Public Message May 29 2006                                               

                      A Warning to Jesus' Ministers

                  and other Church Leaders

>>>>> These is some of the ways this prophesy from GARABANDAL The final message was

given on June 18, 1965, which said that since the previous message has been ignored, this

will be the last one. Before the cup was filling up, now it is full and overflowing. Many Cardinals,

Bishops, and priests are on the road to perdition, and they are taking many souls with them.



“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“It is quite easy for My Priests, Bishops and even Cardinals to remain long years in Purgatory.

They are given great responsibility in this world of leading the flock in the Faith. Some are no

longer even Catholic. Their consciences become dull through self-love. They believe what is most

advantageous to believe.”

“You were asking about the element of time in Purgatory. As you know, there is no time or space in

Heaven. But that is Heaven. Purgatory and Hell are still caught in the realm of earthly time. Eternity in

Hell is an eternity. In Purgatory the hundreds of years souls say they spend there are hundreds of years.

The souls are bound there by time until they are released to Heaven.”

“These are some of the sins Priests, Bishops and Cardinals (even some Popes), suffer Purgatory for:”

“Sins of omission:”

“—not encouraging Adoration, the rosary and devotion to the saints, to their flock.”

“—not preaching against all sin, and especially abortion. It is their

        job to uncover darkness.”

“—not acknowledging the existence and activity of Satan—some do

        not even believe in him.”

“—not encouraging the sacrament of Reconciliation and extending

        the hours it is available.”

“—not preaching against sacrileges perpetrated against the

        Holy Eucharist.”

“—preaching against, acting against reported apparitions, even though they have never been

        investigated and offer many fruits. They are, in many cases, making themselves the

        adversary of Heaven.”

“—not wearing priestly garb in public. They are not called to blend in with the general population,

        but to stand out so that sinners can seek them out.”


“A great sin of omission in the Church these days is the failure to deal with pedophilia as it should

be dealt with. It is a grave sin. The perpetrators need to be relieved of their priestly duties, no matter

their importance in the Church. To deny this truth is as serious as the sin of pedophilia itself.”


“Up until this time, I have spoken strictly about sins of omission. Here are other ways in which men

fail Me in their religious vocations.”

“They put the focus on social justice instead of personal holiness. Personal holiness must be first.

Social justice is a fruit of personal holiness. Some preach often on social justice but never virtues,

holiness, prayer or the sacraments.”

“Those who have authority in the Church should lead as the Good Shepherd—not as one in control—

but as one who loves. Souls are being lost every present moment because of these sins I have stated.

The ones who do not slip to their perdition spend long years in Purgatory. Many, many add hundreds

of years onto their Purgatory as they have not taken their duties to heart, and have consequently

misled a multitude.”


“I know you fear making this public. You fear censure by the very ones I come to correct. But you must not

hold back. To do so would greatly displease Me and may cost souls their salvation. Everyone, in humility,

needs constructive criticism. This message is for those who stand to gain much. If they object to it, it is

because they see themselves within these words. I give you Holy Boldness to release this publicly.”

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