fight in Its Battle to Defund Planned Parenthood

Despite Media Approval For Royal Wedding Preacher, Modern Sermons Would Put Britons Off Church

Homeschooling skyrockets as more parents get fed up with Left-wing social engineering and violence in public schools

Christian Group Requires Leaders To Be Christians, University Cries Discrimination

Leftists Angered over ‘Victim of Islamist Terror’ Message on Hero Police Officer Plaque

UK: At least five Tory candidates have been suspended in recent weeks for making so-called Islamophobic comments.

Swedish Bråvalla Music Festival Permanently Cancelled After Wave of Sex Attacks

Hollywood Perv Mutilates & Murders in Real Life Just Like His Script              6/22



Pope Francis condemns Trump administration’s migrant family-separation policy Sides with George Soros

Bishops’ Double Standard

Shock Video: Catholic Priest Slaps Infant In Face!

Australian prelate: Laity could have prevented 'catastrophic' abuse crisis

Asylum Seeker Arrested After Sexually Abusing 90-Year-Old

Canada’s top court rules that biblical Christian views are not part of ‘diversity’

Alfie Evans’ Parents Vow to Expose What Happened

NHS Doctor Oversaw ‘Institutionalised Practice of Shortening Lives’ of 456 Patients

Oregon Forced Us to Close Our Cake Shop. Here's What the Masterpiece Decision Means for Us

Christian dad sues school for Islamic indoctrination of teen daughter

Hollywood's Peter Fonda: Let's 'Rip Barron Trump From His Mother's Arms And Put Him In a Cage With Pedophiles'

#TEDogate: TEDx Workshops Call on Public to Accept Pedophiles

GAPING holes in evolutionary theory leave scientists baffled (and Darwin rolling in his grave)

Princeton To Offer Fall Class Teaching Students How To ‘Read Queerly’

France: Imam threatens, “Anyone who turns his back on brother Tariq Ramadan today will eventually pay the price”    

‘Sex Robot’ Brothels Gaining Popularity in Europe                         6/21


St. Vincent Kaun

Vatican Document and Bishop's Synod Try to Impose “LGBT”-Propaganda on the Church

World Meeting of Families Pushes Gay Agenda

Young people divided on sexuality and gender, pre-synod document says

Actor Chris Pratt Praises God During MTV Award Ceremony

Rescued Migrant Woman Was Not Mother of Children She Brought Across Border

SHOCKING: 10,000 of 12,000 Kids in US DHS Custody Were Sent Here Alone …Think of That! (VIDEO)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation lauds hijab as “sensuous,” “source of empowerment”

Spain’s new socialist government wants free health care for 800,000 illegal migrants

Australia: Muslim mob screaming “F*** off Christians” stomps on Christian’s head and breaks table over his head

Assisted Suicide Law Tentatively Reinstated for California                         6/20



St. Romuald

Cardinal Sarah and The Prisoner

US Catholic bishops call Trump’s asylum rules “immoral,” suggest barring supporters from communion

Bishop: Ireland Now Filled With ‘Cultural’ Catholics, Most Have Lost Religious ‘Conviction’

We 'will never accept Alfie's death': Tom Evans breaks silence

UK: Church of England leaders back bid for $4 million new mosque

Prominent Psychiatrist Warns There Is An Epidemic Of Demonic Possession

Abortion Lobbying Giant NARAL Ripped for Celebrating ‘Pro-Choice’ Dads

American Medical Association sliding toward support of physician-assisted suicide… here come the death panels

TV Show’s Character Celebrates Dismembering Her Baby in an Abortion: “We D&C’d That S—, B—-“

Trudeau's Summer Jobs Program Funds Islamic Group With Radical Cleric

France: Qur’an found in car that rammed police van

Transgender Teens Top CT Girls Track Competition, Prompting Parent Petitions

Three People In Polyamorous Relationship Declared Legal Parents Of Child

Target Promotes LGBTQ Pride Month Products For Children                          6/19


St. Gregory of Nyssa’s Amazing Explanation for the Eucharist

St. Gregory Barbarigo

Is Pope Francis a Pagan?

‘Vice Pope’ Accused of Protecting Corrupt Gay Bishop, Punishing Whistleblowers

Australian priests ‘willing to go to jail’ rather than break seal of confessional


Atlanta Archbishop Promotes Gay Agenda

U.S. bishop urges bishops’ conference to call on Trump to rejoin Paris climate accord  ??

Critics plan rival conference to World Meeting of Families in Dublin

Pakistan’s Asia Bibi Completes Nine Years in Prison for Being Christian

Poll: 60% of Liberals Say Teen Sex is ‘Morally Acceptable'

Somali Gang Drives by Maine Park and Shoots Park-Goers with Pellet Guns – Then Beats a Young Father to Death

Asylum Seeker Raped Disabled Belgian Woman for Three Days Hoping for Anchor Baby

Shariah Spreading Across the UK

Outrage as a Thousand Muslims Pray in French Street Following End of Ramadan

Canada’s top court rules against Christian law school: LGBT ‘rights’ trump religious freedom

CNN Highlights Breastfeeding Transgender ‘Dad’ for Father’s Day                6/18


St. Germaine Cousin

Vatican Specialist: There is a Rending Civil War in the Church; Francis Knows It

Pope Francis’ Bait And Switch: Traditional Theology For Global Warming

1P5 Minute – June 14, 2018: The Francis Effect in Real Numbers

Vatican reports ‘crisis of vocations’ as seminarian numbers fall worldwide

Council of Cardinals Drafts New Constitution for Roman Curia

Ten little cardinals

Australian bishop: Seal of confession cannot be ended by 'law of politicians'

Revolutionaries, Homosexualists Headline World Meeting of Families

Italy is now governed by rosary-wielding populists – but will it last?

Where Have All the Catholics Gone?

Archaeological evidence of Pontius Pilate corroborates Gospel

How Planned Parenthood Turns Young Girls into Clients

Trump Admin Stops Justin Trudeau From Using G7 Summit to Promote Abortion

ATX TV Festival Hosts Panel Calling for More On-Screen Abortions, Especially on Shows With Younger Audiences

Irish PM: Catholic Hospitals Must Perform Abortions

Less Than One-Third of Women Agree With Planned Parenthood and Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth

Sweden: "It's Fun To Build A Mosque"

In post-ISIS Christian town, heroism and paradox both abound

Huge 3,000 capacity mega-mosque funded by Algeria and Kuwait to open in Toulouse, France

VA Parents Overwhelmingly Reject Gender Ideology-Based Sex Ed


The Times: Churchgoers Live Six Years Longer on Average

Free Heroin For Junkies? Seattle Explores Public Funding For Druggies

DHS Secretary Nielsen Says ‘We Are Engaged in a Generational Struggle Against Islamist Militants’

Devout Muslim migrant who brutally BEAT JEWISH NYU PROFESSOR TO DEATH WITH HAMMER, previously arrested for RAPE, but was FREED WITHOUT EXPLANATION

Hungarian PM: ‘Population Replacement Underway in Europe’

Pride Parade Attendees Are Total Hypocrites                                                   6/15


St. Methodius I

Iraqi Christian: “We have actually been weakened by the stance taken by the Vatican”


Cardinal Abuses Bible to Promote Illegal Mass-Immigration

Fr. Martin’s Irish Gay Agenda

Chilean police raid Catholic Church offices amid abuse probe


How Google, Facebook and YouTube Worked With Abortion Activists to Legalize Abortion in Ireland

Iraqi Christian village is where ‘In God we trust' isn’t just a slogan

Are These 4 Creature Comforts Crowding Out Your Creator?

Missouri Passes Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood, Will Stop Sending Taxpayer Funds From Medicaid

'Forced' sterilization of Brazilian woman sparks uproar

Toronto: Muslim cleric says “Zionist empire, American empire will be down in the dustbins of history inshallah”

Web giants 'fuelling child mental health crisis'

CONGRESS TO BAN CHILD SEX ROBOTS                                         6/14


St. Anthony of Padua

Is Catholic Church Moving Toward Accepting Homosexuality?

Pope: Gay Pride Is an “Offence” and “Affront”


Irish Archbishop: Homosexual Couples Welcome At "World Meeting of Families"

Only 29% Support Planned Parenthood Stance of Abortion on Demand

“Islamic” Terrorist Receives Catholic Funeral                               6/13


St. John of Sahagun

Iraqi shepherd determined that Christianity not only survive but thrive


Pope removes Chile bishop accused of abuse cover up

Catholic Bishop Leads March Outside Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic: "This is a Baby, Not a Thing"

World Meeting of Families to feature Father James Martin as keynoter

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, 'Girl-Wonder of the French Right', Walks Pilgrimage to Chartres

Homeschooling skyrockets as more parents get fed up with Left-wing social engineering and violence in public schools

Erdogan says Austria’s crackdown on jihadi imams is “leading toward a war between the cross and the crescent”

DEMONS really are possessing people, warns psychiatrist, as pure evil sweeps over humanity


Trans Athletes Dominate Girls Track Championships

German authorities let Muslim migrant who murdered Jewish teen flee the country

BOMBSHELL: “Consensus” theory of evolution of the species falls apart; new mitochondrial DNA study reveals NO animal species more than 200,000 years old  

Germany: Politician from Merkel’s party says girl murdered by Muslim migrant “would have been hit by a car”                                                               6/12


Devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Basilica of Montmartre in Paris

A visual guide to the 12 Promises of the Sacred Heart

Cdl. Burke: Bishops, Vatican Have Failed to Defend Morality


Red Francis Lectures on Global Warming Junk Science – Climate Change Could ‘Destroy Civilization’


UN Propaganda Brainwashes Women To Not Have Babies

Catholic College Hosts Ireland’s Prime Minister Who Just Led Push to Legalize Abortion

Pro-lifers claim irregularities in Ireland abortion vote, plan legal challenge

8 NY Priests Accused of Sexually Abusing Minors

Prince Charles is interviewed on pedophile Anglican Bishop

Former Navy Seal Warns Veteran Advocacy Group is Falsifying Evidence about Alleged ‘Child Sex Trafficking Camp’

Sculpted Head of Mystery Biblical King Found in Israel

Swiss senate rejects ban on foreign funding of mosques

More than 100 German citizens fall victim to migrant crimes every single day

Unprecedented': Religious Dissenters Race To Claim 'Masterpiece' Decision In Ongoing Court Battles

Islam Means Submission. Will You Submit, Or Resist?’ – Batten, Waters, Kassam at #FreeTommy Rally

School Board Can Appeal Order Greenlighting Trans Bathroom Lawsuit

US Suicide Rate Surges 30% Since 1999

Poll: 69% of Americans Support Sex Outside Marriage

Gallup: 19% of Americans Think Polygamy Is ‘Morally Acceptable’                 6/11


Sacred Heart                     6/9            

St. William of York

St John Paul II's chilling prophecy has been fulfilled in Ireland

Trump HHS Family Planning Pick Is a Pro-Life OB/GYN

Herald on French Catholic hope Marion Marechal: Sure she 'acts' Catholic and she's popular, but the bishops are embarassed by her and she's at odds with Francis's holy teachings on business!

Staunchly pro-life British territory rejects calls for legalizing abortion

DeathChurch: Vatican stats show 10 annual baptisms per 1,000 catholics

Supreme Court ruling on gay wedding cakes means government has no right to determine the “legitimacy” of your religious beliefs

Metro Atlanta Sex-Trafficking Sting Rescues 160 Children – One Child as Young as Three (VIDEO)

Alice Johnson, Freed by President Trump: ‘Thank You for This Mercy’

Irish Government Minister is a Witch

INVESTIGATION: Planned Parenthood has been covering up child sex abuse for decades

Suicide now 10th leading cause of death in USA

Canada: Three Muslims sexually assault 14-year-old girl

Muslim leader ordered churches demolished, wooden images of devils nailed to doors of Christians’ houses

Robert Spencer Video: Muslim Disrupts Pennsylvania Church Service, Tells Congregation They’re Going to Hell

Swedish Schools Force Child Veiling If Parents Demand it, While Norway Bans Headscarf in Classrooms

Migrant Crime Against Germans Soars 23 Per Cent in a Single Year

US Veterans Find Child’s Body, Skull, Bones Scattered near Alleged Arizona ‘Child Trafficking Camp’

Austria to shut mosques, expel imams in crackdown against Islamist ideology

Ramadan in Afghanistan: 80 girls’ schools close over Islamic State threats to bomb them

LIBERAL VALUES: MSNBC and ‘The View’ Hosts Defend Honorable Hookers and Porn Stars and Their Values …WTH? (VIDEO)

Women who refuse to have babies -- to save the planet!

Maryland Democrat Airs First Campaign Ad Ever with Same-Sex Kiss to ‘Piss Off’ Trump, Republicans                                                         6/8


St. Willibald

Francis Takes Revenge On La Plata Archbishop

Vatican Secretary of State attending elite Bilderberg meeting

Archbishop Warda: Pence’s Promise to Iraqi Christians Remains Unfulfilled

Maine Diocese Quits Council of Churches Over LGBT Support

Exercise in Mercy: How Munich Archdiocese Tries to Kill a Monastery

Report: D.R. Congo’s Churches Suspend Sacraments in Ebola-Affected Regions

Coptic Christian Lays Down The Latest On The Mark Taylor Trump Prophesies

Michigan Court Shows No Mercy for Pro-Lifers

Two Million Celebrate Uganda Martyrs Killed for Spurning Sodomite King

Faux-Catholic Marquette U bans 'proselytizing' on campus

Americans' acceptance of porn hits new high this decade

Ramadan in Indonesia: Muslims force closure of church

Muslim YouTube user arrested after livestreaming bomb threat hoax at University of Washington                                         6/7


St. Norbert

The evolution of the Catholic Church into oblivion by Fr. Collins

Vatican Secretary of State Invited To Bilderberg Conference

Did Our Lady Appear in the Cloud of Dust?

Faithful, Courageous Cardinal Zen leads prayer for Tiananmen Square victims of communists

Bishops Should Use a Proven Model in the Diocese of Lincoln to Produce an Over Abundance of Priestly Vocations

Largest Class of Priests in Over 40 Years, UK’s Next Catholic Prime Minister, and More Links!

Brazil’s Surprise Vocations Boom 

"Dignity! Human Rights! - Archbishop Auza Praises New Draft of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Islamization

French Diocese Covering Up Muslim Scandal?

Archbishop of Canterbury: E.U. ‘Greatest Human Dream Realized Since Romans’... pray for him

“Do you like Pope Francis?” – Italian Minister: “Let’s say I prefer Cardinal Burke”

Italian Abbot: There Is a Crisis of Homosexuality in the Priesthood


“No Strong Poland Without Strong Families” – Prime Minister

Former Navy SEAL: Tuscon Encampment Likely Used for Child Sex Trafficking, Despite Police, Media Reports

Homeschooling skyrockets as more parents get fed up with Left-wing social engineering and violence in public schools                                            6/6


St. Boniface of Mainz

FrancisGate: What Did the Pope Know and When Did He Know It?

Knights of Columbus Sued for Fraud, Racketeering

Catholic seminaries selected for program promoting faith-science dialogue

How Jesus Died: Rare Evidence of Roman Crucifixion Found

Abandoned Baby Girl With Umbilical Cord Still Attached Saved After She Was Thrown Over a Wall

Crowdfunder Website Shuts Down Group Educating Kids About Transgender Risk Evidence

British School Forces Boys To Wear "Gender-Neutral" Skirts Instead Of Shorts

Justice Thomas: America Now in Conflict Between Religious Liberty and Court's Decree on Gay Marriage

MSM Calls Lopsided 7-2 Ruling Over Gay Cake ‘Narrow Win’

Nancy Pelosi Releases Statement on SCOTUS Gay Cake Ruling: Christians Should Bake Gay Cakes

Catholic League: Muslim-Run Nations ‘Crush’ Religious Liberty

Poll: African-Americans Most Likely to Identify as ‘Born-Again or Evangelical’

Update: ‘Child Trafficking Camp’ Discovered in Arizona is Located on Clinton Foundation Donor CEMEX Property

England’s Muslim Grooming Gangs                                                      6/5


Eating Fire and Spirit: The Most Wondrous of All God’s Gifts

Corpus Christi, The Feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus

Report from Rome: What Do Vatican Officials Think to Gain in their Agreement with China? (And What Will Chinese Catholics Lose?)

R.I. Bp. Tobin: Gay marches are morally offensive

Psychiatrist: Demonic possession real, victims seeking exorcism should not be ignored

Jesuit Priest Tells Catholics to Fight Abortion by Electing 'Pro-Choice Democrats'

Robert Spencer: Did a Muslim Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Disrupt the Pentecost Mass in a French Cathedral?

14 Governors Plan to Sue President Trump for Defunding Planned Parenthood of $60 Million

England’s Top Family Judge: Society Should ‘Welcome and Applaud’ the Decline of Nuclear Families

Why homeschooling is fast becoming the modern way to educate your kids

Irish govt moves to block pro-life free speech after repealing pro-life amendment

Paramount Pulls Teen Murder, Suicide Comedy After School Shootings

Infowars Protests Tax-Funded Baby Murders At Planned Parenthood

Minnesota Students Launch Petition for University to Reinstate Abortion Fellowship

Boy Scouts explains how it will distribute condoms to minors at upcoming global gathering

WATCH: Gaza Kindergarten Stages Mock Kidnap, Execution of Israelis

SHOCK VIDEO: Antifa Mob Hurls Rocks, Bottles at Prayer Protesters – Massive Brawl Breaks Out in Portland

Germany: Man rampaging with knife in cathedral shot by Berlin police

Hungarian Govt Outlines ‘Stop Soros’ Legislation Criminalising NGOs Which Aid and Abet Illegal Migrants

Inside Britain’s Sharia Courts: Women Plead with Clerics to Dissolve Abusive Marriages for Cash

State Dept.: One Jew Left in Afghanistan; No Christian Churches                       6/4


The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Quo Vadis: Pope Francis moves Corpus Christi procession out of Rome

....Noble, pedo-protecting Francis to Chile: I can't just fire all bishops, because this evil "will not be overcome without the concurrence of all"

Germany: Corpus Christi procession canceled due to inability to provide safeguards against jihad attacks

Report from Rome: What Do Vatican Officials Think to Gain in their Agreement with China? (And What Will Chinese Catholics Lose?)

France: Muslim seizes cathedral microphone during Pentecost Mass, screams “Allahu akbar,” bishop denies it happened

Christians Without the God of Christ

Televangelist Jesse Duplantis: Jesus told me to get 4th private jet

Tommy Robinson Drew Attention to 'Grooming Gangs.' Britain Has Persecuted Him

ABC Values: ABC-Disney Hired Convicted Child Molester but Fired Roseanne for Mean Tweet

Pedophile Convicted Of Threatening To Kill President Now Running For Congress Thanks To Terry McAuliffe

WISTED: College “doula” training teaches students to support women during ABORTIONS, not childbirth

India: Two Muslims on way to mosque to pray stop to molest 12-year-old girl

Ramadan in Germany: Muslim migrant rapes teen girl so violently, she needs surgery

Greeks are afraid to leave their homes due to violent Muslim migrants: “Women are afraid to go out alone, we keep our children inside our homes”

Libs Cry a River Over ‘Model Student’ Facing Deportation…. Who Beat the Hell Out of a Girl at School                                                                6/1


St. Joan of Arc

Pope Francis sending bishop to Medjugorje

God’s Chat with the Devil; The Vision of Pope Leo XIII 

Did Vatican Support the Recent Coup d’Etat in Italy?

Disappeared Bishop Augustine Cui Tai of Xuanhua not recognized by Chicom/FrancisChurch, only by the Catholics

Will risk of abuse turn the tide on 'vagabond priests'?

Ohio Hospital Lets Newborns Die Without Assistance


Ramadan in Nigeria: Muslim gunman attack Catholic seminary, priest “badly wounded”

Majority of Tory MPs oppose forcing abortion on Northern Ireland

Dutch Group Targeting Sex Traffickers

Why Christianity is Disappearing

Scientists Claim Christians Who Believe the Bible Have ‘Brain Damage’

Starbucks CEO Claims He Is 'Not Aware' His Company Donated To Planned Parenthood

Child Refugees Go Missing In UK After Being Trafficked From France

San Diego Parents Pulling Their Kids From School Over Inappropriate Sex-Ed Curriculum                                                    5/31



At Vatican's Bambino Gesu Hospital, creepy DeathAcademy Abp. Paglia tries to rehabilitate his pro-death positions on murdered Charlie Gard, Alfie Evans

Bishop Says Catholics in Ireland Who Voted for Abortion Have Sinned and Need Confession

“Married” Bolivian Bishop Will Be Made Cardinal by Pope Francis

BREAKING: Supreme Court rejects Planned Parenthood bid to block Arkansas abortion law

Trump Admin: “We Do Not Recognize an International Right to Abortion”

How Much is an Unborn Baby’s Life Worth? Ireland Weighs Prices for Abortions After They’re Legal

Threats of Murder Go Unpunished at Providence College

TGP VIDEO: Female GOP Candidate Under Fire For Confronting Biological Man In Women’s Restroom

Same-sex marriage support reaches all-time high in America

Ramadan in Mozambique: Muslims behead 10 people, including children

WATCH VIDEO: Gang of Muslim migrant kids attack park goers in Lewiston, Maine

State Dept.: China Forcing Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims into ‘Re-Education’ Camps

Pro-pedophilia messages now being embedded in Hollywood movies for CHILDREN

‘Start ‘Em Young’: J.Crew Selling Boys Pink ‘I’m a Feminist Too’ T-Shirts

UK: Accused Muslim rapist uses “Islamophobia” as a defense                         5/30


Remember the 60 Million Unborn Babies Who Have Died in the Abortion Wars

Pope Francis faces pushback from church conservatives

Cdl. Sarah Denounces West’s Drift From God

Veterans found ‘life-changing,’ ‘healing’ experience at Lourdes

Cardinal Burke: 'Freedom of Religion Doesn't Mean Freedom to Practice' Evil


Traditional Liturgy Attracts Vocations, Nourishes Contemplative Life, and Sustains the Priesthood

Hungarian PM Says ‘First Priority’ is Demographics: Rejects Mass Migration, Pledges to Support Mothers, Families

Hate-Filled Liberals Attack Ivanka Trump For Posting Picture With Her Son

Trump: “As the Lord Says in Jeremiah, ‘Before I Formed You in the Womb, I Knew You’”

Euthanasia Vote Looms In Catholic-Majority Portugal

Oops!… Hillary Campaign Official Accuses Trump of Offering Children to Human Traffickers …But It Was an Obama Policy!

VIDEO: Muslims in Pakistan open fire on Christians who try to retake their homes that Muslims seized

Citizen journalist Tommy Robinson jailed under secret order from UK government; total media blackout issued to protect Muslim pedophiles

Sweden: Girls Fearing Forced Marriage Told to Stick a Spoon in Underwear to Alert Airport Security

Sweden: Church collects money to build mosque                                         5/29


Church launches probe after Virgin Mary statue starts WEEPING

Here’s How American Pro-Lifers Responded To Ireland’s ‘Yes’ To Abortion

Childless Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May Celebrate Pro-Abortion Vote in Ireland

Ex-N. Korean Diplomat Urges South to Pressure NoKo to End Christian Persecution

Celebs Slam Trump Admin. Rule Separating Abortion Clinics from Federally Funded Facilities

Hungarian Deputy PM: ‘Islamic Invasion’ Will Reduce Europeans to Minority

More left-wing nonsense: Woman proud that her 3-year-old godson is “openly gay” … do infants even know what GAY means?

Swedish ‘Culture Critic’ Condemns Marriage Unless It Is Used to Keep Asylum Seekers in Sweden

Trans encouraged to become priests in diversity drive                         5/28


Pray the Rosary for Ireland

SAINT PATRICK WEEPS: Irish Election Official Confirms Landslide Victory for Culture of Death

St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi



Synod on Young People: The Scandal (Vatican Manipulates Data Collected from World's Youth, Ignores Call for TLM)

After pushing gun control and open borders, the Pope now goes all-in for LGBT… will the Catholic Church endorse pedophilia next?

