The Way of the Cross

I start out by kissing a medal from Garabandal that has a little piece of

a Missal that the Virgin Mary kissed during the apparitions back in

1961-5, and say hello. Then I kiss the crucifix and say hello to Jesus.

I thank them and ask them for Peace on Earth and many other things

for the people, and some help for myself to help the people. Then I

start with an Our Father on the first large single bead followed  by

saying a Hail Mary on the next 3 smaller beads and then a Glory Be,

before you say another Our Father on the next large single bead.

When I say an Our Father I think about the Creator.


Then I say 10 Hail Mary's on the group of 10 small beads.

During this phase I think about the Creator moving upon the Earth and

bringing forth life, the story of Noah, sometimes the Tower of Babel and

always Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac. Sometimes Joseph and

Moses. Then at the end of the 10 Hail Mary's, I say a Glory be and a

prayer from Fatima.


Then I say an Our Father on the large single bead.


Then I say 10 more Hail Mary's on the next group of 10 small beads



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