Abortion is the greatest sin

                               against God

"Abortion is the Greatest sin against God, it permits the devil to work like never

before. ", our Mother said to Christina on December28,1992. Later on the

Blessed Virgin Mary also said that the 3 sins which grieve my Son's Heart most


                            "Abortion, the killing of the innocents,

                            the sacrificing of the innocents to Satan,

                            and the immoral abuse of the innocents."

Our Mother gave Christina a simple set of prayers to say to help her, the Queen

of Peace, "to take each one of my little babies into the safety of my Immaculate

Heart". These sins were born out in the Old Testament when Israel would

sacrifice their children to Pagan Gods, they were severally punished. To drive

the point home our Mother explained how Heaven feels about abortion; "My

child, my heart weeps tears of blood for the abomination, killing of the unborn,

murder, murder. What punishment it will draw down on my children." On Nov. 2

1992, our Mother said to Christina; "In darkness and merry in murder and

bloodshed, mankind has never indulged in Satan's work like now.". I urge to

to pray for the end to abortion, for all the aborted, all those who have had

abortions, all those who are contemplating abortions and all those who

perform and support abortions. Also if you can to pray at abortion clinics.


Here is what our Mother asked Christina to do for the aborted ; offer up the

sacred contents of the Mass and say a Rosary to the Immaculate heart of Mary.


    First say the Apostles Creed. Then take Holy Water and sprinkle it in all

directions, saying;

        All of you who were born dead, and are still to be born dead,

        by day and at night, all of you who were killed in the womb of your

        mother, and are still to be killed, so that all of you will be given

        eternal life by our Lord Jesus Christ, I baptize- [give the child a

        name], in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holly Spirit.

At the end say the Lord's prayer [the Our Father] and a Hail Mary, and a

Glory be to the Father.


It is a very simple way we can help the aborted child.


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