Catholic priest 'infected with Ebola'

Under Threats, Irish Pro-Lifers Remove Giant Sign Opposing Referendum

Cecile Richards: Women ‘Not Free’ Without Abortion

"Why I'm Leaving Marquette University"

HALF HUMAN-HALF CHICKEN abomination created in lab

Grooming Gangs: Telford MP Says Police Ignored Child Sex Abuse Complaints by Parents

Iraq Sentences Dozens of Foreign Islamic State Brides to Death              5/25


Cardinal Sarah: Ordination of Viri Probati is a “Breach with Apostolic Tradition”

Top Vatican Cardinal: Homophobia ‘Does Not Exist, Clearly an Invention’

NY Cardinal: Pope’s Affirming Comments to Gay Man Were ‘Conservative, Traditional, Catholic’

NY Bishops Sell Off Catholic Health System for $3.75 Billion

The Growing German Schism: Warnings, Personal Attacks, and a “Liturgical Dance”

German Priest Wears Islamic Headscarf in Protest Against Anti-Immigration Party

Ghana Rejects Same-Sex Marriage

Irish Save the 8th Spokesman: ‘When You Legalize Abortion, You Change the Culture of a Country’

Trump Ends Taxpayer Funding for Africa’s Two Largest Abortion Giants

1,400 Underage Dutch Girls Forced into Sex Slavery by ‘Migrant Background’ Males

Video: Ohio Teachers Union Presidents Defend ‘Physical, Sexual, Verbal’ Abuse of Children

European Court Estimates Over 90 Million EU Residents Are First- or Second-Generation Migrants

Boy Scouts Providing Condoms at Scout Jamboree

‘Jesus’ Denied Shoutout During Valedictorian’s Graduation Speech

Thank Trump for starting to defund Planned Parenthood, but the job's far from done

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Islamizing the Schools: The Case of West Virginia

Sweden: Police warn lots of rapes will happen this summer and advise women not to go out late

Daughter of whistleblower who revealed WV school proselytizing for Islam told “We are gonna get some people and kill your dad”

Apologists on Parade: Profs Whitewash Political Islam

MCKELLEN: Half of Hollywood is gay                                         5/24


St. Rita

Gay Abuse Victim Claims Pope Told Him ‘God Made You like This’

Youth Synod Will Be Manipulated To Drive An Agenda – Cardinal Burke

Pope Francis Names Embattled Iraqi Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako as Cardinal

Unjust: All Chilean Bishops Resigned – No Individual Case Will Be Investigated

Irish Bishops Tell Voters: You Are ‘Unborn Babies’ Last ‘Line of Defence’

Liberation Theology Wrecking Catholicism in Brazil

Seven Dead After Attack on Orthodox Church in Russian Province of Chechnya

Trump Pushing Cuts to Abortion Funding

Dennis Prager: God-Free College Campuses ‘Produce Stupidity’

Would You Abort God’s Glory?

Children as Young as Four Seek NHS Help for Gender Issues

Obama, Clinton Pastors and US Bishop Who ‘Stole Show’ at Royal Wedding Set to March on White House to ‘Reclaim Jesus’ from Pres. Trump; ‘America First is Heresy Against Christ’

Hungary Warns Europe Losing Its Identity, Islam Penetrating Without Resistance

Prince William argues for urgent depopulation efforts in Africa

The latest in the Left’s culture wars: Disturbing Canadian poster subtly promotes pedophilia – after all, love knows no age

UK: Jury Hears Police Sergeant Mohammed Perwaze ‘Repeatedly Raped’ 8-Year-Old Girl

78 Per Cent of 9,000 Afghan ‘Children’ Allowed To Remain in Sweden Are Really Adults

Turkey’s President Erdogan wants same powers as Hitler: ‘Are you ready to give them an Ottoman slap?’ Turkey’s Erdogan campaigns/calls on Europe’s Muslims to support him as he delivered a furious address to around 15,000 people in Bosnia

‘National Shame’: Report Slams UK’s Failure to Tackle FGM Abuse               5/22


St. Pope John I

Faithless Francis calls those who reject his Islamization narrow, insecure, self-interested, unethical, unhumanitarian, and against unity and dignity

Islamic Violence Ramps Up During Ramadan 

Why Vatican won’t be joining U.S. on Jerusalem’s Embassy Row

Oregon Bishop Fights to Restore Eucharistic Reverence

Pro-Life Letter to the Editor: "Eugenics and radical race groups also enjoyed [Protestant] clergy's backing"

Intercommunion Clash Pits Bishop Against Bishop

Ring, Catholic Bells!

Interview: Bishop Schneider Addresses a New “Syllabus of Errors” for the Modern Church

Bishop Schneider explains how Catholics should handle a ‘heretic pastor’

Trending Against Orthodoxy

Livi: "I Was Jealous of the Priests Who Did Not Need to Say the New Rite”

Evangelization & the Genius of the Early Church, Key Terms of Catholic Hipster Slang, and More!

APPEAL DENIED: Islamic Sentence Upheld for Pastor in Algeria Stopped for Carrying Bible, Judge Rebukes Church Leader

Doctors Rip Claim Abortions Needed for ‘Mental Health’

President Donald Trump Can Defund Planned Parenthood Even More, Here’s How

Google worshipers applaud their own total enslavement as Google AI unveils near-perfect human voice mimicry tech

Obama HHS Abortion Mandate Suffers Another Defeat, Can’t Force Christian Universities to Fund Abortions

George Soros is pushing the legalization of abortion in Ireland

Alfie Evans not alone: Hundreds of patients starved to death in UK every year

Macron Announces He Will Launch Islamic Reformation in France, Starting After Ramadan

Norway: Christian Student Union proposes giving “extra” Christian holidays to Muslims

Swedish Police Refuse to Consult Public on Islamic Call to Prayer Broadcast

EPIC Fail: Muslim couple freed, saved from deportation, after threatening to honor kill their daughter for dating non-Muslim boy


When you're a dead Palestinian martyr but your nose keeps itching                                                                                                   5/18


Virgin of the Revelation

Anne Catherine Emmerich, the Two Popes, Pagans, and the Pantheon.

Priest uses Youtube to beg world to pray for Ireland to keep pro-life 8th amendment

Chilean Bishops Hauled to Rome Over Sex Abuse Cover-Up

Msgr Livi on Pope Francis, His Promoting of Heretics and of a Lutheran Reform

“The Holy See always encourages surrender, everywhere.”

Jerusalem: Evangelical Christian Leaders Praise Trump

These 27 Major American Cities are Abortion Free, With No Clinics Killing Babies in Abortions

Pedophiles Using Livestreaming App to Lure Underage Girls into Child Porn

Materialism Sapping Strength of Church in South Korea               5/16


Vatican Attempts Complete Media Ban on Cardinal Pell’s Trial

New 'Peoples Altar' graces Francis' wreckovated 2,000 Year Old Pantheon in Rome

Priests found in bed together in Rome face being expelled

REPORT CARD: Notre Dame Trustee Supported Pro-Abortion PAC; New Religious Liberty Center at CUA; and more.

Pastor says motion sensor camera snaps angel


Orban: ‘We Will Build a 21st Century Christian Democracy, Not Rebuild a Shipwrecked Liberal Democracy’

George Soros is Spending Big Bucks to Try to Legalize Abortion in Ireland

Report: WaPo Missed the Real China Story on Sex-Selective Abortions

Dem Muslim Candidate for Michigan Governor Tells GOP Opponent: “Muslims Hate You”

Family of Islamic State Jihadists Bombs 3 Christian Churches in Indonesia, Killing 13

Stabbing rampage Paris; Knifeman shouts 'Allahu Akbar'                  5/15


Christ ascends to His Father so the Holy Spirit will come

The First Marian Shrine: Our Lady of the Pillar

The “Met Gala” Scandal Points to the Vatican’s Diminishing Moral Compass

Presbyterian Minister Blesses Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic in God’s Name, Volunteers as Its Chaplain

Muslims in Sweden Want “Allahu Akbar” Call to Prayer Broadcast Throughout the Country

Pro-Life Advocates Slam Justin Trudeau’s New Policy Forcing Churches to Promote Abortion

Iowa: Catholic University Opens Sex-Segregated Islamic Prayer Space

Christian mom defends ex-gays, explains why LGBT movement despises them

National March for Ex-Gays Gaining Momentum

Abortionist: I Became Better at Killing Babies After I Had One

Murderous UK Government Breaks Funding Promise on Catholic Schools

U.S. Religious Freedom Ambassador: A ‘Global Religious War’ Rages Against Christians

George Soros Funds New Planned Parenthood Group to Turn Out Pro-Abortion Vote                                                                      5/12


Sts. Nereus & Achilleus

Pope Francis Has Hired the “Worst Heretics”

Vatican Quietly Pays $4 Billion To Child Sex Abuse Victims

This Is How Vatican Plans To Trash Humanae Vitae

UK Proposes Six Year Prison Sentences for Online Posts Against Religion, Transgender

Church and religion take back seat as a secular Ireland votes on abortion

Two Franciscan Friars Plead Guilty to Endangering Children in Pennsylvania

Swedish Police Agree to Allow Mosque to Publicly Broadcast Islamic Call to Prayer

Pro-abortion activists attempt to block Canada March for Life

Insane! Sexuality “Expert” Says Babies Should Give Consent for Diaper-Nappy Changes (VIDEO)

UPDATE: 104-year-old scientist ends life at Swiss suicide clinic

Just 18 Per Cent of Flemish Belgians Say Islam is Compatible with the West

Sweden: Afghan Migrant Who Raped 16-Year-Old Girl Gets Just Two Months Jail

UK: Sharing Racist or Anti-Gay Posts Will Get You 6 Months in Jail              5/11


St. Damien of Molokai

Vatican Newspaper Under Pope Francis Praises Karl Marx the Founder of Communism

Dolan, The Met & The Politics of Carnival

Two Archbishops Contradicting Each Other On Marx

Why Did THE CHURCH Cosponsor the Mock-Catholic Met Gala?

Justin Trudeau’s New Policy Forcing Churches to Promote Abortion Outrages Canadians

BREAKING: Alleged Child Molester Paid Off in Union Negotiation by Michigan American Federation of Teachers

Facebook Targets Pro-Life Ads in Ireland Abortion Referendum

New website combats the radical Left’s transgender indoctrination of kindergarten children

Mormon Church Ends 100-Year Association With Thing That Used to Be the Boy Scouts                                                      5/10


Defending St Francis from lies                                   

Western Oregon faithful to kneel sooner

The Downfall of Pope Francis’s Cardinals

Bishop Believes that Validly Elected Cardinals Should Hold a New Conclave

Murdered Philippine Priest Mark Anthony Ventura Laid to Rest

Christian fury at Met Gala's 'blasphemous' Catholic theme


Cardinal Dolan Loaned Rihanna Pope Hat

Swedish mother of toddler gang raped by three “child” refugees – They even took photos

Swedish Newspaper Admits Migrants Are Vast Majority of Gang Rape Convicts

PICTURES: Celebrities dress in Catholic-inspired outfits for Met Gala 2018

Chomsky claims GOP, Christianity trying to 'destroy the world'                        5/9


Boy Regains Consciousness *After* Parents Sign Organ Donation Papers

The Church and China: Beijing’s Strategy of ‘Sacramental Confusion’

Buffalo Sex Abuse Scandal

Amazon Bars Christians From Charity Program But Allows Islamic Groups


Ratzinger Is not a Solution to the Present Problems

YouTube Shuts Down Pro-Life Group’s Account, Calls Its Videos “Harmful” and “Dangerous”

Legal Firm Tackles Gay Lobby’s Lies

Sweden: Underage Schoolgirl Gang Raped, Police Don’t Want to Describe Attackers

Illegal aliens continue to commit child rape in the U.S. because the DC Swamp won’t give Trump the wall

New York Times: Teaching Children to Delay Having Sex is ‘Anti-Science’

WHISTLEBLOWER: Leftists have a secret plan to legalize child sex trafficking… all in the name of “love”

Central African Republic: Muslims open fire at Catholic church, detonate grenades, 24 killed, 170 injured

Dan Bongino Blasts Democrats For Hating On ‘In God We Trust’

Former trans-woman: I dumped my dresses, hair, makeup to follow Jesus

BOY SCOUTS self-destructing under the boot of liberalism… “boy” to be removed from its name                                                                                     5/8


St. Rose Venerini


Saudi Arabia Will Build Christian Churches After Striking Deal With Vatican

Michigan: Another church becomes a mosque…run by an imam who wants U.S. to enforce sharia blasphemy laws

It’s Euthanasia by Stealth, Whatever Cdl. Nichols Calls It

Irish Church Scandal: ‘Priest’ Desecrates Altar With Gay Sex Acts

William J Slattery calls for Catholics to do again what they did during the dark ages

BREAKING: Iowa governor signs bill banning abortions on babies with beating hearts

How To Kill A Church In Just A Few Easy Steps

Finland’s Supreme Court: 20-year-old Migrant Having Sex with 10-year-old ‘Not Rape’

Sweden: 43 Grenade Attacks in 2017

Multicultural Wales Gets First Female Genital Mutilation Clinic

Social Media, Not Religion, Is The Opium Of The People                            5/7


"Mysteries of the Church" Season 1 Episode 1 - "Bleeding Eucharist"         5/6

St. Florian

The Somber Prophecy of a Russian Novelist


Pope Francis tells Chile abuse survivors: 'I was part of the problem'


Cardinal De Kesel Wants Church to Accept Homosexual Fornication

France: Muslim enters cathedral, threatens to blow it up, screams “It is the Quran that must be read!”

As Pittsburgh Churches Consolidate, Bishop Urges Strong, Faith-Filled Communities

Belgian Bishop Affirms Gay Sex

Over 80 priests sign appeal to world’s bishops to address crisis in Church

Bible Verses That Prove Catholicism, Little Known Facts About Guardian Angels, and More Great Links!

God Not Welcome on Catholic Campuses Anymore

TBT 2: Radical-Leftist 'Catholic' Know-It-Alls at NPLM: 'We don't hate you, normal pro-lifers. We just think you're wicked traitors and blind sheeple.'

DNA ‘Writers” Set Goal: Recoding Human Cells To Resist Viruses

Swedish mother of toddler gang raped and filmed by three “child” refugees

Nigeria’s Muslim President downplays jihad attacks on Christians

Catholic Conference: Is the US Doomed?

Dearborn Catholic High School Employs ‘Modesty Ponchos’ For Prom Season

Multicultural Wales Gets First Female Genital Mutilation Clinic

Newsweek: Most US Muslims now support gay marriage, white evangelical Christians still opposed

On his way out, Paul Ryan balks; keeps pro-gay FrancisJesuit Chaplain Fr. Conroy after pressure

Ex-Gay Man Credits Healing to Christ

LGBT cake fight goes international                                                   5/4


St. James the Lesser

Cardinal Marx: Without Karl Marx, “There Would Not be any Catholic Social Doctrine”

Cardinal Pell, Vatican treasurer, to become most senior member of Catholic church to stand trial on sex charges

Jesuit College Keeps Fr. Martin as Speaker Despite Backlash

ANALYSIS: Alfie Evans was executed by lethal injection; Alder Hey hospital steeped in horrifying history of organ harvesting from human babies

Iowa lawmakers approve the most restrictive US abortion bill

Hundreds of Dead Baby Girls Found In Pakistan Garbage Piles

Planned Parenthood Sues President Trump for Cutting Its Taxpayer Funding, Shifting Sex-Ed Funds to Abstinence Programs

BREAKING: NJ Teachers Union President Will “Bend the Truth,” Cover Up Child Abuse in Schools, Protects Drug-Using, Shoplifting Teachers

Abortions at Planned Parenthood Increase 142% Even Though Abortions Decline Nationwide

PP Official: Trump Admin ‘Trying to Pressure Women into Marriage’

Boy Scouts to Remove Word ‘Boy’ from Name

YouTube Suspends Pro-Life Group’s Account, Says Its Videos “Violate the Community Guidelines”                                                                                     5/3


St. Athanasius

Judge Orders Pope Francis’ Treasurer To Stand Trial On Pedophilia Charges

Adviser to Pope Francis Praises Karl Marx, Claims No Link to Communist Atrocities

Another month with small numbers of paying customers for the refugee contractors (like the very holy American FrancisBishops)

Philippine archdiocese's statement following the brutal killing of a young priest (CBCP News)

Trump Calls on Nigerian President to Stop Violence Against Christians


Waffle House shooting victim's last words: "Jesus loves me

After criminalizing the Bible and medical choice, California is now trying to outlaw home schooling

Alfie's Final Hours: Disturbing New Details

Ron Paul Rages: ‘Baby Alfie’ Is The Latest Victim Of Omnipotent Government

Armed Father Stops Doctors From Euthanizing ‘Brain Dead’ Son

Sacre Bleu - More French Babies Born Out Of Wedlock Than Any EU Nation

Mark of the Beast now active in India as government requires biometric scanning for food purchases and government benefits

5th Grade Teacher Charged With Distribution of Child Pornography

Why China Assigns Every Citizen A ‘Social Credit Score’

Turkey Calls On Europe To Criminalize "Islamophobia"

Christians Not Allowed in Own Church Due to “Muslim Event”                  5/2


St. Marculf

Xi Jinping Places Catholic Church in China Under Direct Party Control

The Pope Is Not the Successor of Christ

Rest In Peace: Toddler Alfie Evans Has Passed Away


U.S. Catholic bishops to Americans: Drop dead

Still No Action Taken Against Honduran Bishop Accused of Sexual Abuse

New Jersey Pro-Transgenderism Priest Slams Church Militant

New Priests: Orthodoxy Among Key Factors in Ordination Numbers

Douthat on Alfie: Such a system is custom-built for the coming world of post-familialism, the world bequeathed to us by sexual individualism and thinning family trees

Orwellian Perfection–Rep. Barbara Lee to Planned Parenthood Nationwide ‘Speak-Outs’: ‘Your Work Really Saves Lives’

Trump Admin Will Investigate Hawaii for Forcing Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions                                                             5/1


St. Louis de Montfort

St. Zita

Pictures: Vatican Vigil for Alfie Evans

The Election of Francis Was Orchestrated

New Report: Seminary Enrollment Down Vocations continue to flat line for nearly 40 years

Vatican Hospital Chief Decries ‘Ideological’ Motives Behind Alfie Evans Ruling

Catholic Assn.: UK Bishops’ Refusal to Defend Alfie Evans ‘Disgusting and Shameful'

British Doctor Determines Baby Alfie Must Die Because His Parents Have an Attitude

Shock: Alfie Evans' hospital once caught selling organs of living children

UK Police Investigating Social Media Posts Criticizing Baby Alfie Situation

Dominican priest: Lack of belief within the Church enables the diabolical spirit

Why are so many Mexican priests being killed?

Iskander: Dragon of Albania

UK Court Rejects Alfie Evans Parents’ Appeal

SPLC Gets Catholics Removed from Amazon Smile

Democrats Try to Block Trump Court Nominee Who Opposed Boys Using Girls’ Bathrooms

74-Year-Old Swedish Woman Prosecuted For Criticizing Mass Immigration

California seeks to criminalize certain Bible teachings in latest outrageous assault on Christianity


St. Cletus

April 24, 1945: Death of Father Cyclone

On Chile abuse crisis, who led Pope Francis to make 'serious errors'?

Henry Sire:  Catholic Lay People Have a “Right and Duty” to Correct the Papacy

BREAKING, Benedict XVI Against German Protestant Communion

JUST IN: Muslims raid church, murder two Catholic priests, 17 parishioners in Nigeria

Alfie Evans’ dad may prosecute doctors for ‘conspiring to murder son’

Alfie Evans Clings to Life as Parents Fight Courts to Take Son Abroad

Judge who wants Alfie Evans to die is a pro-gay activist

Poland's President: 'Alfie Evans Must Be Saved!'

New California law would CRIMINALIZE book stores for selling the Bible

Well this explains a lot: It turns out that Satanism has gone totally mainstream

The Los Angeles RE Congress promoted homosexuality

How ‘Sex Ed’ Destroys Parental Rights

On Chile abuse crisis, who led Pope Francis to make 'serious errors'?

GMO humans about to become reality… beware the emergence of unforeseen consequences

UK: Former social services boss, local lawmakers exposed as pedophiles in Telford, site of Muslim rape gang coverup                                                               4/26


St. Mark

The powerful effects of the Eucharist


Polemics: Francis Rebrands Faithfulness as "Rigidity"

Irish Bishop: ‘We Are the Unborn Baby’s Last Line of Defense’

Gay New Ways Chronicles Ups and Downs of Brave Fr. Greg Greiten After He Came Out of the Closet and Bp. Listecki Didn't Mind

UN agencies denounce Mexico for proposed law allowing doctors to opt out of abortion, euthanasia

Alfie Evans being ‘starved’ to death by hospital, dad claims: BREAKING

Alfie Evans Still Fighting After Taken off Ventilation

UK doctors’ group supports Alfie Evans, condemns hospital’s ‘medical tyranny’

New Age Christianity Infiltrating the Church - Hillsong, TobyMac, Bethel Music

How not to think clearly on faith and economics

Bavaria Orders Crosses on All Government Buildings, Asserts ‘Cultural Identity’

Backlash Planned Against Pro-Gay ‘Day of Silence’                                                4/25


Syrian Bishop: Better War-torn Syria Than Rotten Europe

Romero and abortion: a practice to “castrate the people”

Notorious San Diego FrancisBishop McElroy blasts faithful Catholics for not voting Democrat: Catholic doctrine has been hijacked by those who break the unity of our social doctrine by reducing it to deformed partisan categories!

Greek Orthodox Bishop in Jerusalem Involved in Scandal with Transvestite

The Truth Is Never an “Idol”

Video: a day in the life of an exorcist

WATCH: French Muslim Activist Henda Ayari On Rape By Tariq Ramadan, “This is what you are asking for because you don’t wear the hijab.”

Teilhard de Chardin and the Catholic 'Evolution'

GQ Condemns the Holy Bible: 'Repetitive, Self-Contradictory, Sententious, Foolish…Ill-Intentioned’

ISIS wife from Indiana tells how her husband kept two sex slaves in their home in Syria

The Truth About The "Multicultural" Invasion Of Sweden

Franklin Graham Urges Parents: ‘Let Your Voice Be Heard’ on Sex Ed                         4/24



The Unapologetic Apologist: Five lessons from St. Justin Martyr

Dioceses Won't Name Sex Offenders

Chemical suffocation? How Alder Hey doctors want Alfie Evans to die.

