The First Lessons     

 The beginning, born (3 X 13) 39 years after the Friday 13, 1917
apparition in Fatima, on Friday 7/13/56 in Everett a suburb of 
Seattle in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. My family lived there for 
about a year, I was about 6 months old when we left to spend the 
next 2 years in Japan. The significance  of where I was born
comes into play with coming problems for this area. The 
awakening of Mt. Rainier will be the fulfillment of the second 
trumpet from Rev. 8.8-9 which says:

                The second angel blew his trumpet,
                and something like a great mountain,
                burning with fire, was thrown into
                the sea. A third of the sea became 
                blood, a third of the living creatures
                in the sea died, and a third of the 
                ships were destroyed.

 Then we went to Japan and while I have no memories of
being there I do have a special feeling for the place and its
people. While my parents had no knowledge about future events 
or who their first born son would become and the relevance of
living in Japan beyond that it served its purpose for my fathers
career. But for me and the people of Japan it was to form a
special bond that will hopefully help with my task with them.
God is very pleased with how the society has become pacifists
and their understanding of humility and oneness. Though they are
not perfect and have much to learn about Christianity. The task
is a hard one, when the time comes in the near future when they
will have to leave Japan for a period of time. A tsunami not
seen on earth for over 60 million years is coming, and it will
wash the coastal areas of the Pacific clean, and there will be a
tremendous loss of life. From Rev. 8.10:

                 The third angel blew his trumpet and 
                 a great star fell from heaven, blazing
                 like a torch, and it fell on a third 
                 of the rivers and on the springs of 
                 water. The name of the star is Wormwood.
                 A third of the waters became Wormwood,
                 and many died from the water, because
                 it was made bitter.

 We finally settled into St. Paul, a good name for a city for me to 
live in for awhile all things considered. I was 4 and my mother was 
putting something away on the top shelf in my closet when she said 
to me "You never finish anything." I remember thinking lady I'm 4
years old and I have not done anything yet. Then I was a little
surprised by my answer because it wasn't the answer I thought a
child would give and it seemed more mature which I didn't
understand because I was 4 years old. The number 4 has a special
meaning as this is the number of the King I will be most like,
David. Also finishing things comes into play first that I am to
fulfill Rev. 10.7 as in finish the mystery of God. Which means
as best as we can understand for now and until we get to the 
other side. Second is the mission of helping to guide the people 
to Christ and His 1000 year reign, which I will not finish, as a man. 
That will be up to you all. 

 Next my father took me down to see John F Kennedy who was
in town for an outside political rally. I was about 4 or 5 and I
suspect it was sometime between late fall and early spring
because the memory was like in black and white, because the color of
the leaves was missing. My father put me up on his shoulders so I
could look around. One of the things I noticed was the lack of
women, it seemed like the crowd was basically all men. This strange
feeling came over me that ingrained this story in my memory for
later use and understanding. The next millennium will be a time
for women and at the end of the third when they look back at the
great people of that era they will have to throw in some token
men just so it is not all women.

                                    St. Marks
 I was going to St. Marks at the time and was playing at the base 
of a huge old tree, probably an Elm. While building a little lean-to 
structure out of twigs that were laying around I looked up at the 
school and thought one day I'll know how to build buildings like
this. Then I looked across the street at the church and I got the 
feeling I would build a church, and I wondered why I would build
a church. With a lot of building experiences now under my belt as 
a lead carpenter, and general contractor with design and 
structural experience. The largest project so far was a gratis ice 
skating rink for the kids of Missoula. The greatest project I'll ever 
work on is the new Temple for the Arc of the Covenant.
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