composed in Paris on June 21, 2020

                                                                              The anniversary of the beheading of the last king of France

Below is the letter which is the beginning to try and awaken France from the cliff it is racing towards with the help

of many corrupt or very poorly informed leaders. The letter was hand delivered to the Archbishop's residence June 23.


        Notre Dame the Roof and the Future

Dear Archbishop Michel Aupetit, the French People and all Catholics,


    I was saddened along with the rest of the faithful at the fire at Notre-Dame. I was looking forward

to attending another Mass there for the send off of the Chartres pilgrimage. I was glad to see that

France's parliament over the summer passed a bill declaring that Notre-Dame must be rebuilt exactly

the way it was prior to the fire. Because of some of the many abnoxious designs to further weaken the

Church and secularize one of the great Basilicas honoring our Mother which glorifies her Son, our Lord

and Savior Jesus Christ. As St. Bernard said “O Blessed Mary, whoever loves you honors God; whoever

serves you pleases God”. There are many prophecies about the times we are living in from La Sallette

and Marie Julie Jahenny are 2 from France along with Fatima and Akita to name a few. This story begins

in Genesis and comes down through the millennia through today and well into the future and is about the

coming of the French Monarch. Who has 3 goals; the maximum number of souls to be redeemed into

Heaven with the minimum amount of bloodshed and suffering and at least 10 centuries of peace.


    Here are my thoughts on the new roof. While keeping the exterior basically as it was we should

consider putting a deck on the top of the walls to allow for walking around the perimeter. The interior

walls would follow the exterior forming the shape of a cross. Upon which a mural would be placed. You

would enter from the towers and the top of the cross would begin with Creation with the story unfolding

to the end of the 1st arm where Abraham almost sacrifices Isaac then down to the bottom of the cross

where our Lord is sacrificed on the cross. Then we head back up through the apostolic age and the into

the Church in France to the end of the other arm where is placed from the verse from 13.7 Revelation ;


           And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: 

           and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.


    The key to reading and understanding Revelation is, Alpha and Omega, as our Lord said and in the

middle is the children of darkness's time. Now from the outside the roof will look as it did before except

for at the top of the walls where there would be a short row of glass so the people can look out as they

walk around and through History. I pray that as they look out over the city and contemplate the many

warnings they have been given that hopefully they will want to make the changes which we all need to

make in our lives. As the previous roof was built this should also be built by Catholics with the day

starting with Mass the Angelus at 12 and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to be said at 3 PM for this is a

sacred project. As you said; “I believe in God,” you said with confidence. “And the last word of God

has not yet been said.”. You should like a brief talk I give on DNA the Divine Molecule. Where I reveal

secrets hidden in plain view. Who am I, the one who's name He wrote in the stars, the Old & New

Testament, Revelation, and down through the ages. Our relationship is just beginning may it be fruitful.


                                Peace be with you,            Chyren Selin 7th


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