Catholic Students: Prayer Ends School Gun Violence, Not Walkouts

Britain's great rosary revival

On Islam, Catholics can’t have a sixties mindset anymore

Steubenville Alumni Attack Conservative Profs

Tyranny: EU judges set to prosecute German Churches for preferring 'religious' employees

Christian girl set on fire for turning down Muslim man's marriage proposal

#SexEdSitOut: Parents Say, 'Enough' to Planned Parenthood's 'Pornographic' Sex Ed

CA County Forces Gender Ideology Against Parents’ Wishes

‘Refugee’ Spared Prison After Strangling and Sexually Assaulting a Woman in Kent, No Sex Offender Treatment Due to Poor English                                             4/23


St. Marian

Next Pope

Italian Bishop: Preventing Alfie Evans Coming to Vatican Hospital ‘Outside All Human Logic’

Review: In ‘The Devil and Father Amorth,’ a Filmmaker Gets Real

Suicide, with benefits: Bizarre tech startup pitches “brain up-load” that kills you in the process

Twitter Blocks Girl with Down Syndrome for Posting ‘Pro-Life Pictures’

Government vs. God? People are less religious when government is bigger, research says

New laws would allow children to be artificially created from the genes of dead humans… “posthumous conception” creates living from the dead

Rev. Graham to Trump: Please Help Army Chaplain Being Persecuted by LGBT Enforcers

STUDY: Being lesbian, gay or bisexual makes you 36% less likely to be healthy; data show that LGBT followers have a disproportionately higher risk for cardiovascular disease

CAIR Thanks Booker for Challenging Pompeo on Islam; Doesn’t Mention Exchange on Homosexuality                                                                                                                    4/20


Secret of Mary

St. Alphege

Francis-appointed cardinal: ‘The church is moving on the question of same-sex couples’ ​

Students accuse Notre Dame of ‘fearing the queers’ after gay man committed to chastity speaks on campus

US Christian who refuses to pay taxes until abortion is defunded has first big win in court

Muslims Reach Out to Catholic Priests to Request Exorcisms

Children Forbidden from Mass in Second Chinese Province

Macron: “Migratory phenomenon” is “historic,” Africans will be flooding into Europe “for many years to come”

French Court Orders Parents Rename Baby “Jihad”

French Residents Complain About Mass Muslim Street Prayers

Walmart Refuses to Carry Chart-Topping Christian Rock Band’s Latest Album

Muslims newly persecuting Yazidis, forcing them to convert to Islam

Illegal Migrant Uses Fake ID to Get NHS Transplant While Locals Die on Waiting List

Federal Government Grants $1 Million to Study Transgender 3-Year-Old Children         4/19


Liz Yore The New World Order Pope and Building the Resistance Movement

At Vatican Exorcism Course, the Devil Is in the Details

Maronite Patriarch: Hell Is Real

Irish Bishops Urge Voters to Protect the Unborn, ‘No Cause More Noble’

Rome Yanks Largest Pro-Life Poster in Its History

EXCLUSIVE: UK Border Force Interview with Identitarian Activist Reveals Entry to Britain Requires Acceptance of ‘Islamisation’

Border Patrol Agents Arrest Multiple Previously Deported Child Sex Offenders in Texas

FAKE hate crimes galore: Muslim girl fabricated claim of being attacked for her religion, police now confirm; faces charges

Islamic State Beheads 14-Year-Old Boy in Jawzjan Province                          4/18


The One True Faith Revisited: The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Eucharist

St. Anicetus

Four Types of Counterfeit Faith

Pope Francis Sends An Atheist to Heaven

Pope Francis, Soros, Gaudete et Exsultate and the Push to make Killing the Unborn Babies Last "for at Least a Generation" according to Chuck Norris

Dutch Catholics Petition Bishops to Counter Church Crisis

Islamicizing Nazi Madrid Cd. Osoro: Spain and the EU are not fulfilling their immigration quotas!

Pastor spent 2 years in jail for helping girl escape court-imposed lesbian ‘mom’

Communist Francis: Purify your faith from all self-interest!

BREAKING: UK judge dismisses parents’ bid to save Alfie Evans’ life

Exorcism by cellphone: Beating devil in 21st century

A history of Planned Parenthood, Part II: From population control to abortion

Muslim cleric who advocates wife-beating, stoning, hatred for non-Muslims speaks at St. John’s University

Planned Parenthood’s latest ploy to promote youth abortions: VR technology

Syrian Christian Leaders ‘Condemn’ U.S. Strikes as ‘Unjust Brutal Aggression’

Suicide Machine Draws Crowds at Amsterdam Funeral Show

A fine display of Islamic values

CAIR Thanks Booker for Challenging Pompeo on Islam; Doesn’t Mention Exchange on Homosexuality

Ursula Halligan: 'I want gay marriage in church - my love is not evil'

Law & Order: SVU suggests Christians rape gays through ‘curative intercourse’                4/17


St. Bernadette

Overview Of The Eight Beatitudes

MERCY MISUNDERSTOOD: Modernist Notions of Confession

Pope Francis Apologizes for Handling of Chile Sex Abuse Scandal

Target Underground Church: Henan Demands Religious Practitioners Register with the Residents’ Committee

Papal Exhortation: Catholic Leaders React to the Ambiguity


NJ Catholic School Gets Backlash for Pushing Gay Agenda

Global Islam Body Demands Europe Ban Religious Hate Speech

Rome in the Crosshairs: Islamic Terror Threat in Italy at All-Time High

Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe as scientists get the go-ahead to use DNA-splicing therapy to treat blood disorder

Netherlands: Christian refugees from Syria say Assad is OK; priest calls him ‘a gift from heaven’

David Kurten: Banning Pro-Life Vigils Is a Chilling Assault on Freedom of Speech

Penn Professor Amy Wax, Under Fire for Speaking ‘Hate’ Facts, Receives Academic Courage Award

'I am gay' protests as Beijing bans 'homosexual' content on social media

Delingpole: Killing Yourself for Gaia Insanity                                                        4/16


St. Lydwine

U.S. Catholic Church Attendance Nosedives Under Pope Francis — Sharpest in Decades

Papal Commission Asks Francis for Synod on the Role of Women in the Church

“Points of Rupture” of the Second Vatican Council with the Tradition of the Church – A Synopsis

'Complex' ThugCardinal Tobin warns against a 'pure Church' that's actually Catholic

On Mother Earth Day, UN Abp. Jurkovic tells Geneva about insidious, communist, environmentalism and junk science because The Francis and his Laudato si said so

Saginaw Bishop Appoints Independent Delegate Amid Sex Abuse Probe

Night of terror for Christians in Cyprus after attack of Muslim migrants

Persecution of Catholic Webpage

Fears of 'Jihadist Crusade' Deepen after Christians are Shot Dead

Parents’ ‘Sex Ed Sit Out’ Protesting Grows over Forced Gender Ideology in Schools

UK: Muslim abducted 12-year-old girl to be repeatedly gang-raped by “pack of ravenous wolves”

Vietnamese Catholic blogger gets 9 years in prison, 5 years house arrest for sharing 'reactionary videos'

Italy: Muslim migrant gropes American student’s girlfriend, then stabs the student twice

Muslim migrants could cost German taxpayers over $12,325,000,000

Movie Producer: Mainstream Media May Be Ignoring Signs of Child Abuse in Hollywood      

BBC Video Bashes Catholics While Claiming Gays Face Prejudice                                   4/14


St. Marguerite d'Youville

Coast-to-coast Rosary set for October

Seraphia: The Real Veronica (Based on the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich)


Pope Francis is not facing the people any longer

Pope Francis “takes aim” in “Gaudete et Exsultate”—and misses?


Macron Tells French Bishops He Wants to Heal Church-State Relations

Vocations boom among the home-schooled

“Church, Where Are You Going?”: A Report from the Conference of Faithful Resistance in Rome

Pennsylvania Dioceses Under Largest Sex-Abuse Investigation in History

UK denies visa to Iraqi nun displaced by the Islamic State

Cyprus Legalizes Abortion on Good Friday

Two-Thirds of Interrogated ‘Child Refugees’ Are Adults

Catholic university tells students how to recognize ‘your whiteness’

Muslim cleric who advocates wife-beating, stoning, contempt for non-Muslims speaks at St. John's University

UK: Christian school hosts Islamic workshop — girls given hijabs, non-Muslim students perform Islamic prayers

‘Problematic’ Phrases ‘British Values’, ‘Islamist’ Banned in the Classroom by Political Correctness-Obsessed SNP

UK Muslim rape gang victim: “Concerned about ‘giving oxygen to racists’, MPs ‘ignored our cries for help'”

Fashion Magazine Sparks Decency Debate


Canadian Archbishop Refuses to Give Money to Anti-Catholic Charities

Mexican Catholic Bishop Meets With Cartel Leader to Stop Murders in Region

Vatican Diplomat Arrested on Child Porn Suspicions

Frustrated parents to pull kids out of school for a day as part of grassroots ‘sex ed sit out’

The Law Should Protect Children, Not Sexual Expressionism

Soros Funding Catholic Open Borders Push

Cyprus: 20 Muslim migrants go to church, start screaming, cursing, and beating the attendees

Sweden Saw Biggest Ever Increase in Gonorrhoea Cases in 2017

UK gives $28,300,000 in “aid money” to “Palestinian” schools glorifying jihad

Second-grade students at North Carolina magnet school given “white privilege” handout as outraged parents fume

Muslims and PC Culture

Germany: Münster vehicular attacker was Muslim, Romanian TV reports that he was German citizen of Kurdish origin

BERLIN MARATHON JIHAD-TERROR ATTACK foiled, four Muslims arrested with links to Christmas market Islamic terrorist

Six Stabbed in Another Night of Violence in Sadiq Khan’s London

Factory making child sex robots: Even darker side of industry                  4/9


St. William of Eskilsoe

Young Catholic Writes Open Letter to Pope After Youth Pre-Synod

U.S. Cardinal: Pope's 'No Hell' Comments a 'Profound Scandal'

Saint Faustina's battle with devils

Cardinal Burke: Pope Francis ‘Feeds Confusion in the Church’


Mexican diocese apologizes for failing to stop abusive priest

Australian State Premier Challenges Catholic Priests’ ‘Seal of Confession’

George Washington University hosts training workshop to identify ‘Christian privilege’

Trump: 'All Children Are Blessings From Our Creator,' From 'Conception'

Cecile Richards: 'It's Incredible to Me' That Our Country Doesn't Think Abortion is a 'Fundamental Human Right'

UNICEF earns protests for extreme sexualization of kindergarteners

California's Shocking 'You Must Stay Gay' Bill

Refugee Mosque Plans on Small Scottish Island ‘Threat’ to Liberty, ‘Unwelcome’, Says Christian Community

Helping hand..                                                                                    4/6


Wisc. Gov. Signs Law Barring Abortion Coverage for Govt Workers

Faithful to Protest Pro-Gay Speakers at Catholic School Conference

Sharia UK: London’s Hackney Council Sends ‘Enforcement Officers’ to Mosques to Ask for ‘Hate Crime’ Reports

Muslims and PC Culture

Conservatives: Name Congressmen Who Used Tax Dollars to Pay Off Sex Harassment Victims


'I disbelieved in Medjugorje'

FRANCIS FATIGUE UPDATE: Father Longenecker Has Had Enough

LGBT Activists Vow to Shut Down Ex-Gay Christian Ministry – Protest Ex-Transgender Film ‘Tranzformed’ as ‘Hate Speech’

Churches vandalized in India on Easter Sunday

China Pulls Bibles from Online Bookstores in Crackdown on Christianity

Funding of Aborted Baby Parts Research Up Under GOP

Grassroots church focuses on making abortion unthinkable, unavailable in black community

Websites shutting down across the internet after Congress passes sex-trafficking law

Facebook Bans Image of Jesus for ‘Excessively Violent Content’ 

Pygmalion Rising: Souls for Robots?                                                       4/5


THE 100% TRUTH: Why do the "elite" hate HIM so much?

After Recent Comments on Hell, Report Emerges of Curial Backlash Against the Pope


China Insists on Control of Religion, Dimming Hope of Imminent Vatican Deal

Argentinian Nun Says Pope Advocates Contraception. Again.

Francis-appointed cardinals march for immigration, gun control on Good Friday

French bishops unite to oppose assisted suicide

Bishop Condemns Holy Cross Prof's Writings That Jesus is 'Drag King,' Imagines Sex With His 'Father'

Irish Pro-Abort Catholic Under Fire for Criticizing Priest’s Easter Homily

Modernists Fly Monstrance Through the Church

Supreme Court maintains gag order on new baby-parts videos exposing Planned Parenthood

U.N. Easter Message: Migration Is ‘Inevitable – Desirable – Necessary’

Iraqi Christians Still Threatened With Annihilation

Planned Parenthood President Promotes Adoption Over Death - For Dogs

On Campus, Christians Subjected to Abuse, Denounced as “Privileged”

University event to combat 'Christian Privilege'                                                4/4


Has Bergoglio been told by Cardinals that he is at risk of losing the Petrine Office for heresy?

U.S. Bishop Leading Eucharistic Procession Around Abortion Clinic

Priest Accused of Embezzling $5 Million From His Church for Lavish Estate

UK Taxpayers Give £20 Million to Fund Pro-Jihad, Islamist Palestinian Schools

WATCH: Cartel Gun Battle Halts Mexican Good Friday Procession

Watch: Irish Doctors Rip Claim Legalized Abortion Makes Women Safer

Washington gov. makes it illegal for therapists to help kids with unwanted gay attractions

50,000 march against treaty redefining gender as "social construct"

French Overwhelmingly Back Deporting Terror Suspects, Banning Radical Islam

Teacher who created furor with transgender lesson to 5-year-olds wins top award

Man Exposes Himself to a Child in Target Store Women’s Bathroom                            4/3


St. Francis of Paola

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: The World Unites Together in Spiritual Warfare!

A Shocking Revelation for America! (2018-2019)

Vatican Refuses to Disavow Pope’s Alleged Denial of Hell

Theologian criticized in Benedict's letter had 'seismic' influence on Amoris Laetitia: report

Poll: 27% of Americans calling themselves Catholic won't even go to Mass on Easter Sunday!

English Catholic Church Desecrated in ‘Satanist’ Attack for Second Time

Virginia Imam Says Genital Mutilation of Little Girls Can Help Tame Their Sexuality

Churchgoer Is 19th Homicide Victim in Sadiq Khan’s London                4/2


Students Organize Nationwide Pro-Life Walkout to Draw Attention to Babies Killed By Abortion Violence

Saint Alphonsus in Holy Week:
VI - Feria Sexta in Parasceve (Good Friday): Hanging Dead from the Cross

Holy Thursday Through the Eyes of a Catholic Visionary

"THERE IS NO HELL" -- new Francis revelation to atheist journalist just in time for Good Friday

And Chunks of plaster fall from St. Peter's Basilica on Holy Thursday

Jailed Chinese bishop set free, but barred from celebrating Chrism Mass

Will the 'Catholic Spring' Blow Up in Democrats' Faces in 2018?

Artificial Embryo Created: No Egg, No Sperm, No Problem

Swedish Government Releases Brochure For Migrants Legitimizing Child Marriage

UK: Rape victim, 13, reveals her social worker LAUGHED when she found out she was being sold to Muslims for sex

Catholic legislator offers bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland

Migrant rapists acquitted in gang rape of 15 year-old girl

South African Convicted of Murdering Four Children to Sell Ears to Witch Doctor          3/30



Pope Francis Warns that ‘Fake Christians’ Will ‘End Badly’

Bishop Worries About Old Latin Mass - But Not About Contradicting the Gospel

Clergy: the devil's target

"We Are the Champions": How the Lavender Mafia Got Over the Wall and into the Sanctuary

Philippines: Cathedral cancels Easter celebrations after Muslims ransack it and smash statues

The Devil in the Church

Knights of Columbus Send $1 Million-plus to Aid Iraqi, Syrian Christians

Palm Sunday in Cuba: Dozens of Women Beaten, Arrested for Practicing Christianity

With God in China: The Real Missionaries of Mercy

Pro-Trump ‘Roseanne’ Reboot Thanks God for Making America Great Again

People Fleeing Western Europe Because of Muslim Migration

Christian brutally tortured, beaten to death by Muslim hospital security guards and doctors in Pakistan

NYT Waits 12 Paragraphs Before Noting Suspect In Jewish Woman’s Murder Is ‘Of North African Origin’

Migrant ‘baby boom’ causes highest birth rate in Germany in 40 years

Germany: Headmaster Tells Mother of Daughter Bullied by Muslims to Cover Her Up With a Hijab

CAIR Demands Trump Stand Down on Census Citizenship Question, Calling It ‘White Supremacist’ Move

Theology Professor: Jesus Was ‘Drag King’ with ‘Queer Desires’                           3/29


St. Venturino of Bergamo

Top Vatican Official Embraces ‘Sinicization’ of Christian Faith in China

Papal Preacher Slams ‘Idolatry of Sex’

Vatican on High Security Alert, Rome Is Targeted by ‘Jihadist Propaganda’


Chinese Police Arrest Underground Bishop Faithful to Rome


Adult Stem Cells Help Little Chloe Levine Recover From Cerebral Palsy. Now She Can Run and Jump

The ACLU Says It Is Your Duty To Pay For Abortions

“Humanae Vitae” and the Catholic Church in England: Signs of hope

Planned Parenthood: We Need Disney Princess Who’s Had Abortion

Abortion Activist Admits Women Use Abortions for Birth Control: “Women Have Had 7 Abortions”

BROKEN PROMISE: Trump, GOP Congress Give Planned Parenthood $500 Million In Taxpayer Funds

22-Year-Old Conservative Lauren Southern Claims ‘Lifetime Ban’ from UK for ‘Allah Is Gay’ Social Experiment

10-year-old Muslim migrant ‘child asylum seeker’ threatens classmates with mass murder

Swedish Preschools Recast Children’s Gender in Social Engineering Experiment

Pakistan: Rapist is let off after agreeing to allow his sister to be raped by his victim’s brother

UK: Muslim rape gang subjected non-Muslim girls to “unimaginable cruelty”                       3/28


St. Rupert

Vatican: West is using ‘development’ in Africa as ‘trojan horse’ for abortion

Providence College president finally condemns gay rape threats against pro-family student

What Young Catholics Want

Tennessee Passes Bill To Place 'In God We Trust' in Every Public School

Teen refuses teacher’s demand to hang LGBT poster at Catholic school

Parents Rebel Against Allowing Men into Girl Guides Showers

Brazilian Catholics Push Communist Agenda, Part II

Andrew Cuomo to Black Churchgoers: Catholics, Jews Don’t Have Your ‘Rhythm’

Kansas’ Catholic Governor Battles to Defund Planned Parenthood

UK: Islamization Full Speed Ahead

Another Grooming Gang: Girls Drugged, Raped in ‘Massive Scale’ Abuse

Another Female Genital Mutilation Case Fails, Zero Convictions in 33 Years

EXPOSED: Muslim Kids as Young as Two Back from Syria, Obsessed with Guns and Anti-Western Hate                                                                      3/27


St. Margaret Clitherow

Pope cancels audience with Papal Foundation donors after objections to $25 million grant

Will Viganò Become Speaker of British Gas Princess Theresa May?


Democrats: Hunting is wrong, but abortion is A-Okay


Trump Official Tells United Nations the “United States is a Pro-Life Country”

Pro-Massacre ‘March For Our Lives’ FrancisYouths Carry Poster Of Marco Rubio With Blood-Ash Cross On His Forehead

Killed Police Officer Was A Catholic Convert

Islam Poised to Pass Anglicanism as Preferred Religion of Britain’s Young Adults

Pakistani Court Frees 20 People Suspected of Burning Christians Alive in Industrial Kiln for ‘Blasphemy’

Cecile Richards: Planned Parenthood Provides Testing ‘at Your Favorite Local Gay Bar…Sat. Night at 1A.M’                                                                                                                 3/26


YouTube singing sensation reveals how Bible verse saved her from aborting daughter

“Paul, Apostle of Christ” depicts the extraordinary faith of ordinary people

Why do Freemasons love Pope Francis? The accomplishment of what Freemasonry planned in the 19th

Vatican Cracks Down on Critics of Pope

Police raid bishop’s house, offices as part of sex-abuse investigation

Sex Attacks Continue to Rise in Austria in Wake of Migrant Crisis

Another Female Genital Mutilation Case Fails, Zero Convictions in 33 Years

The Left’s vicious attacks on Mike Pence prove they are nothing but anti-Christian BIGOTS

Escort at Center of Italy Gay Priest Scandal Speaks With CM

Hungary Warns of ‘Global Government’ That Will ‘Strip People of Religious, National, Family Identities’

German Minister on Migrant Knife Crime: “Don’t Let People Get Close To You”

LGBT activists attack Chilean congressman with rocks, bottles for defending real marriage

SHOCK SUIT: Kindergartners SODOMIZE classmate, record on iPad                      3/24


St. Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo

The Viganò scandal raises serious questions about reform in the Roman Curia

The Future Of The Church Is The Traditional Latin Mass

Quo Vadis?

Fighting the Gay Conspiracy

Will Viganò Become Speaker of British Gas Princess Theresa May?

Upcoming "Youth" Synod in October Will Be a Forum for Further Ecclesial Subversion

100 French Intellectuals Issue A Warning About Islamic Totalitarianism

Irish Political Party Suspends Member of Parliament After She Votes Against Legalizing Abortion

Haaretz claims that Somali Muslims in Europe turn to jihad because Europeans are racist

Seventy Percent of British Youth Profess ‘No Religion’

EUROPEAN YOUTH ABANDONING CHRISTIANITY                                3/23


Pope Francis Implements George Orwell Into the Catholic Church

Head of Vatican Communications Department Resigns Following ‘Lettergate’ Fiasco

Archbishop Condemns Pro-Abortion “Cafeteria Catholics” Who “Pick and Choose” What Teachings They Like

How Bad Is It? It’s as bad as Bishop Stephan Ackermann

‘The Devil and Father Amorth’ Set for Silver Screen Debut

Mega-Charity Executive Caught Sexually Abusing Children

LA archdiocese’s religious ed conference infested with transgender ideology

Jamaican Colonel Blames Violence on Demonic Influences

98% of Gang Rapists in Sweden Have a Migrant Background

Students Plan Abortion Walkout to Protest

Company Will Kill You By Freezing Your Brain So Someday You Can be Brought Back to Life in a Computer Program

In Britain, 28 Per Cent of School Children Are from Immigrant Families

Genetic modification of embryos: The truth behind the research

Abortion clinic worker caught on video transporting dead babies in a passenger car to have them “recycled” by a waste truck

Video from Paris: Muslim migrants storm church, force cancellation of evening Mass

Florida: Woman who intentionally crashed car into police station is devout Muslima – total media blackout

Video from Germany: Muslim spokesperson says “we don’t have to integrate”

LGBT activists physically attack Dutch Christians protesting erotic ads

UK Teacher fired because she told a lesbian student God loved her

Canada moves away from 'mother', 'father' labels                                            3/22


Vatican’s Relief Agency Sits on Governing Body of Contraception-Promoting Organization

Benedict Lettergate Offers Glimpse of a Papacy on the Ropes

Cardinal Says Vatican Is Surrendering to China's Communist Government With Deal on Catholic Worship

China Announces A Mark Of The Beast Plan

Heretical Groups Are Barnacles on the True Church

London’s Church of the Most Precious Blood is a thriving and diverse ordinariate-run parish

Florida: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” murders his girlfriend and daughter, injures son, sets house on fire

Activists: Turkey-Allied Jihadists Slaughtering Christians, Yazidis

They’re Not Sending Their Best: Immigrant Drugs, Molests 74 Year-Old Woman in Wheelchair

“We are bigger than your Jesus”: Pakistani Muslims beat Christians with bricks, open fire on them, injuring seven

UK: Police Dropped Cases Against 20 Telford Muslim Rape Gang Members Because They Were ‘Too Much Trouble’

Abortion Clinic Allegedly Caught Selling Box Of Aborted Babies From Car

Abortionist: I Cut the Vocal Cord So The Baby Can't Scream                              3/21


Bl. John of Parma

Virgin Mary Statue Beheaded Outside Church

Author of “The Dictator Pope” revealed (officially) and book format now available


Cardinal Joseph Zen: In China There Is No Truth, ‘Everything Is Fake’

An Open Appeal to the Catholic Bishops of the World

First "Gay Marriage" of a Catholic Priest -- "30 Years of Activism for 'Gay Rights'"

AMERICA/BOLIVIA - State-Church convention violated: Catholic education "in a state of emergency"

Supreme Court Will Decide if California Can Force Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion

Teen suicide is soaring. What's to blame?

