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and the Millennial Prophecy


    Once again I was fortunate to visit Alaska, the last time was in 2004 and I

was given a lesson by my teacher/tormenter, "We can make anything happen

that we want to.". Alaska and the Golden Gate Prophecy June/04

On the way up on the ferry I was reminded about how much I gave away to

follow this narrow path, but the relationship with the most Holy Trinity is the

great reward. I did meet some good people on the ferry and passed out

some documentaries along the way. I also had a chance to read a book on

God's weaving His name into DNA which I'll use in my next documentary on

the Divine Molecule, DNA and evolution. (The God Code by Gregg Braden)

I was greeted when I arrived at the Harbor by a large Bald eagle who

swooped down and came straight at me and then veered off about 10 feet

away. Here he is looking down at me from a light pole, welcome back.

I went up to Juneau to give the boat to a sailing club so folks with access

issues could enjoy the water, but things didn't work out. But I had been told

that something was waiting for me up there. There was a little deja vu just

before I arrived. Then when I got to town I picked up a USA Today, to see

what was going on. The headlines were what I had told the Vatican was

coming back in 2000, the last time I had been in Juneau. It was in the 2nd

letter to the Pope after the Vatican had come to my Parish for Easter, (2000)

to see what God would do. When nothing happened they went back and

made up an ending to the FATIMA that is a serious mistake at best or more

likely a calculated deception. Here is a passage from LETTER # II  that

foretells the Millennial Prophecy; ( this was sent in July of 2000)

>>>>>I will tell you about the trumpets. (from Revelation)
The first trumpet has sounded and this will happen in the 
continental U.S., from sea to shining sea 1/3 of the trees
will burn and all the grass will brown or black.
Then the second will blow and Tomah (Mt Rainier) the sacred
bell shall toll.
Then the third shall sound and wormwood shall land in the
Pacific.    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 
Below is what happened when they received the letter in 2000.


         8:7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were

        cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

 Then on July 11, 2004 from Fatima Portugal, the 2007,
Prophecy was announced which gave more details about the timing of the first 3 trumpets.

       In the year 2007 will be an end that will not be

       and then we'll wait for the 2nd trumpet's blast.

       The warning comes in the Spring and the ancient

       prophecies fulfilled in the last year, many awaken.

Of course droughts are slow to form especially one that is to be the worst ever seen.

Many have jumped on the "band wagon" now with the global warming hype instead

of the hand of God reality. Here is another example after the 2 big Hurricane seasons

of 2004 & 2005 everyone was talking about how bad 2006 would be. I was told that

none would hit the U.S., and none will hit the U.S. again this year. Yeshua will not lift

His hand until we know who is in charge. As Al Gore said in his documentary;

(my thoughts on) An Inconvenient Truth;

"What in God's name is going on?" and also;

 " It is like taking a walk through the Book of Revelation."

How right he was about that, though he didn't mean it. From the Book of Revelation;

        8:7 The first angel sounded, ... and the third part of trees was burnt up,

              and all green grass was burnt up.


    This will be ignored or explained away so that the prophecy will be fulfilled. A drought

takes a long time to mature if it is to be the greatest every seen by white men in America,

with many ups and downs as the years progress to the end. So has my maturity been a

slow process with ups and downs along the way. I focus on my relationship with the most

Holy Trinity first and foremost and everything else comes after that. The Apostle Paul had

a similar experience after his initial conversion.


As the caption under the picture states: "A Drought for the Ages".

For this drought was foretold ages ago for a sign of the beginning of the blowing of the

seven trumpets. As I was told during Mass in Orleans, France on 11/11/01 that they, the

Vatican, "will not sweep this under the rug". (THE GREATEST SOLDIER ) For this is a

story for the ages, from the greatest book there will ever be, the Bible. It spreads around the

world and will not be explained away by secular leaders or religious leaders, until all that the

Creator of us all, accomplishes what He intended when He had the ancient prophecies

written. When the Vatican ignored and misled the people about Fatima in 2000. Jesus let

the sex scandal become very public to show the gross errors within the Church and to begin

the purification. The whole world will eventually be purified. Then He had the book the;

"Da Vinci Code" explode, around the world. I've never read the book but here are;

A Few Thoughts on the Movie the Da Vinci Code The story is in plain view in one of

the greatest Basilica's in the world located on the mount of the martyrs in Paris and the

name is  SACRÉ CŒUR, in French, and means Sacred Heart.

Mary Magdalene and the SACRÉ(sacred) CŒUR(heart) Connection

Also while I was in Alaska I received a warning similar to the one I received in France

during the fall of 2001, as I slipped of the boat and skinned my knee, " it is so easy to slip",

something I know well.


  The rest of the front page tells a lot about our current culture, we are more interested in

fluff than the truth, as prophecies about the decadence of our times and our ignoring of God

was foretold long ago. Also as the new religion, "secular humanism", grows more and more,

because of the poor science being used to justify the very weak THEORY of evolution, here

is a quick look at the subject; DNA the Divine Molecule .

    God has us checkmated already, for all will come to know that the Creator can control

the weather, and our destinies. If we will listen to His wisdom in the Bible, and ask for

forgiveness and change our ways to adhere to His will, things will be better for us. We just

need to obey, and as we were told on July 13, 1917, at Fatima, if you ask us for Peace, a 

period of Peace will be granted to you. Peace be with you.

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