UK: Survivor of Muslim rape gangs says rapists would quote Quran to her, believed their actions justified by Islam

66 Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopalian and United Church of Christ Leaders Sign Letter Supporting Abortion

Watch this typical liberal explain why murdering a two-year-old infant is perfectly acceptable to leftists

BREAKING: Mississippi enacts strongest pro-life law in the country

MASS EXODUS In Women’s March Membership, Pussy Hats Dry Up Over Ties To Known Anti-Semite

German nurses need self-defence courses against increasing migrant violence in hospitals

Child Sex Crimes Soar by 30 Per Cent in Sadiq Khan’s London as Public Anger Over Grooming Gangs Grows

Abortion-Provider Planned Parenthood Wants to Protect Life Through Gun Control

The same group that murders babies with “abortion mills” now claims to offer transgender hormone “treatments” for gender-confused youth            

Gay Irish Leader and Boyfriend lead NY St. Patrick’s Day Parade                                       3/20


St. Joseph

Dumb down liturgy. Great idea, right?

....Benedict Slams “Theology of Pope Francis”

Is It Coming: The Hybrid Missal?


The Abortion Exception

Providence College Bullies Its Faithful Students

Progressives look to purge rare pro-life Democrat                    3/19


St. Cyril of Jerusalem

Breaking the silence

Polish Bishops Are About to Dump John Paul II For Amoris Laetitia

Ranting Francis: We want agnostic youth, we want lukewarm youth, we want fallaway youth! They all have something to say, see?!

Vatican removes Guam archbishop accused of abuse

Vatican Intensifies Battle Against ‘Gender Theory’

Catholic Bishops: ‘Using Right Reason One Can Know…Marriage is the Union of One Man and One Woman’

Unprofound: Francis's Three Favorite ‘Theologians’ are Second Rate Relativists or Heretical Dissenters

Church Forced To Remove Word ‘Jesus’ From Easter Advertising As Crackdown On Free Speech Accelerates

Electronic Gulags Are Here: Left Continues Censoring Christians, Conservatives, And Common Sense

California teacher put on leave after asking if school would allow a pro-life walkout

New sex education program in British schools set to advance LGBT agenda

Christian Leaders Denounce Israeli Proposals to Tax Church Properties, Seize Assets

‘Islam Belongs to Germany’, Merkel Insists After Minister Highlights Nation’s Christian Heritage

California pushes abortion by depicting pregnant women as stupid

Ohio Judge Blocks Abortion Ban on Down Syndrome Babies

Vienna: 2 Austrians walking their dog brutally, randomly beaten by 30 Muslim migrants

German Teen Murdered by Asylum Seeker After She Refused to Convert to Islam

Canadian government issues Women’s Day image of hijabi: “#MyFeminism is about equality for everyone”

Three in Four of Swedes Favour Banning Religious Schools                      3/18


St. Patrick             3/17

St. Abban

Francis' Liberalism Produces Empty Pews - Vatican Hides the Numbers

Liturgical Vision vs. Liturgical Visions: Vatican II, Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Sarah

A Very Interesting Analysis of Pope Francis’ Personality

Xinjiang, crosses, domes, statues destroyed: the new 'Sinicized' Cultural Revolution

Fr. James Martin Doubts Pope Francis on TV

Towards a World Day for Eastern Christians


Court Upholds President Trump’s Decision to Overturn Obama Abortion Mandate

National School Walkout is time of prayer for many Catholic schools

Sweden Tries to ‘Starve’ Out Christian Asylum Seeker

Hindu-on-Christian Persecution

Abortionist: I Cut Unborn Babies’ Throats So They Can’t Scream

Missouri Bill Would Ban Porn on Cell Phones, Computers, Unless Access Fee Paid

CAIR vs. Ex-Muslim Anni Cyrus                                3/16


Vatican doctors photo of Benedict's praise for Francis

Musings from the Chinese Underground: "The Vatican is forcing us to obey perverted bishops!"

‘Patriotic’ Chinese Bishop Says Religion Must Be Subordinate to Communist Government

13 Priests of Buffalo Diocese Accused of Sex Abuse

WaPo & CBS: Christians Are Slimy Immoral Sycophants For Trump

Sweden Refuses to Investigate 512 Acts of Muslim Religious Violence Against Christian Refugees

Australia pays accused paedophile Peter Scully's $500,000 legal bill

UK’S Worst Grooming Gang Scandal: Telford Whistleblowers Punished, Silenced, Lost Jobs

PA College Student Booted for Challenging Gender Ideology

Pro-Life Students Confront Planned Parenthood Across America

UK: Father of murdered teen receives threat after he speaks out about his fears his daughter was victim of Muslim rape gang

Muslim “grooming” gang rape victim tells of multiple rapes FOR YEARS, authorities did nothing but banned leaders opposed to sharia, sex slavery, islamization

Professional atheist Richard Dawkins continues to push the envelope against a God-deluded world, proposing that cultivating and eating human “meat” might help society overcome its “taboo” against cannibalism.                      3/15


St. Matilda

Vatican's Financial Reforms Are “Dead”

U.S. Bishops Push Congress to Pass ‘Conscience Protection Act’

Chinese Parishes Get Sacked by Communist Authorities

‘Time for God…and rest’: Catholic Poles rejoice as Sunday shopping ban comes into effect

Nolte: Disney Bigots Strip ‘Wrinkle in Time’ of Christianity and It Bombs

For both Church and state, appeasement is a bad idea

Student Booted from Christianity Class for Arguing There Are Only Two Genders

The woman who welcomed a homeless stranger into her house: One year later

Islam’s ‘Slow Motion Genocide’ of Christians

Florida: Teen converts to Islam, stabs friend to death, injures two others, says he did it because of Islam

Lifetime Show “Mary Kills People” Promotes Euthanizing People Dealing With Extreme Grief

Watch: Abortionist Contradicts Himself Over and Over Again

Poll: Pro-Abortion ‘Catholic’ Leads in Crucial PA Race

BBC ignores 'worst ever' Muslim rape gang scandal in UK

Beaver County Sees Uptick In STD Numbers Among Young People          3/14


Bl. Agnello of Pisa

Did Pope Francis Just Perform A Miracle?

Pope Denounces Anti-Immigration Politics After Populists Win Italy Elections

Vatican Hires Pro-Homosexual Law Firm to Shut-Down Pro-Family, Catholic Website

„Francis Attack On Celibacy Follows A Concrete Timetable“

Cardinal Zen: Chinese Catholics’ “continuous harassments…would take volumes to be narrated.”

Francis-appointed cardinal supported feminists who defaced churches with pro-abortion graffiti

Ohio Bishop Warns Against Fr. James Martin Talk

Canadian Conservative Journalist Lauren Southern Detained, Questioned About Her Christianity, Then Banned From UK

Record-Breaking Crowd of 100,000 Pro-Life People Rally in Ireland Against Legalizing Abortion

Expert: Erdogan Regime Considers Christians, Jews ‘Enemies of the State’

WashPost Columnist Says She’d Kill Her Unborn Child if Test Showed ‘Intellectual Capacity’ Impaired

“Significant Increase” in USDA Employees Viewing Porn on Govt. Computers During Work

The PC perversion of our language has spread to private schools where “gendered” terms like “husband” and “wife” are under attack

Norway: Child brides living with their adult Muslim migrant husbands in asylum centers                                                                     3/13


Pope Francis and clericalism

Vatican Seeks to ‘Change the Narrative’ on Immigration by Emphasizing ‘Positive Stories’

The Reason Why the Vatican’s Financies Do Not Work Is Francis

More Faithful Catholics Fighting Rot Inside The Church - Update At Bottom

Persecution and Anti-Catholic Propaganda

Vatican Tries to Shut Down Conservative Site

Humanae Vitae Is "Infallible And Unchangeable” – Cardinal Müller

12 Christians Murdered in Nigeria for Trying to Protect Girls From Forced Islamic Conversions

Rep. Diane Black Drives Effort for First Amendment Conscience Protection over Abortion in Omnibus Spending Bill

…Children Abused Over 40 Years as Police Paralysed by ‘Racism’ Fears Failed to Act                                                                                    3/12


St. John Ogilvie

Pope adds feast of Mary, Mother of the Church to calendar

On Contraception, Now Even Wojtyla is “Rigid” and “Doctrinaire”

Cardinal Zen: Vatican-China proposal weakens the Church


CNN’s new series, ‘Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History,’ commits sins of omission

Vatican Specialists: An Attack on Celibacy is Next

The Priest Who Started #CelibacyMatters

Pedophilia, Pell’s preliminary hearing begins

Honduran Bishop Pineda, Auxilliary to Maradiaga accused of gross sexual perversion - why has Bergoglio and Ouellet left him in place?

Dutch Cardinal blames Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia for ‘fracturing’ Catholic Church

When the devil strikes, exorcists are ready for battle

Ireland: Government Approves Measure Legalizing Abortion on Demand, Irish People Will Vote in May

Mississippi Legislature Passes 15-Week Abortion Ban

Church of Satan Disavows Abortion Activists

UNESCO pushes controversial sex-ed rejected by UN General Assembly

Abbas’ “moderate” Fatah gives free apartment to family of jihadi who murdered rabbi

A Good Gay Myth is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Dads: 10 ways to save your son from homosexuality                        3/10


Pope Francis Has Launched a New Renaissance — in the Borgia Sense of the Word BORGIA PAPACY PLUS HERESY, GAY SEX, AND COMMUNISM

Archbishop Oscar Romero Was A Traditionalist

“Abortion Positive” Group: “Talk About How Men Benefit From Abortion.”

“The smaller cage is the better cage”: What has China to do with Albania?

African Cardinal: European Church Should Tackle Empty Churches, Not Homosexuality


Abortion providers rake in $1.5 billion in taxpayer funding: Report

Kentucky Committee Passes Bill to Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs

FBI—The Rockefeller Foundation

Breaking: Heroic Mary Released from Jail

WATCH: Laura Ingraham Blasts Baltimore Mayor for Bussing Students to Gun Protest Amid Deficit and Layoffs and Asks if she would support Prolife Students

Sweden refuses to investigate hundreds of acts of Muslim violence against Christian refugees

Vienna: Muslim migrant who went on stabbing spree was shouting “Allah”

Florida: Muslim stole AK-47, scouted out sniper locations, had ISIS literature

“Significant Increase” in USDA Employees Viewing Porn on Govt. Computers During Work

Florida Declares Pornography a 'Public Health Risk'                         3/9


St. John of God

Will Pope Francis respond to ‘extremely grave testimonies’ alleging sexual abuse by Honduran bishop?

French Sisters Persecuted By the Vatican

Pro-death pro-Chicom globalist betrayer, Cd. Parolin: Despite these unfortunate elections, we will continue to 'educate' the 'population' to accept the Muslim invasion

Cardinal Zen: I blame Pope’s advisors for Vatican’s ‘suicide’ deal with China

Dems to let same-sex couples buy children

Catholic Church Reports Spike in ‘Demonic Activity’ in Italy, Requests for Exorcists Have ‘Tripled’

Gay Bishop Scandalizes Seminarians

Investigation into Mass Grave of Christians Near Mosul

Michigan pro-lifers now saving babies from within a former Planned Parenthood

A Christian Woman In A Muslim World

Sweden: For the first time, judge applies sharia, acquits Muslim who beat his wife

Minneapolis college: Muslim crawls into bathroom stall, tries to rape woman, tells cops “I’ll rape you too”

Two Girls Arrested in France After Trying to Set Church on Fire

Upwards rapid evolution: Just more pseudo-science                          3/8


Track it yourself: NGO FrancisShips aren’t ’saving’ Muslims off the coast of Sicily. They’re going to Libya and getting them.

Critics misrepresent Cardinal Sarah’s call for reverence in receiving Holy Communion

Pedophilia, Pell’s preliminary hearing begins

Saint Maximilian Kolbe Loathed the Ecumenical Movement

Faithful to the Magisterium, Chinese Catholics are “first in class”

President Trump’s Decision to Defund International Planned Parenthood Has Curtailed the Global Abortion Agenda

Fort Worth Bishop’s Double Standard

Doubting Sola Scriptura: My Road to Rome, Part 1

BECOMING AS GODS: The Murder of Desdemona by Othello, Abortion and Communion in the Hand

German Bishops’ Website: Considering Cardinal Kasper as a “Pope Maker”

Enough Homer Simpsons; TV needs more Jack Pearsons

Federal Judge: San Diego Unified School District Ordered to Produce Records of Alleged Collusion With Islamic Group

France Is Allowing Itself To Be Taken Over By Islamic Terrorism

Satanists Sue To Stop Pro-Life Law

Saginaw Sex Abuse Probe Explodes With Allegations Against Multiple Priests

Trans men are on track to eliminate all women from sports… all in the name of “social justice” of course

India: Muslims gang-rape Hindu girl after she refuses to convert to Islam

Hip-hop music glorifies drug use, negatively influencing lifestyle decisions of young people, according to research                                        3/7


St. John Joseph of the Cross

Vatican Cardinal Says the West Is ‘Committing Suicide’ by Forgetting Its Christian Roots

Vatican culture czar says Church needn’t fear fashion, even its ridicule

Catholic Dean Enabling Isle of Man Abortion Push

Age of confusion for Catholics under Pope Francis

UN Claims Pro-Life Laws Protecting Unborn Babies are “Violence Against Women”

Jihadist Found Guilty of Trying to Create ‘Army of Children’ for London Terror Attacks

Germany: Bloodied Muslim migrant makes Facebook video after killing wife to warn other wives to obey husbands

Indonesian Christians Publicly Caned for Violating Sharia Law

CA Gender-Affirming Law Strips Parental Rights

Facebook Survey: ‘Should We Allow Men to Ask Children for Sexual Photos’

Washington Passes Bill Forcing Maternity Coverage to Also Cover Abortions

U.S.-Funded UN Commissioner in D.C. to Promote Leftwing Agenda in Guatemala

Kimmel: We Make Movies About Gay Minors ‘to Upset Mike Pence,’ Not to Make Money                                                     3/6


Cardinal Sarah: 'New Marian memorial aid to Christian life'

St. Katharine Drexel    



Male escort outs 40 gay priests in Italy

1,200-page dossier sent to Vatican

Cardinal on charges of rigged synods: “There was no maneuvering!”

Leading Northern Irish Bishop Steps Down Amid Gay Sex Abuse Scandal

Cardinal Eijk On Euthanasia, Gender Theory, Homosexuality, and Marriage

Vatican indicts ex-bank head, says embezzlement loss is $62M

Buffalo Diocese Announces Abuse Victim Payouts

Speakers at German Bishops’ Meeting: Polish in ‘Identity Crisis,’ Insisting on ‘Exclusion’

Poll: U.S. Catholics More Worried About ‘Climate Change’ Than Christian Persecution

“Philip Rieff’s 1973 prophecy has been vindicated: ‘Immediately behind the hippies are the thugs'”

Shapiro FL Schools Pro-Abortion Student: ‘Either Human Life Has Intrinsic Value Or It Doesn’t’

Here’s Where Planned Parenthood Will Spend $20 Million It Made From Killing Unborn Babies                                                          3/5



Cardinal Sarah: high-ranking prelates are trying to change Christian morality

Bishops’ Conferences As a Means to Create More Confusion?

In a Letter to bishops, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith tackles two modern tendencies which it argues make the true salvation offered by the Catholic Church ‘difficult to understand.’

Rome asked bishops to silence pro-homosexual speakers not faithful Catholics


Texas bishops betray pro-lifers to shield RINO allies

Atheists Raise Unholy Hell About Congress Honoring Billy Graham

Abortion Clinics Grind Up Remains of Aborted Babies and Flush Them in the Sewer

Planned Parenthood Acknowledges ‘Racist Roots,’ Sanger’s Eugenics

Abortion Clinics Have Lost 3 Million Customers to This Pro-Life Helpline

First Haiti, Now Syria: Fresh ‘Sex for Aid’ Allegations Rock UN, Global Charities

Nigeria: Muslims murder Christian woman’s baby, rape and impregnate her for refusing to convert to Islam

Catholic Church in Xinjiang Has Its Religious Features Forcibly Removed

Rwanda closes '700 unsafe, noisy churches'                             3/2


Cardinal Sarah, There Is A Betrayal Of Prelates

Disgusting: United Airlines cuts ties with the nation’s oldest civil rights group, the NRA, but continues to fund abortion murder

Former Boko Haram Prisoner: 'The Rosary Saved Me From Captivity'

Two Christians are flogged in Indonesia for playing a children’s game that violates Islamic law

Exclusive: Conservative Leaders Demand Jeff Sessions Intervene in Disney-Fox Merger over ‘Harmful and Explicit Content’ Concerns

Gay mafia successfully censors film about people leaving the gay lifestyle… TYRANNY is the new “tolerance”

Delaware Set to Allow Kids to ‘Choose’ Their Own Race and Gender Without Parental Knowledge

Abortion Activist Says Praying Outside Abortion Clinics is 'Abuse and Harassment'

In The Wake Of Oxfam's Sex Scandal, Has "Humanitarian Aid" Become A Euphemism For Oppression

Racist Margaret Sanger Founded Planned Parenthood, 50 Years Later More Black Babies Aborted Than Born Alive

“Moderate” Muslim professor Akbar Ahmed calls for “New Andalusia” in Europe

Italian Criminologist Says Muslims Will Outbreed Europeans & ‘Conquer’ the Continent that is their plan

Islamic scholar with 109,000 Twitter followers calls for those who leave Islam to be killed

UK: Muslim radio station fined $2,750 for broadcasts saying violence against unbelievers brings “honor to Islam”

‘And award for biggest pedophile goes to…’: Shock Billboards Go Up Around Oscars

Late-night HATE monger Jimmy Kimmel mocks man who was sexually abused by Hollywood Executive                                                                3/1


4 Amazing Eucharistic miracles from the last 20 years

"The Collapse Will Come, Do Not Doubt It" - Cardinal Sarah

Blessed Marie Deluil-Martiny - February 27

Beating Heart For Marion Le Pen: There's no such thing as being "too Far-Right!"

WHY I'M BECOMING CATHOLIC (From an Ex-Protestant)

Dossier Over Clerical Orgies, Extortion, Drug Parties and Callboys

Christianity and Freemasonry: An impossible equation?

He's Been a Democrat Congressman for 14 Years and His Party Wants Him Gone Because He's Pro-Life

THE JESUIT FROM HELL .: James Martin - The Bible is okay with gay sex


Israel suspends plan to tax Jerusalem church properties

Motion filed in lawsuit over terror-tied CAIR curriculum: ISLAMOPHOBIA and proselytizing for Islam and at San Diego School District

UK: Muslim migrant rapes pregnant woman in her own bed, lawyer says he has a “traumatic past”                                                                            2/28


St. Porphyrius

John Paul II Always Knelt Before The Monstrance - Despite Health Problems

Bishop Doerfler: “Every follower of Jesus has a role to play in evangelization”

Fired Vatican Theologian Fr. Weinandy: Pope Francis Appears to Be an ‘Agent of Division’

Texas Bishops Slam Faithful Pro-Life Group

Alleged Whistleblower Uncovers Alleged Gay Clergymen

Former German Priest Jailed for 108 Counts of Child Sex Abuse

High-Ranking Michigan Priest Arrested for Gay Sex Assault

Council of Europe Says Killing Unborn Babies in Abortions is a “Human Right” So Malta Must Legalize Abortion

Vatican Identifies “Youth” With Atheists and Political Extremists


Euthanasia Activists Want to Approve Law Allowing Doctors to Euthanize Children

Homeschooling Parents Would ‘Go to Jail’ Rather Than Send Daughter to State School

Three migrants brutally torture Swedish psychiatric patient for “insulting” them

Gay activists use 10-year-old ‘drag’ kid to promote New York Pride

Trump Admin Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding, Will Shift Sex-Ed Funds to Abstinence Programs                                                   2/27


Fr Weinandy: Church teaching under ‘subtle, but well-defined attack’

Chileans lose faith as Vatican scrambles to contain sex abuse scandal

Vatican to hold conference as exorcism demand soars

Cardinal Sarah: Communion in the hand part of ‘diabolical attack’ on Eucharist

Texas bishops support Catholic Charities in wake of gay adoption lawsuit

Holiest church in Christianity closed in Israel tax dispute

Abp of Canterbury: Sharia incompatible with UK law, but we must “allow ourselves to change with the newcomers”

Trump: ‘In America, We Don’t Worship Government, We Worship God!'

Trump Admin Giving $260 Million in Family Planning Grants to Programs that Do Not Perform Abortions

Nigeria: 85-year-old Muslim cleric leads Muslim mob that demolishes church building

Christian man told to strip and give oral sex to his cousin accused of blasphemy, leaps from 4th floor of Pakistan’s ‘FBI’ headquarters

UK: Backlash as Trans ‘Promote Tolerance’ in Schools

LOONS ON PARADE: Princeton University unleashes actual “identity police” to REPORT people for “identity incidents”

Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs booed after winning state title

Swiss Islamic Council Justifies Female Genital Mutilation                      2/26


Saint Polycarp - February 23

Haley to Palestinian Leader: ‘I Will Not Shut Up’ and Jerusalem Decision ‘Will Not Change’

The Greatest Human Rights Abuse in the World Continues

Texas Bishops Slam Faithful Pro-Life Group

Cardinal Sarah Criticises Communion In The Hand

U.S. Bishops Declare ‘National Call-In Day for Dreamers' but not for the unborn

Catholic Bishop Denies Communion to Pro-Abortion Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin: “Until He Repents of His Sin”

She Hated Catholicism But Realized that It Was True

Insurer Sues Canadian Diocese for Covering Up Sex Abuse

The problem is not “Islamophobia” but ignorance of Islam

Black Mirror in Action: Swedish Scientists to Revive the Dead in Robots with AI

Cecile Richards Lies in Face of FBI Probe, Says Planned Parenthood “Acquitted” of Illegally Selling Aborted Baby Parts

The Hypocrisy of Pro-Choice Groups Who Preach Compassion and Inclusion

Pro-Abortion Women’s March Leader Behind “Student Led” Parkland Gun Control Protest

Teen Vogue Writer Lauren Duca Rips ‘Evil’ Billy Graham: ‘Have Fun in Hell, Bi**h’

San Fran's Sheriff Announces Policies to Empower Transgender Inmates

Disabled, Transgender Ex-Google Engineer Sues Tech Giant For Not Being Liberal Enough

Fashion: Models Walk Runway Carrying Their Heads in Gucci Show              2/23


Francis Again Refuses to Kneel in Front of Eucharistic Adoration

....Was money-laundering, debt-ridden, tax-evading, dermatological FrancisHospital diverting money to pro-death groups?

Cardinal Collins of Toronto calls for resistance to a controversial new government requirement

Religion is being excluded from public life, warns bishop

“Our leaders have hardened their hearts”: A Congolese bishop discusses his country in crisis


'America's Pastor' Billy Graham dies at 99

YouTube Restricts PragerU’s Planned Parenthood Video, Then Reverses Course

Incredible Surgery in the Womb Corrects Baby’s Spina Bifida After Her Parents Reject Abortion

Mich. Church Faces Death Threats, State Investigation for Biblical Sexuality Workshop

Trump district court nominee calls same-sex ‘marriage’ and contraception an ‘assault on nature’

May Govt Backs Sex-Change Treatment for Under 16s, Snubs Christian Group

That didn’t take long: Children who use smart assistants like Alexa and Siri are foregoing manners altogether

Britain: The Hijab as the Entry Point for Islam

Babies Born to Unmarried Women: Miss. 53.2%; La. 52%; N.M. 51.1%...

Number of Rotherham Rape Gang Victims Rises to 1,500

Sweden: Religious Migrants Sex-Torture Mentally Ill Man

Sweden Continues To Obliterate Itself

Three African Men Arrested for Cannibalism in Paris Suburb                2/22


Living the Eucharist

Leaked docs raise question of Pope’s personal role in new Vatican financial scandal

Does Pope Francis have a New Bishop Barros-like Sex Abuse Scandal?

Papal advisor retweets call for Church to shut down EWTN unless they fire Raymond Arroyo

U.S. bishops want federal money, and lots of it

Bonino in a sacred place.The Rector: "Unpleasant inconvenience"

Islamic State claims responsibility for Russia church shooting

Sodomy Supporters Hijack World Meeting of Families

Of “paradigm shift” interest

British judge allows toddler's life support switched off, despite parents' wishes

The problem is not “Islamophobia” but ignorance of Islam

‘666 Devil’ Dark Web Paedophile Who Targeted Hundreds Jailed for 32 Years

Oxfam Scandal: 7,000 people cancel their regular donations

Jimmy Kimmel named the Left’s “BIGOT” for spreading HATE that targets Christians

Parents Lose Custody of Daughter for Opposing Transgender Medical Treatments

Clint Eastwood’s ‘The 15:17 To Paris’ Criticized For Not Being Sympathetic To Terrorists                                                                      2/21


Vatican Dirty Deal Will Be Cut By April

Iraqi Archbishop: Muslim ‘Slow-Motion Genocide’ of Christians Began 1400 Years Ago

Vatican Judge Sentenced for Child Porn

Francis' Pressure Did Not Work, Embattled Bishop Resigns

Catholic Bishop: Discrimination Against Pro-Life People is Turning Christians Into “Second Class Citizens”

Setting the Stage: Cardinal Marx on ‘Commission’ to Prepare ‘Discussion’ of Blessing Homosexual Couples

French Catholics to Pray National Rosary

Brutal Mercy – But Hope Is Not Lost

Welcome to the Shallow State: 20-Year CRS leader and Obama Vatican appointee, Ken Hackett, once bragged he never hired a Republican

UN’s Top Children’s Rights Campaigner Was a Pedophile

Teen in Sweden Beat Sister with Baseball Bat for Refusing to Wear Islamic Veil

Gallup: Majority of Americans Are Not Protestants

‘Child protection’ officials chase down 12-year-old homeschooler, seize him from parents

Sweden Democrats Promise to Reduce Asylum Numbers to Zero and End Chain Migration

Dementia Patient’s Family Gets Doctor to Euthanize Him Without His Consent

SICKOS: Pro-abortion leftist Sarah Silverman says she wants to “eat an aborted fetus”

British Government Cuts Off Funding to Oxfam After ‘Sex For Aid’ Scandal

Reporter: If More Babies Were Aborted, the Florida School Shooting Wouldn’t Happen                                                                            2/20


Blessed Virgin Mary of Everybody: Do you know that apparition?

Pope Francis revives lapsed commission on sex abuse

Bergoglio's Child Porn, Sodomite Infested Church is not Christ's - How many times has this Bergoglio refused to clean out the excrement from the stables?

Francis’ China Deal Was Rejected By Previous Popes


Homosexual Vatican Judge Convicted For Possession Of Male Child Pornography

Chaldean archbishop: Time to be ‘honest’ in dialogue with Muslims

Devil on the 'Go to Church' sign has an intriguing backstory

Planned Parenthood sues Trump admin for cutting funding to radical sex ed programs

Abortionist on Pro-Life Christians: “Their Mere Existence is a Crime Against Women”

Bermuda repeals same-sex marriage as backlash against LGBT activism grows

Report: Modern Culture Is Not Just Revealing Transgenders, ‘It Is Creating Them’

Transgenderism: Semantic contagion or biological fact?                   2/19


China, the “underground” bishop: we will follow the Pope, because we trust the Lord

Cardinal Cupich's Modernist View of the Family

Suspected school shooter says attack was instructed by 'demons'

Felony Child Abuser, Sex Offender Caught Crossing

Diocese of Syracuse to Pay Off Abuse Victims                     2/17


The Virtues of St. Bernadette Soubirous

Cardinal Zen to Pope on China: 'You're Putting Wolves Before Your Flock,' Will 'Make a Massacre'

Pope Francis: “The blogs say I’m a heretic? I know who writes them, and I don’t read them”

Be Careful When People Use the Label “Conservative”

Top U.S. conservative event CPAC bans pro-family group, approves pro-LGBT

NCR Predators complain that they haven't been able to get rid of Madison Bp. Morlino or Fr. Z yet

What Kind Of Society Condemns People For Praying After A School Shooting?

Chinese Catholics Call on Bishops Worldwide: Stop the Vatican Deal With Chinese Gov't

Cecile Richards: Force Christian Doctors and Nurses to Perform Abortions

The Story of Mr. Loci B. Lenar and His Fatima Related Mission

Democrats Are Not Running a Single Pro-Life Candidate in Any Targeted District in 2018

CT Catholic School Caves to Pro-Abort Pressure

…37 Cases of Child Sex Abuse Reported at Austrian Charity

New Dutch Law Will Allow Doctors to Euthanize Patients and Harvest Their Organs

Parents Lose Custody of Daughter After Refusing to Support Her “Transition” to Male

Same-Sex Skating? USA Today Writer Goes the Full ‘Blades of Glory’       2/16


The Vatican Is Rewarding Traitors And Castigating Faithful

Progressivism Wants the “Moral Paradigm Shift” in the Catholic Church      

Pro-Gay Prelates Oppose Bishop Laun

Swedish Bishop Welcomes Muslim Call to Prayer as “Good” For Society

French bishops strongly condemn Catholic youth movement's pro-abortion statement

Bishops in Tanzania denounce government for suppressing freedoms

President Donald Trump’s Proposed Budget Defunds Planned Parenthood

**SHOCK** UK Court Hears ‘Top Politicians’ Plot To Rape Children, Dissolve in Acid — For Pleasure

Bizarre Leftist claim: Abortion is “good medicine” … billboards blanket African-American neighborhoods

Planned Parenthood Announces Nationwide Campaign for Abortion on Demand

Court rules California bakeries may REFUSE to decorate cakes for gay couples… Backlash against the “gay mafia” accelerates

‘We Are Not Visitors’: Muslims in Sweden Demand Mosque Call to Prayer

New UN Document Pushes Planned Parenthood’s Abortion and Sex-Ed Agenda on 5-Year-Olds

S. Korean Business Hands Out 110,000 Condoms — 37 Per Olympic Competitor

KNIFE Rampage in Paris, six people stabbed near Eurostar station        2/15


New Vatican Academy for Life member claims Bible calls for abortion in some cases of rape and disability

Pro-rape statistician, His Holy Francis: These media voices throw dirt and Muslim 'refugees!' They say 40% of rapists in a town were immigrants. What about the Italian ones!

NJ Priest Praises Transgender Lutheran Pastor, Silence From Archdiocese

Moscow Archbishop Accuses U.S. of ‘Direct Interference’ in Russian Elections

Review of nuclear damage from Hiroshima, Fukushima focuses on dangers of nuclear radiation and the need to ban such weapons

Teachers’ union pressures Ontario Catholic school board to repeal pro-life motion

Prison Chaplain Fired By Muslim Boss, Says Inmates Converting To Islam For Protection

Trump’s Education Department will no longer accept LGBT student bathroom complaints: report

NY Catholic Gov Targets Christian Businesses That Oppose Gay Agenda

The Death of Europe

Artist Who Painted Obama’s Official Portrait Known For Painting Blacks Beheading Whites

Medical monstrosity: Doctors creating “three-parent” babies to be carried to term by female volunteers

Planned Parenthood criticizes bill that would require more counseling before abortion

‘Inclusive’ Islamic State finds job for handicapped man — as a jihad suicide bomber

San Francisco 49er and Anthem Protester, Reuben Foster, Faces Domestic Violence, Gun Charges                                                  2/14


Our Lady of Lourdes

The Pope and Sodomy

Are We Faced With A Lying Pope?

Roman Colosseum to Be Lit Blood Red for Persecuted Christians

Bergoglio lied to cover up for Barros on Chilean sex Abuse , Liz Yore with Raymond Arroyo

Bishop Sorondo and the Social(ist) Doctrine of the Church

Emmanuel Macron to propose reorganization of Islam in France

FBI’s Lisa Page to Peter Strzok: ‘I Truly Hate’ Pro-Lifers

Actor Stephen Baldwin: 'Trump Is God's Chosen Instrument,' Like Saul of Tarsus

UK Charities Reeling From Multiple Sex Abuse Allegations

Lutheran University Holding Event With Planned Parenthood Where Women Brag About Their Abortions

Christian Judge Wins $300,000 in Gay Marriage Case

Oxfam Haiti Sex Trade Scandal: Charity Giant Faces UK Govt. over Allegations

Radical Islamic Scholar Hillary Let Back into U.S. as Sec. of State Jailed for Rape

Democrat Party Chair Won’t Say If There’s Room for Pro-Life Democrats     2/13


Vatican in Bed With the Devil And Does Not Notice It

China Expert Demolishes Lies of Bishop Sorondo

Cdl. Dolan Defends Pervert Priest

Church of England spending on issues relating to sexual abuse has increased fivefold since 2014 and the most recent figures show it is facing more than 3,300 allegations

....Fr. Z: Five years since the lightening strike. Thoughts?

President Trump’s Decision to Defund International Planned Parenthood Cost It $30 Million

In Budget Deal, GOP and Trump Fully Fund Planned Parenthood

New Trump Official at HHS Helped Expose Planned Parenthood’s Sale of Aborted Baby Parts

Anti-Christian Bigotry Comes to Olympics: Gay Athletes Attack Pence

Dismembered American Corpses Become 'Reliable Supply of Body Parts' to the World

Porn Web Site Holds Fundraiser to Support Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz 

Maryland Mulls Adding ‘Unspecified’ Gender Option for Driver’s Licenses    2/12



SPECIAL REPORT: Papal Cover-up Alleged, Pope Accused in International Sex Abuse Case


CARDINAL: Vatican-China deal puts Catholics in communist cage

The One True Faith Revisited: The Eucharist

C of E raises serious concerns about Christian Freemasons

FBI—Obama’s Counterfeit Catholics

Men without conviction, churches without people

Chinese Pastors Ordered to Post Signs on Churches Forbidding Entry to Minors

UK: Imam says a woman “must make herself available to her husband whenever he says ‘I’m ready, I need you'”

MS-13 Gang Member Sentenced to 40 Years in ‘demonic’ Killing

Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes Have Refused to Comply with Trump’s Pro-Life Policy

‘I truly hate these people’: Disgraced FBI agents trashed pro-lifers, wanted to stop March for Life

UK: Muslim migrant rapes teen girl, tells her “You can’t be a virgin because you’re white”

Chinese Tabloid Disses Breitbart, Defends Vatican Bishop for Speaking ‘Truth’ About China

Ireland: Muslim leader says female genital mutilation should be “allowed by law if needed”                      

Shame: 2018 Winter Olympics allows men claiming to be ‘women’ to compete against real women                                                                  2/10


In the Church, The Problem is not Pedophilia but Homosexuality

Vatican in Bed With the Devil And Does Not Notice It

Vatican science academy tweets New York Times story supporting population control

After Outcry, Cdl. Marx Backtracks on 'Blessing' Gay Unions

Head of the Prestigious 'Islam Office' at the FrancisCouncil for UniReligious Dialogue, Msgr. Khaled Akasheh: “Peace is threatened by those who view otherness as a threat”

President Trump is “On Track to Become the Most Pro-Life President Ever”

Atheists slam Trump for referencing only Christianity at prayer breakfast

Melania Had White House Spiritually Cleansed Before Moving In, Pastor Claims

Pelosi Invokes Catholic Faith to Defend Illegals, But Not to Protect Unborn, Nuns

San Diego bishop: Some Catholics have 'corrosive and repugnant' views on homosexuality

Vast Majority of Under-35 Italians Now Oppose Mass Migration

Most groups agree to stop abortion services in exchange for US aid

Newspaper Complains More Babies Have Been Born Since State Defunded Planned Parenthood

Daughter of Famed Sci-Fi Authors Reveals Sexual Horrors of LGBT Parenting

Gerber Selects First Gerber Baby Contest Winner with Down Syndrome

Feminist Web Site Urges Not Having Kids Because Climate Change          2/9


Fr. Martin at Odds With Pope Benedict XVI Over Same-Sex Marriage

Archbishop Chaput Corrects Cardinal Marx, “Cooperation With Mortal Sin”

Cardinal Cordes: Cardinal Marx’ Idea of Blessing Homosexual Couples is “Sacrilegious”

China Expert Blasts ‘Naïve’ Vatican Bishop for Wanton Praise of Chinese Communism

Question: What Sort of Man Consciously Surrounds Himself With and Actively Protects Sex Perverts?

Planned Parenthood Opening 10 Locations for Women to Get “Video Chat Abortions”

Abortion Ad Uses Picture Of Deformed Girl Without Permission, And Her Parents Are Livid

France: Hijabbed Muslim singer retools Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” with Islamic proselytizing lyrics

Utah House Passes Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome

Catholic Film Critic Steven Greydanus Gives Homoerotic Film About Man-Boy Sex Glowing Review

Drag Queens to Teach Children at Swedish Library, ‘It is Important to Break Societal Norms’

Entire school curriculum to push 'gay' lifestyle?

Women around the world burn their hijabs for #NoHijabDay                2/8


Vatican archbishop praises Communist China as ‘best’ at implementing Church’s social doctrine

Critics: Pope Losing Credibility in Abuse Cases

Cardinal Zen believes that Cardinal Parolin is a "man of little faith"

American Catholics mount 'civil war' within Church over China-Vatican talks

Former Vatican bank managers found liable for mismanagement

Tenth bishop signs ‘Profession of Immutable Truths’ in defense of marriage

Priest Calls on Bishops to Publicly Oust 14 Catholic Senators Who Voted for Late-Term Abortion

Nuns Win Battle Against Strip Club

There Is A Climate of Vengeance and Retaliation in the Church

Christian governor-candidate takes heat for ad highlighting GOP governor’s pro-abortion-LGBT record

Eagles Coach Led Team in Lord’s Prayer After Super Bowl Win

Little Barbies: Sex Trafficking Of Young Girls Is America's Dirty Little Secret

British doctors prepare to implant ‘three-parent’ embryos in women

REVEALED: British Gov’t Promotes Wearing Hijab, Provides Free Scarves

First transgenderism, now “trans-age?” Bizarre new claim is an LGBT license for scary old guys to rape little children                                         2/7


John Paul II's prophetic words

Global scandal: Francis exposed as a liar by own advisers on abuse victim

The Bergoglification of Catholic Universities

Efforts to “queer” the Church

L.A. archdiocese allowing pagan display

Flamboyant priest sets the tone for the New Evangelization

BREAKING: Mississippi state house votes to ban abortion after 15 weeks

There Is A Climate of Vengeance and Retaliation in the Church

Secret Masonic Lodges for Politicians and Journalists Operating at Westminster

Trudeau: religious leaders who don’t want to sign my abortion pledge are just liars. Really?

Catholic Church in Shanghai Surveilled by Huge Camera

Amazing Video Shows Paralyzed Woman Walking Again After Adult Stem Cell Treatment

Soros-Funded Abortion Group Denies Illegal Donation to Boost Repeal of Ireland’s Right to Life Amendment

Judicial sword must strike against online child pornography

German Politicians ‘Alarmed’ at Scale of Anti-Christian Hate Attacks         2/6


Operation Storm Heaven One hundred thousand "Warriors of the Rosary" prayed with Cardinal Burke

Medjugorje visit cured boy from 19 tumors

UPDATED: Is the Vatican Tinkering With the Online Catechism to Remove Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality?

Blessing for Homosexual Couples? Cardinal Marx Says: 'We Have No Rule'    ???

Fr. James Martin Demands Bishops Censor His Critics for ‘Hate’

Pastor Sprinkles Holy Water to Bless Abortion Clinic, “Honor” Women Who Have Abortions There

GOP-led states testing boundaries of abortion restrictions

…Philly Coach Praises ‘Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’

Michael Snyder: “We need to bring Christian values back to D.C.” – eye-opening new interview with the Health Ranger

UK Education Giant Unveils Hard-Left, Identity Politics-Pushing LGBT Classroom Programme

Massive Turnout for West Coast March Signals Hope for Pro-Life Movement

New Planned Parenthood President Works at Kinsey Institute, Named for Man Who Sexually Abused Children

Canada Changing National Anthem to Remove Male Pronouns to Make Lyrics ‘Gender Neutral’

Planned Parenthood: It’s “Discrimination” Against Women If We Don’t Force Doctors to Do Abortions

A Global LGBT Reality Check

The latest insanity of the deranged Left: Alleged child rapist says he “self-identifies” as a nine-year-old, so it’s not really rape

Low Sentences for ‘Twisted Tag Team’ Who Raped Woman at Gunpoint Behind Mosque, in Alley and Her Own Home

Watch: 'Sick' TV Gameshow Where Kids Are Molested On Air                 2/5


January 31 Super Blue Blood Moon and St. John Bosco’s Dream/Prophecy

St. John Bosco’s Vision of Hell

Archbishop Paglia Is a Liar: Existence of Commission Officially Confirmed

....China: 100 Christians sent to ‘re-education’ camps in Xinjiang

Brazilian Police Release Details of Grisly Child Sacrifice

Egyptian priest proselytizes Muslims at the risk of death

Writer for Jesuit-Run America Magazine Is Blaspheming Communist

Surprise: Vatican Barred Pro-Gay Politician From Speaking

UK Education Chief Demands Schools Promote ‘Muscular Liberalism’ to Fight ‘Religious Extremists’

ACLU Uses #MeToo to Advocate K-12 Sex Education That Denies Science and Dismantles Traditionalism

Ontario Bans Opposition To Abortion And Euthanasia

U.S. Episcopal diocese votes to stop using masculine pronouns for God

Catholic Politicians Who Voted For Infanticide

NBC Spotlights Abortionist Saying It's 'Unlikely' Unborn Feel Pain 'Until Birth'

Arizona State Planned Masturbation Workshop Titled ‘Go F*ck Yourself’

Germany: Town teaches Muslim migrants how to pick up non-Muslim women

KURTEN: While Western Liberals Celebrate World Hijab Day, Women in the Middle East Risk Their Lives Resisting the Veil

Migrant Assaults Provoke Backlash Among Young German Women

British Journal of General Practice Urges NHS to Display LGBT Rainbow Flags in Waiting Rooms

The Trans Ideology Hurts Kids

Kindergarteners Taught ‘White Privilege’                                 2/2


CAVIEZEL: New 'PASSION OF CHRIST' to be biggest film in history; Mel Gibson plans sequel

Catholic Saints and Holy Days: St. John Bosco

Images of same-sex couples removed from World Meeting of Families booklet

The decision to investigate Bishop Barros is too little too late

SPECIAL REPORT: Pope Francis Accused of Inaction in Notorious Sex Abuse Cases

Cardinal Dolan: Senate Vote on Abortion Bill ‘Appalling’

The Franciscans of the Immaculate: A courageous voice speaks out

Number of Married Couples With Kids Hits 56-Year Low

UK Ignores Muslim Rapists, Claims Child Protective Services ‘Transformed’

Nuns And Priests May Have To Register As Vatican Spies Under Australia’s New Laws

Prophets and Demons

Twice Wrong

1393 Catholic schools closed in US over past decade; 287 schools opened (CNS)

U.S. Evangelist Franklin Graham Hits Back at MPs Trying to Ban Him from UK: ‘I Preach What the Bible Says’

The Bloody 14 Senators and the question of excommunication

Court Forces Doctors to Refer Patients to Doctors Who Will Kill Them in Assisted Suicides

Democrats could be haunted by 20-week abortion ban's defeat

France Arrests Oxford Islamic Scholar Over Multiple Rape Allegations

‘Google Home’ refuses to answer ‘Who is Jesus,’ but has lots to say about Muhammed, Buddha, Satan

Satanic-themed Ice Cream Shop Trashes Jesus in Bizarre Marketing Scheme



Pope Francis Stands by Vatican Shift Away from Underground Church in China


Cardinal Joseph Zen: ‘Vatican Is Selling Out the Catholic Church in China’

5 Major Scandals Defining Cecile Richards' Time as President of Planned Parenthood

Nuclear Bomb Memo is About to Explode – Mark Taylor

DOJ Goes to Bat for Conservative, Catholic Free Speech Rights

Ireland to Hold Referendum as Hard Left Seeks to Repeal Unborn Right to Life

Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Fails to Clear Senate

An actor with a soul: Kevin Sorbo says “Abortion is the definition of EVIL”

Sweden Grants Custody of Children to Iraqi Who Got 13-Year-Old Cousin Pregnant by Rape

Modest Fashion Trends — Rebellion or Reflection of Virtue?

CLAIM: Human-chimpanzee hybrid born in FL lab; Killed by panicked docs

“Gender fluid” indoctrination of schoolchildren is child abuse, warns doctor

NHS: Doctors Told Hang Rainbow Flags to Make GP Surgeries LGBT ‘Safe Spaces’                     

Film About Man-Boy Relationship Nominated for Academy Awards              1/31


He Did Abortions Until He Had Three Powerful Encounters With the Holy Spirit

Pope Francis: Where Mary is, ‘the devil does not enter’

China Cloning Announcement Provokes Vatican Warning

Bishop: In Abortion, the Baby Has ‘No Choice’

True Shepherds Remove Confusion

Catholic Bishop Calls for Ceremony to Bless Homosexual Couples

‘Monsignor Satan’: Venezuelan Socialist Graffiti Threatens Priests Who Criticized Maduro

Cardinal Zen on Francis' new communist Chinese Church: “This is incredible, simply incredible.”

Rev. Graham to CNN: 'Trump is President For a Reason -- God Put Him There'

Abortion Clinic Targets African-Americans With Claim That “Abortion is Sacred” and “Abortion is a Blessing”

REPORT: University Shut Down Research on People Who Regretted Gender Reassignment

Elderly Woman Resists Being Euthanized When She Sees the Needle, So Her Family Held Her Down

Franciscan "LGBT ministry" held event at infamous gay bar, "Stonewall"

Justin Trudeau's "Summer of Gay Love" continues to draw silence from the Catholic Church

Fr. James Martin Disinvited From NJ Parish                         1/29


Cardinal Zen delivers letter of the Truth from 'Underground Church' in China to Pope Francis

Pope Calls Fake News Satanic, ‘Snake-Tactics’  ie if it does not agree with him it must be fake


Abp. Sheen Explains What the Devil Hates Most

Bishop Athanasius Schneider Explains Why He Speaks Out About Amoris Laetitia

Priest asks for back-up as demand for exorcisms rises

Isn't the need for exorcism obvious?

When Obama Asked God to Bless Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood, Apparently God Ignored Him

Shock Video: Google Home Censors Jesus Christ

CruxMag praises Italian FrancisBishops for mimicking U.S. FrancisBishops by defending society-wrecking illegal immigration even though most people despise them for it

U.S. Rabbis Want Mass-Immigration - But Not for Israel?

Caritas Europa promotes Globalist Agenda while Ignoring the Underlying which were Caused by the Globalists the Age Old Game Order Out of Chaos

Here’s the 10 Media Outlets and Reporters Who Got Awards From Planned Parenthood

Student President Ousted for Pro-Life Views Wins Westminster Award

American religious groups vary widely in their views of abortion

Shocking Poll Shows Majority of Episcopalians, Methodists and Presbyterians Support Abortion

Afghan Failed Asylum Seeker on Trial for Murder of Christian Convert

Ex-Lesbian Receives Death Threats After Religious Conversion

Archdiocese of NY LGBT ministry holds meeting in gay drag bar (warning)

Former Nurse Admits to Euthanizing 20 Patients, But May Have Killed as Many as 50

CNN Promotes Cuckoldry as “Positive” For Modern Relationships

Mohammed’ on Course to be Most Popular Baby Name in Germany         1/26



Number of Quebec parishes falls from 130 to 64 as reorganization continues

Interview with an exorcist- 'The Devil and Father Amorth'

The Pope and the threat of robots, “May Humanity be at the center of the economy”

Senate Confirms Pro-Life HHS Secretary Nominee Alex Azar After Defeating Democrat Filibuster

Christian refugees told to 'prove' their faith

Left Extremists Throw Burning Device At Pro-Lifers

Scientific 1st: Cloned monkeys born

The Guardian Claims Brexit Is a ‘Threat to LGBT Rights’

LGBT ministry at New York parish promotes gay porn

Church of England Sneaks Transgender ‘Re-Baptism’ into Liturgy

Fmr RNC Chair Michael (RINO) Steele to Trump’s Evangelical Supporters: ‘Shut the Hell Up’                                                                      1/25



Why Pope Francis Flopped in Chile

FrancisCast Episode 1: Chile & Child Abuse

Victim who Declared Pope Francis's Bp. Barros "Witness my own Abuse" & Kissed Predator is a Fortune 500 Executive & Backed up by 30 Priests & 120 Parliament Members

Vatican Finally Capitulates to Beijing, Demands Bishops Step Down for Communist-Appointed Replacements

India: Thousands of Christians Protest, Hanging of Pastor Ruled a ‘Suicide’

CONFUSING CATHOLICS: Inclusivity Trumps Morality

March for Life in Paris draws 40,000 despite heavy rain

US Bishop Conference Lobbies Congress to Fund Agency Funding Planned Parenthood

American Children — 2nd-Class Citizens To Illegals

Musician performs pro-life song banned on Youtube at March for Life prayer service

Prof Tells March For Life Supporters ‘Sit Down & Shut Up’

Congresswoman shares her miraculous pro-life story at March for Life

Sweden: Feminist Mother Refuses to Report Afghan Refugee After He Sexually Abuses Her 12-Year-Old Daughter

UK: Police drop investigation of Muslim for grooming girl for rape gang because he blamed his nonexistent cousin                                      1/24



Pope Doubles Down With “Apology”, Insists Abuse Victims Lack Proof

Irish Exorcist: Demand for Rite Rising ‘Exponentially’

New Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing Stronger

Philly Archbishop: Abortion ‘Violence with Bitter Public Consequences’

Woman Behind Roe v. Wade “Dedicated My Life to Overturning It”

Christians, Yazidis Fear Persecution from ‘Jihadists’ as Turkey Invades Syrian Province

As mainstream media loses ability to control abortion narrative, left-wing rage rises

Masked Alt-Left Extremists Surround Catholic Campaign Bus, Throw Burning Smoke Bombs at Pro-Life Marchers

Global media excoriate Canadian gov’t for denying funding to pro-life churches

Ex-lesbian threatened with death after religious conversion

8 of 10 Countries 'Where It Is Most Dangerous to Follow Jesus’ Are Islamic

7 out of 10 Belgians say they are living through the “Muslim conquest of their country”

Preschool Chairs Deemed Sexist, Problematic, Gendered                          1/23


Trump to March for Life: Sanctity of Life, Family Foundation of Society

Pope Accuses Child Sex Abuse Victims of Slander

Trappist abbey of Mariawald: Pope Benedict’s Christian renewal nothing now but FrancisDust

Cardinal Believes, Francis' Words Are "Source Of Great Pain”

Trump's UN Amb. Nikki Haley blasts Venezuela for targeting Catholic bishops

Catholic bishops side with labor unions in Supreme Court case

Congresswoman Tells How She Chose Life for Her Daughter Who Was Given No Chance for Survival

Only Six Democrats Voted to Protect Babies Born Alive After Botched Abortions

Priest: “My Mother Was Told To Abort Me”

Paltry Turnout for DC Women’s March

As Women March, Ohio State Course Reprimands "White Heterosexual Masculinity"

Totalitarian California government ARRESTS citizens for feeding the homeless… only the state is allowed to do that

Canada Considers "National Islamophobia Day"                     1/22


Trump’s historic speech to March for Life: Abortion is ‘wrong, it has to change’

Former NFL Star Addresses March for Life: ‘Love Saves Lives’

The Reality of Hell and the Fear of God: Banished from a Church Near You

It's not what the Pope says, it is what he does.

Mariawald Trappist Abbey Closed Down -- Summorum Undone by Current Vatican Regime

Vatican attempts to explain giving high honor to adamant abortion supporter

‘This is calumny’: Pope Francis defends Bishop Barros against charges he knew of sexual abuse

Push For Greater Acceptance of Homosexual Unions Continues in German Church

How to Deal with Secular and Catholic Left Intolerance

Pro-Life Christians Persecuted at Irish University

China Cracks Down on Christianity, Demolishes Evangelical Church

The WAR on WHITEY: Schools and colleges are now teaching children to believe that being born white makes you a bad person

The Deadly Legacy of Eugenics

Why LGBT activists can’t see what’s wrong with a nine-year-old drag queen

Pelosi Judges RuPaul’s Drag Queen Competition on VH1                      1/20


St. Margaret of Hungary

President Trump Launches New HHS Division to Protect Doctors and Nurses Who Don’t Want To Do Abortions

UK Cardinal Reinstates Dissenting LGBT Group


Chile: 9 churches torched since Friday ...14

Pro-LGBT Group Oversees Vatican Website Overhaul

New Poll Shows 76% of Americans Want “Significant Restrictions” on Abortions

Notre Dame president Fr. Jenkins guilty of ‘hypocrisy and scandal’ in joining March for Life: alumni

Report: ‘Thousands of Christians, Ahmadis, and Hindus’ Fleeing Pakistan to Survive


Poll: 56% of Americans Say Abortion 'Morally Wrong,' 76% Want Major Restrictions on Abortion

Harvard Sorority Goes ‘Gender-Neutral’ to Avoid Sanctions                   1/19


Trump: Freedom Doesn't Come From Govt, It's a 'Sacred Right From Almighty God'

Pope Francis Changes His Mind, Now Says Fears of Mass Migration Are 'Legitimate' And 'Fully Comprehensible'


President Donald Trump Will Address March for Life, 1st President to Speak Via Live Video Feed

Global Abortion Advocate Lilianne Ploumen Claims Papal Award is “Confirmation” of Her Work

Justice Dept. backs D.C Archdiocese in Christmas subway ad fight

Eritrean government closes Catholic seminary, clinics

Rev. Graham: 'Darkness Is Spreading,' 'Forces of Evil' Working to Destroy Moral Society

Half of the women surveyed who call themselves 'catholic' don't even pray once a day. No word on age of the 24% who go to Church

Facebook says group wanting to 'burn...alive' Christian mom meets 'Community standards'

Alveda King Says Facebook Pulled Ads for Pro-Life 'Roe v. Wade' Movie That Features Jon Voight

Same Democrats that attacked Trump’s “sh*thole” remark as racist are running network of black genocide Planned Parenthood abortion centers

Conservative leader blasts Trudeau for ‘imposing’ abortion views in summer job program

Report: Millions of Christians Live Under Muslim, Communist Persecution

The feminist movement has come full circle: Now it’s MEN who are being objectified with suggestions that sex robots will make human males obsolete

America Is Shrinking: .77 Kids Aren’t Enough

British Army Features Islamic Soldier Praying to Allah In New Commercial

Nancy Pelosi, ACLU Bash President Trump for Declaring Religious Freedom Day

Planned Parenthood roasted for tweeting its commitment to ‘furthering’ Martin Luther King’s dream                                                                1/18


In Chile Francis Is Duplicating Himself. And Nobody Knows Which Is the Real One

Report: Middle East Christians on Eve of Destruction

Modernist Germany Remains Without Priests

'Catholic' Georgetown Advisor Resigns After Wishing #MeToo Assault Upon Conservative

VIDEO: State-Run Television Tells German Children To Convert To Islam And Date Adult Muslim Men

WV Legislators Propose Bill to Require Bible Elective in State Schools         1/17


Dutch abortion activist: Pope Francis honoring me is a ‘confirmation’ of my abortion work

SCHISM RISING? Seven Bishops Resist Pope's Revolution

Seven epic saint stories

5 powerful prayers we all should learn from Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady Of Fatima... The Close Of The Fatima Centenary

How the devil uses religion

NZ Bishop Claims Church at ‘Galileo Moment’ over Homosexuality


Newest U.S. basilica offers the TLM

Catholics Across U.S. to Pray Rosary for Purification of the Church

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece: “My Uncle Would Have Been Very Pro-Life” 

The feminist movement has come full circle: Now it’s MEN who are being objectified with suggestions that sex robots will make human males obsolete                                                                                                1/16


Vatican Bank – Reform Only on Paper

DeathChurch: Trump pulls international abortion funding, murderous Dutch witch, Lilianne Ploumen, replaces it, then false Francis gives her a ‘papal’ knighthood!

215 Million Christians Persecuted in 50 Countries. Will Media Report?

Abortion Is ‘Fundamental Injustice in American Society’ Says L.A. Archbishop

German Bishop Franz-Josef Bode - a homosexualist to be sure, the question is this, Is he an active sodomite?

New Zealand bishop calls changing LGBT attitudes a ‘Galileo moment’ for Church

How bad is the situation of vocations to the priesthood tragic Germany?

UPDATE: Facebook Says It Will Unblock Roe v. Wade Movie Crowdfunding Site

Tim Tebow on Facing Abortion: Doctors Called Me a “Tumor” Not a “Baby”

Poll: Women and Young Adults Support Investigation of Planned Parenthood Aborted Baby Part Sales

Don’t Celebrate Kids in Drag

Radical Sex Education Program Normalizes Gender Fluidity for Canadian Children

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Trashes Pro-Life People: You’re “Not in Line With Society”

UK: Twenty Men Arrested for ‘Sexual Exploitation’ of Teenage Girl

Skirts next men's fashion trend?

British Girls’ School Bans Staff from Calling Students ‘Girls’                1/14



FrancisPlanet: While Italians suffer in third world conditions with their Holy Church stolen, Muslim conquerors exact tribute

From former Muslims who became Catholics, ‬and their friends,‬‬‬‬ to His Holiness Pope Francis,‬‬ about his attitude towards Islam

Act of Fidelity to the Pope?

Vatican Takes Control of Scandal-Ridden Society, Founder Accused of Homosexual Abuse


Cardinal says Nigerian crisis raises big issues, and Rome must act

Allen West on ‘Queering the Bible’ College Course: Who’s Gonna Stand Up, Denounce This Crap…Only Me?

Catholic Georgetown to Open LGBT-Only Campus Housing

Seal Accuses Oprah Winfrey of Enabling Harvey Weinstein: You Are ‘Part of the Problem’

Does the gender “spectrum” also include pedophilia? Canadian group announces “naked swim day” at public pool, encourages children to attend 

Abortion Mill Refused License in South Bend                                               1/12


Cardinal Burke, "Harmful Experiments" Have Damaged the Liturgy

Bergoglio Minion ups the Ante Using Amoris Laetitia to Justify Contraceptives

Cardinal: Those who practice homosexuality, contraception, adultery cannot receive Communion

Catholic Cardinal: 'Homosexuality is Never Permitted' -- 'Sodom?' God 'Destroyed Them'

Rehabilitated by Pope Francis – Condemned By the Courts

US Bishops Silent on Trump’s Many Pro-life Measures

Tim Tebow: 'Docs said I wasn't even a baby, I was a tumor' Says mom 'decided to trust God and not what the doctors were saying'

It’s The End of the World as We Know It

At least 4.5 million take part in annual Black Nazarene procession in Manila

Parishioners Push Back Against Priest Who Booted Homosexuals

The 50 worst places on Earth for Christians

Notre Dame pres. shouldn’t attend March for Life while providing ‘abortifacient’ coverage: Alumni

More Than 1 Million Babies Have Already Been Killed in Abortions Worldwide This Year

Children’s Programs In Germany Tell Young Girls To Date Adult Islamic Migrant Men

Another imam in U.S. calls for killing Jews                1/11              


Prayer for the purification of the Church

The Prophecies of Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora (On the Crisis, Chastisement and Triumph)

FrancisChurch: Brazilian exorcist says sacrilegious sins against the First Commandment please Satan the most

Francis Is Not Above the Gospel:

Botched Abortion Leaves Baby’s Head Inside Mother’s Womb, Lawsuit Filed

Texas Archbishop Forces Traditional Nuns Out of San Antonio

Italian Archbishop: Uncontrolled Immigration Will ‘Crush’ European Society

Fr. James Martin promotes iconographer of “gay saints”

Abortion Clinic Targets Black Women With Billboards Saying “Abortion is Necessary”

Dr. Dobson Calls For 'Day of Fasting and Prayer' to Protect Trump From Those Who 'Hate Him'

100 Iranian Christians Waiting to Enter U.S. Could Be Sent Back to Iran This Week

US Court: Atlanta Erred in Axing Christian Fire Chief

Notre Dame Students Call Columbus Mural ‘Confederate Monument,’ Demand Removal

Unions Give $1.1 Billion to Planned Parenthood and Pro-Abortion Democrats

Robo-Strippers "R2-Double D" And "Triple CPU" Battle Humans At Sapphire Las Vegas                                                                                        1/10


FrancisCardinal Osoro silent about Gay Magi parade backed by Madrid's communist mayor who's been to FrancisVatican Population death conferences many times

Pregnant After Rape, My Pastor Told Me I Should Have an Abortion

Jim Caviezel, Catholics Are Born To Risk Their Reputations

ACLU Will Spend $25 Million This Year Pushing Pro-Abortion Candidates

Happy ‘refugee week’! - US Catholic Bishops received over $95 million from US taxpayers in 2016 for refugee/migrant care

New abortion technique being marketed as “natural” … y’know, because murdering unborn babies is the most natural thing in the world to abortion advocates

The 'Gay' (I hate that word) Priest Problem

Free Online Film Smashes ‘Born That Way’ Lie

CruxMag’s Allen: ‘Catholic teaching’ worker protections making it impossible to fire Vatican employees, evict from their free houses!

LA Times Says President Trump Drives People to Satanism

A 10-year-old Brooklyn, NY, boy says he is founding an online drag club for kids

California just mandated LGBT indoctrination of all children in public schools, and parents have no choice to opt out

U.S. Muslim Population Expanding 'Rapidly'

Swedish court gives FrancisRefugee who raped woman to death 2 years in prison

Left-wing media editor tells parents to buy erotic vibrators for their children  

Chelsea Clinton, Church of Satan exchange Happy New Year wishes             1/9


Epiphany and the coming of the Christ-Child

Seeking direction in 2018? Check out the pope’s thought-provoking Epiphany homily

Doctrine in an Air Raid Shelter

Open Apostasy In The Vatican – Fr. Jerome Guest Post

Condon: There’s a movement to undermine Catholic morality – Communion is just the start

Cardinal Napier: Abortion Culture Cannot Hope for ‘Happy or Peaceful Future’

Relevant Radio Purging Orthodox Catholics

Egypt Copts Mark Christmas Eve After Bloody Year

Passion of the Christ actor: We must be 'warriors' ready to risk our lives for the Gospel

Photos: Street Artist Trolls Golden Globes with ‘We All Knew’ Artwork

PBS Program Investigates “Black Genocide,” How Abortion Targets African-Americans

New generation of LA Satanists finds community in blasphemous times

‘Muhammed’ Is Third Most Popular Baby Name in Austria in 2017

Female Chess Champion Refuses to Defend World Titles in Saudi Arabia

Pro-gay Vatican advisor suggests Catholic catechism contributes to 'LGBT youth' suicide

Significant Drop in Teen Sexual Activity Spurs Change in Sex Ed Focus       1/7


The Marvelous Story of Our Lady of the Pillar

Hermit of Loreto - 1980's Prediction of Trump's Victory                

....Former Muslims try to talk some sense into the "Pope of Islam"

Bishops Challenge Pope: Communion for Divorced/Remarried Is 'Alien To Entire Tradition of Catholic Faith'

New Irish Bishop Oversaw Gay Scandals at Maynooth

Poland poised to ban eugenic abortion

Trump ditches Obama’s LGBT global agenda by replacing gay ambassador with family man

Rash of Thefts of Consecrated Hosts in Spain

Liberal German Catholic Church Takes in Record $7.1 Billion in 2017 Tax Revenues

German Church accused of failing to make finances transparent

Wales Suffers Rash of Church Closures

Report: Declining Church Attendance Is Problem for Everybody, Not Just Believers

Turkish Religious Authority Says Girls As Young As 9 Can Marry

Planned Parenthood Report: Prenatal Care Down 75%, Contraception Down 30%, Abortions Stay the Same

Planned Parenthood: We Did 321,384 Abortions; Got $543.7 Million in Tax Dollars

Indiana University Uses Brains, Livers and Kidneys From Aborted Babies in Experiments

New Study Proves Feminists Wrong: Women Say Their Abortion Was Not Liberating

Fr James Martin: We must listen to transgenders                                     1/5


2017: "Year of the Homosexual" in the Catholic Church?

Pope: Those who decry security risks of Muslim migrants demean “the human dignity” of the “sons and daughters of God”

German Church Cash Rich, Parishioner Poor

Grand imam condemns attacks on Coptic Christians, calls on Muslims to celebrate Christmas in solidarity

14 Catholics Gunned Down in Nigeria at New Year’s Eve Mass

The Legacy Of The French Revolution . . . Rousseau’s General Will And The Reign Of Terror

Planned Parenthood VP: Quit Talking About Babies, “Make the [Abortion] Conversation About Individual Women”

New Hampshire Passes ‘Personhood’ Law for Unborn Children

Men From "Syria Or Afghanistan" Arrested In German New Year's Eve Sex Attacks                                                               1/3


Pray for Us, O Holy Mother of God

Remnant TV video production of Trump’s Christmas message has gone viral

5 Sayings from the Desert Fathers to start off the New Year right

A New Year Prediction: Vatican Will Greenlight ‘Gay Unions’ in 2018

On Our Lady's Feast, Faithless Francis tells planet to have a daily 'moment of silence'; calls for even more Islamization

Iraqi Archbishop: ‘Gang Rapes, Torture and Murder of Christians’ Are Ongoing

Top Papal Adviser & Critic of Wealthy Embroiled in Allegations of Financial Misconduct

Happy Outcome for Banned Parishioner

Exorcist affirms existence of generational healing

The Joy (and Cost) of the Gospel for young former Muslim, Nabeel Qureshi

Joachim Hagopian: Pedophilia & Empire – Satan, Sodomy, & the Deep State

The Franklin Disgrace: US History’s Biggest Pedophilia Scandal and Cover-up inside the Bush Senior White House

You’ll be Shocked to Learn Just How Easy It is to Buy Abortion Pills Online to Kill Unborn Babies

Planned Parenthood Closed 32 Facilities in 2017

Report: Church in Sweden Calls Jesus Gender Neutral

Ron Paul: Govt Full Of Rapists? Why Is THAT Surprising?

San Jose State Biology Professor: ‘Chromosomes Don’t Determine Sex’

UK NHS Patient Asks for Female Nurse for Cervical Smear, Gets Tattooed Trans Man With Stubble

Parents can't opt kids out of mandatory LGBT-inclusive texts in California     1/2


Christmas Eucharistic Miracle of Legnica, Poland

WATCH: Christians Now Freed from Islamic State Control in Mosul Celebrate Christmas

Pope Francis’ top ‘reforming’ Cardinal denies accusations of financial corruption

Guatemala Announces It Is Moving Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Pasty Bishop Barron condemns 'beige' Catholicism!

London Assembly Votes to ‘Arrest and Prosecute’ Pro-Life Christians

SHOCK: Federal agents found fetuses in body broker's warehouse...

WATCH: Topless ‘Femen’ Activist Tries to Steal Baby Jesus from Vatican Nativity

Cities, volunteers clash over feeding homeless in public

CNN: ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Is ‘Inherently Sexist,’ Should Be ‘Retired’

Religious Leaders: 'Gender Ideology Harms Individuals and Societies,' Rejects 'Reason'

War on Christmas: Dem Leaders Ignore Holiday While GOP Celebrates      12/29


Our Lady shows her feelings on Mexico abortions

Pope Francis Receives Enemy of the Church

#Toldya Antipope Bergoglio Intentionally Surrounds Himself With Blackmailable Sycophants

Abuse of Power in the Vatican

Fulani Militants Kill 100 Christians

Wanted: ministry to priest-abusers

How a nuns' home is helping girls freed from sex trafficking

Quebec Makes Sex Ed Mandatory at Age 5, Will Teach About Same-Sex Couples in Kindergarten

CNN Promotes Children’s Book with Gay-Married Santa Claus

Miracle 22-Week-Old Premature Baby Born Two Weeks Before Late-Term Abortion Limit

Newborn Baby Was Frozen Embryo for Over 20 Years

New technology could produce babies from skin cells - and that's a problem

Former Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Manager: 'It's a Demonic Organization'

Sweden: Migrants Charged With “Ruthless” Gang Rape of Woman Walk Free

Perverse Sex Ed in the UK

Christmas Wish: BuzzFeed Editor Asks for ‘Full Blown Communism Now’   12/21


Daughter of Soviet Bloc Escapee Calls out College Marxists

Austria: New Govt To Resist 'Islamization'

Authentic Journalism: Exposing Corruption

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Vetoes Ban on Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs

Poland's New PM Wants To "Make Europe Christian Again"

Trump Admin Defends Israel, Christ's Holy Sites, and Judaism – Vetoes UN Resolution on Jerusalem

Dutch research institute chillingly tells man with Down Syndrome how much he costs society

Trump Admin Memo Reportedly Says Don’t Use “Fetus” to Refer to a Baby, Abortion Activists Go Nuts

Swedish Brothers Rape Children Over 1,000 Times. The Sentence They Get is Shocking

Italian town removes Christmas tree from town hall for Muslims               12/19


A visual tour and my thoughts on this year’s Vatican Nativity – starring Dead Baby Jesus, Creeper Guy, Naked Guy, and Dead Guy.

Cardinal Burke to Michael Matt: "Amoris Not An Exercise of Magisterium"

Oregon Child Sex Ring Uncovered: “They’re Worth $5000 A Night”

Exorcist has seen extreme manifestations

Fight Over Sheen’s Body Prompts Vatican to Rewrite Rules On Saints’ Relics

Judge Overturns Trump Repeal of Obamacare Mandate, Forces Christians to Pay for Abortions

CM Exclusive: Author of ‘The Dictator Pope’ Speaks

Catholic League: 'Homosexuals Committed Most of the Abuse'

Questioning the prospects of CatholicOrthodox unity

Canadian Government Will Fund Jobs for Students at Abortion Clinics, But Not Pro-Life Groups                                                                          12/18


Mark Taylor December 12 2017 - DON'T LISTEN TO THE GLOAMING NOISE FROM SATAN                                                                  12/16

The Two Guadalupes – Mary and The Crescent Moon

Newsweek Mocks Trump Calling Joseph, Jesus' Father

Rosary Miraculously the Only Thing to Survive This Family's House Fire

Shrinking majority of Americans believe that biblical account of birth of Jesus depicts actual events

Church Renewal Will Not Come From Germany

Ousted Vatican bank official seeks explanation for removal

China’s new way to drown out the Christmas message? A sea of tat

Catholic watchdog group exposes Hollywood sex abusers who also bashed Catholicism

REPORT: Entire Family Turns Transgender

The U.S. Is Retreating from Religion                   12/15


St. John of the Cross: Saint of the Day for Thursday, December 14, 2017

Abuse survivor resigns, says Vatican commission didn't do what it was supposed to do

New Film Shines a Spotlight on the Crisis in the Vatican

‘The Hidden Rebellion’ Showing in French Parliament

Growing Number of Americans Say Christmas NOT Religious Holiday

Metro Allows Ads From Pro-Abortion Group Denies Ad Celebrating Christmas and Jesus’ Birt

DOJ Investigates Universities’ Role in Trafficking Aborted Baby Parts

BREAKING: Former Planned Parenthood VP will be appointed to U.S. Senate

Pro-life leaders: Faithful to true doctrine, not to erring pastors

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Closed 32 Clinics in 2017, Runs Fewer Centers Than Ever Before

Miracle: Iconic Ventura Cross Still Standing After California Fire          12/14


Our Lady of Guadalupe



Central Park Nativity Scene Scores Victory Against War on Christmas

Cardinal Pell faces March hearing on abuse charges

Moneyval offers mixed assessment of Holy See’s efforts to combat money laundering

Michael Hichborn: CCHD Offered Me a Grant, Hoped I would Stop Investigating Other Grantees

Amnesty International broke law by taking Soros money to promote abortion in Ireland

NY archdiocese pays over $40M to 189 abuse victims

Cecile Richards: Time for Women to Start Bragging About Their Abortions, Don't be 'Ashamed'                                         12/13


Our Lady of La Salette, who wept over the Church, pray for us.

SOPHIA and A.I. UNLEASHED on BITCOIN.....and Internet! YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW!!! | Revelation Unfolding

For the Record: Franciscan Friars & Sisters of the Immaculate status update -- Bergoglio's destruction nearly complete

Former Detroit Auxiliary Bishop: Alpha Devoid of ‘Catholic Essentials’

Will Cardinal Sarah Be Kicked Out After Christmas?

Catholic Archbishop: “Abortions Violate the Rights of the Unborn. It’s Willful Killing of Innocent Life”

Bermuda abolishes same-sex marriage

The destruction of the traditional (Catholic) way of life hasn’t been either an accident of history or a natural development.

Trump administration launches investigation into Planned Parenthood for trafficking illegal baby body parts

Paganism Makes Comeback Around the World

I’m a pediatrician. Here’s what I did when a little boy told me he was a girl

Beware the Disney Channel                                  12/12



Vatican Starts “Witch-Hunt” To Trace The Author Of “Dictator Pope”

Bishop Bans Blessing for Italian Democratic Party, Outcry Ensues

NY Announces $40 Million in Sex Abuse Payouts

'Breach of Euro values' - EU threatens to remove Poland from governing council if it tries to protect disabled unborn from murder

Obama-Appointed Judge: Salvation Army—Not Catholic Church—Can Advertise on D.C.’s Metro

More Americans Turning To Witchcraft; Participation In Traditional Religions Declines

Hospital Sues to Shut Off Baby’s Life Support Over His Parents’ Objections, Prohibits Transfer Elsewhere

Scientists Cry Foul on ‘Gay Gene’ Study

Programming babies: YouTube censors conservative political causes, but allows traumatizing content for kids

Here’s a “Christian” Abortionist’s Justification for Killing Babies in Abortions

Florida man gets 15 YEARS IN PRISON (plus another 15 years probation) for leaving BACON on mosque doorstep

Jerry Brown—Who Favors Legalized Killing of Unborn—Says: ‘I Don’t Think President Trump Has a Fear of the Lord’                                12/11


Francis Praises Wrong Translation Of Our Father

Controversial ‘Rosary intentions’ for Pope Francis appear in Roman churches

Vatican Issues Far-Left Declaration on Climate Change, ‘Very Fabric of Life on Earth at Grave Risk’

Archbishop Naumann: Politicians who say they’re pro-abortion and a good Catholic must be admonished

Pro-Gay Cardinal, Communion for Adulterers Is Now "Official Teaching"

Priests who follow Church teaching on adultery and Communion are ‘terrorists’: British priest

Nationalist and traditionalist Catholic youths disrupt ecumenical celebration

Who Are the Killers of the Christians in Syria?

Planned Parenthood under investigation by Justice Department over sale of fetal tissue

Catholic Film Festival Provides Welcome Contrast to Hollywood Squalor

African-American Leaders Slam Planned Parenthood’s Racial Abortion Agenda: “Quit Targeting Our Women”

This abortion center kills perfectly healthy babies who could survive outside the womb

Study Reveals 84 Per Cent of ‘Underage’ Migrants Tested in Sweden Are Adult

Prince Charles: 'Let's remember Muhammad on Christmas'

DAVID KURTEN: Left Rages Against Trump Tweets While Embracing Muslim MP Who Tweeted Grooming Victims Should ‘Shut Up for the Sake of Diversity’  12/8


Open Revolt in the Vatican?


Satan's Achilles heel

A Call for Cooperation between Catholicism and Freemasonry?

For the Record: Franciscan Friars & Sisters of the Immaculate status update -- Bergoglio's destruction nearly complete

Another Vatican Bank official fired


Archbishop Naumann: “If the Church is silent on the destruction of life, we’re being negligent”

Red Cross: Remove Crosses

Demonic ‘art’ desecrates another Belgian Church


Foes Threaten to Dismantle Alberta Catholic Schools

Irish Abortion Activists Launch ‘Blasphemous’ #AdventforChoice Campaign

Disgusting New Suicide Machine With Detachable Coffin Glamorizes Killing Yourself

Planned Parenthood Funds Plan B Vending Machine at University

Another Rotherham Grooming Gang in Court for Raping and Abducting Young Girls

Court Allows 13-Year-Old Teen to Abort Her 26-Week-Old Unborn Baby

Sweden’s Ex-Premier Compares Migrant Influx to Couples Having Children  12/6


Fulfilling Our Lady’s Request: The Importance of First Saturdays

The Forgotten Pope

Who was and is behind the Dictator who is Pope?

A Church Not Engaged in Self-Destruction

BREAKING: Pope Declares Troubling Interpretation of AL 'Authentic Magisterium'

Vatican praises pro-abortion U.S. governor as ‘true leader’ for eco activism

Mgr Loftus in Bishops’ paper: pro-lifers like Kansas Bp. Naumann are 'terrorists'!

Strange aspects of demonology

Backlash to liberal America Magazine causes Catholic site to remove crass image

Protestant Prophecy: Time To Prepare?

Full text: President Trump’s extraordinary Christmas speech

Spain Strips Planned Parenthood Affiliate of ‘Public Service’ Designation

The Dangers of Making Christianity ‘Cool Again’

Major Catholic family magazine spotlights pro-LGBT priest in favorable interview

Minister Urges Prayers for Prince George to Be Gay                  12/4


Story of St. Jose Sanchez del Rio

Fatima Seer Warned Paul VI of Worldwide Church Disorientation

Islam, Catholicism and the Fallout from Low Standards

Francis: “I’m A Revolutionary”

Beating wives if they refuse sex is OK, according to books in Britain’s Islamic schools

New Scandal in the Vatican

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Opposes Judicial Nominees Steven Grasz and Amy Barrett

The black population is in decline: 3 out of every 4 abortions in America are black babies — more than double that of whites

Video Shared By Trump Featured US-Backed FSA Commander Destroying Virgin Mary Statue In Syria                                      12/1


The Terrifying Vision Of Pope John Paul II On Migrant Invasions And The Decline Of Europe

Francis: “Someone Might Think: This Pope Is a Heretic”

Cardinal Müller: They want me to head a group against the Pope, but I’m staying with the Pope. However, those who are complaining should be heard

Activist group apologizes to priest after lawsuit dismissed

Chairman of U.S. Bishops’ Conference Committee on Communications Voices Strong Support for Net Neutrality Protections  as in support google censorship

Net Neutrality explained: Government Can’t Know the “Correct” Price for Internet Service and  how they are trying to end free speech

Division in Catholic identity of young people and @MassimoFaggioli shows his true colors     This is sad.  This fellow really needs prayers.

UK joins Australia: Priests must violate Seal of Confessional

Gay Priest in LA Archdiocese Features Gay Couples in Parish Bulletin

Archdiocese Sues D.C. Bus Transit Over Christmas Ad -- 'Clear Violation of Free Speech'

Italian Diocese Threatens Journalist for Exposing Gay Cover-Up

Christians are deemed 'dangerous and offensive', says former Liberal Democrat leader

21 Quotes by Margaret Sanger that Every Pro-Lifer Should Know

Prepare for sudden, radical transformation at every level of society… “You may not recognize tomorrow”

State Dept. Marks ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’

Twilight zone: Human head successfully transplanted on a corpse; professor claims the next operation will be on a live human

Barbie Promotes LGBT Agenda With 'Love Wins' T-Shirts              11/29


As 2017 Draws to a Close, Fatima Warnings Still Resonate

Thanksgiving — Catholics Did It First

Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation Made 16 References to God; Trump's, 6; Obama's, 1

All over Europe Church numbers plummet as faithless FrancisBishops get even more 'creative'

Irish Exorcist: The Bishops Have Abandoned the Sheep

Sex Abuse Driving Canadian Church to Bankruptcy

FrancisVatican Bank being sued for defaulting on their obligations in Hungary

How the Prohibition Against Freemasonry Disappeared from Canon Law

Priest blasts lack of exorcism training; Demon threat

Catholic officials threaten ex-seminarians over sex claims

Ecumenism tries to change history

Dr. Robert Hickson's full account of Perfidy and Betrayal at Christendom College in the critical years of 1985-1992.

United Nations Plan to Push Sex on Young Children is Defeated as African Nations Fight Back

Federal Judge Overturns Texas Ban on Dismemberment Abortions

Michael Savage on America’s Crisis of Faith: ‘God Is Not Dead, Man Is Dead to God’

Mother Wins $12 Million in Wrongful Birth Lawsuit, Wishes Her Son With Autism Had Been Aborted

How Muslim violence shaped world history

Sweden: Fire Brigade Now Need SWAT Team To Enter Migrant Suburbs

Terrorist Front Group Outraged School Cancelled Muslim Speaker after Parents Complained

Church of England Hijab Infant Sexualization Scandal                  11/27


Catholic Priest to be "excommunicated" if he doesn't pledge fidelity to Francis' agenda

Meet the Pontifical Academy for Abortion and Euthanasia

Swiss Planned Parenthood president invited to speak at Vatican

“Bless This Meal, Bless Those Who Have Prepared It, Bless All Of Us, Bless Our Hearts, Our Families, Our Desires, Our Lives” Francis Leaves Christ Out Of ‘Destitute’ Lunch Prayer

Cardinal says Pope Francis inspired him to get ‘creative’ in liturgy, lets lay people read Gospel

Irish Catholic Priest Tells Christians to Abandon the Word ‘Christmas’


Pro-lifers praise Trump’s ‘excellent list’ of potential candidates for Supreme Court

Islamic State Threatens ‘Christmas Blood’ in Vatican

France: Muslims demand 2500 more mosques to stop street prayers!

U.S. bishop defends pro-LGBT priest speaking at Catholic college as thousands protest

Planned Parenthood could face federal charges for trafficking baby body parts

‘God is So Good’: Man Released from Prison 45 Years After Wrongful Rape Conviction

Liberals attack the FAMILY: If you have kids, YOU are destroying the planet    

Methodist Church Ordains First Trans Minister                             11/22


Does Pope Francis Want to End Like the Anglicans?

Barnhardt: Francis is murdering souls on a level that is impossible to comprehend.

Leaders of Re-Founded John Paul II Institute Present Its New Vision

Vatican says investigating alleged abuser who became priest

 Secular Press Pursues NY Corruption When Cdl. Dolan Won’t

U.S. Bishops Continue Supporting Abortion and Homosexualism

France: Muslims enter convent, pray in Arabic during Vespers, tell nuns to convert to Islam or face hell

The mainstream global media isn’t giving you the full story about the Poland Independence Day celebration

On the Failure of Homiletics

Live From "Friar Field": A Blessed Solanus Casey for Detroit

Low-key Study Sessions Replace Holy Mass in Cd. Dew's New Zealand

The Radical Beginnings of the CCHD

12 Million Girls Have Been Aborted in India Just Because They Were Not Boys

Inside religion creating 'God robot' billion times smarter than humans

Historical first: Robot granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia even though “she” has no conciousness

Planned Parenthood was set up out of a desire to exterminate “human weeds”

School Lets Planned Parenthood Push Sex and Abortion on 14-Year-Olds Without Telling Their Parents

Inspectors To Interview Girls Wearing Hijabs In Primary Schools One in five primary schools surveyed list the Islamic headscarf as part of their uniform policy

LGBT Indoctrination of Children in Massachusetts

Methodist Church appoints first transgender minister

Air Force Colonel Punished for Refusing to Promote Gay Marriage             11/20


Pope Francis: Climate Change Skepticism Is ‘Perverse’

LUTHER'S POPE: Vatican Stamp of Approval of Protestant Revolt?

Remaining Dubia Cardinals Take the Next Step Toward Formal Correction

Catholic Bishops and the Left

New Zealand's "Dew" is not that of the Holy Spirit but of Bergoglio's "god of surprises"

French Catholics Forcibly Removed, Arrested for Praying Rosary in Church

Cardinal Vingt-Trois Reaches 75 -- Pope Ignores Congregation of Bishops in Appointments -- Wants the Most Progressive Replacements

Head of Vatican Bank Calls on Brussels Cardinal

Culture of life wins with U.S. bishops’ election of conservative archbishop over liberal cardinal

....MSWinters blasts Cd. DiNardo, 'resistant' U.S. Bishops: "EWTN and other conservative outlets continue to give prominence to anti-immigrant bigots like Laura Ingraham. Is nobody going to call them on this?"

Openly ‘gay’ Catholic deacon under review as San Francisco archdiocese considers obscene evidence

CCHD & Saul Alinsky

Silicon Valley Exec Has Created A New Religion That Will Worship A ‘Godhead’ Based On Artificial Intelligence

American Muslims and the Assault on Western Christian Culture

France: A Decomposing Civilization

School run by Dominican Sisters no longer Catholic, will promote ‘inclusive spiritual education’ instead

Planned Parenthood was set up out of a desire to exterminate “human weeds”

Populist Mayor Told to Remove Nativity from City Hall

Public School Worker Told She Could Be Fired for Expressing Her Faith

Drag Queen Festival In Austin Promotes Early Sexual/Gender Confusion

Speaker tells Vatican conference: Reducing population is best solution to climate ‘crisis’

Millennials Prefer Socialism, Communism

Welcome Home Jihadis!                                                        11/17


War Pontificate:

France: Bishops Plan to Close Down 17 of 32 Seminaries

German Bishops' Conference Chair: Jesus Did Not Die For Our Sins


AmericaMag to USCCB: When are you going to rein in this renegade Catholic media and their misrepresentations?!

Abortion and Catholic Politicians

Pro-life student: online activists called for me to die

Supremes to decide if pro-lifers must promote abortion

Chinese people forced to replace images of Jesus with photos of President Xi Jinping

Exclusive: Michael Savage Finds God, Describes His Einstein Moment

Cross-Dressing ‘Queer Role Models’ Read to Toddlers

Underage sexting has doubled in two years: Authorities concerned about the mental and emotional impact on children

Poll: 77% of Democrats with 4-Year Degrees Think Sex Not Determined at Birth

Australia Votes in Favor of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage            11/15



St. Bridget: The pope, that lifts celibacy, will go to Hell

Explosive Book Alleges Underage Gay Sex at Vatican Seminary

Islam in France: Christmas market on the Champs-Elysees Cancelled

Liberals now claim Christian parents are dangerous. This is an existential threat we can’t ignore

'Religious' FrancisLeaders Bless Staff and Patients at Local Abortion Clinic, Sing “Hallelujah”

Roy Moore Accuser Is 3X Divorcee Who — ‘Claimed Several Pastors Made Sexual Advances At Her’

Trump blocks international support for abortion groups at G7 meeting

(GTV) New Austrian leader hardly a Catholic, and too busy for Mass

Dying Pittsburgh Diocese Turns to Charismatic Movement

'Christmas' Commercial By UK Grocery Chain Features Muslims, Sikh - But No Christians

Albert 'catholic' agency denies adoption to couple who hold Christian view of homosexuality!


Christian Teacher Suspended for ‘Misgendering’ Pupil                      11/13


 New FrancisMass: The Secret Commission Exists Despite Vatican Denials


Francis-appointed cardinal praises pro-LGBT priest as ‘foremost evangelizer’ of youth

Notre Dame Rejects Religious Exemption, Reverses Decision to Drop Free Contraception for Students, Employees

Clerical Left Attack People, Ignore Doctrine Saul Alinsky: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it"

Trump is more dangerous than Kim Jong Un, says former head of Benedictines

Disgusting: Elite Sex Slave Cult Exposed

The economics of the abortion industry: Save money through depopulation, make profit through sale of baby parts to medical industry for experiments and vaccines

Facebook Founder Warns "God Only Knows What It's Doing To Kids' Brains"

Beyond the “Hate Map”: How the Southern Poverty Law Center is hurting Christian groups

Texas church killer a devout atheist who liked CNN and other anti-Christian media outlets                                                         11/10


A Century of Blood   Fatima and Russia

…War on Trump from Vatican

Catholic Cardinal: To Claim Adultery Okay Under Certain Circumstances is 'Heresy' and Causes 'Schism'

Poland: bishops speak out for work-free Sunday and ban on eugenic abortion

On Pastoral Fear

—CCHD & Saul Alinsky

"Progressive" Catholics Are Heretics

....Fr. James Martin, Pack of Dissenters Talk to Teens at Annual LA Religious Ed Atrocity

Planned Parenthood tells Blacks: You’re better off aborting your babies


Woman Gets €30K Whose “Human Rights” Were “Violated” Because She Couldn’t Abort Her Baby

How Should a Catholic ‘Remember, Remember’ Guy Fawkes Day?

Texas Shooter Liked Atheist FB Pages & SJW Causes

Mentally Ill Patients in Belgium are Being Euthanized Instead of Receiving Treatment

BREAKING: Pro-abortion Democrat elected Virginia governor

Facebook Now Wants Your Nude Photos                    11/8


Saint Charles Borromeo on Faith

Is the Pope using Alinsky tactics against Cardinal Sarah? Is racism behind the attacks by his minions?

....Francis to Catholic universities: These more Catholic countries are really xenophobic about my Islamic 'refugees', you know

Fatima Authorities Forbid Traditional Mass

The USCCB and the Weaponization of “Dialogue”

Bishop Morlino: don’t let funeral controversy overshadow Christ’s love

United Nations Human Rights Committee: Unborn Children Don’t Have a “Right to Life”

Pro-Life Leader Exposes Pro-Abortion Network in Boston Archdiocese

When and by whom the different protestant sects were founded

Woman Who Survived a Botched Abortion: “God Saved Me From the Clutches of Death”

Abortion Lobby Irate GOP Tax Plan Recognizes ‘Unborn Child’ in ‘Womb’

‘I am a mass murderer,’ former abortionist tells Congress

Leading Islamic Scholar Denies Rape Charges; Accuser Gets Death Threats

Sarah Hyland: My ‘Modern Family’ Character Bisexual                               11/6


On ‘All Souls Day,’ Pope Francis Visits American Military Cemetery to Pray for the Fallen

London exorcist: “All of society is subject to a demonic deception”



US Bishops Sack Faithful Priest, Still Employ Planned Parenthood Supporter

United Nations Committee Says “Right to Life” Means a Right to Abortion

Planned Parenthood Doubles Down On Black Depopulation

CM Exclusive: Cdl. O’Malley Reverses Pro-Life Ban After Scathing Petition

Abortion Activist: Pro-Lifers Just Oppose Planned Parenthood Because They Value “Belief Versus Science”

Former Mayor Fights Back Against Cross Removal in France: An Attack on ‘Our Culture’

There's one VERY effective way to influence a Jesuit: take away his money.

Egyptian Lawyer Says It Is A ‘National Duty’ To Rape Women

Pedophile Migrant’s Sentence Cut Because He ‘Can’t Hear TV’

Oxford student officials disrupt pro-life event

HAWKING: Robots will replace humans COMPLETELY; New form of life

Planned Parenthood: ‘Safer’ for Black Women to Abort Than Give Birth      11/3


'Burn the pope': Pro-abortion feminists try to set fire to Cathedral in Argentina

Pope denies Cardinal Sarah and Demands that InfoVaticana Announce his Rectification


Trump Administration Rescues 84 Children from Sex Trafficking

What happened when the author of ‘The Exorcist’ played with a Ouija board

(GTV) Catholics removed for praying Rosary during packed Brussels Cathedral Luther celebration were the only young people there

Georgetown pro-traditional-marriage group faces sanctions

120 Elite Pedophiles Arrested & 84 Kids Rescued In Huge FBI Operation

Jesuit magazine wonders if Luther 'was truly heretical'

Sweden Legalizes Child Marriages For Immigrants

UK court sides with university in expelling student who called gay ‘marriage’ a sin on Facebook

Miley Cyrus Claims ‘Satan Is A Nice Guy; He’s Misunderstood’.           11/1


Benedict and Sarah hater Andrea Grillo says: “Transubstantiation is not a dogma”

Globalists want the Catholic Church to be 'at the service of the New World Order': Italian journalist

Vatican Conference to Again Feature Abortion, Population Control Advocates

Pope Francis is ‘the Pope of Islam’: Islam expert

11 Saints Who Endured Sexual Abuse (But Didn't Comply)

Facts about the Devil from an exorcist

UN Slams President Trump for Cutting $31 Million From Its Abortion Agenda

Islamization: Your town could become St. Cloud too!

Fiendish Alliance: Antifa Anarchists, Communists, Feminists, Islamists, Homosexualists Escalate Attacks on Catholic Church

Universe Without God Shouldn’t Exist, CERN Research Suggests

Mom Jailed for Not Vaccinating Her Son With Vaccine That Uses Cells From Aborted Babies

Watch: Man With Down Syndrome Tells Congress ‘My Life Is Worth Living’

China's president seeks more control over religion

Moscow patriarch: Bolshevik Revolution was a catastrophe

French court orders removal of cross from statue of St. John Paul II

Caught on tape: Late-term abortion facility offers to abort 37-week baby for $17,000

Parents Force School District to Halt Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Program

Abortion Clinic 'Incentivized' Staff to Sell Abortions With Performance Bonuses for More Babies Killed

Convicted Pedophile Actor STILL Working With Underage Kids

Corey Feldman Announces Plan to Expose Hollywood Pedophile Network

Alberta Officials Deem Catholic Teaching on Sexuality ‘Unacceptable’

Disney Channel Show Introduces First Ever Gay Storyline                        10/30


St. Margaret Mary Alacoque on the Sacred Heart

All Secrets of the 2005 Conclave Revealed


Short Forms of the Readings: Distorting the Gospel?

The upcoming FrancisMasses will tear the mask off.


China Warns Communist Party Officials Not to Pray to God, 'Fraternize' with Religious Leaders


Bishops use Pope's teaching to push homosexuality at 2018 World Meeting of Families

Wealthy donors working to limit 'inappropriate' religious freedom

Michigan mom Jailed For Not Vaccinating Her Son With Vaccine That Uses Cells From Aborted Babies

Report: 75% of Victims of Religious Persecution Are Christians

Bejing tightens hold on Catholics

Paris Statement: Philosophers warn Europe: protect borders, restore marriage if you want to survive

STUNNING: African Births Will Outnumber French Births in France in 5 Years

Muslim public holiday in Germany being considered by German Interior Minister

Eastern European Resistance to Islamization


Ultramontanism’s Death Sentence

Comedy Show Thrives by AVOIDING Vulgarities

Scientists baffled: Universe shouldn't exist

Selective Censorship: Apple Pulls Pro-Life Group’s App From App Store

Satanists ask Christian baker to make ‘birthday cake’ for Lucifer

Drag-queen demon reads to kids at Michelle Obama Library

British Girl, 17, Suffers Three Sex Attacks in One Hour on Walk Home Through Muslim Tower Hamlets                                                 10/27


AP: Praying the Rosary is 'Islamophobic'

'The Rosary to the Borders' - The Largest Prayer Event in Europe Since the 2016 WYD

Fr. Spadaro, S.J.: Pope Francis Thinks The Ten Commandments Are Optional

Disregarding the divinely-rooted Canon 915 portends serious consequences for the Church and her faithful


Trump Orders Bypass of UN In Delivery of US Aid to Christians, Yazidis In Iraq

Vatican Invites Jerry Brown for ‘Climate Change’ Keynote

‘Multinational NGO’s and the big Foundations, working hand in hand with the UN are behind this. Individuals like George Soros are the front men. And people like Francis, the bishop of Rome are just the tools.

What Will Be Left Of FrancisChurch Once Government Money Stops Flowing?

Muslims Hack Coptic Bishop To Death With Machete Outside Cairo

A delegation of top Australian bishops held meetings at the Vatican this week to discuss topics including the “restoration of trust” in the country where its senior Catholic Church figure is facing allegations of historical sexual offences

The most controversial translation in Germany in the new Missal was one specifically requested by Pope Benedict XVI, who asked that pro multis be translated “for many” rather than “for all”

Protestant or Catholic, we're theological and biblical illiterates

Satanists Sue Over Abortion Law, Go After Christian Bakers

"Catholic" Loyola Marymount Students Tear Down Pro-Life Posters Around Campus

School Allows Abortion Biz to Implant Norplant Contraceptives in Teen Girls Without Their Parents Knowing

California Law: Calling Transgenders the Wrong Gender Pronoun Can Send You to Jail

Michigan Catholic School Caught Promoting Gay Agenda Catholics faithful to Church teaching are driven out.

Knowingly exposing others to HIV will no longer be a felony in CA

Google pushing hard for national law to criminalize Christian beliefs and federalize “transgender rights”                            10/26


Strange Methods in the Vatican

Francis to launch Caritas “Share the Journey” global Islamization propaganda campaign, because it's Our Lord's mandate, see?!

“Catholics for Choice” Launches Campaign to Force Americans to Fund Abortions

The CRISPR revolution: Getting ahead of the ethical curve

Wisconsin Jesuit University to Sponsor Gay Prom

Planned Parenthood now teaming up with SATANISTS to promote abortion (murder of unborn babies)

Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian and Church of Christ Groups Tell Senate to Fund Planned Parenthood

Religious leaders react with horror to German election result

Sudanese Migrant Who Shot Up Tennessee Church Expressed

Glasgow: Muslim rape gang targeting girls as young as 14

Mother in Coma Heard Everything, Including How Doctors Shut Off Her Life Support and Said She’d Die                               9/27


Vatican Auditor Was Forced To Quit After Finding Irregularities

Pope Regrets Failing to Discipline Sex Abuser

Catholic Clergy & Scholars Issue “Filial Correction” to Pope, Against “Propagation of Heresies”

"Father Euro" Involved in Gay Prostitution Scandal



Chicago cardinal extends invite to Fr. Martin amid cancellations

Fr. James Martin: Ex-Gays Don’t Lead Fully ‘Integrated Life’     


Barnhardt Podcast #027: Father James Martin, Ethh Jay: Uniter of Trads

The largest man-made grotto in the world was built by a priest in Iowa

The Pope's Straw-Man Jive v. History

The Next Scandal in the Church?

In Vatican trial, witness calls spending on cardinal’s apartment ‘anomalous’

Problems with the Reformed Lectionary: A Summary

Illuminati-themed Fashion Show Held at London Modern Catholic Church

In Shocking Vote, British Doctors Endorse Legalizing Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth

Mass acid attack at London tube station

Pakistan: Muslims beat and rape Christian boy, police side with perpetrators

Young Girls ‘Forced’ To Wear Hijab In State-Funded British Schools Garment is ‘compulsory’ for girls in 59 schools across the UK

Los Zetas Cartel Stockpiling Weapons near Texas Border

14-Year-Old Sex Trafficking Victim Was Forced to Have Sex Thousands of Times and Multiple Abortions

School Board Condones Transgender Propaganda in Kindergarten, Denies Parents Opt-Out Option                                             9/25


Pope Francis' New Pontifical Institute: Another Political Move?

Our Lady of Fatima Chapel in Portland, OR: Where They Take Mother Mary With Them Into the Streets

Selective Relativism

Catholics Agree With Bannon: Immigration Policy Isn't Dogma

The cleaving of the Church as prophesied by Bergoglio is imminent

Online conference will expose population control groups infiltrating the Catholic Church

Salon deletes articles defending pedophilia from site  a site publicly supported by the pastor of a Catholic Parish

Illuminati-themed Fashion Show Held at London Modern Catholic Church

Attacks escalate on religious liberty in America: new report

Lady Gaga: Fibromyalgia Is ‘Punishment’ For Joining The Illuminati

UN pushes for international law to make abortion a human right

Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit to Allow Nurses and Midwives to Do Abortions

Florida Parents Outraged After Teacher Demands Her 5th Graders Use Gender Neutral Pronouns

Muhammad top baby name in England and Wales for fifth year running

Benham bros reveal secret to ending abortion and gay ‘marriage’ in America

Did your unborn baby survive Hurricane Harvey? It’s time to KILL it, says abortion provider offering free abortion services to survivors                    9/22


No Long-Term Harm? The New Scientific Silence on Child-Adult Sex and the Age of Consent

‘Official persecution’ of faithful Catholics under Pope Francis has begun: scholar

Tancredo: Open Letter to Pope Francis–Churches Have Dogmas, Missionaries, Free Nations Have Constitutions, Borders


Cardinal Cupich: Pope's liturgical reforms are 'reconnecting' Church to Vatican II

Eritea: Orthodox patriarch is among 10,000 prisoners of conscience

Did the Pope answer the dubia by abolishing the JPII Institute?

A Legacy Co-Opted: What Really Lies Behind Changes to John Paul II Institute?

Wow! - US Catholic Bishops rolling in federal dough according to financial statements

Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán: “Will There be a Christian Europe?”

Spate of Rapes Spark Calls for Patrols in Italy

Pittsburgh diocese panel proposes merging 188 parishes to 48

“Biblical” Film “Mother!” Depicts Mob Eating A Baby                   9/20


Hildegard of Bingen: A woman who reproached both popes and kings

Money Trail Revisited

The chalice of Padre Pio

The Catholic Church’s Push for a Multicultural Utopia Gets Weird


The Vatican’s America problem

Cardinal Sarah: "You Are Not 'Traditionalists'"

Francis' flaming U.S. Jesuits reiterate their support for Fr. Martin's gay book

Kathy Ireland Speaks Out Against Late Term Abortions: 'We Cannot Deny Science'

Fr James Martin on men kissing men at Mass                   9/18


Cardinal Sarah Effectively Sacked

Poland Celebrates 140th Anniversary of Gietrzwałd Apparitions

The Capozzi Cover-up: A Massive Vatican Scandal

Vatican Recalls Priest at DC Embassy Amid Child Porn Investigation

Yore: Wake Up, There Is Simply No Dialogue With This Vatican On Any Issue Not Endorsed By The United Nations’ Globalists And Its Bureaucrats!

Catholic Scholar: Official Persecution of Orthodoxy Within the Church Has Begun

Yes, Silence About Sin Can Itself Be a Sin

BREAKING: Catholic priests, pro-life activists arrested at U.S. abortion centers


Robert McElroy's San Diego Archdiocese to offer Mass for families of the LGBTQUEER community celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop John Dolan

Felician Sisters Host Pro-LGBT Speaker at Madonna University

Egypt: ex-kidnapper admits ‘they get paid for every Coptic Christian girl they bring in’

'Refugees' go on sex assault spree at Church fair in Hirschaid, Germany

EU Moves to 'Criminalise' Pro-Life Views and 'Abortion Denial'

At Least 11 Mayors Accused Of Child Sex-Related Crimes Since 2016

Activist Wants More Women to Brag About Their Abortions to “Humanize” Aborting Babies

Germany: Four Asylum Seekers Arrested After 56-Year-Old is Gang Raped

When I Learned My Mother Was Raped at 15 and I Was The Child           9/16


Dramatic increase in Catholic acceptance of abortion, finds new survey

Fr. Martin Calls for “Reverence” for Homosexual Unions

Gatekeeper of DC Society Sally Quinn Comes Out as Occultist

Dramatic increase in Catholic acceptance of abortion, finds new survey

Partners in Evil=> Planned Parenthood Teams Up with Satanists to Expand Missouri Abortion Business

Trump's Spending Deal Funds Planned Parenthood

In Canada, If Your Doctor Thinks Your Death is 'Reasonably Foreseeable' He Can Euthanize You

Sex Robot ‘Samantha’ Appears on British Morning TV Show

Sweden Hopes Sex Guidebook Solves Migrant Rape Crisis

Sweden: No arrest for murderer – as no interpreter has been found

Homosexual activist admits true purpose of LGBTQ battle is to destroy marriage

Seattle’s homosexual mayor resigns as fifth alleged boy sex-abuse victim comes forward                                                       9/14


Saints Protus and Hyacinth, Martyrs


The German Church Demands Open Borders: ‘Charity Without Borders’

Without the Devil Catholic Doctrine Falls Apart

Abortion Clinic Kills 15 Babies in Free Abortions Given to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Most British Catholics Now Support Abortion

Seeing the Light: Rejected Muslim Migrants in Finland Switch to Christianity

BUSTED: Family of #Mueller Witch-Hunter Wanted Funding For Degenerate, Dung-Smeared Virgin Mary ‘Art’                                     9/12


St. Thomas of Villanova, Bishop, "Father of the Poor"

The New Motu Proprio: the Antithesis of Authentic Liturgical Development

UK's Liberal Tablet: Pope releases new liturgical law paving way for revision of English missal

Cardinal Cupich: Pope Francis’ Mass translation change another sign that Vatican II endures

Pro-Lifers Convert Abortion Mill Into Catholic Charity

Largest sexual abuse settlements by Roman Catholic institutions in the US


Trump’s DOJ Backs Christian Baker Before Supreme Court

China's underground churches head for cover as crackdown closes in

South Sudan Christians Must Submit to Islam or Starve

18 Members of Congress Ask Trump Admin to Investigate Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Parts

UK School Bans Girls From Wearing Skirts to Make Transgender Kids More Comfortable

Iraqi on Trial for Child Rape, Assault, ‘Used Shop to Seduce Young Girls’

Two Republicans Vote to Fund International Planned Parenthood and Pro-Abortion UNFPA

Church of Satan: Pro-Life Laws Violate Our Religious Freedom to Get Abortions

Thousands of British Schools Approve Muslim Hijab as Uniform                9/11    


Speaking of storms on the horizon: Motu Proprio on approval of liturgical translations

Pope Francis signals support for legal recognition of same-sex 'civil unions'     ???

Nolte: U.S. Conference of Bishops’ Ludicrous Response to Steve Bannon’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview

Young Catholics want reverence, not liturgy wars

Dannenfelser: Failing to Defund Planned Parenthood Not an Option

Protecting rapists, lying, and failing at basic health care: Planned Parenthood proves it doesn't take care of women

Feds Spend $138,000 Asking Four-Year-Olds About Their ‘Internal Sense of Gender Identity’

Sen. Roy Blunt Undermines Trump’s Pro-Life Agenda

‘Activist Mommy’ Banned from Twitter After Slamming Teen Vogue Editor for ‘Teaching Kids Sodomy’

How Trans Insanity Is Destroying America’s Children                 9/9


Pope Francis: “Abortion is the Murder of an Innocent Person”

Fired Catholic philosopher: Pope Francis’ teaching could ‘lead many souls…to hell’

‘The Devil and Father Amorth’

No Prosecution Necessary: UK Police Force Issues over 100 Cautions for Rape, Sexual Assault Against Children

Crux attacks Steve Bannon for blasting U.S. FrancisBishops' unanimous, financially-motivated support for open borders

Pakistani Gang’s Rape of White Girls Was Not Racist, Says Sentencing Judge

Women Choose Cancer Over Abortion

Abortion Free Kentucky? “There Will be No Abortions in Kentucky if They Win,” Clinic Tells Judge

Pro-life activist fined $200k after exposing Planned Parenthood for selling baby parts

Hurricane scientists have never seen an image like this before

Court Allows 13-Year-Old to Abort Her 32-Week-Old Unborn Baby          9/8


Fulfilling Our Lady’s Request: The Importance of First Saturdays

She Was Born Alive After a Failed Abortion and Gasped for Air Struggling to Breathe

Revealed: how British cardinal fixed Vatican conclave for his friend Pope Francis

Liturgical dance escalates in Seattle

German bishop and bishops' conference furthering the destruction and Islamicization of Europe

In new interview, Pope Francis reveals heavy influence by Communist woman

Judge Fines Planned Parenthood Sting Journalist $200K for Contempt

More than half in UK have no religion

FDA warns doctors: Stop pushing “three parent” fertilization

WATCH: Chinese Christians Beaten While Defending Church Property from Demolition

In op ed, U Penn prof laments breakdown of cultural morals, gets blasted, threatened by 33 peers

Twitter Bans Christian Mom for Calling Out Teen Vogue’s Push of Underage Sodomy                 9/6


St. Gregory the Great

Pope says marriage can only be between a man and a woman and 'we cannot change it'

Cardinal: In the Church There Is Cacophony, Confusion, Great Disorder

Coincidence? Did Fr. Kramer's Criticism of Francis Produce Fatima Center Split? It Seems So.

Former USCCB Director’s History of Compromise and Capitulation

Federal Judge Blocks Texas’ Ban on Dismemberment Abortion

Exclusive – D’Souza: The Hitler-Sanger Connection

ELLE Magazine Video Celebrates 8 Year Old Drag Queen, 'Lactatia'

Churchgoers, College Grads, Conservatives, Higher Paid Less Likely to Send Children to Public School

'Emergency' abortion fund established for Hurricane Harvey survivors

Sex Offender Used Free Movement to Enter UK, Attempted to Rape Grandmother

Elite Jesuit Catholic Schools Against Bishops: You Can Vote “Yes” On Gay-Pseudo-Marriage

Tribute to leader in reparative therapy will help educate children struggling with same-sex attractions

Back to School: Students Primed for ‘Social and Emotional Learning’ While Failing in Math and Reading

Fate unknown of reveler who ran right into The Burning Man                      9/4


WATCH: Spontaneous Gospel Singing Fills Harvey Evacuation Shelter

Catholic Tradition Makes Parishes Grow

Middle East Christians: A Status Report

Most US Catholics Don’t Believe in Devil

Worship Of Hindu Deity in Church, Bishop Apologizes, Vicar General Resigns

'Mystical City of God' is the most Church-approved work outside of the Bible

Real Racism: Michigan’s Population is 14% African-American, But 50% of Babies Killed in Abortions are Black

How can the Vatican negotiate while China keeps demolishing churches?

Parents Score Major Victory Against LGBT Agenda in Peru

Evangelicals Assailed for Affirming Biblical Morality on Sex in ‘Nashville Statement’

New Islamization Agreement: The total destruction of Europe has just been decided upon

BLS: Americans Spend More on Taxes Than Food and Clothing Combined

Woman Found Dead With Rosary Beads Stuffed In Mouth

Fox News Hires Pro-Abortion “Conservative” Tomi Lahren, Who Was Fired From The Blaze

Gender ‘X’ Comes to CA                                            9/1


Average Catholics are paying attention to Francis' pro-terror moralizing, and they don't like it.

Is Abp. Gomez Pro-Death Now? L.A. Archdiocese Allows Pro-Abortion Congresswoman Judy Chu to Speak at Event

Bishop apologizes for procession of Hindu deity in a Catholic church

5-year-old Girl Taken From Christian Family, Given to Muslims, Forced to Learn Arabic

Girls who have been sexually abused by Muslim rape gangs now told to “shut their mouths” for the “sake of diversity”

Shanxi: Chinese gov't demolishes hundred year old Catholic Church mid-renovation 'for urban reasons'

Officials Ending Obama’s Sex-Ed Spending

Left-wing charity called Charitable Humans refuses to provide assistance to people in Texas, claiming it’s a “red state”

Schumer: Feds Giving Catholic Diocese $1M to Give Young Adults ‘Construction-Related Job Experience’

Christian bookstores shuttering at 'alarming' rates                 8/30


Irreversible?: Ceiling collapses on 1989 table altar in ancient Maltese church

Cardinal Parolin: Russia has key responsibility in brokering world peace

Only Catholic Bishops Have Many Seminarians

Coptic bishop: Christians are denied freedom of worship in parts of Egypt


Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Josef Seifert: Does Pure Logic Threaten to Destroy the Entire Moral Doctrine of the Catholic Church?

Report: Christianity spreading among Iran’s youth

Chilean Jesuit as Zeitgeist Battler for Adoption by Aberrosexuals

IT'S ON: Christian Group Sues SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER, AMAZON for Defamation of 'Hate Group' Designation

Why hasn't the Trump administration dropped the HHS mandate?

BREAKING: South Carolina defunds abortion, Planned Parenthood

Parents Pissed at Transgender Craziness in...Kindergarten

China Lashes Out at U.S. After Religious Freedom Report

80% of San Domenico students don’t even identify as Catholic. I wonder  why?

Bombing Outside Christian Lobby HQ by Gay Activist ‘Not Political’

Prime-time drama portrays Jesus in offensive, graphic sex scene                 8/28


Cardinal Sarah… “We Are Called Today To Witness, Which Means Martyrdom”

Vatican’s youth synod looks like another assault on the Catholic faith

With Francis' "Magisterial Authority": "The Liturgical Reform Is Irreversible"

Francis: The New Mass is really alive! 'We affirm with magisterial authority that it's irreversible' too!


Stephanie Gray: "Abortion: From Controversy to Civility" | Talks at Google

Think the Bible Says Nothing About Abortion? Here’s a Passage That Clearly Condemns It

Underground Chinese Catholics remain highly suspicious of pro-Communist FrancisVatican

Catholic Archbishop Smacks SPLC for Falsely Labelling Alliance Defending Freedom a ‘Hate Group’

Egypt Closes 1,300-Member Coptic Church to 'Appease Islamic Extremists'

Wash Post column cheers Satan, jeers Christians

Disturbing Video: 13-Year-Old Cheerleader Forced Into Splits By Coach Despite Pleas

School gives transgender lesson to 5-year-olds, refuses to give details to parents news

California first-grader sent to principal’s office for misgendering classmate

NFL Player Ben Watson Slams Margaret Sanger as the “Ultimate” Racist, “She Wanted to Exterminate Blacks”

Mark Shea declares President Trump an Anti-Christ        ???

Woman Dies After Botched 6-Month Abortion Takes Her Life


Adult Stores Sell Sex Toys to Fund Planned Parenthood: “It’s Critical for Our Future”                                                               8/26


Act of Consecration of Russia by the bishops of the Society of St. Pius X to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

US bishops announce Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism     how about; against being used by George Soros again

St. Rose of Lima

France: Clear Shift in Seminaries -- Diocesen Seminarians Decline, Traditional and Communauté St Martin Communities Increase

Communism, the New York Times, and 'reproductive rights'

Michigan Safe Haven Law Saves its 200th Newborn Baby From Infanticide

Bachelet, victorious abortion comes to star in the Vatican

Why are demons allowed to roam the earth?

Planned Parenthood Supporter Says Abortion Reduces Black Crime

After Trans Discussion, Kindergartener ‘Came Home Crying And Shaking So Afraid She Could Turn Into A Boy’

Kindergarten boy instantly becomes a girl

Sex abuse victims of Muslim men told by politician to 'shut up for the good of diversity'

Faithful Catholics Will Be a Major Target of the Great Internet Purge              8/24


Vatican adviser scraps Catholic teaching, says God made gays ‘who they are’


Did Amoris Laetitia’s Ghostwriter Just Respond to the Dubia?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Calls Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth a Human Right

Russian Patriarch says Moscow, Vatican agree on crisis in Ukraine

CBS Sitcom “Mom” and Star Allison Janney Raise Funds for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Louisiana court to weigh case involving abuse complaint, confessional seal

Muslims Tell Europe: "One Day All This Will Be Ours"             8/23


‘Pro-Choice’ Planned Parenthood Condemns Choice of ‘Abortion Reversal’ Procedure

Amazing Artificial Womb Helped Birth a Premature Lamb, Premature Babies May be Next

Under Speaker Pelosi: 709,885 Blacks Killed by Abortion, 35.4% of All Abortions

Teen guilty of stabbing classmate to impress fictitious horror character       8/22


Catholic Prelates and Muslim Immigration

Gay marriage not about marriage, but about uprooting the established order

Jesuit James Martin, an adviser to Pope promotes an organization for children's transsexuality

Marie Stopes Botches 400 Abortions in Two Months

OWNED! Glenn Beck suggests Lefties tear down THIS living monument dedicated to white supremacy Planned Parenthood

After dying, some people really do go to Hell… and some have returned to tell the tale

Exposing the Magisterium of Fake Science

Four Things You Should Know About Sec. Tillerson’s Speech on International Religious Freedom

H.R. McMaster Endorsed Book That Advocates Quran-Kissing Apology Ceremonies

Spanish terror cell planned to use 'Mother of Satan' explosive used in 7/7 bombings to slaughter hundreds in 'spectacular' blast at Barcelona's famous cathedral                               8/21


Archbshp Sheen's Prophetic Warning of 50 years ago: Mary and the Moslems; The Significance of Fatima

Pope Leo XIII to Christians: Fight. Win!

Cardinal Demands Rare Correction Of Pope Francis

Cardinal Sarah: “We Christians Need the Spirit of the Vendeans!”

John Allen gets real: Why do the bishops stand up for Antifa, but not for Christians?

Golden New Orleans Joan of Arc caught up in statue-toppling movement

Report: Trump Admin Poised to Reverse HHS Contraceptive Mandate

Under Speaker Pelosi: 709,885 Blacks Killed by Abortion, 35.4% of All Abortions


Larry Elder: Fatherless Families Are the No. 1 Problem in America, Not Racism

When will the US Bishops denounce the ANTIFA communist terrorists at Charlottesville?                                       8/19


Cardinal Sarah: The new revolutionaries are trying to destroy the Christian family

The Vatican's American Problem

Cd. Cupich travels to Rio Grande to hand CCUSA Sr. Pimental, Bp. Flores plaque for processing 50,000 illegals through 1 parish in 3 years

Lourdes Shrine Forbidden to Ship Water

Children of Catholic priests live with secrets, sorrow

Trump Administration Calls to End Marketing of 3-Parent Embryo Experiments

Defector: Christianity Thrives in N Korea… Citizens ‘No Longer Respect’ Kim

Parents have no idea what doctors are telling their kids behind closed doors

Two Christians Shot Outside Chicago Church

CBS Softpedals Eugenic Abortion

Oregon governor signs bill offering free abortions to citizens and undocumented immigrants

Florida: Terror-linked mosque buys $4.9M, 19-acre plot in Delray Beach

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Raping 7-Year-Old ‘Thousands of Times’

German Diocese Supports Gay Pride Parade                            8/17


Pius XII declaring the Dogma of the Assumption


Cardinal Sarah: Who will confront the modern persecutors of the Church?

Bishop Faults UN for Muslim Slaughter of African Christians

Gay Ex-Jesuit Admits His Order Has "An Awareness Of The Beautiful Male Body"

Texas Governor Signs Bill Banning Taxpayer Funding of Abortions

10 Very Strange Facts About The August 21 Solar Eclipse That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Iceland Claims to Have “Eradicated” Down Syndrome By Aborting Every Baby Who Had It

JUNK SCIENCE: Climate change alarmists now claim global warming will overheat pregnant women and kill their babies… but ABORTION is completely ignored

Hungary Offers Asylum as Sweden Prepares to Deport Christian Convert Actress to Iran

Planed Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards: Kick Pro-Lifers Out of the Democrat Party

Time for frank talk about the sewage, filth of the sexual revolution                8/16


Democrat Fingers in the Vatican Pie: Did Obama Force Benedict’s Abdication?

Pope Warns Against 'Horoscopes and Fortune-Tellers'

President Donald Trump Cuts Planned Parenthood-Run Sex-Ed Programs, May Prepare for Abstinence Funding

Border Bishop Blasts Pro-Life Officials For Opposing Amnesty

Trans liturgy for the Church of England

Transgender summer camp now enrolling toddlers as young as four years old

James Franco Dumbfounded by Professor’s Odd Defense of Early Abortion

Brave New World: Newspaper editor says smart people have “cognitive privilege” and should be dumbed down in the name of social justice

Mark ‘X’: Oregon Goes ‘Gender-Neutral’                                 8/15


St. Clare and the Miracle of the Eucharist

Benedict's faithful head of Vatican Bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi: If I told you what I think of our current situation, I'd be excommunicated

The rage of Islam

....Croatian Franciscan Fr. Danijel Maljer: There is no dialogue with Islam. Islam doesn't dialogue

How Christians Are Treated in North Korea